30 Nov 2012

Rocket Probes November Playlist

Thought Forms - Ghost Mountain
(Great new album from this Invada band, crushing MBV guitar noise, Bardo Pond psych and Sonic Youth grunge collide to create a stunning and unique collection of songs) 

thought forms

Beak> - Mono / Kenn
(Great pop tune from Beak>, out soon on 7" (Invada) with Rocket artworked cover art.)

Cove - Ancient Circuits
(A band that consists of a Notorious Hi-Fi Killer, Hills have Riffs and an ex Bad Guy...two side length tracks that take you on a great journey through the many realms of psych/space/drone/doom rock. It's currently unreleased and looking for a label to give it a home?) 


Vision Fortune - Live '98
(great tour cd from one of our fave UK bands around at the moment, cant wait to hear the album) 

vision fortune

Idea Men - ?
(side project by Hookworms, 5 tracks of great grungey garage)

Jade - Paperman
(Impossible to find killer fuzz rock 7", with stonking groove to it, fills the floor at every 'Nothing is...' when it is let out of the bag)


Plant and See - Witches Brew
(It's all about the grooved out drums...another Nothing is...' fave!!)

plant and see

Cluster/Eno - Live in Paris 1977
(The incredibly poor quality of this recording makes it a very eerie but highly enjoyable listen) 

cluster / eno

Pure X - Pleasure
(Nice fuzzy indie with some good VU and Space Needle nods)  

pure x

Spider King - Animals
(Really great Silver apples sounding fuzz psych pop...what Beak would sound like if they came from Manchester in the '70s) 

spider king

John Berberian - Middle Eastern Rock
(The Oud & the Fuzz, need we say more)

john berberian

Orient Express -
(More east meets west psychedelia on this 'Train to Bombay')

orient express

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
(Really been getting back into this album, just for Lenny White – drum set – left,
Jack DeJohnette – drum set – right and Don Alias on congas, alone) 

miles davis

Labradford - Prazision
(Across between Mogwai and Bark Psychosis)

Jessamine - Jessamine
(Another Kranky band from mid 90's throwing shoegaze in with Irmin Schmidt keyboard wiggles)


27 Nov 2012

Normans Records announce their top 50 albums of the year

Normans Records have announced that they share with Picaddilly Records that Goat's World Music is their best album of the year.

This hase totally blown us away!! Like Piccadilly we are big fans of Normans and it is a true honour to be awarded their prestigious album of the year.

So thanks Normans, it means a lot!!!

Great to see the amazing Chaudelande Vol 2 by GNOD in the top 10 as well!!!!

See Normans top 50 rundown here Normans


Indie Moines makes Goat their album of the year

Website Indie Monies makes Goat their album of the year...this is what they say:

With that sense of always looking forward in mind, it tickles me to name a debut long-player by a band I’d neither heard nor heard of six months ago as the best that 2012 had to offer. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you World Music by Goat, which I dub Album of the Year for 2012:

Goat’s “World Music,” the Indie Moines/J. Eric Smith Album of the Year for 2012. Click toat, World Music: Goat are a three-piece band in the studio and a seven-piece collective onstage who claim to come from a tiny town in Northern Sweden called Korpolombolo, in which a mystical Witch Doctor from distant ages past allegedly established a thriving voodoo cult that permeates local thought, music and culture to this day. I buy that they are from Sweden, but the rest of it, okay, that’s your story and you’re sticking to it, I get it. The band’s publicity construct is amplified by their use of masks and costumes onstage that actually do evoke a weird blend of radically disparate Nordic and Caribbean cultures. Regardless of how, where and why it was created, Goat’s music is sublime and exciting, offering a bizarre melange of conga-driven tropical rhythms and melodies taken straight from the NorthSide back catalog, tweaked with fuzztone bass and guitar, and with energetic female vocals atop the whole mess exhorting you to shake your sexy parts in a language that may or may not be some combination of English, Swedish, Ululation or Glossolalia. I can’t really understand many of the words, but I get the meaning and the vibe behind them, and I love the mood evoked by those declamations and the music that frames them. World Music doesn’t sound like anything I’ve ever heard before, and I suspect that there aren’t going to be many things in the months ahead that sound like it either, unless and until Goat get their sophomore disc out into the public domain. Exceptional. Exciting. And easily the best that 2012 has to offer from where I sit. Well done! Congratulations! And thank you to the mysterious masked musicians who gave us this disc. You’ve truly made something remarkable for the ages, and your Swedish Voodoo Witch Doctor forebears must be very proud indeed.

See the full list here


26 Nov 2012

Frontier Psychiatrist reveals their top 10 psychedelic albums of the year

Frontier Psychiatrist have revealed their top 10 psych albums of teh year and they have put Goat in at number 2...this is what they sa

2. Goat - World Music

I desperately wanted to put this album at #1, and I struggled long and hard before deciding to move it down a notch.  Goat, whose members wear masks while performing, whose album features songs entitled “Goatman” and “Goatlord,” whose membership may include the entire population of Korpilombolo, Sweden, are the quintessential psychedelic band.  Filled with chemically drenched drumming, orgiastic organ, and cosmic tales spun on an electric guitar, World Music is as mind-altering as rock music comes.  Goat emerged like a lightning bolt in the night sky this year, and in any ordinary year, their debut would have stood head and shoulders above their psychedelic brethren.

See the full top 10 here Frontier Psychiatrist


Both Bars On reviews World Music and the London Lexington show

"So what’s the point in reviewing an album that’s been released for ages and has lauded critical praise from some of the best-taste blogs and writers out there? Well, it’s because we love it so much that we still feel the need to shower it with more superlatives and because we don’t really (or often) give a monkey’s scrotum that we’re late and not first to review (if the latter ever happens here it’s due to sheer luck rather than intention, but we’ve stated this before).

What makes us keep coming back to Goat’s World Music again and again is, in part, due to its nigh on perfect mix of mystery and pop, recognizable flow and esoteric depth. Simply put, it just warrants further investigation with every listen. It’s a beguiling heady brew of influences and antecedents filtered through a fug of psychedelic and funked miasma that reaffirms its appeal again and again......"

See review in full here


24 Nov 2012

High Wolf needs your help!!!

Mission Control have just heard that High Wolf has had all his gear and cash stolen while on tour. He is now stranded and has had to cancel the rest of the dates.

He said this via his Facebook page:

Tour cancelled...got stolen yesterday in Antwerpen, all my fees in cash, computer, pieces of gear, non refundable train tickets for the whole tour, iPod, merch, basically everything...sorry to cancel the shows, absolutely no choice here. 

If you wanna help I've got digitals for sale here: http://highwolf.bandcamp.com/ or donate with paypal at highwolfk7@gmail.com 

Thank you

So please help and pass this on.


23 Nov 2012

Goat's World Music is Piccadilly Records album of the year

We are blown away to announce that Goat's World Music has been announced as Piccadilly Records album of the year!!

Being massive fans and customers of this great shop we are very humbled by this news, and to celebrate it we have given Piccadilly 400 exclusive CD's of remixes of the track 'Run to your mama'.

The remixes are by:

Thought Forms
High Wolf
Redg Weeks (Invada Records)
The Nighthammer (Noisestar)
Gnod & Raikes Parade
Teeth of the Sea 
Cage & Aviary

These CD's are given away free when you buy a copy of Goat's World Music from Piccadilly.


20 Nov 2012

The Heads - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1 (12" LTD Colour Vinyl)

Friends of Rocket, Cardinal Fuzz label have release The Heads - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1 on 12" ltd colour vinyl, snap them up while they last as they won't hang around for long.

This is their press statement:

Massive fans of The Heads we even named the label after a Heads track...so, for their first vinyl release Cardinal Fuzz get to put out two wild numbers from the Heads archive.. 2 tracks lasting 35+ minutes of head pummelling, brain crushing siked out and krauted jams straight from The Heads rehearsal room.

Sike behemoths The Heads have now been together for 2 decades but while most bands that long into their career bring out the 5 string fretless bass financial constraints have thankfully robbed The Heads of this. 

Some wondered if they ever learnt more than 2 chords but truth is The Heads always knew more was less was more and for those wanting to hear an unholy alliance of Neu, Hawkwind, (((Loop))) and Grandfunk Railroad look no further than the 2 tracks on Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 1 Part 1. So, strap yourself in, side 1 is "SIKE # 9" and side 2 is "KRT (cube rehearsal). 

Ltd colour vinyl (150 copies) only available from direct Cardinal Fuzz sales. Comes with ltd gold print insert, badge of the front cover (silver on black or black on silver) and hand stamped Info insert. Sleeve comes in a gold sleeve with a spot UV print effect. 

Buy it from here:



19 Nov 2012

Goat's World Music is Rough Trades number 5 album of the year

We are humbled to hear the news that Rough Trade shops has made Goat's World Music their number 5 album of the year.

To celebrate this, we have given Rough Trade an exclusive CD of five tracks recorded at Goat's first public live show at the Lexington recently.

The CD is called THE FIRST SONIC RITUAL and will only be available when you buy a copy of World Music from Rough Trade.

The track listing is:

Golden Dawn
Disco Fever
Let it bleed
Run to your mama

The tracks are bootleg quality but the buzz of the nights show can clearly be heard.

More info on this here Rough Trade


18 Nov 2012

Teeth of the Sea play Krent Able book launch at Madame Jojo's

Teeth of the Sea play tracks from their forthcoming album at the launch of Krent Ables new book at Madame Jojo's on Tuesday this week, support comes from the great Vision Fortune!!

Krent Able's Big Book Of Mischief Launch Party:

Teeth of the Sea 
Vision Fortune

Madame Jojo's
Tuesday, November 20
Tickets are £6 Advance


17 Nov 2012

Pop Matters reviews Goat's World Music

US website Pop Matters has written a great review of Goat's World Music:

"World Music is a twisted disharmony of palpable, trance-like grooves, loose jams and masses of wah-wah, reverb and tweaked-out guitar—all of which screeches, howls, clangs and crashes in a wacked-out fuzzy din. Sound good? It’s better than good; it’s a masterpiece..." 8/10

Read the full review here Pop Matters


15 Nov 2012

Black Gnod - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 3

What happens when you put Manchester's shape-changing Gnod and Barcelos fine space-rocking Black Bombaim on the same stage? You get Black Gnod

The Cardinal Fuzz managed to record this momentous event for posterity, and is now available as one long superjam as part of the Innerspace Broadcast series. 

Great flipback CD with 3 double sided colour inserts and enough intense sike power contained within to make you see stars!

Buy Black Gnod - Inner Space Broadcasts Volume 3:  Black-Gnod


14 Nov 2012

South African Website Mahala interviews Goat

Here is another great interview with Goat:

"Goat is a new band from Sweden, they released their first album just last month. After hearing the band for the first time during an intermission at the Bohemian in Joburg, I made sure that the DJ who played their music sent me the album the very next day. I was fascinated that a Swedish band is doing the sort of thing that should be quite endemic to South Africa: an afrobeat canvas colored by the many hues of 70s psychedelic rock and the heathen screeches of a female voodoo singer.

Sadly, no local band (at least none that I’ve heard so far) has ever attempted, and I guess, even contemplated creating the sound that Goat seems to produce so easily. It could be that our white musicians (I’m of course generalizing here) rarely look toward West Africa for inspiration, and far too often dip their creative wicks in the whitetrashdom of America’s Southern States, and it seems like the new generation of black musicians peer more towards Cuba and Salsa than Haiti and Rara..."

Read this great interview in full here Mahala


Goat to play Roskilde Festival 2013

Goat are now confirmed to be playing Roskilde Festival in Denmark on 29 June – 7 July 2013.

Now information has been released yet, but you can find regular updates of the festivals site Roskilde


Early GNOD albums available on Bandcamp

GNOD have set up their own Bandcamp site and currently have 3 albums available to buy as physical or download, they include the following:

Science & Industry 
The Somnambulist's Tale
Sex, Drones & Broken Bones (or Secret Pathways To Hidden Lands)



13 Nov 2012

Goat to play Austin Psych Fest

Goat have been announced to play the amazing Austin Psych Fest in April next year.

Straight from their appearance at the Roadburn Festival, the band are flying over to join great bands like Lumerians, Clinic, Tinariwen and Cult of Dom Keller for what will no doubt be an amazing weekend.

Goat have also confirmed that they are going to play some American shows in various cities while they are over there. More details on these dates will be published when we get them. 

For more information on Austin Psych Festival visit their site Austin Psych Festival
And for up to the minute information on the Goat US tour visit their booking agents site: Billions


11 Nov 2012

Anthroprophh album launch party announced featuring a special live performance from GNOD

We are really excited to announce the launch party for the release of the Anthroprophh LP the debut album by Paul Allen from The Heads.

Anthroprophh will be backed up on the night by fellow Bristolian kraut 'noise' rockers, the Big Naturals.

We are also thrilled to announce that fellow Rocketeers GNOD are coming down from Salford to headline the event with a very special performance.

The launch party will take place at the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston London on Friday 1st February 2013.

Full details are:

Rocket Recordings presents
Anthroprophh album launch party:

b/w Big Naturals

Friday 1st February
Shacklewell Arms
Door 8pm
£6 from wegottickets / £7 door 

The Anthroprophh LP is released on ltd LP and download on January 28th.
For more information, see here


Goat's World Music Gets Bent

Here is a another good review we have found of Goat's World Music:

"A dirty little secret not often disclosed to the music-listening public by people who write about music is that releases often get more than their fair share of hype for no better reason than because they’re easy to write about. Fungi Girls: teenagers from Texas who sound like GBV. Ice Age: teenagers from Denmark who sound like drunk Fugazi. Such laziness is partially excusable in a no-money field where one is routinely asked to differentiate between things that are roughly similar, are always at least somewhat derivative of other things, and which will all be best judged by time plus word of mouth anyway. The risk of glibly hyping such no-brainer combinations of storyline and sonic reference point is a disservice to not only other deserving releases, but also the release in question: easy-to-write-about albums are fodder for the backlash mill like no other category of music.

Well, get ready, because World Music by Goat is definitely easy to write about..."

See the full review here Get Bent


Nothing is... 16/11/12

Nothing is... returns again this month with Rocket's Rick Motor joining Cage & Aviary, Cherrystones and Little Dirty for a night of great music down at the Alibi in Dalston.

Things kick off at 9pm and go on until 3am and as always, the night is FREE!!

8 Nov 2012

Introducing Anthroprophh – the debut album by Paul Allen from The Heads

Rocket are extremely thrilled to announce that Anthroprophh, the debut album by The Heads lead guitarist and song writer Paul Allen is to be released on Rocket Recordings on 28th January 2013.

Anthroprophh’s music originates in the evolutionary field work of both his endless 33.333 rituals and near mythical status of one of the UK’s greatest underground acts; The Heads. 

The Heads have been carving their own brand of kinetic psychoacoustics since the early 90’s  and Anthroprophh continues that Bristolian tradition with his latest spectrum of sonic assaults.

The six tracks unearthed follow the Krautrock tradition of at times being anarchic, at others mystical, magical, or utopian. Heavy on the the planetary rhythms, laced percussive half man, half machine grooves, Anthroprophh glazes his music with a darker spirit of Michael Karoli and CAN secret rhythms.

Anthroprophh is concerned with all aspects of musical behavior, past, present, and with an eye to the future like the sonic output you would find on labels such as Blackest Rainbow and Not Not Fun. His interest in the oscillating neuronal discharges of instruments induce the long distance pattern of synchronization, corresponding to the moment of perception itself and to the ensuing Motorik response. 

So ‘Join Inn’ Anthroprophh’s ancestral hunter & gatherer sanctuary with his satellitic dependence astralwerks, human, humanoid, or humanlike, this is the sound of the mind burning out.

Anthroprophh will be playing tracks off the album around the UK with fellow Bristolian’s and The Heads collaborators ‘Big Naturals’ as his backing band throughout the year.


HERMIT (6:39)
ENDE (6:02)
ENTROPY (16:35)
WE (3:35)

The album is available on vinyl ltd to 500 copies in a special mirrored board sleeve.


Anthroprophh playing Bristol's Fear of Fiction festival this weekend

Anthroprophh are playing the Fear of Fiction Festival in Bristol this Saturday.

The Festival takes place in many venues across the Stokes Croft area, and bands like Mugstar and Toy are taking part.

Anthroprophh is headlining at the Cube Cinema stage, but get there early as Deej from Thought Forms is supporting with one of his infamous solo sets.

For more information visit the Fear of Fiction

Anthroprophh's debut album is released on Rocket on January 28th


Run to your Mama live at Supersonic Festival

The band are playing in Stockholm this weekend!!!


7 Nov 2012

More reviews of Gnod and Goat from Supersonic

Here are some online reviews of Gnod and Goat's sets at this years Superonoc festivals. Also been good to read some great reviews of friends of Rocket Hey Colossus, Drunk in Hell and Ufomammut:


Manchester kraut-psych-rockers Gnod perform a blistering set of hypnotic stompers, another revelatory high point of the festival. Their sound is hard to pinpoint, shifting from Krautish space rock, psychedlica, grungy mischief and funky grooves, but consistently gripping with the potent stage presence of wiry frontman Neil Francis, who comes across as the bastard lovechild of Mark E Smith and Brett Anderson, if you can imagine such a creature.


Highly-anticipated Swedish folk-pop-rockers Goat appear in full-on fancy dress voodoo regalia and play a collection of jubilant, hippyish tunes. The band tread a fine line between the sublime and the ridiculous, but you get the feeling that if you ever found yourself being burnt alive in a wicker man, Goat are the people you’d want there providing the soundtrack and cheering up the occasion.

Read the full review here Artrocker

The Sleeping Shamen

The perennially excellent Gnod are a bloody good time waiting to be had by new heads/ex-heads/heads and even non-heads. More or less playing the same set that they bounced through at Roadburn six months previous, but only even louder and heavier, these Manchester-based jam-folk are bone fide voyagers into deep inner space: electric gypsies who pump and riff their way through expansive krautrocked-out sonic meditation of the most psychedelic order of multi-layered brain-body orgasmic death-rhythm. They should be booked at any self-respecting festival of credibility – heavy enough to please the head-bangers and experimentally left-field enough to placate the Wire readers and damn trippy enough to soothe the rest…

Having been an avid appreciator of the Goat album (‘World Music’) for a couple of months I was really looking forward to their quirky afro-psych-folk work-outs with a hot slavering brain yet also wondering how the hell they would pull it off. And pull it off they just about did – drawing exclusively on their one fine album they put on a show from icy Sweden that featured masked and kaftan-clad musicians and two frenetically grooving and fugging female singers all making enough rhythmic clamour and psyched-up voodoo pantomime to etch an irrepressible smile on the faces of all the assembled throng. Although many felt far too tired and drained to respond thoroughly to the funk-stained beats, they tried with little sways and nods and twitches of the shoulders. ‘Goatman’ received a huge and rapturous response naturally but the strength of the song writing on the whole album shone through a set that put ‘World Music’ through its paces like a rigorous laboratory test of musical robustness, concluding that Goat’s debut is of exceedingly high quality and that here was an ensemble who could go on to become a landmark of rogue Swedish genius. I eagerly await the second album.

Read the full review here The Sleeping Shamen


Another highlight of the weekend for me followed on Warehouse Stage in the form of Goat; this colourful 7-piece hails from an unlikely remote village in Sweden. Resplendently clad in Haitian voodoo-like attire they powered through a lively, melodic set that was enthusiastically received. Their debut, World Music, is aptly titled as their tunes draw on many different genres from around the world, Afrobeat and Psych. Rock being at the core. Lots of fun, perhaps not so much for noise/drone fans, and a little 'mainstream' (!) for others.

Read the full review here Efestivals

6 Nov 2012

Portugese music site Musikki makes Goat their band of the week

Portugal's premier music site Mussikki makes Goat their band of the week...

See Goat take over their home page here Musikki


Londonears reviews Rocket Show featuring Gnod, Goat and Teeth of the Sea

19/10 Lexington, Angel

"In many ways, it’s comforting to know that psychedelic rock is still out there - alive, fresh and increasingly heavy. Like many a former college kid, I spent several of my formative years smoking pot whilst tripping out to the likes of Love, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company, their music gaining significance with each new hit. The fact that those acid-drenched guitar licks and woozy Wurlitzer chords still resonate with modern bands is, however, testimony to the fact that there was always more to psych-rock than to act as a mere supplement to drug-induced inertia. Scratch away at the incense burns and trippy album covers, and much of psych-rock, past and present, still packs a punch…"

Read the full review here Londonears