6 Nov 2012

Londonears reviews Rocket Show featuring Gnod, Goat and Teeth of the Sea

19/10 Lexington, Angel

"In many ways, it’s comforting to know that psychedelic rock is still out there - alive, fresh and increasingly heavy. Like many a former college kid, I spent several of my formative years smoking pot whilst tripping out to the likes of Love, Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead and Big Brother and the Holding Company, their music gaining significance with each new hit. The fact that those acid-drenched guitar licks and woozy Wurlitzer chords still resonate with modern bands is, however, testimony to the fact that there was always more to psych-rock than to act as a mere supplement to drug-induced inertia. Scratch away at the incense burns and trippy album covers, and much of psych-rock, past and present, still packs a punch…"

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