31 Mar 2023

Rocket Probes – March 2023 playlist

The Shits – In My Hotel Room
(Great Stooges dirge noise on this, the opening track from forthcoming album)
The Shits 

Goat – Seu Sangue EP
(4 remixes and a new track!!)

KIKOK – My Favourite Colours
(New release featuring J. Zunz and Gnoomes remixes)

Black Helium – Um
(Great new album by Black Helium)
Black Helium 

Oren Ambarchi / Ricardo Villalobos – Hubris Variation Parts 2 & 3
(Remixes of Oren's classic track)
Oren Ambarchi / Ricardo Villalobos

The Necks – Travel
(New album on repeat)
The Necks 

Valentina Magaletti – A Queer Anthology of Drums
(Incredible stuff)
Valentina Magaletti

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2022

Miles Davis – On the Corner (UNEDITED MASTER)
(Killer version!)
Miles Davis

Infinity Knives / Brian Ennals – The Willower
(Need a Petbrick remix of this)
Infinity Knives / Brian Ennals 

Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos – Castlefields
(New sounds from these Bristol faves)
Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos

Patrick Cowley – School Daze
(The master)
Patrick Cowley

Free Love – Stop
(Psyched synth n'flute pop sounds)
Free Love

GZA – 4th Camber
(Pulling the classics out)

Leon Thomas – Blues and the Soulful Truth
(Some great grooves on this album)
Leon Thomas

Banshee – Breakdown
(Canadian Metal from '83)

Mike Majkowski – Coast
(Minimalist immersions via Hands In The Dark)
Mike Majkowski

Bhajan Bhoy – To Love Is To Love (Vol. 2)
(Experimental eastern tinged drones and mantras)
Bhajan Bhoy 

Peter Ivers – Audience of One
(Fuzzy avant-pop sounds)
Peter Ivers

(Primitive guitar noise from 1978 – she's to Flowers Must Dies's Rickard for the heads-up)

North Americans – Roped in / Going Steady
(Cheers to Centrum for the heads-up on this band)
North Americans

Leila – Brave
(Great track)

Bardo Pond – Vol.3
(Sonic wonderment)
Bardo Pond

Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool
(And old DJ fave getting some fresh spins)
Jacky Chalard

Keith Hudson – Darkest Night Version
Keith Hudson

Listen/follow our Rocket probes Spotify playlist:

21 Mar 2023

Listen to 'In My Hotel Room', the second single to be released from The Shits forthcoming album – plus new shows announced.

Last month we revealed the first single 'Waiting' by new Rocket signings 'The Shits' – an incredible band from Leeds whose new album 'You're A Mess' will be released on 14th April.

We are now pleased to be able to share with you the album's opening track, the mighty 'In My Hotel Room' a menacing audial lineage that runs The Stooges 'Fun House' through AmRep label and Brainbombs filters.

Listen to the chaos here:

'In My Hotel Room'


'You're A Mess' is available to preorder on 'Ash Grey Vinyl' via Bandcamp and on 'Red Vinyl' via your local record store:



‘You’re A Mess’ is a staggering assault of invective fit to reignite your ire, and a sound that constitutes a real and present threat to life and limb. Contained within these eight feral exorcisms is a merciless assault of Stoogian/stygian riffage, gloriously purgatorial abjection and intimidating aggro that takes a garage-rock blueprint and grinds its face in the dirt.

But don't take our word for it, this is what The Quietus's John Doran says about the album:

"Terrible, terrible bastards The Shits are here with all the spiritually uplifting, life affirming, serotonin boosting properties of a dark amber, ammonia stinking, three-day rave piss, in the form of new transmission, You're A Mess. Starting with a bludgeoning, left of centre, Amphetamine Reptile punk take on The Stooges that laughs in the face of more recent flat white-sipping, pantywaisted post rock and post hardcore innovations and instead concentrates on a caustic, clangorous, bone-cracking assault on all that is right and proper. But steady your nerve, delve into their metallic, acid stripped, pig-fuck grooves and you will find a chaotic world of inverted psychedelia and jet black – fucking appalling – enlightenment waiting for you." John Doran

The Shits have announced more live shows:

07 April / Berlin  / Villa Kuriosum
08 April / Prague / Klub 007 Strahov
09 April / Leipzig / Ery
14 April / London / Shacklewell Arms
15 April / Leeds / Secret Venue
19 April / Tilburg / Roadburn Festival
20 April / Ghent / De Roes
21 April / Mannheim / Juz
02 May / Salford / The White Hotel (supporting Gnod)

20 Mar 2023

Goat announce 5 track EP to coincide with up-and-coming UK tour

In October last year, Swedish collective Goat surprised the world with the release of an unexpected new album – the twisted psychedelic funk of ‘Oh Death’.

Rave reviews and radio airplay followed, but it wasn’t only the journalists who got hot under the collar with Goats return. As soon as the album hit the airwaves, we received several requests from trusted friends of Rocket to ask if they could create a remix of one of ‘Oh Death’s’ tracks.

So what we have here, is a five track EP called  ‘Seu Sangue’ that is being released on 14 April.

The EP consists of four exclusive remixes by Sonic Boom, Marlene Ribeiro, JM Lapham/Thor Harris and Shit & Shine, and a brand new unreleased Goat track called ‘Seu Sangue’.

Listen to Shit & Shine's rework of 'Do The Dance' above.


'Seu Sangue' is available to preorder via the link below as a ltd edition cassette with obi-strip:


The cassette is a Bandcamp exclusive, though the band will have a small amount for sale at their UK shows while stocks last.


The EP starts off with the ‘12” Extended Remix’ of lead single from 

‘Oh Death’, ‘Under No Nation’. The remix has been created by MIEN’s John Mark Lapham, with help from the incredibly talented Thor Harris on extra percussion!

Next up is Rocket remixer faithful, Shit & Shine remixing the second single from ‘Oh Death’ the tribal rhythm driven track of ‘Do The Dance’.

Sonic Boom was the first person to ask if they could remix a track off of ‘Oh Death’, and he dived straight for the album’s opener, the fuzz heavy ‘Soon You Die’ – which is the third track on the EP.

The last remix is by Marlene Ribeiro (Gnod) who’s latest album ‘Toquei No Sol’ was released in January this year. Marlene takes the track ‘Remind Yourself’ and turns it into an organic, techno raga.

And finally, the EP is finished by a brand new track, the title track ‘Seu Sangue’ the EP’s title track is a beautiful, four minute, ‘folk drone’ hymn.

The release of ‘Seu Sangue’ coincides with a rare Goat UK tour next month. The full list of up-and-coming dates are:

April 15 / Bristol / SWX
April 16 / Birmingham / The Mill
April 17 / Leeds / Brudenell Social Club
April 18 / Glasgow / Garage
April 19 /  Newcastle / Boiler Shop
April 20 / Manchester / Gorilla
April 21 / Brighton / Chalk
April 22 / London April / Brixton Electric
August 17-20 / Brecon / Green Man Festival


10 Mar 2023

Smote 'Genog' Released Today

"Listen and watch from a distance in utter amazement and wonder."

Weirdo Shrine

"The sour smoke that fills Smote's lungs emanates out of the speakers"
Raven Sings The Blues

"Transcendence through repetition beamed via an aesthetic vision steeped in mystery."
Psychedelic Baby Magazine

We are extremely thrilled to finally share this incredible album in full with you today. The album is now purchasable on 'Moss Green'' vinyl housed in a manila board sleeve from all good record shops as well as available to stream in full via the usual platforms.

Smote's transcendence through repetitive vision is heavily steeped in the five vivid extrapolation tracks of Genog, where they conjure differing spiritual realms that combine and coalesce the pastoral with the otherworldy arcane - akin to a ceremonial procession from a place as enigmatic and daunting as a quasi-medieval pandemonium.

Earthy, ritualistic and richly cinematic in aspect, Genog is an avatar guiding the listener to dark and beguiling imaginary landscapes.


9 Mar 2023

Join the resistance! – made to order Gås t-shirts up for presale

Last week we released the debut album by Gås across all digital platforms (LP available via Danish label Svensk Psych Aften) – and to celebrate we have a made-to-order 'Join the resistance!' t-shirt going up for presale.

The presale is live from now and will be live for 1 month,. Then at midnight on April 9th the presale we be closed and what shirts are ordered will be manufactured.

You can preorder from here: 

Join the resistance!

And Gås's debut album 'Vol.1' and be bought/listened to here: 



3 Mar 2023

GÅS – 'Vol.1 is released today on all digital channels

As mentioned before, elusive Swedish band GÅS released their debut album 'Vol.1' on ltd edition LP via the Danish label Svensk Psych Aften last month – and today the band are releasing the album digitally via Rocket's Bandcamp and across all the streaming platforms.

Listen/Download from here:


GÅS, Gothenburg's best kept secret return with new music, their first since their 2020 debut single Epitaph caused a small eruption in the Scandinavian underground and psych scenes across the world.

Their debut full length album 'Vol.1' brings more of their trusted sound; raw, thunderous and mindmelting rock'n'roll á la the sound Gothenburg, all steeped in the same candle wax that made 70s Black Sabbath burn so bright.

The members of GÅS don't want to disclose their identities, but it doesn't really matter as the music speaks perfectly well for itself and these cats also know how to boogie. Nothing more to be said. Sit back and enjoy.


Gnoomes new album Ax Ox is released today

"Ride a cosmic expressway."
Beats Per Minute

"A band unafraid to cross boundaries." Psychedelic Baby Magazine

"The wait for a new Gnoomes album has certainly been worthwhile." Echoes & Dust


Gnoomes latest album 'Ax Ox', is released today!!!

'Ax Ox' is available on ltd edition 'Blue Swirl' via the Bandcamp link below, or you can pick it up the ltd 'Oxblood Vinyl' from your favourite record shop:



As musicians across the world have watched the last decade systematically eating away at the infrastructure by which they pursue their art, triumphs against adversity have sometimes entered the realm of cliche . Yet few bands have undergone quite the travails that Perm, Russia’s Gnoomes have on the road to the release of their latest album.

From such traumatic circumstances, with the band having overcome the stress of a pandemic, illness, depression and serious turmoil in their home country to reach a point where they can offer their music to the world, have arrived a kaleidoscopic and questing vision shot through with potent melancholia and strident optimism.

'Ax Ox' runs through a gamut of vibrant emotion across its eleven tracks, from the elemental blast of kraut-pop that is ‘The Neighbour’ to the crystalline and techno-fied ‘Loops’, and across moments of jarring and skewed ambience such as ‘Mirror’ and ‘The Bridge’. Here the component parts that have always made up Gnoomes’ fresh and wide-eyed aesthetic - dreampop radiance, bold electronic experimentation and the propulsive motorik drive which moves them onward – are rendered still more vivid and transcendent, the product of a band unafraid to cross boundaries in pursuit of catharsis by any means necessary, and one still hopeful in spite of all that fate can throw at them. 

Gnoomes have announced a series of live dates:

22 Mar / Northampton / The Black Prince
23 Mar / Newcastle / Cumberland Arm
24 Mar / Manchester / Low Four
25 Mar / Sheffield / Delicious Clam
26 Mar / Birmingham / The Night Owl
29 Mar / Norwich / Voodoo Daddy's Showroom
31 Mar / London / Strongroom Bar
01 Apr / Bristol / Crofters Rights
25 Apr / Le Mans / Brasserie Septante Deux
26 Apr / Angers / Joker’s
27 Apr / Tours / Le Bateau Ivre
28 Apr / Nantes / Lune Froide


March 2023 Bandcamp Friday

It is Bandcamp Friday once again, so a perfect time to pick-up or download a new Rocket release:

Rocket Bandcamp

Some of the new things we have for you:

Gnoomes – Ax Ox  LP/DL
(The band new album is released today on blue/green swirl vinyl!)

GÅS – Vol.1  DL
(The much talked about debut album is now available to buy digitally!)

The Shits – You're A Mess  LP/DL
(Preorder this mighty new album on ash grey vinyl – it is a bit special this one!!)

Smote – Genog
(The bands second Rocket album is our next week, we only have a handful of copies on moss green vinyl left for preorder....once gone, they are gone)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Land of Sleeper
(We have a handful of copies of the ltd 'Somnolence' orange/black swirl vinyl)

Marlene Ribeiro – Toquei no Sol  LP/DL
(A few copies of this incredible album left on yellow vinyl)

Shit & Shine – New Confusion  LP/DL
(Craig said this is the best ever S&S album – comes on ltd blue vinyl and housed in a lavish Gold Mirrorboard sleeve)

Petbrick – Liminal  LP/DL
(Petbrick's latest album is a work of genius, available on lovely splatter vinyl)

Plus there's lots of other great releases and t-shirts from many of your Rocket faves, all via here:

Rocket Bandcamp


1 Mar 2023

Smote reveal new track from forthcoming album Genog

Head over to Raven Sings The Blues website to hear an exclusive premiere of the 10 minute heavy bombardment of Noise-laden Folk Horror opus 'Lof' - taken from Smote's forthcoming album 'Genog' released on Friday 10th of March.

Check out the track:

Raven Sings The Blues

“I love world building and folk tales” Dan Foggin from Smote states, who cites the 2013 film ‘Hard To Be A God’ as the single biggest influence on Smote’s aesthetic - “An incredible example of mood and atmosphere throughout, an absolute masterpiece.” 

True to form, perhaps the centrepiece of Genog is the mighty ‘Lof’. Driven by an ominous and bewitching central riff, this totem of monomania transcends its post-Velvets, folk and ‘70s Swedish Psych influences to thunder forth singularly akin to a ceremonial procession from a place as enigmatic and daunting & bleak as the quasi-medieval pandemonium of the same film.

'Genog' is available on ltd edition 'Moss Green' via Bandcamp, or you can pick up the Ltd vinyl from your favourite record shop too if Bandcamp is sold out.


Smote have these shows coming up, with more in the pipeline:

17 March / Newcastle / The Lubber Fiend
9 April / London / Shacklewell Arms