31 Jul 2015

Rocket probes – July playlist

"The Corridor", Standish Lawder. (1970) from Michael Schnedler on Vimeo.

Max Turner – Untitled
(Gareth from Anthroprophh/Big Naturals/Lillydamwhite collaborates with the very talented Agathe Max to create some beautiful psyched out drones!)
Max Turner 

(Great collaboration between Alex Macarte (Gnod/AHRKH) & Mark Wagner (H.U.M/**K/S&M)

Low - Ones and sixes
(Another stunning and speaker shaking, sub bass full album by the mighty Low)

Yoko Ono - Why
(Off her ''Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Bad' album if you don't know it, buy it!! Another track off the album 'Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage All Over the City" is a 'Nothing is...' fave!!!)
Yoko Ono  

Baobab de Dakar - Sibou Odia 
(Nice jammed out afro psych fuzz...nice discovery by Anthrroprophh's Paul Allen)
Baobab de Dakar

Raw Meat – Stand by girl 
(Grooved out proto metal from 1969)
Raw Meat

Bruno Spoerri - The Race
(Amazing 'proto-techno' synth grooves from Can collaborator...on the ever great Finders Keepers)
Bruno Spoerri 

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Juju
(Loving Siouxsie's albums at the moment and this is another great album of repetitive, tribal, psyched, post punk)
Siouxsie and the Banshees

Luminous Bodies - Luminous Bodies
(Fun, heavy psych album from members of Terminal Cheecake, Gum Takes Tooth etc)
Luminous Bodies 

Melanie De Biaso - No Deal
(Beautiful haunting vocals over stripped down Jazz mantras that sounds timeless)
Melanie De Biaso

Lantern - Evil Eye
(First track off their Cardinal Fuzz album...loadsa great fuzzed out wah and horns collide, maybe our fave CF release?)


Hey Colossus play Ramsgate Music Hall tomorrow

That is right, Hey Colossus who are on fire at the moment are playing the great Ramsgate Music Hall tomorrow night

Information and ticket available from here: Ramsgate Music Hall


30 Jul 2015

Exclusive Goat track to appear in God Unknown Singles Club Vol 2

The great God Unknown records can't get enough of Rocket bands!! After Anthroprophh, Gnod, Teeth of the Sea and Oneida and White Hills appearing in Volume 1 of their Singles Club, Volume 2 is to feature an exclusive track by Goat!!

Also, Henry Blacker, the offshoot from Hey Colossus also feature...so don't miss out!!

Order from here: God Unknown


28 Jul 2015

Hey Colossus to play Electrowerkz

After two jaw dropping sets this weekend Baba Yaga Hut has booked the mighty Hey Colossus in for a new show...this time at the Electrowerkz on 9th October. Full details are:

Baba Yaga's Hut presents: 

Hey Colossus
Lower Slaughter

Fri, 09/10/2015 
8:00 PM

Tickets from here: Baba Yaga's Hut

This is going to be a bit of 'special night', more to be revealed why in a few weeks, so watch this space!!!


27 Jul 2015

Wild Animals Records releases Hey Colossus / Hotel City Wreckers split EP

Fresh from their Rocket album that came out in February the band now have a split EP out on the Australian label Wild Animals.

The track is a brand new 10min track called Heaven Blows, and the split is backed with the band Hotel City Wreckers and you can listen and buy on LP (ltd to 216 copies) and download from here: Hey Colossus


Short film from Milhões De Festa featuring Hey Colossus

Watch this great short montage of day 2 of Milhões De Festa 2015 which is soundtracked by and features footage of the mighty Hey Colossus.


26 Jul 2015

Gnod live at the Temple of Boom Festival

It has been a big weekend for Rocket bands!!

Gnod and Hey Colossus played stunning sets at the Corsica on Friday. Hey Colossus then went on to join Anthroprophh at Milhoes De Fiesta, where by all accounts blew people away with great performances. While Gnod followed their Corsica show with a set at the Temple of Boom and Tramlines Festivals.

Above is some footage of their set at Temple of Boom.


Hey Colossus and Gnod in 'Get into This' albums of the year so far

The lovely people at Get into This have published their list of the best albums of the year so far.

As always they have impeccable taste and have included two Rocket Albums; Hey Colossus – Black and Gold and Gnod – Infinity Machines.

See the full list and what they say about the albums here: Get into this


23 Jul 2015

Teeth of the Sea to play Rockaway Beach Festival

Teeth of the Sea have been added to the line up of Rockaway Beach Festival that takes place in Butlins, Bogner Regis on 9-12 October.

They join bands like Spiritualized, The Fall, Cult of Dom Kellar, Telescopes and many more still to be announced.

All info and tickets from here: Rockaway Beach


'Gnod & John Doran​ – ​Live at Islington Mill' released by Tesla Tapes

Tesla Tapes have released Gnod's recent live collaboration with John Doran from The Quietus on a ltd tape.

You can listen and buy from here: Tesla Tapes

And watch part of the live show here:


20 Jul 2015

Listen to Hirvikolari live on Resonance FM on the 21st July

The Clear Spot show on Resonance FM are having a 'Supernormal special' on 21st July (tomorrow) and Hirvikolari, the duo comprising of Mike and Sam from Teeth of the Sea will be playing a live session.

More info and listen live from 8-9pm here: Resonance FM

And listen to their great live set recorded at Raw Power above


Watch Lay Llamas live at IndieRock Festival in Pescara

Here is a great version of the mighty track Archaic Revival being played recently at IndieRock Festival in Pescara, Italy.

You can pick up the last remaining copies of the album 'Ostro' from our Bandcamp


17 Jul 2015

Brown Noise Unit interview HILLS about their new album

Hills Interview
Published on July 17th, 2015 | by The Beige Baron

Psych-rock collective Hills’ new album Frid—a greeting which means “inner peace” in Swedish–is one of the best psychedelic rock albums I’ve heard this year.

Slated for release on August 28, the LP sees the seeds planted on debut full-length Master Sleeps flourish in a bloom of hypnotic drones and lush instrumentation that push ever deeper into the territory covered on the first record.

While Frid‘s opener Kollektiv references late ’60s rock with jazzy Mitch Mitchell drum fills and blasting fuzz guitar (the album art gives a nod to International Harvester’s landmark 1969 album Sov Gott Rose-Marie, a big influence on the band), it’s the second cut National Drone that sets the scene for what’s to follow as the music plunges into deep ethno-flavored psychedelia.

Swirls of wah guitar unfold over a spinning fractal mandala of strummed acoustic and flute on track three, Anukthal Is Here, before Milarepa vacuums it up in droning tape delay and piping flutes...

Read the rest of the interview here: Brown Noise Unit 


16 Jul 2015

Gideon Coe premiers new Hills track on his BBC 6Music show

BBC 6 Music DJ Gideon Coe premiered a new track off the forthcoming Hills album 'Frid' last night on his show.

The track is called 'Kollectiv' and is the first track on the album, so have a listen to his show here, it is the second track of the night:

Gideon Coe

Don't forget the new Hills album 'Frid' is out on the 28 August


12 Jul 2015

Hills play 'Rituals – Oslo Psych Fest'

Another city, another psych fest!!
And this one called Rituals in Oslo on 8-10 October  has a great line-up...Hills are joined by Clinic, Destruction Time Acid Mothers etc

More info and tickets here: Oslo Psych Fest

And don't forget, Hills new album 'Frid' is released on 28 August, and here is a nice little taster to wet your appetite!!


Lay Llamas play Wunderbar Summer Festival

Lay Llamas play Wunderbar Summer Festival next week on the 17 July in Verona, Italy with Cosmonauts and Go!Zilla.

More info about the festival can be found here: Wonderbar


10 Jul 2015

Baba Yaga Hut presents Gnod / Hey Colossus and Shit & Shine shows at the Corsica

Rocket are gonna be playing records between bands at the Gnod/Hey Colossus show

More info about both nights and tickets here: Baba Yaga Hut


9 Jul 2015

Listen to Goats full show from Babylon Soundgarden Festival

In May, Goat played their first ever show in Turkey at Istanbul's, Babylon Soundgarden Festival.

The show was recorded and you can listen to it in it's entirety.

Listen to the complete show here: Babylon Soundgarden

Photo by Kimberly Ross


Hey Colossus in Monitors 'Best albums of the year so far' list

Black and Gold, the stunning album by Hey Colossus that we released earliest in the year has been listed by Monitors as one of the best albums of the year so far, and deservedly so as it is a stunning record!!

This is what they say about the record:

“It seems some sort of wonderful musical alchemy has occurred within the wired minds of London/Somerset noise-drone assaulters Hey Colossus… An evolution has been taking place, bubbling away in the darkness while you sat on your arse and watched Emmerdale Farm… With In Black And Gold it seems they’ve found the right balance of precision and force to strike the motherload. Just listen to surprisingly gentle Vangelis synth dream opener ‘Hold On’. It’s an absolute beast of an album and sees the band pushing their sound into far more emotive territories.”

See the full list here: The Monitors


7 Jul 2015

Goat's Glastonbury performance now up on YouTube

As we said before the BBC recorded Goat's full performance at Glastonbury Festival last month and up to now only people in the UK could watch it, but now it is available for you ALL to watch as it is up on YouTube.

PLEASE NOTE: The sound isn't great, there is no bass, guitars are quiet and the girls couldn't hear themselves...BUT the performance is as as always AMAZING!!!



See photos of Goat at Roskilde on Line of the Best fit

Line of the Best Fit were lucky enough to see Goat at Roskilde last week. The band have said it was one of their best ever shows!!

Check out load of great photos from their performance here: Line of the Best Fit


Gnod join Khom and play 'Breaking Convention' this Friday

Gnod and Khom perform at the 'Breaking Convention' conference in London this Friday.  

Breaking Convention is a three day conference of talks and workshops on the subject of Psychedelic Drugs.

The programmes says this about Gnod's Performance:

Inspired by ‘GNODOROWSKY’, their previous spellbinding collaboration for last year's Cork Film Festival, Breaking Convention have commissioned GNOD and KHOM to create an audio-visual performance based on a hallucinatory re-imagining of the Ancient Greek rites of 'The Eleusinian Mysteries'! Prepare yourself for the rite of ages here in 2015…

Also playing on Friday night is friend of Rocket Mark Wagner who is doing his CYMAGICK performance. And finally the night is rounded off by a DJ set from Baba Yaga's Anthony Chalmers.

For more information about the conference, go here: Breaking Convention

And don't forget Gnod and Hey Colossus are playing a rare show together at Corsica Studios at the end of the month, get your tickets here: Baba Yaga


Gnod, Shit & Shine and Hirvikolari feature in The Quietus's 'Best of 2015 so far'

The Quietus have put together a list of the best of 2015 so far, and feature two Rocket albums, Infinity Machines by Gnod and 54 Synth Brass... by Shit & Shine.

They also give a glowing mention to Raw Power and particularly Hey Colossus, Gnod and Hirvikolri's sets.

Read the full piece here: The Quietus

It has been a great 6 months for Rocket and we have some very amazing (and sometimes quite different for Rocket) releases coming your way in the next 5 months!!!

Watch this space...


6 Jul 2015

Goat reveal sleeve and the music off new single 'It's Time For Fun' – LISTEN NOW

As previously announced, Goat have a new single coming out on 7 August.

The band have just revealed the sleeve (below) and more importantly what it sounds like and you can listen to it via youtube below.

The press release reads:


After their spectacular performance at Glastonbury last week, Goat return with a brand new single, "It's Time For Fun". This is Goat's first new music since the critically acclaimed second album Commune, which was released last September.  

Goat performed the single in their Glastonbury set which you can watch in full HERE.

The winter months following the release of Commune saw the band return to their village of Korpilombolo in Sweden to start anew on fresh material, and this two-track single collects the first fruits of this work.  However, these two songs were not recorded in their native land - instead Goat decided to hit the studio on a recent excursion to the Americas. The A-side ‘It’s Time For Fun’ was recorded in New York, whilst B-side ‘Relax’ was committed to posterity in Sao Paolo.

New York seems a fitting location for the recording of ‘It’s Time For Fun’ as the spirit of ESG and early ‘80s No Wave runs through the skittering drum machines, dubby basslines, fuzzy synth and the haunted chants of the vocals.

Its flip-side ‘Relax’ mainlines a similar vibe, yet this reflective instrumental marries ‘Future Days’ like drum machine, tribal percussion, grooved-out bass and a fan-driven organ solo that gyrates elegantly in a manner akin to a North African Heldon or Fripp & Eno.

Listen to 'It's Time For Fun' here:

A hectic and hedonistic summer of rituals and revelations lies ahead of Goat, as well as recording their third album for Rocket, they’ll be bringing their legendarily earth-shaking live show to a plethora of festivals: 

01 August: Näsåker/Sweden – Urkult Festival
21 August 2: Hasselt/Belguim – Pukkelpop Festival
22 August: Wales/UK – Green Man Festival
28 – 29: August La Tour-de-Peilz/Switzerland – Nox Orae Festival
17 October: Greece/Athens – Gagarin Festival

It's Time For Fun" will be released as a limited edition 7" and digital on 7th August 2015 via Rocket Recordings (and by Stranded Records in Scandinavia and released on September 25th in the US by Sub Pop). The sleeve for each label's release is different, so fans can collect the set!

You can preorder the ltd colour vinyl 7" here from the Rocket shop: https://rocketrecordings.bandcamp.com


5 Jul 2015

Shit & Shine and Dwellings & Druss play Incubate

Shit and Shine have been confirmed to play this years Incubate Festival, as well as Dwellings and Druss, the project featuring Chris and Paddy from Gnod. 

The Gnod site says the following:

D&D will be playing incubate on the 16th September at an event curated by Radar Men From The Moon…

On the hunt for a couple of other shows around that time in Holland , Germany or Belgium, get in touch if you or anyone you know would like to have D&D make some noise in your town... email: ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk

Tickets are more info here: Incubate


3 Jul 2015

Goat play Roskilde tonight!!!

At midnight tonight (1am UK time) Goat will take the Avalon stage at Roskilde festival and will be wowing the crowd with more of this: Glastonbury


More info on the Festival here: Roskilde


Anthroprophh join Hey Colossus at Milhoes de festa

Teeth of the Sea and Lay Llamas played here last year, and this year we have Anthroprophh joining Hey Colossus!!! Plus there are lot's of many other great band playing!

Teeth of the Sea said, it was one of the best festival's they have ever been to!!

 Find out more and get tickets from here: Milhoes de festa 


Gnod play Temple of Boom all dayer

Find out all about it and get tickets from here: Karma