30 Oct 2013

Rocket Probes October Playlist

Midnight Moment: "Eye Test" - 2x4 from AIGA/NY on Vimeo.

Robedoor – Primal Sphere
(What GNOD would sound like if they came from Bristol and lived next door to John Carpenter...on the great Hands in the Dark records)

The Heads – Inner Space Broadcasts Vol 2
(More great unreleased Heads jams from their inner sanctum)
The Heads

Jamie Paton – Bizarre Feeling
(One half of Cage & Aviary produces a top draw EP of Carpenter synths, 808 acid and early New Order electro)
Jamie Paton

Lantern – Rock 'N' Roll Rorschach
(Stunning fuzz wah and sax, grooved out rock n roll on Cardinal Fuzz)

Vision Fortune – Night Jukes
(Big respect to Cardinal Fuzz for putting this out on vinyl...great album from this great London band)
Vision Fortune

Dead Sea Apes – Lupus
(Fourth Cardinal Fuzz release on this months playlist...the great Lupus album finally gets a vinyl release)
Dead Sea Apes

Sand Circles – Mix tape 2013
(Following two great tapes on Not Not Fun, this tour tape by Swedens Sand Circles brings to mind what it would soundlike if Seefeel soundtracked Bladerunner)
Sand Circles

Necro Deathmort – EP 1 / Music Of Bleak Origin
(Electro doom shoegaze where techno, kraut rock and psych-drone meets)
Necro / Deathmort

Cockamimie – Confuzz / Dip
(Nice fuzzed up, psyched out Sabbath worshipping from Russia on the LP and very spacey MBV shoegaze psych on the track Dip)

Signal – Ermafa
(Minimal hypnotic techno)

La Machine – Supermaggot
(Minimal phased funk)

Gunslingers – S/T
(Buttholes doing the Dead Kennedys)

The Human Beast – Vol. One
(Great fuzz-wah from 1970)

Brushi? - S/T
(Japanese Proto-metal)


Islington Mill's Xmas Xtravaganza

This looks like an AMZING event:

Islington Mill's Xmas Xtravaganza


Lucy Ironmonger & Chew Disco

PLUS DJ sets from performers.

1st Floor:

Visual Stimulation:

£7 ADV. http://www.wegottickets.com/event/246675
£9 OTD


29 Oct 2013

Teeth of the Sea tour diary

Mat Colegate from Teeth of the Sea has written this amazing tour diary about their recent jaunt around the UK with Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch.

This is a great read, so well done Matt:

Teeth of the Sea tour diary – with Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch…

Yesterday, after briefly stirring at 4am and thinking ‘oooh, sounds a bit windy outside’, we awoke to tales of flying pub signs, gigantic beach balls causing chaos on roundabouts, and trees uprooted from the ground like an invisible Hulk had gone rampaging through the south of England, on a bewildering mission to disrupt the region’s fragile transport infrastructure. It was, as our friends north of the border may have observed, blowy as fuck.

However, the breadth and destruction of St. Jude pales in comparison to another mighty force that tore its way through the nation recently: the package tour that saw Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch embark on a cross-country, transit van slalom on a mission to free asses and perforate eardrums. Having witnessed the awesome power of all three bands separately, the very thought of them all simply being in the same space, like three mystic runes combining to unleash an unholy blast, made our knees buckle.

Luckily, in the few moments we weren’t convulsing on the floor or muttering ancient protective prayers, we managed to enlist an insider to document the event. Our man? Mat Colegate of Teeth of the Sea, who’re currently celebrating the release of their stunning new album Master, a mind-blowing mixture of pounding rhythms, space-age synths and twisted textures that’s like all the cool videos your older brother wouldn’t lend you as a kid, melted down and poured into your ears. Seriously, you need this record like you need us not to come round and slap your face until you see sense.

Mat was our eyes, ears and liver on the ground, so sit down, grab a bottle of poppers (you’ll understand why later) and enjoy his dispatches from the front line of mind-bending rock and roll…

Read the full piece here: The Monitors

All photos are by the great Cloakture


24 Oct 2013

Teeth of the Sea reveal stunning new video for the track "Reaper"

Noisey website are premiering the new Teeth of the Sea video for the track Reaper, taken from their recently released third album MASTER.

This stunning piece of work was created by the genius talent of Benjamin Barfoot with the help from the also genius body painting talent Natalie Sharp who has worked on previous Teeth of the Sea photoshoots.

Produced, Directed, Edited, VFX - Benjamin Barfoot 
DP - Laura Bellingham
2nd Unit DP - Sophie Penwill
2nd Camera - Brendan Cleaves
Body paint artist - Natalie Sharp
Assistant body painters - Grace Lightman, Gemma Court
Production Assistants - Beth Barfoot, Callum Harbord, Al Overdrive
Equipment supplied by - Nomadic Films

Watch the video here as well: Noisey


22 Oct 2013

Teeth of the Sea to play Electrowerkz

The great Baba Yaga's Hut has announced a Teeth of the Sea show at London's Electrowerkz on Saturday 11th January.

Support band is still to be announced, but the amazing Powell has been confirmed as DJ on the night. Powell's Fizz 12" is one of Mission Control's favourite tracks of the year. So it is looking to be a stunning night!!

Buy your tickets from here: Baba Yaga's Hut


16 Oct 2013

The Quietus review Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms, Esben and the Witch show in Brighton

The Quietus were at the Brighton show for the Teeth of the Sea, Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch show last Sunday. This is what they say:

"Ben Graham heads to the second-to-last show of Esben And The Witch, Teeth Of The Sea and Thought Forms' joint tour in Brighton. 

The package tour has a chequered history. It’s often the last resort for clapped-out pop acts huddled together as refugees from a decade lost to nostalgia’s greasy paws, playing their two and a half hits an octave lower while sucking their stomachs in and joking ruefully about the days when they had long hair/an impressive quiff/a ridiculous goth mullet (gullet?). There are however many noble exceptions: the legendary blues caravans of the mid-sixties, the Pistols/Clash/Damned/Heartbreakers tour of ’77 and the Rollercoaster tour that brought The Jesus And Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr and Blur together in the early nineties, to name but three. Would it be presumptuous to now add this Quietus sponsored triple-header to that illustrious list? I think not.

The penultimate date finds the tour in Brighton, home turf for Esben And The Witch, who fittingly claim the rotating headline slot for the night. If the venue isn’t quite sold out, it’s respectably full for a Sunday evening with the torrential rain of the last twelve hours only just easing off, and promoter Phil (of Put It On promotions/Victory Garden Records) seems more than happy, while the bar is pumping out the local Dark Star ale like Monday morning will never come…."

Read the full review here: The Quietus

As well as the quietus some other great reviews/photos from the tour have also been coming in:

Liverpool Echo

Brighton Noise




Gnod release new tape on Blackest ever Black – plus three new Tesla Tapes been released

That is right, we have just heard that GNOD have a tape of new music coming out on Blackest Ever Black, they say:

A claustrophobic but searching album-length session from Gnod, following their recent split with Bear Bones, Lay Low on Full of Nothing.

Dense, percussive psychedelia conceived in tribute to, and as an attempt to locate, the missing Tom Smith, aka Salford Tom, aka SLT - midnight bike rider, speedfreak, kitchen-dweller, skip-hunter and much else besides.

KROK006 pro-dubbed C40 cassette, house in clear plastic library case with photocopy jacket. Edition of 100.

A. The Instigator 
B. God's Ball

You can buy from here: BEB

On other news, Tesla Tapes, Gnods mighty tape label have three new releases out by RUN DUST, RIPIT and Yes Blyth...like all Tesla releases they are essential listening.

Buy from here: Tesla Tapes

Image by by Akzidenz, a.k.a. Philipp Bolthausen


15 Oct 2013

The Quietus say some words about 'Crystallized' – our 15th Anniversary compilation

This is what they say:

On November 25, the extremely fine Bristol/London label Rocket Recordings will be marking their "unlikely survival as a record label" (their words!) with the release of Crystallized, a double-disc compilation of freshly-recorded music from roster artists, friends of the label and some brand new acts.

It's an embarrassment of riches, including Teeth Of The Sea doing an "exploration in controlled noise", Goat, Gnod, Vision Fortune and $hit & $hine, who provide an "uncompromising track that sounds like The Necks covered by the Buttholes".

Lining up alongside them are Blood Sport, Uran, Hills, Rollbars, Cherrystones, The Lay Llamas and Anthroprophh (Paul Allen of The Heads teaming up with The Big Naturals, no less), all cut onto clear and black splatter & clear and grey/silver vinyl and housed within a sleeve designed by Luke Insect, making for one mighty comp - head over to Rocket's website now to pre-order.

See the article in full here: The Quietus

14 Oct 2013

Nothing is here for you – 18.10.13

Nothing is...

Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
18 October
Free entry


13 Oct 2013

Listen to Sine FM interview with Teeth of the Sea

Listen to an interview with Teeth of the Sea plus hear tracks from MASTER as well as tracks by their touring partners Thoughts Forms and Esben and the Witch


Teeth of the Sea on tour

Here is some footage we have found from Teeth of the Sea's current tour with Thought Forms and Esben and the Witch.

Half of Mission Control was lucky enough to catch them in Leicester last night and what a night it was...to quote TOTS very own Mike Bourne "Leicester bangs!!!"


Reviews of Anthroprophh supporting Acid Mothers Temple

Anthroprophh played a great set last week supporting Acid Mother s Temple.

Here are some reviews:

"The Exchange was rammed… Anthroprophh (Big Naturals and Paul Allen) were sprawled in front of the stage, their kit eating away at the room’s capacity. Sounded even better than when I saw them back in February, but tucked into the back corner of the venue, I couldn’t see a blinking thing!

After squeezing through the sardined bodies I managed to catch their blistering finale. A frenzy of double drums, greedily sucking at your skull in pure muscle with overdriven key tones and squealing knives of guitar-groping, hallowed eyes. A totally epic, unstoppable beast; like Test Department at their most vehement, blissfully brutal, yet curving a tight rhythm, Paul crawling the floor, strangling his guitar to that annihilating pummel from Jesse and Gareth - a thistled magic that really needs to be poured into a vinyl groove as soon as..."

Read the full review here: FREQ

"My night kicked off with Anthroprophh (hard to spell, harder to say) which is Paul Allen, from The Heads, solo project with Big Naturals Gareth Turner and Jesse Web.

With background fuzzy humming from the guitar, Jesse and Gareth hit the drums with everything they have (an enthusiasm and energy that never wavers), the sound building to a seemingly never reaching crescendo. The guitar at times taking a backseat to powerful drummings that make you feel you should be dancing naked around a fire. But when the guitar kicks in with the unusual singing it was just as powerful as the drums. The vocals were kept to a minimum which I felt complemented the intricacy of everything else. Let’s face it, with all those amps, so much fuzz and a lot of the time, two drummers, I’m not sure it would have been heard anyway. Their fast set was met with appreciation and dancing from all..."

Read the full review here: Counterpoint

(footage is from a performance at The Exchange earlier in the year)


11 Oct 2013

Teeth of the Sea - MASTER - Vinyl Missing Insert

For all those who have ordered or bought Teeth of the Sea - MASTER vinyl copies, we regret to announce that the manufacture messed up the orders and didn't include the insert we printed when packing the records.

For anyone who has already bought a copy either email
RocketRecordings_Shop@yahoo.co.uk and we will post you one while stocks remain or go back to the shop you bought it from as we are sending them to the shops too (next week).

Huge apologies for this mistake...it was out of our hands but we want to try and put it right to the best of our abilities as the 'package' of an LP is as important as the music.

For all those waiting for copies of the Teeth of the Sea's album MASTER from our shop, the mistake made by the manufacture will be rectified by us this week so we will be mailing out all albums ASAP, sorry for the mistake, we've worked fast to sort it out ourselves & have printed somemore to send out with the skrinkwrapped vinyl copies.

Thanks for your patience.