30 Nov 2013

Rocket Probes October Playlist

William Onyeabor – Who is William Onyeabor
(Stunning album!!!!! Essential purchase!!!!!)

Fuzz – Fuzz's Fourth Dream
(Heavy grooved out Blue Cheer fuzz rock 7")

Destruction Time – Sonic Pearl
(Imagine The Heads meets The Horrors, great psych shoegaze punk 7"...check them out live if you can!!)

Weary Nous – Horse Face
(Insane fuzz punk 7" from Sweden)

Union Carbide – In the Air Tonight
('Proper' Stooge rock from 1989 Sweden)

Boney M – Nightflight to Venus
(Huge influence on Teeth of the Sea…a real post kraut/disco rock groove out)

Emmanuelle Parrenin – Topaz
(A folk 'Silver Apples')

N'Draman-Blintch – Cikamele
(Killer afro psych funk)

Holy Wave - Psycho Thriller
(New album from Austin's Reverberation Appreciation Society)

Valhalla Rising – OST
(Invada Records vinyl version of this amazing soundtrack)

Fred Bigot – Mono / Stereo
(Distorted oscillations)

Solaris – OST
(Invada Records vinyl version of another great soundtrack)

Beatles - Revolver
(Still one of our favourite Beatles albums)

Galaxia - La Noticia
(Spanish psych pop)

Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery of Disaters
(Just love East Bay Rays playing)


28 Nov 2013

Exclusive Goat playlist on Tom Ravenscroft show this Friday

Ahead of Goat's performance at ATP on Sunday and their sold out show at Koko on Monday, BBC6Music's Tom Ravenscroft has invited Goat to  come up with a playlist of music to play on his show this Friday.

So, tune into BBC6Music at 7pm and find out what treats they have chosen: Tom Revenscroft


Lay Llamas launch tumblr

Lay Llamas our favourite band from Italy who appear on our 15th Anniversary Rocket comp has set up a Tumblr site, so go and check it out: Lay Llamas

We have some exciting news about Lay Llamas coming up in the new year so watch this space!!


27 Nov 2013

Terrascope reviews 'Crystallized – Celebrating 15 years of Rocket Recordings' LP

The ever great Terrascope have written some nice words about our Anniversary compilation:


Not for the faint hearted, to set foot the world of Rocket Recordings requires a willingness to explore realms of challenging and often quite threatening music. While you can listen to some bands and see immediately that despite the bombast, their tongues are firmly planted in their cheeks, with many of Rocket’s artists – and I take Sheffield’s Blood Sport purely as an example without meaning to pick on them – you get the impression that like the Edgar Broughton Band back in the day, they actually fucking mean it, man.

Within every challenge lies a reward however, and as so often the key to unl

ocking it is to take your time. And ‘Crystallized’, a compilation celebration15 years of Rocket Recordings, rewards time invested in spades. Sensibly to my mind the label has used the opportunity of celebrating 15 years in the business to look forward rather than backwards, so don’t turn up looking for obscure Heads B-sides or magazine inserts from long ago. Well, OK maybe just the one: Rollbars was a short-lived 2001 project which featured a Head or two. Primarily though, the label mixes up established Rocket favourites with some newer and lesser known bands, my favourite of which are Italy’s Lay Llamas with their looping Kraut-groove ‘African Spacecraft’. It’s down to some very familiar names to followers of the Terrascope to wrap up the parcel and deliver a package filled with goodies though: Teeth of the Sea go off-piste with a fabulous opening blast of controlled noise, the mighty Gnod blow our minds with some looped psychedelic clubbage, Anthroprophh, which features Paul Allen from The Heads, backed up with fellow Bristolian’s The Big Naturals; and (my favourite of all) Sweden’s Hills blow away the cobwebs with a near perfect slice of fuzz-laden psych rock chanting that builds and builds to a guitar solo that’ll melt your hi-fi. Fabulous stuff. (Phil McMullen)

Visit the great Terrascope here: Terrascope


Win a Goat – Live Ballroom Ritual 2xLP and CD

The people at Songkick (the promoters who are putting on the Goat Koko show with ATP have announced a competition where one lucky person can win a ltd green and white splatter Goat – Live Ballroom Ritual double LP and the CD version.

To find out how to win, visit this page: Songkick competition


26 Nov 2013

Stonegoat/Dreambuilding in Norman's top 10 tracks of the year

After Anthroprophh being announced in Normans top 30 albums of the year, Goat's Stonegoat/Dreambuiling has made Normans top 10 singles of the year.

This is what they said about it:

Oh, hello! I’m sure Goat need no introduction by now since the blogs and broadsheets alike are in thrall to their unique blend of classic psych rock and African rhythms, bursting onto the scene fully-formed with killer LP ‘World Music’ last year. After a select handful of ritualistic shows which saw the band performing in golden masks in a breathless voodoo carnival which really has to be seen to be believed, they’re back with another single on Rocket Recordings with two brand new tracks, ‘Stonegoat’ and ‘Dreambuilding’.

It’s pretty much business as usual here, with the recordings perhaps not quite as good as the debut LP but the songs easily shining through with the usual bold melodies, clever and danceable rhythms, simple fuzzy basslines and hollered dual vocals all present and correct. Side A’s got a great wibbly guitar solo at the end over a persistent tropical shuffle, and the slightly slower B side sees them flip into some brilliantly hypnotic Funkadelic-meets-Afrobeat jamming towards the end with some brazen super-saturated guitar topping off the mix nicely. To be honest I’d like to see them make some deeper and longer excursions into this jammier territory, and I’m hoping this single is a primer for a second album which does just that, but for now let’s just enjoy a band on a golden streak kicking out some casually grooving and totally unique rock music like they were born to do it.

See the full top 50 singles of the year here: Normans


25 Nov 2013

Ltd edition Goat posters available at sold out Koko show in London

Poster artist Adam Pobiak has done it again and created a beautiful poster for Goat's forthcoming London show at Koko.

Adam also did a poster for Goat's last London show at Electric Ballroom that quickly sold out (see here), so this is a nice companion piece.

There will be only 35 for sale on the night, however Adam will be selling some from his own site after the the show has happened.

You can purchase after 2nd December from: Adam Pobiak also visit Adam Pobiak Facebook.

It was announced today that the Koko show has sold out so it looks like it is going to be another Goat show not to forget!!


Anthroprophh features in Norman Records Top 50 2013

The fine people at Norman Records have selected Anthroprophh debt album released at the beginning of the year to be in their Top 50 of 2013, the record features at number 25.

This is what the shop staff had to say about the record at the time:

I know from our sales figures that a lot of you are already pretty into cult UK psych titans The Heads, so you probably don’t need me to tell you that Anthroprophh is the alter-ego of their visionary songwriter and axe-mangler Paul Allen, who here dishes out six lengthy tracks of krautrock-infused psychedelia which ranges from hard-riffing psych fuzz to burbling ritualistic mysticism like a trippy modern take on the Hawkwind and Can traditions which seem to be all the rage at the moment.

In fact the out-there twiddlings on ‘Precession’ very much remind me of Michael Karoli, before things head in a bit of Popol Vuh direction and things get real trippy, continuing the synth ritual feel into the second side with ‘Ende’ and ‘Entropy’ also both heading deep into this hypno-synth-raga psych choogle wilderness to intoxicating effect, sometimes heading into krautrock steeped in the free-bong landscapes of Expo 70 and Sun Araw and striped with neon guitar shapes. Then things go a bit spacekraut again on the closer ‘We’ which is like Sylvester Anfang II gently covering ‘Black To Comm’ by the MC5 in an opium den. What are you waiting for? It’s time to smoke up and drift away.

See Norman Records complete Top 50 list here Normans

Watch out for Anthroprophh’s 2nd album in the pipeline for 2014 where he will be joined by the guys from the Big Naturals.  Expect a lot of Fuzz and Wah attack set to stun!


19 Nov 2013

Goat Live Ballroom Ritual – first review

Backseat Mafia have reviewed the our Goat Live Ballroom Ritual album that is released on 2nd December:

"Goat were one of the biggest “breakthrough acts” of 2012. Their album ‘World Music’ was met to critical acclaim and the mysterious Swedish group quickly gathered a cult following. They played two sets at Glastonbury, which quickly became accepted as surprise highlights of the weekend. Rumours flew around the blogosphere; their live show is some sort of ritual, all of the band members wear pagan masks, joss sticks are burnt, there may or may not be a live sacrifice. The only definite is that Goat’s live show is some sort of spectacle. So a live album would make sense. Wouldn’t it?

The live album is an add concept. On the one hand, it’s a sure-fire way to capture a band’s energy and chemistry. When a band plays live, they really up their game, knowing that there is a crowd of devoted fans eagerly waiting to be blown away. Thus, recording a live album is surely the only way to capture a band at their best.

That said, there is something about witnessing a band create music that just cannot be captured on record. Being in the same room as the artist and watching the piece of art come to life is magical; it can act as a “way in” to new music, or open up new levels of understanding and appreciation of the music. It is why, for instance, that in an age where you can download almost any album for next to nothing, people continue to pay to go and see their favourite musicians.

It is for this reason that I was sceptical of a live Goat record. I loved their album when it was released, and saw them perform at Supersonic Festival shortly afterwards. The show was brilliant – fun, intense, compelling and freaky. Dancers, lasers, elaborate costumes and burning incenses were surely what made the performance so spectacular! Clearly, these are all things impossible to capture on a live album, so surely the record would not work as anything more than a money-spinner.

True, the costumes, lights, and other visual feats did add a lot of fun to the performance, but the real excitement was the music. The band transformed their album for the live environment; locking into extended instrumental sections, screaming vocals, satanic tabla beats and guitar wig-outs. Energy was turned up way past eleven. It is this aspect of the performance that is captured on ‘Live Ballroom Ritual’…."

Read the rest of the review here: Backseat Mafia


Loop return

Under the name of Soundheads, Loop returned to the stage after a 23 year absence and it was great to see them back!!

The importance of Loop on the influence on Rocket has been a constant thread since our inception.

So, if you get a chance to see them do, as by all accounts it will be a short lived reunion.


18 Nov 2013

NME stream Goat's 'Live Ballroom Ritual' album in full

Can't wait two weeks until the Goat Live Ballroom Ritual LP is out?

Well NME are exclusively streaming the whole album for the next two weeks here: NME

Let us know what you think?


Teeth of the Sea live remix of A field in England – a review

Teeth of the Sea performed their live soundtrack to the great Ben Wheatly film A Field in England at  Cork Film Festival on Saturday…We are Noise have written the following review:

"...There was a brief interval as London psych group Teeth of the Sea rearranged the stage for A Field in England: Remixed. My advance understanding of this show was that it would consist of a live original soundtrack played to reworked sections of A Field in England, Ben Wheatley’s English Civil War film released this year.

Philip Ilson came back on to make fresh introductions for this specially commissioned work and to explain the extent of the permissions underpinning the project, which extended to financiers Film 4, director Wheatley and the film’s original composer Jim Williams, who was in attendance among the packed house.

And so, there were on stage… a trumpet, a bow playing something indeterminate which was laid flat, an electric guitar and a couple of tabletops’ worth of effects. As our cast of ill-fated deserters arrived on the screen, the band created a slow build with extremes – these were ear-piercing high frequencies contrasted with a shuddering bass end that seemed about to levitate the entire audience. Very soon, it began to feel like a church in Cork remixed.

The arresting black and white photography presented many memorable images – wind blowing through long grass, close ups of helmeted faces approaching a mushroom circle at ground level, a caterpillar trudging along a twig silhouetted by the sun – meanwhile there was plaintiff trumpet and a lovely swirling wash of guitar chords…"

Read the rest of the review here: We are Noise

Photo courtesy of Mark Graham


Louder than War review 'Crystallized – Celebrating 15 Years of Rocket Recordings'

Brett Savage from Louder than War (and Dead Sea Apes I might add) have written a humbling review of our forthcoming 15th Anniversary compilation album:

Various Artists – Crystallized (Rocket Recordings)

"Louder Than War’s Brett Savage reviews arguably the years most essential compilation album, 12 tracks that give you “a glimpse into the past, present and future of one of the UK’s most vital labels”, Rocket Recordings, home, amongst others, of the phenomenal Goat.

Many people bemoan the death of the independent spirit. The very term ‘indie’ is in itself a contested space. Does ‘indie’ even mean independent any more? Many ‘indie labels’ are in fact sponsored clearing houses created by major labels to capitalise on a bit of ‘cool’. All independent scenes are a case of necessity being the mother of invention, as the more maverick musical spirits realised that major labels didn’t see them as a great investment.

Nowadays, the term ‘indie’ pretty much applies to bands slightly left of the AOR spectrum. Has that independent impulse been destroyed by the co-opting of the aesthetic by the majors? Well, no. If anything, there has been a flowering of young labels making their way to the surface in recent times and true to form, it has been those independent entities releasing the most vital music.

Bristol based Rocket Recordings have been toiling away at the coalface of the independent scene for the last 15 years. Although their output can largely be described as ‘psychedelic’, they are not restrained by the traditional definition of the term. Rocket do not deal with tedious revivalist 60s wannabes whose parodical approach to music is a depressing equivalent to Civil War Recreationist Societies (replacing their pikes with Vox Teardrop guitars), rather they have kept their eyes focused sharply on the forward thinking, the innovative and the noisy. They have unerring musical instincts and have an enviable back catalogue which includes releases by their hometown heroes and subsequent ‘cult’ – The Heads. In recent times they have released three indisputable classics: Drop Out by Gnod & White Hills, Your Mercury by Teeth Of The Sea and perhaps the most exciting album of last year – World Music by Goat.

Crystallized represents the jewels in the label’s crown and also gives space to bands that are in line with Rocket’s musical vision…"

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War


Hills to play rare shows

The great HILLS have announced a rare show in Denmark on 13 December and in Sweden the day after.

We are hoping to get the band over to the UK next year for at least one show to coincide with their new album which they are currently locked away making.

Our reissue of their album MASTER SLEEPS is still available from the Rocket Shop: Bandcamp


15 Nov 2013

"Rocket Spacerock Classics" special offer

As xmas is approaching we have got a ltd special offer for three classic Rocket CD's at a seasonal discounted price.

You get:

Gnod – Dropout with the White Hills II CD
White Hills - Heads on Fire CD
Gnod - Chaudelande CD

For only:  £17.99

You can buy here: Rocket Bandcamp


"Rocket is for life, not just for Christmas"


Thought Forms release Landing video

Thought Forms - Landing from Thought Forms on Vimeo.

Friends of Rocket Thought Forms have just released this self made video for the track 'Landing' one of the great tracks off their Invada Records LP Ghost Mountain that came out earlier in the year.

Love the Tuba's!!


The Quietus interview Gnod

"The Salford krautrock merchants play The Trip fest next week. Ahead of that, Samuel A Smith took a trip to/in their HQ to catch up with the band:

In the foreword of The Archaic Revival by ethnobotanist and sage of psychedelia Terence McKenna, Tom Robbins writes of "a cyclone of unorthodox ideas capable of lifting almost any brain out of it's cognitive Kansas."

This is Gnod. The auricular incarnation of McKenna’s strangest philosophies, re-imagined by some pissed off Norse demiurge to be enacted in an amphitheatre made from multi-coloured crystal skulls. The flower children have been forced to violent revolt and what’s left is bizarre, and fucking magnificent.

On a Friday night, ahead of their first night set at the five-day psych odyssey fest The Trip, I’m at Gnod’s Islington Mills base in Salford, the epicentre of Gnod's collective mind, and about to be immersed first hand in a practice session. They have a banquet table of kit - analogue gadgets, pedals, drum machines, all manner of wires and strange twisty bits like some genius teenager's wildest aqueous dream, all set up ready to transport to some peculiar and freakish realm. Lead to a black leather sofa at the back of the room, they hand me a bin bag blind fold. This was something to be experienced without vision…"

Read the rest of the interview here: The Quietus


13 Nov 2013

The Heads live in San Francisco – 16 September 2000

Here is the not seen before footage of the Heads playing San Francisco on their one and only American Tour. The show saw the Heads share the stage with Nubula, Acid King and High on Fire and also sported a stunning Kozik poster

Rocket's Mission Control was there on the night (can be seen down the front) and we remember it fondly, it was a stunning night!!! Paul is wearing his 'fresh from the printers' first print Rocket Big Muff shirt.

Sit back and enjoy...

This is the first of a series of unseen footage we are going to be posting over the next few months.


12 Nov 2013

Invada releases Valhalla Rising soundtrack Ltd LP

Our good friends at Invada Records are have managed to secure the rights to release the soundtrack to amazing 'Valhalla Rising' on vinyl. 

If you don't know the film, it is a stunning piece of work directed by Nicolas Winding Refn Who also did the great Bronson, Drive and Only God Forgives. And the soundtrack matches the Acid Trip of the film.

Apparently it is a really ltd pressing so they won't be around for long..

This is what the press release says:


Sleeve notes by Nicolas Winding Refn
Composition by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed

A european LP edition of Valhalla Rising soundtrack by Peter Peter and Peter Kyed is now released for general sale direct from Invada on Blood Red vinyl. This version is not available anywhere else in Europe.

The soundtrack itself represents the dark and heavy nature of the film, and isn’t for the faint hearted. The vinyl contains the complete score, as well as unused cues and sections of the soundscapes which sound designers Giles Lamb and Douglas MacDougall created for the film.

Available to buy exclusively here : Invada Shop


11 Nov 2013

Cherry Coloured Funk reviews 'Crystallized – Celebrating 15 Years of Rocket Recordings' compilation

First online review of our forthcoming compilation that comes out two week today (if the manufacturers pull their finger out that is):

"If you’re a fan of any of the weird, freaky or obtuse elements permeating the musical landscape these days you owe Rocket Recordings, and you owe them big. In June this year Goat, the Swedish band in their roster, played the (large) West Holts stage at Glastonbury, illustrating the accessibility and excitement of music born out of experimental impulses, collective weirdness or psychic diversity. This wasn’t allowed to happen over night or in a vacuum but with the courageous otherness and excellent taste of the Bristol/London label, which with this compilation of original compositions celebrate 15 years of their ‘unlikely survival’ as a record label. The material here ranges from empty quirkiness to explorative profundity, but the result is always unique.

Teeth of the Sea get things off to a bleak start, their offering ‘Run Red’ coming on like what Julian Cope describes as ‘blackest ambient metal’, a cinematic tone poem of electronic drones, guitar squall and disembodied screams that can only be likened to something off of Sunn O)))’s Black One, or an alternative soundtrack to 80’s nuclear apocalypse flick Threads. The brittle, afrobeat-indebted post-punk of Blood Sport follows this contrastingly, their offering mixing nasal Lydon-esque vocals with complex rhythms, suggesting a modern take on This Heat.

Elsewhere Mancunian free-formers Gnod carry on their progression away from the blisteringly heavy repeater-rock of their album Chaudelande towards a sort of industrial kosmiche, with spacey VCS3-sounding synths swooping over primitive programmed beats. The sexy Swedes assert a strong presence here also, with the batshit motorik race of newcomers Uran seguing into countrymen Hills, whose tambura-heavy drone hymn looks to their national heritage of poncho-sporting forest folk like Parson Sound, International Harvester and Trad, Gras och Stenar. The studio jam by Goat has less of the wild vitality of the steaming cuts from their 2012 album World Music but introduces a sense of insistent subtle repetition similar to that of Can post-Tago Mago.

Rocket Recordings don’t want to make friends and they’re not going to hold your hand once you’ve been thrown into the psychedelic maelstrom..."

Read the rest of the review here: Cherry Coloured Funk

We still have some presale copies left to buy from our shop, and once they are gone, they will be gone. This isn't getting repressed: Rocket Shop


8 Nov 2013

Ltd Rocket Logo T-Shirts – on sale now

A lot of you will be pleased to know that we have finally got round to doing a run of T-Shirts that feature our Rocket logo.

They come in 'white on black 'and 'black on grey marl' and are ltd to 75 of each style, and are available in these various sizes: S, M, L, XL.

These are being sold exclusively via our Rocket shop and you can pre-order your shirt now from here: merch


7 Nov 2013

Robedoor live in Milan

ROBEDOOR from URSSS on Vimeo.

When friends of Rocket 'Robedoor' played the Corsica in London recently we were a bit blown away...so we thought we would share this footage of their full show in Milan on the same tour.

Watch this then go and buy their latest album Primal Sphere on Hand in the Dark records!!!


5 Nov 2013

Nothing is premiering Goat Live – plus presale of ultra ltd LP version opens NOW

Rocket Recordings are proud to announce a first public playback of the forthcoming Goat album 'Live Ballroom Ritual' on 15 November at 'Nothing is...' at The Alibi in Dalston, East London.

The album as previously announced is a double live LP of the mighty Goat captured in full swing at Camden Electric Ballroom in June this year.

"Nothing is..." is Alibi's longest running night and is the perfect place for this first airing of the album as it is run by Rocket's very own Rik Motor, Goat remixers Cherrystones (who is also celebrating his birthday the same night) and Cage and Aviary, plus someone they call Little Dirty.

The playback starts bang on 9pm and will be followed by the usual 'Nothing is...' monthly cosmic chaos with added birthday mayhem.

Nothing is...
Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
15 November
Free entry

Show your love: Nothing is



We have 250 ltd green/white splatter colour vinyl versions of the Goat Live Ballroom double LP available for preorder now. These are a Rocket shop exclusive and can only be bought via our bandcamp. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Please note the picture below is a mock up.

Buy from here: Rocket Bandcamp


4 Nov 2013

Julian Cope reviews Teeth of the Sea's MASTER

Julian Cope who has always been a big advocate of Teeth of the Sea has said some words about their latest album MASTER:


I’ve also been enjoying the hell out of MASTER, the brash new release from London’s Teeth Of The Sea that floors listeners with its movie soundtrack massiveness. Themes and moods abound herein, the brutality of the drum programming and crassness of the sounds placing the record in the same post-Krautrock territory as Boney M’s classic title track ‘Night Flight To Venus’ and Tangerine Dream’s experimental post-STRATOSFEAR forays into ‘proper’ rock, but still featuring all those band’s typical elements – the souped-up Kling Klang crunch of their driving music, the hanging spoken commentaries over bleak urban dystopian musicscapes, the parched Spaghetti Western trumpet themes – then subsumes them into the kind of vast panoramic listening experience that makes you wanna go out and drive all night. Released on Bristol’s excellent Rocket Recordings, MASTER is a very intense listening experience and comes in a beautifully ornate digipak that only adds further weight to this band’s already weighty canon.

See more here: Head Heritage

Image by: Christian Zander


All The Dread Magnificence Of Perversity – TheQuietus interview Teeth of the Sea

John Calvert from The Quietus talks to Teeth Of The Sea about sex, violence and D.I.S.C.O.

In the back-room lounge of The Old Blue Last boozer sit ¾ of London four-piece, Teeth Of The Sea. And even if this is a fellowship of intrepid futurists - the enemies of nostalgia - and even if Jimmy Martin, with his bleach blonde hair and piercings has the aqualine look of a utopian android, there is something undeniably olde worlde about these musicians.

Teeth Of The Sea are part of a lineage of transgressive London eccentrics stretching back to Wilmot (John, not Gary). As I sit listening from across the table, conversation topics range from the lewd to the ever so lovely, from Lady Bumticklers Revels to the art of fine tea-making, with the repartee intimidating in erudition and exchanged in units of supersyllabic chicanery. These are what I'd like to call gentleman beasts; the kind of men who've loitered around the undercarriage of British culture since records began; the kind of men who'd give you first dibs on the clean-up towel then maybe read you a little Byron.

No mean feat in this day and age of endless reproduction, 2010's universally acclaimed Your Mercury offered a take on psychedelia unlike any other that proceeded it - a uniquely British, uniquely anxious form of psychedelia which, in a review of the album in 2010, this writer described like so: “Epileptic, infinite and disturbance-vexed, the Londoner's second LP sooner calls to mind the altered states of mental ill-heath: the band's sublime delusions ferrying you to constructed worlds of the mind - touched, tasted and played in from the comfort of a hospital bed. In this way Your Mercury is less psychedelic so much as it is psychological. What use is a clear night sky for stargazing when the amber pollution is amplifying the voices in your head?”...

Read the full and revealing interview here: The Quietus

Drawing by Michael DeLucia


Multiple Exposure Vol: 1 – Shit & Shine

Rocket are thrilled to introduce our new irregular blog feature called 'Multiple Exposure'. This is where we ask various artists what their favourite pieces of 'repetitive' music are.

To kick off this feature we are delighted to have Craig from the mighty Shit & Shine to tell us his choices. And you can't argue, there is probably no better way to start:

Multiple Exposure Vol: 1 – Shit & Shine

Strangulated Beatoffs  – Practicing To Be A Doctor (Forced Exposure 7”)
This is the song that started it all for me, this song and band are $hit and $hines greatest influence, their record covers were stupid and hilarious and just creepy. Ex members of Drunks with Guns from St Louis, odd fellows.

Drunks with Guns – Enemy (7”)
My favourite lyric ever: “music is my enemy”. Its all about the simple bad ass repeating riffs with Drunks with Guns and Strangulated Beatoffs. I never understood why Flipper got so much attention and these guys got none. Beatoffs and Drunks were so much better and so much more genuinely menacing, that’s important.

Drunks with Guns

Bullets for Pussy – Bullets for Pussy (LP)
From twisted minds come, compilation LP on Noiseville another Drunks with Guns offshoot, same routine-totally mean simple riffs and general bad vibes all around. Perfect.

The Gerogeriggegege – Life Documents (7” Forth Dimension records)
This is a very odd record indeed! The sounds of a badly recorded Techno loop, lots of scratchy noise and the sound of a middle aged Japanese man jerking off?!  Weirdly good.


Donna Summer – Feel Love (12”)
The best song ever.

Donna Summer

Evol – Rave Slime (12”)
Brilliant. As stripped as it gets. Straight up essence.


Mark Fell / Peter Rehberg – Zikir/Kubu (12” Mego)
I love everything Mark Fell does. This record has some really beautiful drum sampling going on. Random but perfectly placed.

Mark Fell

NEU – Box  (Gronland Records)
Well its totally obvious but I had to get it in. 


Harmonia – Deluxe (LP Brain Records)
Its just so pretty! Simple repeating themes sprinkled with sparkling gold analogue synth melodies. So many crucial kraut releases that need to be mentioned but I wont bother. I’ll leave it to the other nerds in on this thing.


Rusted Shut – Dead (LP load)
Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Houston’s finest. Fuck Austin. I don’t know what happened here but the true grit is gone. Houston still has Rusted Shut. What does Austin have?  Kids. Polite kids with denim fucking waist coats 
who play in bands that all sound like they belong in Samsung commercials. I’m not wrong. Where did it go wrong etc...

Shit And Shine – Le Grande Larance Prix (3XLP Rock is Hell records)
Yep. I did. Fuck it.


Frank Hebley – Tuinslangboogie (12”)
Great cocaine record!  

Frank Hebley

Endless Boogie – Whatever
Fuck yeahhh!!!!  ZZ Top style guitar repeated over and over??! Well DUH!! Fucking yes please!!! I really do not get people who don’t get this band.

Endless Boogie

Vol.2 of our Multiple Exposure feature will be appearing sometime soon...so watch this space