31 Jul 2013

Rocket Probes July Playlist

Nighthammer/BlackTempest – Tesla Tapes
(Two great tapes on Gnod's Tesla label...both Nighthammer and Black Tempest create different soundtracks for dark summer raves in the middle of a west country field)
Black Tempest

Various – The B.D.O. Sessions
(Another stunning comp compiled by Redg Weeks...this time of classic 80's hardcore, a perfect companion piece to the Thrash comp that was in last months playlist)

Craig Leon -  Nommos
(Delicious kosmiche, Reichian, minimalist disco from early 80's New York)
Craig Leon (Preview)

Heliocentrics - 13 Degrees Of Reality
(New LP of psych jazz and spacey fuzz funk from Malcom Cato's astral travelling band)

Causa Sui - Euporie Tide
(Pretty good new album from these Euro psych proggers...imagine Mugstar meets Danava but with added 'space')
Causa Sui (Preview) 

Tomaga – Sleepy Jazz for Tired Cats
(Nice drums and keys drones and grooves from this two piece that features Val from Shit & Shine/Oscilation)

Spectrum – Geracao Bendita
(1971 heavy fuzz n' groove psych pop LP from Brazil)
Spectrum (Preview)

Paul McCartney – Check my Machine

(Great spacey disco dub track from Macca)

Rypdal, Andresen, Rud - Min Bul

(Norwegian jazz from 1970)
Min Bul

Ali Ag Amoumine - Takamba
(Hypnotic desert ragas)
Ali Ag Amoumine

Mosh Patrol - Is There Anyone Else Outside?
(Minimal electronica)
Mosh Patrol

Black Joker - Watch Out!
(Repetitive electronica synthscapes)
Black Joker

Gui Boratto - III
(More repetitive electronica synthscapes)
Gui Boratto

Misfits - Static Age
(Early Misfits album & one of our favourites)

Mercury Rev - Yerself is Steam
(90's psychedelic shoegaze)