30 Apr 2020

Rocket Probes – April (Lockdown) Playlist

GNOD & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Fogo
(4 track collaboration album by these two great repetition explorers, taster above)
GNOD & João Pais Filipe

Kooba Tercu – Fair Game
(Killer second single by new Rocket signing)
Kooba Tercu

Sex Swing – Skimmington Ride
(Another amazing and epic track from their forthcoming album – out in a few weeks)
Sex Swing

Anthroprophh – Lotto Man
(Great unreleased track now released)

DJINN– Avant de servir
(Second album by this GOAT/Hills offshoot)

Flowers Must Die – Återbruk
(2 hours and 30 minutes of unreleased tracks!!)
Flowers Must Die

Fria Konstellationen – Nattens Ryggrad
(Flowers Must Die offshoot on Golden Ratio Frequencies)
Fria Konstellationen

Mike Bourne – .042020
(In isolation)
Mike Bourne

Samuel Barton – Chime and Pandemonium
(Sam from Teeth of the Sea has also made this lockdown time into a productive time)
Samuel Barton

Bokeh Allstars – Mutual Aid
(Blinding pay what you want comp from this essential Bristol label, will all money going direct top artists)
Bokeh Allstars

Mammatus – Year Food
(Kosmiche psych meets 70s rockouts – all for charity)

$hit & $hine – 57YOUYOI-DRINKIN
(Another banger...)
$hit & $hine

João Pais Filipe – Sun Oddly Quiet
(Second release featuring João this month – incredible repetitions from Paisiel drummer)
João Pais Filipe

Cheval Fou – la fin de la vie le début de la survivance
(Great French tribal psych recommendation from '94 courtesy from Josefin Ohrn)
Cheval Fou

Obey Cobra – Oblong
(Excellent gothic psych sounds from Cardiff band)
Obey Cobra

John Fitch & Associates – Stoned Out Of It
(Fuzzed soul courtesy of the Prohh)
John Fitch & Associates

PAN SONIC - Hinaaja / Tugboat
(Noise repetitions)

Whistlers Mother – Dark Dawn
(Fuzzed pop)
Whistlers Mother

John Coltrane – Ole
John Coltrane

Jonas Reinhardt - Semazen Salem
(Middle Eastern techno sounds)
Jonas Reinhardt 

L'Assemblee – Le Chien
(French fuzz pop, courtesy of the Prohh)

Kriegshög - Kriegshög
(Stunning filth – courtesy of Joe Thompson via Jimmy Martin...bought immediately, on first hearing)

Dean Blunt – As long as ropes unravel fake rolex will travel
(Another great Cherrystones recommendation)
Dean Blunt

Lorelle Meets The Obsolete – Unifacado
(Lush wahgaze)
Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Various - Mac-Talla Nan Creag
(Immersive outsider sounds from Scotland as recommended by Teeth of the Sea's Jimmy Martin)

Smokey Haangala – Lungowe
(Afro fuzz)
Smokey Haangala

Pauwels – Chien
(Rhythmic noise from France)

Stray – All in your mind
(Classic bit of glammy space rock)

Juana Molina - Sin Guia No
(Repetitive pop)
Juana Molina

Nurse With Wound - Rock ‘n Roll Station
(Everything is possible)
Nurse With Wound

Banshee - Livin' In The Jungle
(Nice bit off wah rock on Cardinal Fuzz)

Spacin – Oh Man
(Spacey psyched funk)

James Holden & The Animal Spirits - Pass Through The Fire
(Looping rhythms)
James Holden

Rien Virgule – Le Coronation Des Silex
(Another great release on Zam Zam)
Rien Virgule

Can - Vernal Equinox
(Stunning performance that as talked about highly in the recent Can book)

Whirling Hall Of Knives – Ovoidulations
(New 30min+ track from these Rocket faves)
Whirling Hall Of Knives

Sly and the Family Stone – Into my own thing
(In '68 it was definitely his own thing)
Sly and the Family Stone

Twin Sister – Twin Sister
(Sex Swing offshoot...bring the repetition)
Twin Sister

Chubby Checker – Gypsy
(The drums!)
Chubby Checker

Pretty Lightning - Jangle Bowls
(A nice Spacemen 3 chug on Fuzz Club)
Pretty Lightning

The Necks – Three
(New Necks..perfect immersions)
The Necks

Land Trance - First Seance
(Textured sounds...a nice recommendation from GNOD)
Land Trance

Moon Duo – Eternal Shore
(Missing the states of euphoria)
Moon Duo 

Listen to the above tracks on our 'updated monthly' Rocket Probes Spotify playlist:


Teeth of the Sea's Sam Barton releases solo track

Following in Mike Bournes footsteps fellow Teeth of The Sea member Sam Barton has released a solo track created in these lockdown times.

Listen here: Bandcamp

Who knows, if Jimmy finds time too then some 'Kiss solo' like records could be in then pipeline! :)


Flowers Must Die release new album 'Återbruk' on 1 May

To celebrate Bandcamp's 'No Fee' day tomorrow Flowers Must Die are releasing an album of unreleased gems called 'Återbruk'

They say:

Återbruk is one word for recycling and this compilation is lost tracks, alternative mixes, demo versions or longer versions of tracks that have been released. About 2 hours and 30 minutes of music from 2008-2018

We have heard it and it is ace, so make sure you buy it tomorrow!

Buy from here: Flowers Must Die


29 Apr 2020

Listen to this 'all Swedish' mix by Al from Bonnacons of Doom for Sea Change Festival

Al Sundvall from Bonnacons of Doom has compiled this great mix of all Swedish music for the great for Sea Change Festival:

Funderingar På Vinden - Mix for Sea Change Festival
An all-Swedish psych / progg / folk / jazz mix recorded in April 2020

1. Björn J:son Lindh - Från Storstad Till Grodspad (SR, 1971)
2. Mikael Ramel - 5emtaktarn (Ljudspår, 1972)
3. Ragnarök - Farvel Köpenhamn (Silence, 1976)
4. Turid - Bilder (Silence, 1973)
5. Joakim Skogsberg - Besvärjelse Rota (Gump, 1972)
6. Fläsket Brinner - Gånglåten (Silence, 1971)
7. Bo Hansson - Funderingar På Vinden (Silence, 1975)
8. Sogmusobil  - Lost Identity (Gump, 1971)
9. Pärson Sound - Blåslåten (Subliminal Sounds, 2010) 
10. Kebnekaise - Barkbrödlåten (Silence, 1973)
11. Archimedes Badkar - Badidoom (MNW, 1977)

12. Arbete Och Fritid - Vind (Sonet, 1970)

Find out more here: Sea Change Festival


Watch video for PETBRICK remix of Warmduscher's 'I Got Friends'


28 Apr 2020

GNOD & João Pais Filipe reveal 'Faca De Fogo' collaboration ltd LP via The Quietus

A collaboration between two master repetition explorers like GNOD & João Pais Filipe is something to celebrate. So we are extremely excited to reveal 'Faca De Fogo' – a 4 track album that captures these two masters at the top of their game.

Listen to a special 'collage' taster of the albums four tracks here exclusively via the ever great The Quietus:

Listen to 'Faca De Fogo' taster 

‘Faca De Fogo’, which is released on 3 July is also a collaboration release between Rocket and the great Portuguese label 'Lovers and 'Lollypops'. And we have 250 copies of 'Faca De Fogo' on Grey/Pink Swirl vinyl for sale via the Rocket Bandcamp only, preorder from here (but if you can, wait until Friday when Bandcamp have their 'No fee' day):

Rocket Bandcamp


The result of a predestined collision course between two modern day forces of iconoclasm, ‘Faca De Fogo’ is a rhythmically driven journey into soundscapes mercurial, savage and disquieting. Here a Mancunian-birthed counter cultural sound collective and a Porto-based master of percussive divination join forces, resulting in mystical trance states and elemental epiphanies aplenty.

GNOD first met up with João Pais Filipe at the Milhoes De Festa event in Barcelos, initially intrigued by a gong he’d made in the shape of a skateboard which formed part of an exhibition. They were soon introduced, and a plan was formulated apparently of its own volition to work together, subsequently co-ordinated by the Porto-based label and promoters Lovers & Lollypops around a week spent by GNOD in Porto. Three days of rehearsals led to the basic structures that were explored at an incendiary show in the city, which were in turn subsequently recorded over four days in João’s metal workshop with minimal overdubbing, forming a powerful portrait of the sparks that flew and 
the fire they created.

Forged in a spirit of spontaneity and intuition, ‘Faca De Fogo’ wastes precisely zero time in manifesting this incendiary chemistry between these two explorers of mantras and repetitive revelation. Themed around the elements in thematic unity with the alchemical nature of João’s practice, it runs a gamut of improvisatory exploration from the eerie atmospherics that introduce ‘Faca De Terra’ via the polyrhythmic kraut-damaged mania of ‘Face De Ar’  to the shamanic and bleak Swans-esque clangour of the title track. 

‘Faca De Fogo’ is a soundworld without barriers, a meeting of minds and mallets in which the duality at its core is subsumed into a singular force as primal as it is metaphysical.

‘Faca De Fogo’ was to have its live debut at this years Supersonic Festival but that was obviously cancelled. Though we hope we will all get to experience this collaboration in the flesh sometime in the near future.


Help save Loud and Quiet

Loud and Quiet hhave consistently been supporting Rocket bands over the years – they even put GOAT on the cover of one of their issues so it is sad to hear  they need some support to ensure their survival, please read and help if you can, they say:

A statement about the future of Loud And Quiet (and how you can save it)

Dear readers,

Since the COVID-19 crisis hit we’ve been trying to work out how to keep Loud And Quietgoing. Or, should I say, if we can keep it going. 

Most recently, you may have noticed that this month’s edition of the magazine was not published as planned. In the current climate, it’s probably no surprise. For one, all of the stores and venues we stock in remain closed, their businesses suffering as much as anyone else’s. But there’s long been a bigger problem that we’ve faced – our dependency on advertising to fund everything we do, from the mag to the site to the podcasts. Needless to say, with the cancellations of festivals and live shows, the delay of record releases, and general uncertainty across the board, our advertisers (and therefore our revenue stream) disappeared overnight as soon as the lockdown kicked in in March. 
We knew this was going to happen, just as we’ve known for the last 15 years how vulnerable our position is in making a print magazine that we’ve always given away for free.

For a long time (until 2018, in fact) we felt too embarrassed to ask our readers for help. Since we have, many of you have responded by subscribing to the magazine, for which we are extremely grateful. But the truth is that we need more of our readers to sign up, to be able to break away from an unsustainable model where we’re banking on advertisers each month and undervaluing our work. This is especially going to be important once the pandemic is over, as many companies will have even less to spend on advertising than before.   

Of course, we’re not the only ones in real trouble within the music industry. From venues and promoters who feel like they can’t put a ticket price on the door anymore, to artists playing for low fees and battling with streaming services, it’s all felt like it’s been hanging by a thread for years. Hopefully, one of the positives to come out of coronavirus (within society as a whole, but especially within the arts) will be a reset in what we consider a fair price for the things we love. 

So below is what we’ve come up with as a new subscriber package. It really is our only chance of survival.  

If enough people sign up, Loud And Quiet will continue from August. If not, our issue released last month will be our final edition and we will close down.

If you are a reader/listener who enjoys what we do, and if you can afford it, now is your chance to save us.

Thank you for reading and supporting independent music journalism. Underground media and culture can survive COVID-19 if enough of us really want it to.  


Please help and subscribe here:  Loud and Quiet


27 Apr 2020

Flowers Must Die side project Fria Konstellationen release album on Golden ratio Frequencies

Flowers Must Die side project Fria Konstellationen have released an album of music onAlex from GNOD's label Golden Ratio Frequencies, they say:

GOLDEN RATIO FREQUENCIES is excited to welcome Swedish/London/Berlin freeform collective FRIA KONSTELLATIONEN to our label family. 

Formed in 2002 in Linkoping, Sweden, both the music and lineup of this amorphous collective has mutated through multiple metamorphoses. In their native Swedish, Fria Konstellationen means ‘Free Constellation,’ an apt name for this collective, which has seen over 20 players orbit around styles ranging from improvised noise maximalism to motorik-driven minimalism, from kosmische synth drones to Fahey/Fushitsusha-styled ragas and everything in-between.

After a nearly decade-long hiatus, and now solidified around members of Flowers Must Die (Rocket Recordings) and Skeppet (No Not Fun), Fria Konstellationen returns from the etheric realms of time and space with their new album, Nattens Ryggrad.

Find out more and buy from here: Golden Ratio Frequencies


PETBRICK's Wayne Adams releases his solo back catalogue on to Bandcamp

PETBRICK's Wayne Adams has been making noisy solo music for many years in many guises and he has decided to put it all up onto Bandcamp, see here:

Wayne Adams


Wayne says this about it:

Hey yo people! So I spent a bit of time over the last couple of weeks tracking down all my solo music I've put out over the years. I managed to find most of it, so I thought it would be cool to put it all in one place! I remastered a lot of it and also made a super cool compilation called MUCK, it has a lot of rare and unreleased stuff in there. 

I've kept all the old albums free to DL that were originally released for free back in the day, so fill ya boots! I've also got some rare 7"/12" and cassettes up there for pretty cheep £3-£7.

Also fingers crossed I might actually have a new Breakcore release on Friday, ready for the Bandcamp no fee day!


Buy special 'made to order' Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 'Let's Rock' shirt for one day only!

As Bandcamp have decided to waive their fee for one day again on 1st May – we have decided to do a special ltd Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs 'Let's Rock' shirt that will ONLY be available to buy on the 1st May. 

We will only manufacture what has been ordered in the sizes you want!

So order yours on the 1 May from here: Let's Rock Tshirt


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs fans might want to know that the 7th and final of their 'Seven Deadly Sins' series of the King of Cowards LPs is also available to buy as of 1 May. Like the previous six versions this 'Red with Gluttony' version is ltd to 500 copies and is available to buy from here: Rocket Bandcamp


24 Apr 2020

Sex Swing in Get Into This's Singles Club

They say:

This single features on Sex Swing’s forthcoming album Type II, and if there’s any single that will get you excited to hear music live again, it’s this one.

The track builds intensity throughout, and creates heartrate-raising anxiety, but one you don’t want to drag yourself away from.

Skimmington Ride brings a perfect blend of gloom and discordance, with bass you can almost feel going through you – if you play it loud enough.

See the rest here: Get Into This


23 Apr 2020

Rock in Athens say some words about Kooba Tercu's 'Fair Game' single

They say:

Rocket Recordings presents the second single "Fair Game" by Kooba Tercu from the upcoming album "Proto Tekno" which will be released on May 22. Continuing the musical journey between the extremely familiar and the extraordinarily different, Kooba Tercu chose to use archival material from the last century for the video of the new single, but without being able to look away from what is happening lately.

Rhythmic "mantras", dynamic outbursts and a journey into the unknown through large doses of noise and rhythmic distortion are the key components of the Fair Game's musical ritual. This is the strongest and most seductive part of the band to date, which, while maintaining the intensity at the end, highlights a uniquely generous uniqueness.

See the full Piece here: Rock in Athens


Dagens Nyheter puts Och in their 'Nils Hansson chooses 5 psychedelic instrumental bands' feature

They say:

Och – II
Behind Sweden's most difficult-to-name band name, three people hide from Linköping where at least two are also in Flowers Must Die - but here they find something both darker and clearer. It is a mystery how such a studied monotonous slowness can feel just as open, moving and alive.

Read the rest here (via free subscription): Dagens Nyheter


22 Apr 2020

Watch The Utopia Strong full live set from Supernormal in full via IMPATV 'Dronecast'

This Saturday from 17:00 to 5:00am IMPATV are doing a 12 hour 'Dronecast' of gigs they have recorded.

And at 21:05pm you can watch The Utopia Strong's immersive live set from last years amazing Supernormal Festival in full via this link:


Full line-up of who is playing during the 12 hour session, which includes GNOD offshoots Negra Branca and Ahrkh and sets by many Rocket friends can also be found via the link.


Fuzzy Sun say some words about Kooba Tercu's new single 'Fair Game'

They say:

Psychedelic noise band Kooba Tercu, based in Athens and partly in London, have shared the first track from their upcoming album Proto Tekno, to be released late May at Rocket Recordings. Now we get the second heavy hitter “Fair Game”

It seems Kooba Tercu have really stepped up their game, the first track ‘Qasan’  with the threatening, repetitive riff  that has the the impression of a tribal war party around a gloomy bonfire was a really great track. And now we get the second track “Fair Game” wich keeps that ominous sound but goes more industrial with very fitting vocals. 

See the post here: Fuzzy Sun


Turn-up the volume says some words about Sex Swing's new single 'Skimmington Ride'

They say:

London based noiseninks SEX SWING feature members of implicitly trusted yet
sonically nefarious outfits Mugstar, Part Chimp, Earth, Dethscalator & Dead Neanderthals“. They release their new 7-track album, TYPE II on 15 May via Rocket Recordings but firsta new cut, the third, from the forthcoming longplayer.

‘Skimmington Ride’ is a merciless killer juggernaut, an ongoing motorik and spine-tingling Krautrock serpent that moves at the speed of a crushing roller on the run. Adding a freakish sounding saxophone increases the psychotic resonance. To achieve the ideal effect of this mental crackerjack it is best to listen to it with the lights off in the dark, unless you don’t like horrifying music. Hell bloody yeah!

Here’s the hellraiser…

Read the rest here: Turn-up the volume


Watch Gnoomes filmed live in Yekaterinburg in March

Gnoomes's album's MU! and Tschak! can be bought from here: Bandcamp


Sydney Morning Herald reviews Viscerals by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

They say:

With modes of distraction currently in high demand, now is as good a time as any for one’s senses to be clobbered by the ferocious riffs of doom-laden stoner rock, and the fierce, guttural scream of Matt Baty, frontman of this Newcastle-Upon-Tyne five-piece known colloquially as Pigsx7. With their third album, the band has settled into the sound established on 2018’s King of Cowards, and moved further away from the impenetrable relentlessness of their three-track 2017 debut Feed the Rats. The brutality remains, yet, as with King of Cowards, something faintly bluesy drifts in and out of these high-octane songs (Rubbernecker and Halloween Bolson being highlights), begging comparison with Black Sabbath and Hawkwind – alternatively, imagine Pink Floyd’s rare foray into heaviness, The Nile Song, as the basis for a band’s entire oeuvre. An accomplished musicality is also on show, as you would expect of a band with two members who play with the peerless Richard Dawson. Viscerals straddles the ever-vague line where hard rock ends and metal begins; fans of either will be enthralled by its blunt, emotional cacophony. 4/5

Read the rest here: Sydney Morning Herald


21 Apr 2020

Sex Swing rescheduled tour dates

As expected Sex Swing's planned live shows for May and June have all being rescheduled, the new dates now are:

30 Oct / BE / Kortrjik / The Pit's
31 Oct / NL / Amsterdam / OCCII
03 Nov / FR / Paris / Espace B
04 Nov / DE / Koln / MTC
05 Nov / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos
06 Nov / UK / Bristol / Crofters Rights
07 Nov / UK / Liverpool / Kazimier Stockroom
21 Nov / UK / Newcastle / The Cluny 

The band have revealed a new track called 'Skimmington Ride', it's their third to be released from forthcoming album 'Type II'.

Listen here: Skimmington Ride

And preorder the album on ltd splatter LP from here: Bandcamp


Kooba Tercu reveal new single 'Fair Game'

Kooba Tercu the six piece  band from Athens, Greece have just revealed 'Fair Game' – the second single to be taken from the bands forthcoming album 'Proto Tekno' – released on 22 May.

The single is released across all streaming platforms this Friday but you can exclusively watch the video now via Cvlt Nation:

Cvlt Nation

‘Fair Game’ is the bands second single from the album and is equal parts groove-driven mantra, red blooded freakout and a voyage into the unknown via coruscating noise and infectious rhythmic drive. It’s the band’s most powerful and captivating track to date with it’s polyrhythmic drive of the ceremonial, the track maintains their unique full-throttle intensity and generosity of character.

‘Proto Tekno’ seamlessly travels from the fuzz-bass headbanger opener ‘Benzoberry’ to the mantric blowout of ‘Qasan’ (assaulting CAN-esque dimensions equal parts caustic and cinematic) and from the sleazy swagger of ‘Cemento Mori’ (redolent of the suave machinations of Girls Against Boys) to the polyrhythmic drive of the ceremonial centrepiece ‘Fair Game’, while maintaining their unique full-throttle intensity and generosity of character. There’s Melvins-style groove to be had on ‘Proto Tekno’ (Kamehameha’) ‘just as much as Beta Band-style songcraft (‘Puppy Pile’) yet these disparate influences coalesce vividly into an invigorating and intimidatingly confident assault on the senses.

‘Proto Tekno’ stands as much as formidable monument to insurrectionary spirit as it does the furious clanguour of six heads in an overheated rehearsal room. It’s a weapon of psychic defence just as much as a love letter to the three ‘R’s of repetition, repetition and repetition. Yet as the ongoing battle against adversity gathers momentum, one thing is for certain - you’ll want Kooba Tercu on your side.

Sadly the bands planned UK live dates have all unsurprisingly been cancelled, but they will definitely be back over once this current situation has an end in sight and venues know when they can reopen.

'Proto Tekno' can be preordered on 'Blue & White Galaxy' vinyl ltd to 250 copies from the Rocket shop now via here: Rocket bandcamp

It is also available on 'Frosted White' vinyl that is ltd to 450 copies via your local record shop.

20 Apr 2020

Sex Swing reveal epic new 7minute+ single called 'Skimmington Ride' and rescheduled tour dates

We are happy to reveal to you the third track to be taken taken from Sex Swing's forthcoming album 'Type II' – which is released on 15 May. 

The 7min+ epic single is called 'Skimmington Ride' and can be heard exclusively in all it's glory via The Quietus here:

The Quietus

Since their foundation in 2014, this malevolent rogues gallery of luminaries of the UK underground have consistently proven to be capable of projecting vibrations that transcend and usurp any idea of the sum of their component parts. Between them the individual band members have clocked up notable experience sparking tinnitus appearing in bands such as Mugstar, Bonnacons Of Doom, Earth, Dethscalator, Dead Neanderthals and now even IDLES.

As expected the bands planned live shows for May and June have all being rescheduled, the new dates are:

30 Oct / BE / Kortrjik / The Pit's
31 Oct / NL / Amsterdam / OCCII
03 Nov / FR / Paris / Espace B
04 Nov / DE / Koln / MTC
05 Nov / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos
06 Nov / UK / Bristol / Crofters Rights
07 Nov / UK / Liverpool / Kazimier Stockroom
21 Nov / UK / Newcastle / The Cluny 

'Type II' can be preordered on CD and LP on Ltd 'Blue/Grey Splatter' via Bandcamp:


Or you can also preorder ltd edition 'Cream/Grey Swirl' and 'Frosted Clear' LPs from your local record shops.

16 Apr 2020

Buy unreleased Rocket music via The Exchange Record Shop

The Exchange in Bristol is a venue/cafe/record shop that is very close to Rocket's heart – it is run by long term friend and collaborator the Bristol legend that is Fat Paul. 

Anyway to help raise money for The Exchange's 'music' friends who are in need of some some help during this tricky time they have reached out to labels and bands to donate WAV's of music that The Exchange can sell at 25p a pop.

You can buy what they have been donated from here: The Exchange

We sent them a selection of unreleased and just simply killer remixes:

GOAT – Run To Your Mama (Nighthammer Remix)
UNRELEASED remix of the GOAT classic track by Nighthammer aka Tony Mountford formally from The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers.

GNOD – Paper Error (Gnoomes Remix)
UNRELEASED remix of the GNOD track by Russian stargazers Gnoomes - original version appeared on GNOD's mighty LP 'Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine.'

Mamuthones – Symphony For The Devil (Giant Swan remix)
Bristol's very own Giant Swan remixing Italian 'occult psychedelia' band Mammuthones – who are in turn doing their unique take on the Rolling Stones classic.

Necro Deathmort – Mono/Serum (Tomaga Remix)
One of the best bands in the UK right now Tomaga creates this incredible remix of the Necro Deathmort track - original featured on their album 'The Capsule'.

Lay Llamas – Silver Sun (Negra Branca's Red Sun Remix)
Negra Branca (Marlene from GNOD) remix of Lay Llamas track – original taken from the Italian bands second Rocket Recordings album 'Thuban'.

MIEN – Black Habbit ($hit & $hine Remix)
$hit & $hine remixes are always special, and this remix for MIEN – the psych supergroup featuring members of The Horrors, Black Angels, The Earlies and Elephant Stone is an absolute gem. Original track taken from MIEN's self titled debut album.

Bonnacons of Doom – Solus (JD Twitch Optimo Remix)
We at Rocket have always been huge fans of Optimo, so to get them to remix Liverpool band Bonnacons of Doom was an absolute coup and especially as it is a bass heavy, dancefloor crusher of a track too – original version of Solus can be found on the bands self titled debut album.

Gum Takes Tooth – No Walls, No Air (Broken English Club remix)
Techno supremo Broken English Club has created a post-punk monster with this remix of the Gum Takes Tooth track – original version featured on the bands album 'Arrow'.


The Quietus interviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs about 'Viscerals'

They say:

Coronavirus-enforced isolation (we speak to the band’s five members via Zoom) has been the only real break for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in a relentless period of touring and recording since 2017’s blistering debut album Feed The Rats. “I would go mad if I stopped,” says Adam Ian Sykes, the band’s guitarist, before moving his laptop camera to show off the Great Escape-style tally marks etched into his bedroom wall, one per day of lockdown.
“I went on a night out last night on GTA 5 and I got really pissed in a casino, so I’m fine,” says bassist John-Michael Hedley.

That work-rate has paid off. Last week their third album in four years Viscerals hit number one in the UK independent record store chart, number two in the UK vinyl charts, and even breached the mainstream album charts at number 67. The last time they all met in person, the band were discussing their plans to take their live show to America this month “which in hindsight was a ridiculous conversation to be having,” says frontman Matt Baty from beneath his newly-grown quarantine moustache. In short, the Pigs are now a band of considerable stature...

Read the rest here: The Quietus


Och's June UK tour cancelled

You are probably not surprised to hear that the Och June UK tour has been cancelled.

The band will definitely rearrange new dates once we see some sort of light at the end of this dark tunnel.

In the meantime you can still listen to their ace album 'II' here: Bandcamp  Spotify


15 Apr 2020

Artrocker Radio– Lockdown 'Rocket' special

Artrocker Radio asked Rocket's Chris Reeder some email 'lockdown' questions and they broadcasted the answers here as well as playing some tracks by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Anthroprophh and GOAT.

Listen here: Artrocker