4 Nov 2013

Multiple Exposure Vol: 1 – Shit & Shine

Rocket are thrilled to introduce our new irregular blog feature called 'Multiple Exposure'. This is where we ask various artists what their favourite pieces of 'repetitive' music are.

To kick off this feature we are delighted to have Craig from the mighty Shit & Shine to tell us his choices. And you can't argue, there is probably no better way to start:

Multiple Exposure Vol: 1 – Shit & Shine

Strangulated Beatoffs  – Practicing To Be A Doctor (Forced Exposure 7”)
This is the song that started it all for me, this song and band are $hit and $hines greatest influence, their record covers were stupid and hilarious and just creepy. Ex members of Drunks with Guns from St Louis, odd fellows.

Drunks with Guns – Enemy (7”)
My favourite lyric ever: “music is my enemy”. Its all about the simple bad ass repeating riffs with Drunks with Guns and Strangulated Beatoffs. I never understood why Flipper got so much attention and these guys got none. Beatoffs and Drunks were so much better and so much more genuinely menacing, that’s important.

Drunks with Guns

Bullets for Pussy – Bullets for Pussy (LP)
From twisted minds come, compilation LP on Noiseville another Drunks with Guns offshoot, same routine-totally mean simple riffs and general bad vibes all around. Perfect.

The Gerogeriggegege – Life Documents (7” Forth Dimension records)
This is a very odd record indeed! The sounds of a badly recorded Techno loop, lots of scratchy noise and the sound of a middle aged Japanese man jerking off?!  Weirdly good.


Donna Summer – Feel Love (12”)
The best song ever.

Donna Summer

Evol – Rave Slime (12”)
Brilliant. As stripped as it gets. Straight up essence.


Mark Fell / Peter Rehberg – Zikir/Kubu (12” Mego)
I love everything Mark Fell does. This record has some really beautiful drum sampling going on. Random but perfectly placed.

Mark Fell

NEU – Box  (Gronland Records)
Well its totally obvious but I had to get it in. 


Harmonia – Deluxe (LP Brain Records)
Its just so pretty! Simple repeating themes sprinkled with sparkling gold analogue synth melodies. So many crucial kraut releases that need to be mentioned but I wont bother. I’ll leave it to the other nerds in on this thing.


Rusted Shut – Dead (LP load)
Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Houston’s finest. Fuck Austin. I don’t know what happened here but the true grit is gone. Houston still has Rusted Shut. What does Austin have?  Kids. Polite kids with denim fucking waist coats 
who play in bands that all sound like they belong in Samsung commercials. I’m not wrong. Where did it go wrong etc...

Shit And Shine – Le Grande Larance Prix (3XLP Rock is Hell records)
Yep. I did. Fuck it.


Frank Hebley – Tuinslangboogie (12”)
Great cocaine record!  

Frank Hebley

Endless Boogie – Whatever
Fuck yeahhh!!!!  ZZ Top style guitar repeated over and over??! Well DUH!! Fucking yes please!!! I really do not get people who don’t get this band.

Endless Boogie

Vol.2 of our Multiple Exposure feature will be appearing sometime soon...so watch this space