23 Dec 2009

Happy Xmas and New Year

Happy xmas and New year from us at Rocket....thanks for all your support in ‘09...

As for 2010, we have several things bubbling away, but definite launches are:

Teeth of the Sea – Hypnoticon EP (February 1st)
Gnod / White Hills – Dropout II double LP (April)
Teeth of the Sea – second album (June)

We are also looking for more contributors to this blog, so if you would like to consider a review of an album, band, gig old or new, please send your scribbles to rocketrecordings@yahoo.com

22 Dec 2009

Rocket Probes December 2009 Playlist

Various – Obsession
(Good comp of '67 to '74 South American, Indian, and Turkish psyche, lots of fuzz, wah, delay and grooved out rhythms)

Purling Hiss – Purling Hiss
(Thanks to Dave Cambridge for turning us on to this and David Halstead for bringing us over a copy from Chicago....great lo-fi fuzz wah ridden garage..a bit like ‘Afflicted Man’ in places)

Slayer – World Painted Blood
(At times they hit their old magestic best, at times it is unfortunately quite disappointing....but the good news is ‘Lead Hanneman’ and ‘Lead King’ are back brutalising the wah)

Sola Bassana – Lost in Space
(Don’t know anything about this lot, but this track is a great slice of motorik space rock)

Heldon – Electronique Guerilla / Allez Teia
(Both these great albums have just been reissued on vinyl on Wah Wah records...and they each come with a free 7” including the great Schizo EP...a must have!!!)

Urdog – Eyelid of the Moon
(Amon Düül II inspired dazed stupor reminiscent of the altered states of psych folk bands from the late 60's early 70's)

The Necks – Aquatic / Hanging Garden / Drive By
(3 Albums of expansive mesmerising soundscapes of almost static rhythms weaving lush repetitive barely perceptible shifting meditative and transcendental Can like patterns)

Fire - Could You Understand Me
(1973 Yugoslavia fuzz distorted repetitive pedal mashing)


Last year I had a conversation with a friend of mine about the state of underground music. At the time he was getting into picking up new age records at thrift shops. We had a good laugh, and being one who worked at two new age record labels, I joked that in time new age music will be the new underground. Low and behold it has finally happened…with bands like Infinity Window flying the new age banner high and proud. As they should because their album Artificial Midnight is some of the highest order space music I have heard from a current band in recent years.

This album is one massive slab of heavy celestial space music. The three tracks that comprise this LP all start off subtle and build up over the time into monstrous trance enducing waves of synth that Klaus Schultze would be proud of. For all intensive purposes this could be some lost Krautrock gem finally discovered 30 years later. That is not to say it sounds out dated…on the contrary it is absolutely contemporary continuing on a tradition to take listeners into the farthest realms of the universe. Meditative and lush this music wraps around you like a soft blanket that you never want to take off.

Artificial Midnight is limited to 500 copies. I highly suggest anyone that is into deep space or drone music should go out and get a copy of this LP immediately…you won’t be disappointed.

Check out Inifintiy Window online:http://www.myspace.com/infinitywindow


Dave W (White Hills)

21 Dec 2009

Track list for 'Sunday Space Ritual' free CD

Here is the tracklist for the free CD that we gave away at our xmas party we put on with Noisestar music on 20th December 2009. The CD is limited to 100 copies and were given away to the first 50 people through the door and to every band member and friends involved with the event.

As far as we know all these tracks are totally exclusive to this CD, so thanks to all the bands for supplying them to us, we think it is a brain melting comp of seasonal party hits!!

Sunday Space Ritual Free CD

01 Mutlings – Reading other peoples diaries
02 Gnod – Energy
03 Gum takes Tooth –
04 Drum Cunt – Nautilus (remix)
04 Teeth of the Sea – Cities of gold
06 Gum takes Tooth – Tooth meat (**K remix)
07 Gnod – Martial Woe
08 The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers – When travelling on the underground
09 Teeth of the Sea – Only fools on a horse (**K remix)

(Please not that CD is unmastered so sound levels vary between tracks)

Thanks to everyone who came and made the day very special indeed, and apologies for Gnod pulling out and Alexander Tucker not playing due to the venue shutting us down early especially after we had to start late due to their fuck up!!

Also, thanks to all the great bands that did play, you are all truly amazing and we thank you....

Thanks to Katie Carnie for the great Todd photo from the show, we will be put more up on our myspace soon.

16 Dec 2009

Sunday Space Ritual – Stage times announced

Stage times for Sundays xmas party below...no doubt it will change on the day, but this is what we are working too....and don’t forget a free CD of exclusive tracks by most the bands playing for the first 50 people through the door:

4.00 – 4.30 / Special guests playing a guerilla show in the courtyard
4.00 – 4.30 / Rock a Rolla (DJ)
4.30 – 5.00 / Mutlings
5.00 – 5.20 / Hyper Bass Black (Sound system)
5.20 – 5.50 / Gum Takes Tooth
5.50 – 6.15 / Rock a Rolla (DJ)
6.15 – 6.55 / Gnod
6.55 – 7.15 / Drum Cunt (Sound system)
7.15 – 7.55 / The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers
7.55 – 8.15 / Rock a Rolla (DJ)
8.15 – 8.55 / Teeth of the Sea
8.55 – 9.20 / **K (Sound system)
9.20 – 10.00 / TODD
10.00 – 10.15 / Rock a Rolla (DJ)
10.15 – 11pm / Alexander Tucker

Upstairs The Vibe Bar
The Old Truman Brewery
91-95 Brick Lane
London E1

Sunday December 20th
4pm 'til 11pm
£5 advance / £7 on the door

Tickets via www.wegottickets.com

8 Dec 2009

TOTS make 'Quietus top 20' and 'Line of best fit top 50' albums of the year

The guys at the Quietus.com has decided that Teeth of the Sea's debut album Orphaned by the Ocean was worthy to be included in their Top 20 albums of the year, see what they say here

And The Line of Best Fit have included it in their Top 50, see here

Terrascope reviews Hypnoticon

The promos for Teeth of the Sea's new EP 'Hypnoticon' were only sent out last week and it has already recieved a pretty good write up, courtesy of the lovely people at Terrascope:


God, I love this band. Love, love, love them. Hailing from London, they’ve shuffled their line-up slightly since their debut album, ‘Orphaned by the Ocean’ (an album I urged you to hear at the time, so if you didn’t take me up on the introduction then you only have yourselves to blame), but for all that they’re if anything tighter now, sounding at one and the same time like an out of control juggernaut hurtling through a fog bank and a lone bird circling over a mountain. As I may have mentioned before, their sound reminds me at times of another London-based outfit, Spaceheads, a duo who frequently blasted themselves into outer space with the help of various electronic effects (including once, memorably, at an early Terrastock festival in San Francisco), and in terms of guitar sound of Hovercraft, who likewise once played Terrastock (but a different one, I think.). Should there be another Terrastock any time soon, Teeth of the Sea will be high on the list of bands I’d love to invite.

Theirs is a heady fermentation of sound which incorporates not just drum-loops and trumpet, but space-rock, drone, Kosmische musik (particularly on the awesome ‘Hypnoticon Viva’) and progressive rock time-changes. Anyone who caught them on tour recently at their gig with Thought Forms in Bristol, or with established Terrascopic favourites Wooden Shjips, The Heads or especially Oneida, will recognise this psychedelic tour de force of acid-fried guitar/drum mayhem immediately as they chose to close their set with it – no easy act to follow.

On ‘Hypnoticon’, a CD-EP forerunner to their forthcoming (June 2010 apparently) second album, Teeth of the Sea close out the set with an aurally stunning visage of haunting, panoramic ambience entitled ‘The Island Is’ which immediately put me in mind of Texan post-rock wonder-band This Will Destroy You. But with added trumpet. This is no bad thing and I can’t begin to recommend this band highly enough. Too early for release of the year for 2010? Probably. This makes my top 10 of 2009 though, easily. (Phil McMullen)


The limited to 300 copies 12" EP will be released in all good record shops on February 1st.