22 Dec 2009

Rocket Probes December 2009 Playlist

Various – Obsession
(Good comp of '67 to '74 South American, Indian, and Turkish psyche, lots of fuzz, wah, delay and grooved out rhythms)

Purling Hiss – Purling Hiss
(Thanks to Dave Cambridge for turning us on to this and David Halstead for bringing us over a copy from Chicago....great lo-fi fuzz wah ridden garage..a bit like ‘Afflicted Man’ in places)

Slayer – World Painted Blood
(At times they hit their old magestic best, at times it is unfortunately quite disappointing....but the good news is ‘Lead Hanneman’ and ‘Lead King’ are back brutalising the wah)

Sola Bassana – Lost in Space
(Don’t know anything about this lot, but this track is a great slice of motorik space rock)

Heldon – Electronique Guerilla / Allez Teia
(Both these great albums have just been reissued on vinyl on Wah Wah records...and they each come with a free 7” including the great Schizo EP...a must have!!!)

Urdog – Eyelid of the Moon
(Amon Düül II inspired dazed stupor reminiscent of the altered states of psych folk bands from the late 60's early 70's)

The Necks – Aquatic / Hanging Garden / Drive By
(3 Albums of expansive mesmerising soundscapes of almost static rhythms weaving lush repetitive barely perceptible shifting meditative and transcendental Can like patterns)

Fire - Could You Understand Me
(1973 Yugoslavia fuzz distorted repetitive pedal mashing)