31 Jul 2013

Rocket Probes July Playlist

Nighthammer/BlackTempest – Tesla Tapes
(Two great tapes on Gnod's Tesla label...both Nighthammer and Black Tempest create different soundtracks for dark summer raves in the middle of a west country field)
Black Tempest

Various – The B.D.O. Sessions
(Another stunning comp compiled by Redg Weeks...this time of classic 80's hardcore, a perfect companion piece to the Thrash comp that was in last months playlist)

Craig Leon -  Nommos
(Delicious kosmiche, Reichian, minimalist disco from early 80's New York)
Craig Leon (Preview)

Heliocentrics - 13 Degrees Of Reality
(New LP of psych jazz and spacey fuzz funk from Malcom Cato's astral travelling band)

Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
(Pretty good new album from these Euro psych proggers...imagine Mugstar meets Danava but with added 'space')
Causa Sui (Preview) 

Tomaga – Sleepy Jazz for Tired Cats
(Nice drums and keys drones and grooves from this two piece that features Val from Shit & Shine/Oscilation)

Spectrum – Geracao Bendita
(1971 heavy fuzz n' groove psych pop LP from Brazil)
Spectrum (Preview)

Paul McCartney – Check my Machine

(Great spacey disco dub track from Macca)

Rypdal, Andresen, Rud - Min Bul

(Norwegian jazz from 1970)
Min Bul

Ali Ag Amoumine - Takamba
(Hypnotic desert ragas)
Ali Ag Amoumine

Mosh Patrol - Is There Anyone Else Outside?
(Minimal electronica)
Mosh Patrol

Black Joker - Watch Out!
(Repetitive electronica synthscapes)
Black Joker

Gui Boratto - III
(More repetitive electronica synthscapes)
Gui Boratto

Misfits - Static Age
(Early Misfits album & one of our favourites)

Mercury Rev - Yerself is Steam
(90's psychedelic shoegaze)

29 Jul 2013

Goat track features on Powell Fact mix

We at Rocket are huge fans of Powell and his Diagonal label.

So we were proud to see that he has included the Redg Weeks remix of Goat's Run to your Mama on his mix for fact magazine

Listen to and download the mix here: Powell mix

Read more about the mix, that also includes an exclusive first listen to a Shit & Shine track that is coming out on Diagonal soon here: Fact

Image by: Santtu Mustonen


26 Jul 2013

Watch and download Gnod in the Boiler Room

Here is the full set of Gnod in the Boiler Room, where you can see the odd Teeth of the Sea, Thought Form, Vision Fortune, Hi-Fi Killer and Rocket members dancing away stupidly in the crowd... :)

You can also stream/download the music here:


25 Jul 2013

Listen to new Terminal Cheesecake tracks featuring Neil from Gnod

The Wire magazine are streaming new tracks from Terminal Cheescake that features the mighty Neil Fish on vocals.

This is what The Wire say:

Terminal Cheesecake released five albums and disbanded in 1995. Russell Smith, guitarist in the group remembers: "It was a weird time, the late 80s. Everybody was losing the plot and going off raving. No one wanted to see live bands. Festivals were dog-on-a-string things".

Now, after a 20 year hiatus, the London indie psych outfit return to the stage at Oxfordshire's Supernormal festival in August. Listen to Terminal Cheesecake rehearsing for their comeback above.

Listen to the tracks here: Terminal Cheesecake

The band have also announced a show at Corsica Studios in London on 8 August, more info on this show and tickets here: Corsica


24 Jul 2013

Anthroprophh & Big Naturals FAG Radio Show

Over the last 4-5 months Anthroprophh (Proff from The Heads) and Gareth from the Big Naturals have been involved in a night in Bristol called 'FAG radio'. 

Olmo of Zamzam Records Zamzam streams the whole thing live to the internet and you can watch / listen to the nights events here: FAG radio

The FAG shows present 3 bands playing experiment sets and both Anthroprophh and Gareth (Salope) have previously played minimal sets themselves.

Anthroprophh plays records inbetween the bands and aims to play experimental sounds from the 50s- to now. A mixture of Musique Concret, strange and Electronic Library, odd private press outsider sounds, European No Wave, Punk and Minimal Synth, Acid Folk and Free Jazz, anything that comes from the leftfield side of the spectrum, with the odd psych record sneaked in. Ross Roberts of Bumtapes Bumtapes sometimes DJs.

You can Listen to Anthroprophh's DJ set & some of the live music here: Greasy Trucker

The nights are all thanks to Olmo, Gareth and Heloise and their passion and enthusiasm for bringing interesting sounds to a small but appreciative audience.


23 Jul 2013

Another 'fan made' video for Goat's 'Run to your mama'

Goat - Run To Your Mama from Wondermuddle on Vimeo.

Here is another fan made video for Run to your Mama.

Someone called Wondermuddle has taken Goat's formula of video making and come up with something that works well.


22 Jul 2013

Head Medicine interview Goat about their recent Festival performances

Head Medicine have been given the opportunity to ask Goat some more questions, this time about their recent festival performances:

"After a blistering run through Europe's most prestigious summer music festivals, the Swedish tribal psych collective Goat have a growing number of fresh converts following in their wake.  Though only a live touring entity for less than nine months, Goat's performances were among the most talked about from their respective festivals, oftentimes staking their claim amongst some of the biggest and best bands in the world.

HEAD MEDICINE recently checked in with the band to find out more about these stunning shows.  one thing is obvious after sitting down for a third time with the notoriously press-shy group:  Goat lives and breathes inside its own impenetrable bubble, unaffected by the fleeting whims, tastes, or demands from the outside world.  They are anchored by an unshakable self confidence and a genuine love of living in the moment, communing through music with each other and anyone who happens to be in attendance, whether it is 150 people in a small club, or tens of thousands at a major festival.  Their expectations and ambitions are unusually humble.  Goat will be whatever they want to be for as long as they decide.  Any future success will be on their own terms. 

HEAD MEDICINE:  Goat's reputation continues to build after a series of high profile European festival appearances, including Primavera in Spain, England's Glastonbury, and Roskilde in Denmark.  by many accounts your performances were  among the best of those weekends.    are things just getting surreal at this point with all of this growing attention and praise?  any particularly memorable or unreal moments over the last few months that would have been impossible to imagine one year ago?

GOAT:  Well, that we were gonna play any of these festivals never crossed our minds one year ago but we are happy and thankful for the opportunity to do so. It has been amazing for sure. And I also think that the US tour improved our live set and has tightened us together as a live act so that these shows afterwards have been the best we've done live so far. But I'm sure we can still find new ways to develop live also, with new material and so on. But it is not in any ways getting surreal really cause you have to understand one thing, this is not taking over our lives. We keep our minds pure and simple and our feet on the ground. We know what is important in life and we just try to have a good time and enjoy the ride. If it ends tomorrow we will be just as happy. With that said I have to admit that playing that day time show at Glastonbury seing all those people was something out of the ordinary...."

Read the full interview here: Head Medicine


18 Jul 2013

GNOD live at the Dome 17/07/13

Last night GNOD supported Moon Duo at the Dome in London and some clever person decided to film the whole set.

Sit back and enjoy


16 Jul 2013

Watch Gnod live in the Boiler Room tonight

That is right Gnod are live in the Boiler Room tonight!

It is a special show put together by the Wire Magazine. They are joined by the great Kogumaza who are also performing live and procedings kick of at 8pm.

You can stream the event live from here: Boiler Room TV

And more info can be found here: Night of the monoriffs


Teeth of the Sea play 'Responder' at East End Live Festival

Here is footage of Teeth of the Sea playing 'Responder' at last weekends East End Festival at the Bell of Shoreditch.

The track is one of the standout tracks off the bands next album called MASTER that hits the shops in October.


15 Jul 2013

Nothing is what you want

Nothing is... returns to Dalston this Friday and we advise all you Teeth of the Sea fans to arrive for 9pm as we got something a little special happening!

The line up is as always:

Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
21 June
Free entry

Join us here: Nothing is...


11 Jul 2013

Watch Goat's full Roskilde festival performance

Mission control were gutted not to be there, but luckily some bright person decided to get a film crew to film the whole set

Watch this AMAZING footage here: Roskilde

Nice to hear some added spaced out keyboard action on Run to your mama!!!!


10 Jul 2013

Great video of Goat at London's Electric Ballroom show courtesy of ATP

ATP have put together this short vido using footage from Goat's recent Camden Electric Ballroom. The video is to advertise the last ever ATP weekender at the end of November which is curated by ATP the mighty Loop who are reforming for this.

The line up is pretty stuninig, and Mission Controls personal faves are: 

MICHAEL ROTHER - Performing the music of Neu! & Harmonia

Plus there are still more acts to confirm, and some exciting news about Goats performance!

Buy tickets here: ATP


9 Jul 2013

Teeth of the Sea at East End Live – stage announced

As reported before Teeth of the Sea are playing East End Live Festival that takes place this Saturday.

They are going to be playing the Bell of Shoreditch with Bong, Purson, Bad Guys, Dethscalator, Throne and others. Teeth are taking the stage about 8:15pm apparently.

More info and tickets can be bought from here: East End Live


Goat to DJ at 'What we do is Secret' summer festival tonight and tomorrow

Goat have got back together with PNKSLM for a DJ session at 'What we do is secret' summer Festival in Gothenberg tonight (Tuesday) and Stockholm tomorrow.

More info on the festival here: What we do is secret

Check out the mix Goat did for them last year here:


7 Jul 2013

Teeth of the Sea's Mat Colegate interviews Ben Wheatley about 'A Field in England'

One of Mission Controls favourite new british directors Ben Wheatley has been interviewed by Teeth of the Sea's Mat Colegate about his amazing new film 'A field in England':

"The English countryside has been the inspiration to dreamers, poets, shamans and charlatans for centuries. You can draw a ley line between all those inspired and maddened by its beauty. From the apocalyptic rantings of David Tibet to Vaughan William's Lark Ascending. Hacker Farm's noisy re-appropriations of rural detritus to poor John Clare's lunatic ramble toward his long-dead sweetheart. It is the seat of the English visionary tradition, and there has always been something about its untamed landscape that makes a suitable backdrop for stories that tap into the dormant, darker parts of the subconscious. Following this long line is the latest film from the director of Sightseers and Kill List, Ben Wheatley.

A Field In England tells the story of a group of soldiers (played by Reece Shearsmith and Julian Barratt amongst others) deserting from the tumult of the English Civil War and captured by an alchemist (Michael Smiley) who forces them into a hunt for a buried treasure. This simple set-up becomes the backdrop for one of the most powerfully hallucinatory film experiences since the days of Roeg and Jodorowsky. A Field In England is a head movie in the hardest sense, as it harnesses all the power at its disposal to baffle, blind and batter the audience into an altered state.

What was it that made you want to set a film during the English Civil War?"

See the answer to this and the rest of this great interview here: The Quietus


Goat live at Roskilde Festival

The Sun the Moon

Let it bleed

Footage of Goat at this weekends Roskilde festival


Download Dwellings remix of Orphan Swords track

Dwellings (Chris from Gnod) has done a remix of the track Raum by Orphan Sword and you can download it for free here:

Also, see what the Quietus have to say about it here: The Quietus


4 Jul 2013

Rocket announces special reissue of 'Master Sleeps' – the second album by 'Hills'

Hills – Master Sleeps (Launch061)

For the uninitiated, Hills are a three piece band based in Gothenburg and Master Sleeps was their second album, originally released on a small Swedish label in 2011.

We at Rocket are now proud to present a re-release of this great (future) psych classic, with stunning new sleeve artwork by Brazilian artist Bruno Borges.

Hills were the band responsible for introducing us to the Swedish collective Goat, after they were sharing the same recording space in 2011. Both bands have since become very close allies. You can hear why throughout the 6 tracks of Master Sleeps, as Hills have the same desire for an infectious groove to drive their over fuzzed ‘psyched out’ sounds.

Master Sleeps draws it’s inspiration from some of the great bands of the late 60’s and early 70’s. German bands like Can, Amon Duul and AR Machines. Also you can hear the influence of native Swedish legends like, International Harvester, Pärson Sound and Trad Gras Och Stenar. But unlike a lot of the current scene of psych bands that have mined their 60’s and 70’s record collections, Hills manage to sound contemporary and relevant in 2013. They, along with bands like Oneida, Circle and friends Goat, are able to bring something new to the (well used) table.

Master Sleeps will be released on 16 September on a ltd LP and download and you can listen to the first track off the album Rise Again here:

Hills are currently putting the finishing touches to their third album which will be released by Rocket in 2014, so this reissue of Master Sleeps (and a Hills Live album recently released on Cardinal Fuzz) is a nice taster of what to expect from the next instalment from this great band.

We can expect live shows throughout Europe in early 2014, including a performance at the legendary Roadburn festival to make up for cancelling last year.

For all press enquiries, please email: rachel.silver@silverpr.co.uk


3 Jul 2013

More reviews of Goat's show at the Electric Ballroom and Glastonbury

Here are a couple more great reviews of last weeks amazing Goat/Teeth of the Sea show at London Camden Electric Ballroom:


Line of the best fit

Cherry Coloured Funk

And here are some of Goat's performance at Glastonbury:

Drowned in Sound

Dots and Dashes

Louder than War


The Guardian

The 405

We will add more as they come in...


Goat live in Hell

Goat played a stunning second set at Glastonbury on the Hell stage in Shangi-la...here is a very small taster on how amazing this performance was.


Call of the Wyld reviews the Goat / Teeth of the Sea Electric Ballroom show

Goat and Teeth of the Sea at Electric Ballroom - 27 June 2013

I have some reservations ahead of tonight's gig. I'm not convinced that I'm going to enjoy it. I suspect it's because I'm wary of bands that are predominantly instrumental - I've seen way too many acts that nurdle away to themselves and gradually disappear up their own bumholes, oblivious as to whether they have an audience in front of them or not.

I'm also sure that I have seen tonight's support band, Teeth of the Sea, before, probably in one of their very earliest incarnations. What I AM sure about is that they are terrific this evening.

The band stand in a line at the front of the stage. They are past the first flush of youth and are challenging the onslaught of male-pattern baldness with a remarkable array of tonsorial techniques ranging from shave and dye, to distraction by means of outrageous moustache, to comb it all back and stick it up like a cockatoo.

Teeth of the Sea bring the fun. Rhythms are pounded on a small drumkit while the groove is picked up by a battery of keyboards. Stage right, a guitarist poses shamelessly with a Flying -V, sporting an ancient T shirt favouring ancient hair metallers Vinnie Vincent's Invasion.

It's all racketingly good. The band have a sense of the theatrical and the absurd and deliver a fine set of electronic dance with that glam rock beat.

We're off to a very fine start.

Goat hail from Sweden and have been gathering buzz since the release of their debut album 'World Music' late last year. There are such positive vibes about their stage shows that tonight's gig (only their second in the UK) has been moved to the Electric Ballroom from the Scala after excessive ticket demand.

What follows is pretty much indescribable…I just get blown away…

…a non-stop whirling orgy of psychedelic tribal drumming, insane rock, voodoo, robes, ju-ju, massive riffs, tribal masks, diamante knickers, hair flying, whooping, frenzied dancing, hand bells, ululation,  GOAT!……

..hypnotic groove dance jive, Egyptian imagery, arabian nights (at their primitive best), harem pants, seismic basslines, riotous colours, twins dancing dancing dancing ,  GOAT! GOAT!

,synchronised screaming, krautrock, glam rock, Ayers rock, mystery and mysticism, excitement, ectoplasm, exertion , passion, possession, afro beat, aphrodisiac, dizzy miss lizzy freak out freak out GOAT! GOAT!! GOAT!!!!

When the band leaves the stage you feel as though you have just been dumped in a field by a tornado. Everyone around you stands wide eyed and stunned.

Goat are an astonishing, almost religious cargo-cult of a band. Bloody hell!

See the review here: Call of the Wyld

1 Jul 2013

Watch Goat's complete Glastonbury set

Here is the BBC footage of Goat's complete set at Glastonbury. This was the first of their two sets of the day. It is great to see Johnny O' Rockets visuals make the telly too!!!

Mission Control have just returned from our weekend there and all we can say is we had amazing time and as always was great to hang out with Goat and a real pleasure to see three shows by them in two days.

If anyone has any pictures or footage from their mesmerising second Glastonbury show on the Hell Stage in Shangrila please send it to us. That performance was stunning and maybe their best ever show to date, so we would love to see it again!!

Dont know legit this youtube link is, so if it gets taken down, you can also watch it here for the next month: BBC


Teeth of the Sea footage from Electric Ballroom

Goat weren't the only band that played the Electric Ballroom last Thursday...Teeth of the Sea played a storming set. This is Reaper, a track that will feature on their third album called MASTER that is coming out late Summer.


Video of Goat show at the Electric Ballroom

Some kind person down the front of Goat's show at the Ballroom was kind enough to record the whole set, here are a couple of them, but worth opening up in Youtube and watching all of it!!


Shit & Shine add a Glasgow date to their up and coming UK tour


Photo's of Goat at the Electric Ballroom from Line of the Best Fit

Check out these photo's of Goats performance at Camden's Electric Ballroom by Burak Cingi last Thursday:

Line of the Best Fit