23 Apr 2020

Rock in Athens say some words about Kooba Tercu's 'Fair Game' single

They say:

Rocket Recordings presents the second single "Fair Game" by Kooba Tercu from the upcoming album "Proto Tekno" which will be released on May 22. Continuing the musical journey between the extremely familiar and the extraordinarily different, Kooba Tercu chose to use archival material from the last century for the video of the new single, but without being able to look away from what is happening lately.

Rhythmic "mantras", dynamic outbursts and a journey into the unknown through large doses of noise and rhythmic distortion are the key components of the Fair Game's musical ritual. This is the strongest and most seductive part of the band to date, which, while maintaining the intensity at the end, highlights a uniquely generous uniqueness.

See the full Piece here: Rock in Athens