31 Jan 2021

Rocket Probes – January 2021 playlist

Tomaga – Intimate Immensity

Petbrick - Vieux Bonlonge
(New Petbrick on God Unknown)

Sunburned Hand of the Man – Flex
(New psyched sounds)
Sunburned Hand of the Man

Lankum – The Pride of Petravore
(Soundtracking the start of 2021) 

Joshua Abrams – Natural Information / Represencing
(Great reissues of sublime repetitions)
Joshua Abrams

Divide & Dissolve – Gas Lit
(Heavy spectral sounds)
Divide & Dissolve

Don Cherry - Om Shanti Om
(Improvisations, meditations and repetitions)
Don Cherry

Joanna Brouk ‎– The Space Between
(Always an incredible listen)
Joanna Brouk

Madvillain – Shadows of Tomorrow
(Psyched hop)

Michel Banabila – Everywhere Else Is Just Right Here
(Fourth World explorations)
Michel Banabila

Avon Terror Corps – Wish You Were Avon
(Latest comp of sounds from the '0272')
Avon Terror Corps

Paranoid London – Seasoning Edits
(Krauty beats)
Paranoid London

Slow White Fall – Pushing Through The Wall
(Feedbacking machines)
Slow White Fall

Drew McDowall - Agalma
(Immersive, collaborative landscapes – thanks to Iggor for the recommendation)
Drew McDowall

The Body – Tied Up and Locked
(Pure filth...love the art too!)
The Body

Susan Christie – Paint a lady
(Trips and dreams)
Susan Christie

Crazy Doberman – Two Tales Of Lost Witness Marks
(Latest immersions from the very prolific Crazy Doberman)
Crazy Doberman

La Nòvia – Le soleil ni même la lune
(Repetitive Folk with a 'France' connection)
La Nòvia 

Mark Dicker – Metropolith
(Tesla Tape noises)
Mark Dicker

July – July
(Classic slice of psych pop to combat the lockdown blues)

Tachycardie – Directement au voleur
(Lost in the rhythms)

Tuluum Shimmering – Brown Rice
(Hour long Don)
Tuluum Shimmering

Listen to our 'updated monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist' here:


Flowers Must Die release Live album on next Bandcamp Friday

Next week is #bandcampfriday and our good friends Flowers Must Die are releasing a very special live album via their Bandcamp page here: Flowers Must Die

This is what they say about it:


We supported Julies Haircut the day before heading over to London and open up the Rocket 20 three day festival. We where on a small tour and as usual it was filled with mistakes, bad decisions and very little sleep. In typical Flowers Must Die manner we decided to bring an extra member without rehearsing, Hanna from Träden, Hills and Laughing Eye joined us on percussion for three gigs. Leading up to that we had Unni on trumpet in Copenhagen for one night and Kalle on flute for the first gig in Linköping/Sweden. And to complicate it a tiny bit more we asked if Laura from Julies Haircut to join us on Saxophone for the two last gigs.

Heavily infused by strong Belgium beers at the local pub we played our best show on that tour and probably a top five of all time. If that wasn´t enough the same Marc who took the pictures also very kindly recorded the gig and I must say it is probably the best recorded live gig with us that we have at the moment.


Recorded by Marc Gérard
Mixed by Rickard Daun
Mastered by Wayne Adams
Photo by Marc Gérard
Sleeve art by Rickard Daun


Listen to Lay Llamas track on new compilation

Lay Llamas have revealed a new track called 'White Ritual' for this compilation album called Boarding Songs on the label Osci Edizioni

The track features Andrea Daví (Mamuthones, Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, etc. ) on bodhrán percussion.

Listen/buy here: Osci Edizioni


28 Jan 2021

Jazz.PT reviews Paisiel's 'Unconscious Death Wishes'

They say:

The Portuguese Lovers & Lollypops has released a series of records that explore the frontiers of jazz, rock, and environmental music. This new LP, released in late 2020 in partnership with Rocket Recordings, is one of those cases that challenge the classifying logic of listeners: does it go to the electronics, jazz, rock, experimental section?

The disc is made of drums, percussion and saxophone. João Pais Filipe is today an essential name of the Portuguese scene: multipercussionist, he is able to install the most hypnotic rhythms and to create small variations in these ushers (in addition to being an industrious blacksmith, manufacturer of cymbals, gongs and other metal percussion instruments ). German saxophonist Julius Gabriel settled in Porto creating a series of collaborations with local musicians, including this duo that is made up of long repetitive lines, in a mantric environment, but in which we also hear some echoes of German “industrial” music ...

Read the rest: Jazz.PT


27 Jan 2021

Read Fuzzy Sun's piece on Kooba Tercu's sleeve artist Jola Darkovic

They say:

Jola Darkovic, a Greek artist and member of The Slang Network (a creative collective). I saw his work first when I found out about the Greek band Kooba Tercu who made and really good album called ‘Proto Tekno’ on Rocket Recordings. And the album art of that album is made by Jola & Cobra.Nine. Their is a lot of street art, arcylics and other stuff that are really great. Ill post some below, the first one the albumcover of the Kooba Tercu album. Check out his FB too and give him a follow.

Read the piece here: Read Fuzzy


Echoes and Dust reviews Pharaoh Overlord's '6'

They say:

Pharaoh Overlord are bringing Disco back with their new album 6. Having never heard the duo before, I have no idea what their usual sound is, but this album immediately reminds me of Daft Punk, Digitalis and Justice; mid-2000s electro, but with overt links to disco and psych. I feel like the addition of Aaron Turner’s vocals is interesting. In all honesty, I don’t usually like his style because it seems kind of cheesy to me, but I love it on this album because it has an almost B-Movie quality to it. Like Gordo from the Mortal Kombat movie and upon hearing the first single I was instantly sold on the whole album. So, I guess let’s delve in…

‘Path Eternal’ kicks off the album with a pulsating beat, oscillating synths and a choral synthesiser. It’s goofy but, cool at the same time, like a dragon wearing sunglasses. The melodic synthkeys interludes take the place of a chorus, they fall like crystallised snowflakes, delicately and magically as Turner screams distantly. The top line melody reminds me of Múm and the undercurrent of Air. It’s a really strong start to an album. ‘Arms of the Butcher’ is an amazingly constructed song; there’s layers of percussive, mechanistic stuff and synth layers that sound like a Trent Reznor soundtrack, but they’re rounded out with danceable drum beats and funky overtones. Turner does a good job of reigning in, what seems like a very erratic foundation.

Read the rest here:  Echoes and Dust


26 Jan 2021

Pharaoh Overlord reveal incredible new video

The Wire

"The missing link between disco and death metal" The Quietus

"Unique and wonderful" Metal Hammer

In November of last year, Finnish visionaries Pharaoh Overlord released their sixth record, reimagining electronic music for the future and equal parts hedonistic rapture and dark revelation. Today we are presented with a brand new video for album epic "Tomorrow's Sun."

The video which captures the dystopian futuristic aspect of Pharaoh Overlord's sound on '6' was directed by Mike Bourne (Teeth Of The Sea):

Watch video here

Vocalist, Aaron Turner said this about the tracks lyrics:

"The lyrics for this track were written at the beginning of the pandemic and during the first wave of American upheaval in the fight for social equity and justice. It is a meditation on projecting hope forward into the future, which may serve as a bridge of perseverance to reach forwards through this time of turbulence."

Buy the ltd edition 'colour vinyl' and CD editions of '6' via the Bandcamp link below or from your local record shop:



18 Jan 2021

Listen to Supersonic's 'In Conversation' featuring J.Zunz

Listen to Supersonic's 'In Conversation' panel discussion from last Friday, where Lorena Quintanilla (J.Zunz) joins Stephanie Phillips and Shannon Funchess.


13 Jan 2021

Echoes and Dust interviews Pharaoh Overlord

It reads:

Pharaoh Overlord have just released their brilliant new album 6, a record which marries the bands synth led soundscapes with the vocals of guest singer Aaron Turner. Gavin Brown had a chat with the band to hear how this collaboration happened and their shared musical history with Aaron (featuring a contribution from the man himself) as well as musical highlights, touring with Sleep and what several of the band’s other group Circle are up to next.

E&D: Your new album 6 is out very soon. How did the recording and creation of the album go?

PO: Most music on the album was made in January 2020. We wanted to have the album released for our tour with OM in May, and we had only one weekend to record it. Jussi had made some demos and based on those we recorded and produced the material. We had the album almost ready when the pandemic started to hit and our tour got cancelled. After this we had no hurry and we decided to make some adjustments to it, made the instrumental part ready and then asked Aaron to make some vocals for some songs. Aaron got inspired by the material and ended up making all the songs, and that’s when the album found its final shape.

E&D: Where did the idea of working with Aaron Turner on this Pharaoh Overlord album come from in the first place?   

PO: We got Aaron to feature on the previous album 5, and wanted to collaborate with him again. 

E&D: You worked with Aaron, Faith Coloccia and Nate Newton in Split Cranium. How was it working on that?...

Read the rest here: Echoes and Dust


8 Jan 2021

OUT TODAY: GOAT release new CD reissues of 'World Music' and 'Commune'

Following on from last years vinyl reissues of GOAT albums 'World Music' and 'Commune' – today sees the band  releasing two new CD reissues of both albums.

Both CDs come in replica gatefold LP sleeves and feature amended artwork. The CD reissue of Commune also follows the recent vinyl version and comes in a special ltd 'Silver Edition' sleeve which replaces the original gold sleeve.

These CD's can be purchased from your local record shop or direct from Bandcamp here:

World Music


GOAT's third album Requiem is also having the vinyl repress treatment – you can preorder the trimmed down, single LP version, which is ltd to 1000 copies world wide on Blue Flame vinyl here:



5 Jan 2021

Terrascope review Paisiel and Shit and Shine albums

They say:

Drumming sensation João Pais Filipe has already helped serve up one of your scribe’s favourite releases of this otherwise Annus Horriblis, namely Faca de Fogo with the (al)mighty Gnod (Terrascope Reviews for July 2020), and which currently occupies a place up in the nosebleeds on this year’s personal Best of the Worst of Years list. Well he’s in danger of pulling it off again on the strength of this latest corker, this time with saxophonist Julius Gabriel as Paisiel; elements of their respective names making up the band title and which also means something about a guardian angel – goodness knows we’re in need of one these days...

Listening to the prodigious and prolific Craig Clouse’s twisted brand of uneasy listening often feels like you’re sitting on the razor’s edge seat of a particularly uncomfortable racing bike with dodgy brakes and pointing down a sharp screed slope. His latest Rocket release (they and Riot Season appear to have shared custody of the Texan’s UK output) Malibu Liquor Store is akin to one of those American road trip documentaries voiced by the likes of Rich Hall, but one that’s available only on subscription (the price being your soul) via the murky recesses of the dark web. Speak fiend and enter...

Read the rest of both reviews here: Terrascope