31 Mar 2023

Rocket Probes – March 2023 playlist

The Shits – In My Hotel Room
(Great Stooges dirge noise on this, the opening track from forthcoming album)
The Shits 

Goat – Seu Sangue EP
(4 remixes and a new track!!)

KIKOK – My Favourite Colours
(New release featuring J. Zunz and Gnoomes remixes)

Black Helium – Um
(Great new album by Black Helium)
Black Helium 

Oren Ambarchi / Ricardo Villalobos – Hubris Variation Parts 2 & 3
(Remixes of Oren's classic track)
Oren Ambarchi / Ricardo Villalobos

The Necks – Travel
(New album on repeat)
The Necks 

Valentina Magaletti – A Queer Anthology of Drums
(Incredible stuff)
Valentina Magaletti

Gnod – Live at Roadburn 2022

Miles Davis – On the Corner (UNEDITED MASTER)
(Killer version!)
Miles Davis

Infinity Knives / Brian Ennals – The Willower
(Need a Petbrick remix of this)
Infinity Knives / Brian Ennals 

Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos – Castlefields
(New sounds from these Bristol faves)
Tara Clerkin & Sunny Joe Paradisos

Patrick Cowley – School Daze
(The master)
Patrick Cowley

Free Love – Stop
(Psyched synth n'flute pop sounds)
Free Love

GZA – 4th Camber
(Pulling the classics out)

Leon Thomas – Blues and the Soulful Truth
(Some great grooves on this album)
Leon Thomas

Banshee – Breakdown
(Canadian Metal from '83)

Mike Majkowski – Coast
(Minimalist immersions via Hands In The Dark)
Mike Majkowski

Bhajan Bhoy – To Love Is To Love (Vol. 2)
(Experimental eastern tinged drones and mantras)
Bhajan Bhoy 

Peter Ivers – Audience of One
(Fuzzy avant-pop sounds)
Peter Ivers

(Primitive guitar noise from 1978 – she's to Flowers Must Dies's Rickard for the heads-up)

North Americans – Roped in / Going Steady
(Cheers to Centrum for the heads-up on this band)
North Americans

Leila – Brave
(Great track)

Bardo Pond – Vol.3
(Sonic wonderment)
Bardo Pond

Jacky Chalard - Superman Supercool
(And old DJ fave getting some fresh spins)
Jacky Chalard

Keith Hudson – Darkest Night Version
Keith Hudson

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