31 Mar 2016

Rocket probes – March playlist

The Myrrors – Arena Negra
(Probably the closest thing you are gonna hear to International Harvester...amazing stuff!)
The Myrrors

The Oscillation – Monographic
(New album of repetitive psych rock on Hands in the Dark)
The Oscillation

Howes – 35 Degrees
(Real nice modular grooves)

Holy Wave – Evil hits / Relax
(Really great Birdsy, Beatlesy, Barretty, Velvetsy fuzz pop...perfect Spring listening)
Holy Wave

Lard Free – III
(Nice to get this 70's french psych synth on vinyl and hear how it should sound)
Lard Free

Lucidvox – My your land
(Really nice debut album by this Russian band...like Goat meets Loop meet Siouxsie Sioux)

Black Tempest – Enfolding light
(Black Tempest returns with more outer planetary synth excursions)
Black Tempest

Can – Star of bethlehem
(Amazing different version of the great Can track from a digital comp called 'Rare'...killer Jaki hip-hop beat)
(can't find a link online for it)

Oneida – Enemy hogs
(Where it all began...been giving this great debut album lots of spins this month - about time this got a vinyl reissue!!)

The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus – Mirror
(Dave from Flying Saucer Attack turned us onto this back in the Revolver days...a unique album of repetition, psych-noise, ethereal pop, industrial, avant exploration etc)
The Revolutionary Army of Infant Jesus 

Ornette Coleman – Rock the clock
(Some nice fuzz wah free jazz from the album Science Fiction)
Ornette Coleman

Far East Family Band – Parallel World
(Great kosmiche psych excursions from Japan)
Far East Family Band

The Beatles – Blue Jay Ray (800% slower)
(One of our fave ever Beatles songs turned into an ethereal drone)
The Beatles


The Quietus review of the week is 'Gnod – Mirror'

It reads:

The Lead Review: 
Mick Middles On Gnod's Mirror 

Where to go? What to do next? And why? Mick Middles assesses the latest output from the Salford group, out tomorrow on Rocket Recordings

Formed in 2007, as more of an arts collective than a band, Gnod managed to add true innovative substance to the unlikely swell of pysche in the North West. As their membership fluctuated, so the course and vision of their musicality continued to sway. Today they seem settled as a four piece, albeit one whose musical stance has changed drastically even since their gargantuan 2015 outing, Infinity Machines. This 109 minute triple album was seen by some as the Yessongs of contemporary psyche, although that lazy genre seems incapable of encapsulation a band with such expansive musical movement. It was an album you could easily live within and for several months before the inevitable would occur, seeing you running, screaming from the enclosure. It was certainly captivating and, in places, blindingly brilliant. That sense of being enclosed in sound – and vision – offered both a sense of release and incarceration...

Read the rest of the gushing review here: The Quietus


Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents: GNOD + Housewives

As part of their up-and-coming MIRROR tour, Gnod are playing a show in their second home Bristol on 29th April, and supporting are the amazing Housewives.

Warren Schoenbright

Old Malt House / Bristol
29 April

More info/tickets here: Cacophonous Sarcophagus

Gnod's new album MIRROR out tomorrow, get your copy here: Rocket Bandcamp


30 Mar 2016

Teeth of the Sea – Portugal shows

Teeth of the Sea are heading to sunny Portugal for a couple of shows in April:

Friday 8th April 
Musicbox / Lisbon
Info and tickets

Saturday 9th April
Understage / Teatro Municipal De Porto
Info and tickets 

And don't forget the band are also playing London's Desertfest on 29th April at the Black Heart, more info and tickets here: Desertfest


GNOD - Mirror Video

Watch the new GNOD video 'Mirror' taken from their new album of the same name.

The video features the work of the bands regular visual collaborator 'KHOM' (www.khom1.tumblr.com)

The album 'Mirror' will be released on April 1st and will be available on LP, CD & Download via the usual avenues.

You can order physical copies of Gnod's new album Mirror here: Rocket Bandcamp

And digitally from iTunes here: iTunes


GNOD - Mirror - Loud and Quiet, Album of the Week

GNOD - Mirror - Loud and Quiet, Album of the Week
'Predicting GNOD’s trajectory has become as impossible as it has futile. The Salford-based band have torn their way through brain-haemorrhaging psychedelia, monster drones, minimal techno, avant-garde noise and just about everything in between that’s even loosely connected to those sounds. A ceaseless impulse to move forward charges their music into new territory time and time again and it has made them one of the most exhilarating alternative groups in the UK. On ‘Mirror’ they’ve landed in early ’80s Swans territory, as growling, clattering scrap metal guitars clang and batter the ears. The guttural vocals manage to sound as rasping and fierce as any of the screeching instruments.

It’s a cold, brutal, merciless record that never relents in its attack but it’s an utterly joyous one too, if early Godflesh records being put through a car compactor sounds up your street. It’s only three tracks long but as the end outcome feels like you’ve witnessed a crime or suffered an ordeal of some sort, this is an intensely corporeal record and one you won’t forget listening to in a hurry.'

Read & Listen: here


29 Mar 2016

GNOD - Mirror Video & Noisey Interview

GNOD - Noisey - Interview

Over the past few years, Gnod have steadily emerged as one of the most captivating underground acts in the UK. Vehemently averse to stagnation, their sonic experiments veer from Hawkwind-like space rock to homebrewed industrial techno, incorporating virtually everything in between. In 2015, they released the critically-acclaimed triple-LP Infinity Machines, a psych-jazz bad trip of Herculean proportions. Naturally, their new record mixes things up again.

Recorded in the wake of the UK’s general election of May 2015, in which the pro-austerity centre-right Conservative Party won a working majority, Mirror consists of three long tracks of effects-laden dystopian sludge-rock, and is slated for an April 1 release. Often described as a "collective" due to the number of musicians who pass in and out of its ranks—41 to date—Gnod’s four main members are Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Marlene Ribeiro, and
Alex Macarte.

Speaking via Skype from their base at the Islington Mill arts hub in Salford, Greater Manchester, Paddy and Chris chatted to Noisey about mixing things up, Michael Jackson, and the ultimate dream of running a café.

Read the interview & watch the Mirror Video here: noisey.vice


28 Mar 2016

Gig Soup interview Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation about their Sunny Afternoon single

It reads:

If you haven’t already heard of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation then you’re in for a whimsical treat of musical talent. The latest single from Josefin is ‘Sunny Afternoon’ which is accompanied by an artistically inspiring music video. With the song, the musicians take us into a psychedelic haze with hypnotic drumming, fairly monotonous vocals and a general upbeat and feel-good vibe. We talk to Josefin about the song and their upcoming album, Horse Dance.

What lead you to a career in music? Who are your musical influences?

I studied art. My creative outcome was visual but during that time I was more and more drawn to sound and started to explore that field. I made some demos and then I met Fredrik Jolson and we started to write music together.  Our influences are from the late 60’s early 70’s, Velvet, Hawkwind, Can, Catherine Ribeiro and then 90’s music like Ride, My Bloody Valentine, Breeders, Flying Saucer Attack, and contemporary stuff like Morgan Delt…

Read the rest here: Gig Soup

Artrocker reviews Gnod's Mirror

It reads:

It’s tough with bands like Gnod to really fully encapsulate their essence on record. However, it is fun to try and do so, and it is also fun for bands and musicians to record do the whole release thing, and have tangible reality based physical products to sell at fairs, gigs etc, and that make much less noise than an actual performance, and needs much less people to execute. So here we are, with another Gnod release.

Gnod have a lot of releases from over the last decade, today we enjoy a doomy, slow groove, sludgy release of just three tracks, and a remix. The perfect soundtrack to my painful emergence from slumber on an angry Sunday morning. Fittingly, both the tracks have biblical references. The first wastes no time in getting to the point, it’s huge and non-negotiable...

Read the rest here: Artrocker


26 Mar 2016

Under the Arches next week – rare Rocket vinyl for sale

Fuzz Club celebrated their first Under the Arches event last month and their second one is next weekend on 2nd April – and as last month Rocket are going to have a stall at the label fair in the afternoon.

We will be selling latest Rocket stock including the new Gnod album Mirror that is released on Friday. We are also raiding our personal archives and bringing some old rarities with us including old and long gong Rocket releases by The Heads, Goat, White Hills etc. They will be for sale cheaper than discogs.

In the evening Clinic are headliners of a bill of new psych sounds.

More info here: Under The Arches


Hey Colossus to play Sin–Eater Festival

Hey Colossus joins a stellar line-up at Sin–Eater Festival.

The Fest is held at The Bridges - just outside the centre of the village of Rattlinghope, Shropshire which is believed to be home of the England's last Sin - Eater. 

Info and tickets here: Sin Eater


24 Mar 2016

Rocket to release new music by Swedish psych band Flowers Must Die

We are excited to announce that Rocket will be releasing new music by the great Swedish band 'Flowers Must Die'.

The band from Linköping create great fuzzy, grooved-out, psych jams and follow in the tradition of fellow Swedish psych artists like International Harvester, Parsons Sound, Träd Gräs Och Stenar, Dungen, Hills and Goat. 

We have been fans of the band since Goat turned us on to their second album, simply called 'Second' we immediately fell in love with it's full on fuzz wah attack. 

The band already have three sold-out vinyl only LPs, a 7' a 12" on Höga Nord and several tapes under their belt. And we are really chuffed that their next record(s) are gonna be released on Rocket. The band have also informed us that they are pushing their fuzz jams out into new sonic territories with the addition of a new member, the highly talented Lisa Ekelund who used to be in the band Katla.

Jonas from the band said this:
"After several years of mostly self publishing and doing pretty much what ever we felt like, we were ready for some new challenges. So when Rocket said they really liked our previous records but heard the potential for something even greater, we naturally jumped at the chance to work with them. Especially considering their excellent track record."

More information about the forthcoming release and some planned shows will be announced in the up-and-coming months.

In the meantime, listen to the track Möt Väggen off their Second album, the track that first pricked our ears up: Flowers Must Die  (and apparently there are a few copies left)


The Skinny reviews Gnod's Mirror

It reads:

Gnod – Mirror


Nothing if not prolific, Salford’s favourite Krautrock connoisseurs (let’s ignore The Fall’s I Am Damo Suzuki for the moment) follow-up last year’s triple Infinity Machines LP with a release more relatively acquainted with brevity. Yet Mirror is no less arresting; three tracks of heavy, tangential, sprawling space-rock indebted to the raw synergies of recording in just three days, with minimal overdubs.   

The Mirror – at just under eight minutes, the briefest of tracks herein – perpetually builds on a lysergic blueprint, surrounded by its own sonic barbed wire. Learn to Forgive (8m18s) arrives like a concrete jackboot, sirens wailing, its central riff bludgeoning the listener into submission. And if that’s not enough to whet whistles, the 18-minute epic Sodom & Gomorrah is head music clad in pseudo Arabic influence, the desperate, Aldous Huxley vocal coalescing across discordance eerily reminiscent of a 7” single played at 33rpm. Gnod continue to take no prisoners; play loud. [Duncan Harman]

Visit the site here: The Skinny


23 Mar 2016

Freq reviews Teeth of the Sea live at the Lexington

It reads:

White Hills / Teeth Of The Sea (live at The Lexington)
London – 13 March 2016

Sunday night on Pentonville Road, and The Lexington is rammed. At first it’s hard to tell who’s here for the bands and who’s just here for a pint, but then the first act take the stage upstairs and people flood upwards. And it’s not hard to tell WHY they’re here for the bands — as Teeth Of The Sea fiddle around with their eclectic and quite frankly bizarre selection of instruments and boxes, including a bass guitar with a Throbbing Gristle sticker affixed.

This proves to be key as their opening drone builds, punctuated by chimes of synth, and the trumpet comes into play. And that’s where the TG comparisons end (for now) as instead of the mournful dying beast sound of Cosey‘s cornet, TOTS have opted to go in an entirely different direction with what could almost be described as Morricone fan(fare)service (sorry). And from this point on all bets are off as they drag us back and forth through the last few decades of the Secret Histories Of Music, like a time-travelling John Peel with ADD…

Read the full review here: Freq


21 Mar 2016

Goat to play Pointu Festival

Goat have been confirmed to play Pointu Festival in France at Ile du Gaou/Hyeres on 19 jun 2016

They haven't shared much info about it, but they have said this:

"Their debut album , "World Music" , was considered as "one of the best albums of 2012" by the Guardian newspaper . Since Goat released " Commune" and has also performed at Coachella Festival. Impregnated with a mysterious voodoo power, Goat collective offers psychedelic music, mixing Afrobeat fusion and experimental . It gives you appointment on June 19 Pointed Festival."

Read more about it here: Pointu


Drowned in Sound get all fuzzy about Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

From their Some Velvet Mixtape, it reads:

Josefin Öhrn & The Liberation
With comparisons to artists as diverse as Stereolab, Cate Le Bon and Jefferson Airplane, it's fair to say Josefin Öhrn is one of a kind. Not just content with falling into the standard realms of psych rock, shoegaze or any of its discerning sub-genres. Her music can take an unannounced sudden discourse at the drop of a hi-hat and quite often does. Latest single 'Sunny Afternoon' - not a cover of the Kinks song before anyone asks - came out this month and is one of the most bewitching pieces of music to grace our inbox so far this year.

See the full piece here: Drowned in Sound


Indie London puts Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation single Sunny Afternoon it's single of the week column

It reads:

Following their critically acclaimed debut Horse Dance, which was released in November last year, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation release a new radio edit of album track Sunny Afternoon as a digital single via Rocket Recordings. Boasting a whirlwind of hypnotic tribal beats, driven motorik repetition and hazy psychedelia, this fizzes along in foreboding fashion, yet somehow still manages to inspire. Ohrn’s gutsy vocals give it a gripping focal point, while those tribal beats and atmospheric background chantings serve to create a heady feel that’s difficult to ignore or forget. The song comes complete with the B-side Lucid Sapphire, which has been described as a “pulsing energy of a track” where energetic guitar fuzz blend with Josefin’s penetrating vocal.
Rating: 4 out of 5

See the full piece here: Indie London


17 Mar 2016

Louder than War gives Mirror by Gnod a 9/10 review

It reads...



GNOD release a new 4 track long player and Louder than war are suitably brutalised and traumatised. 

Even though I am a newcomer to GNOD’s music, I have been secretly stalking these art noise terrorists from afar for a while now. They have been firm fixtures at Birmingham’s fantastic Supersonic Festivals for the last few years. And have also graced the stage at its bastard son’s recent Supernormal festivals in Oxford.

At times, Salford’s GNOD have been compared to Hawkwind, Loop, Krautrock and Sunburned hand of man. But on first listen, this current full length release bears little immediate resemblance to the aforementioned to be honest. But this was maybe to be expected as their label describes the band as taking a “back to basics approach” after their last massive (in all senses of the word) long player ‘Infinity Machines’. I guess the Hawkwind comparison is because the band do have a rotating line up and are often described as a collective? And this certainly brings more comparisons to their fellow drone merchants Sunno))) with their fluid lineup and uncompromising approach to sound making...

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War


Teeth of the Sea interview with Prankster 101

It reads:

Even though I’d been aware of Teeth Of The Sea for a number of years, as Jimmy Martin used to work at the (sadly closed down) HMV on Oxford Street which I often visited, it wasn’t until I picked up the band’s third album Master that I became a fan. Describing themselves as an adventurous psychedelic rock outfit that blends influences from the likes of Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, and the Butthole Surfers, Teeth Of The Sea have been roundly hailed as one of Britain’s foremost experimental groups and recently released their fourth album Highly Deadly Black Tarantula to critical acclaim. I caught up with members Sam Barton, Mat Colegate, and Jimmy Martin to talk about their band, and to also find out as to whether the band has any plans of following up its love for soundtracks with something slightly more substantial.

For the initiated, how would you describe Teeth Of The Sea to people who would like to know more about your band?

Jimmy: Well, we struggle to describe what we do. It’s almost like a psychedelic band to racket… It’s a lot of different influences.

Sam: It’s a lot of different things. These days especially, we struggle to… it’s a combination of psychedelia, electronica, film soundtracks, jazz…

Jimmy: Dance music, heavy metal, disco…

Mat: Often in the course of two minutes [laughs]. We basically end up being the product of whatever records we’ve been listening to and whatever bits of kit we’ve been buying. Everything comes from improvisation. Everything comes from the same sort of place.

Read the full interview here: Prankster 101


Preorder Gnod's new album Mirror now

You can order physical copies of Gnod's new album Mirror here: Rocket Bandcamp

And digitally from iTunes here: iTunes


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation playing Umea Open Festival

Find out all about it here: Umea Open


Tesla release AHRKH WAGNER tape

Tesla say:

Tesla Tapes has been waiting for another AHRKH release since 2014 and what a joy it was when this beauty landed. This is AHRKH aka Alex Macarte (From Gnod), teamed up with his spiritual brother from the universal Mother, Mark Wagner (From H.UM./Gnod/Moon Ra etc). 

Anyone who was lucky enough to catch their UK tour in 2015 will remember the blistering intensity and dynamic sense of unity created during their live show. Luckily they have managed to carry that across with great aplomb on these recordings. Extremely honoured to be releasing this, the cassette is adorned once more by the beautiful artistry of Rachel Goodyear. 

here are 2 excellent videos made to go with the release by the supremely talented KHOM VISUAL:



50 tapes 

For orders/info email ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk


15 Mar 2016

Goat tell the Guardian what their fantasy Festival is

The Guardian asked:

We asked some old festival hands what would be in their field of dreams. Their answers included VIP- and corporate-free events, earsplitting sound, cyberpunk roleplay… and Macca on the door

This is what Goat said:

Our fantasy festival would take place somewhere in the north, where the winds are grim and cold. Maybe on a plateau, or a frozen lake, or inside a mountain hall or huge cave. This would add a nice natural reverb and vibe to the whole thing. But it could also be nice with a warmer location somewhere in the southern hemisphere, where there would be less chance of freezing to death.

The entrance would be a massive oak gate, like the ones used on old castles. Two doormen would welcome the visitors. The doormen would be Geezer Butler and Sir Paul McCartney. Both with a full set of amps, AC/DC-size rigs, to which their basses would be connected. Everyone entering would be saluted with a thunderous cascade of full-on bass jamming. This is something that would continue throughout the festival and beyond.Everyone working on the festival would be a Rinpoche, in other words an enlightened realised being. This would add profundity to the already nice vibes. Everyone would be really nice and kind and take care of each other and those who had had a bit too much.

See what other say here: The Guardain


London in Stereo interview Goat ahead of Field Day

It reads:


As the legends go, summers for the mysterious and heavily psychedelic masked Swedish band Goat are traditionally full of hedonistic rituals and hectic revelations. And to help fulfil their higher callings this year the band, who hail from the village of Korpilombolo, will be making the long pilgrimage south to play this year’s Field Day festival in Hackney.

The group are planning to release their motley slew of musical influences, ranging from Nigerian afrobeat to German krautrock to rare groove Anatolian funk, in Victoria Park in an attempt to make you lose your shit. Or perhaps just your mobile. Either way, it’s bound to be emotional.

Whether you like their Hawkwind-influenced straight-outta-Jaipur riffing madness or their predilection for dialling ‘F for Fantasy’ it makes no difference. These dudes can get heavy and know how to rock. Which makes their hallucinatory cultish celebration of guitar music’s diverse manifestations one not to miss....

Read the full interview here: London in Stereo


14 Mar 2016

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and Gnoomes to play Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia

We are excited to announce that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and Gnoomes have been announced to be playing this years  Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia.

They join other Rocket faves like Tomaga, Demlike Stare The Horrors etc

As you know, we are massive fans of the festival so we will see you there!!!



13 Mar 2016

METAL (Teeth of the Sea/Cage & Aviary collaboration) announce show

On NYE Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea/Hirvikolari and Jamie Paton from Cage & Aviary performed as a modular duo under the name POURNE.

The set was so good, they decide that this was something that needed to be more than just a one off, so they are playing again, under a new (and not last minute decision) name 'METAL'.

Full details here:

Teeth of the Sea DJS
Ye Olde Rose and Crown
FRI 25TH MAR, 2016 8:00pm

Headlining are raucous participatory noiseniks SLY & THE FAMILY DRONE, as well as METAL - anexciting new project from Mike Bourne (Teeth of the Sea / Hirvikolari) and Jamie Paton (Cage & Aviary), VALLEY OF GOLDEN SKULLS (New project from DEATHCOUNT / FRAGMENTS man and regular MNFN ear-botherer Andi Nixon), and members of TEETH OF THE SEA DJing between and after the bands.

Tickets here: We got tickets


11 Mar 2016

This Saturday - Housewives + TOMAGA + GNOD + Repo Man at Islington Mill

Housewives + TOMAGA + GNOD + Repo Man at Islington Mill

South London wrecking unit Housewives roll into Islington Mill this Saturday. Their roughhewn, rhythmically charged music has a distinctively cold, minimalist sheen, but dealt with the heft of a sledgehammer. Duelling, abrasive guitars hit the ears like glass shards atop growling bass grooves and propulsive, tightly wound drums, helping to creating an atmosphere both extremely claustrophobic and recklessly rocking. They’ve gained major plaudits from the independent music press and the British scene as a whole – and, taking a cautionary look at some of the videos from the live shows, it’s easy to see why. 

Fellow Londoners and touring partners Tomaga are similarly mind bending, but in their own completely unique way. A bricolage of industrial tones, sky-climbing psychedelia and the looseness of abstract jazz, the duo weave in and out of polyrhythmic neck snappers and disquieting improvisation with the kind of telepathic interplay that punters will relish in the live arena. 

It’s been an age since Gnod have played their literal home turf. With a new album, The Mirror, appearing on the excellent Rocket Recordings in April and a large EU tour to support, you can be assured that the collective will be more than prepared to unleash their devastating new monolithic sound, which now includes two drummers. 

Repo Man open a truly impressive line-up of contemporary British experimental guitar music, but these guys got the secret saxophone weapon to add to their punishing, out-rock awesomeness. 

Sat 12 March, 
8pm - 2am

Islington Mill
1 James Street
M3 5HW

Tickets: here

More info at: manchesterwire

NOT to be missed!!!


Eindhoven Psych Lab 2016 complete Lineup

Eindhoven Psych Lab 2016 Complete Lineup 

Eindhoven’s Effenaar music venue are thrilled to announce the complete lineup for their third edition of Eindhoven Psych Lab on 10 + 11 June 2016. 

Goat / Temples / Föllakzoid / Parquet Courts  
Hills / TRAAMS / Orchestra Of Spheres / White Hills / No Joy
The Oscillation  / Radar Men From The Moon / GNOD / Useless Eaters / Forever Pavot / Audacity / Papir  / Ulrika Spacek  / Throw Down Bones / 10.000 Russos / Flamingods/ Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation / Svper / PAUW / The Germans / Rats On Rafts / The Future’s Dust / Statue / Blank / The Mystery Lights / Iguana Death Cult

Audio Tests:
Eindhoven Psych Lab wouldn’t be complete without a couple of unique and very experimental collabs, called Audio Tests. 

RMFTM meets GNOD: Temple Ov BBV (Audio Test 005.epl16)
Radar Men From The Moon will collide with UK space collective GNOD  

Black Valleys meets OWOW (Audio Test 006.epl16)  
An alias for White Hills core members Dave W. and bassplayer Ego Sensation. They will work with the Eindhoven based OWOW, that designs instruments and controllers of the future.

Skid Audio Plant (by Luk Sponselee/Zesde Kolonne) (Audio Test 007.epl16) 
A stage within the Main Lab, curated by Luk Sponselee of Zesde Kolonne. Expect synth explorations, piles of cables, thousands of knobs and artists who can actually turn them and create something magical.

Cairo Liberation Front meets High Wolf (Audio Test 008.epl16)
The members of DJ-crew Cairo Liberation Front are well known for creating mayhem parties with their uplifting electro-cha3bi sounds. For Eindhoven Psych Lab they decided to do something different and invited High Wolf. This French musician is known for his mystical percussive tribal music inspired by African and Asian culture.

Instagram: instagram.com/eindhovenpsychlab/


'Mamuthones' Alessio Gastaldello talks to Shindig Magazine about Italian Occult Psychedelia

'Mamuthones' Alessio Gastaldello was asked by Shindig Magazine to talk about Italian Occult Psychedelia, which is a definition made by Antonio Ciarletta/Blow Up Magazine.

The article investigates the original explosion of Giallo film soundtracks and rock music in the ’70s, and its deeply felt influence on a new wave of Italian musical agent provocateurs.

For horror movie aficionados and fans of all things ghoulish, the period between the mid-60s
and late ’70s was one of rich pickings, thanks in no small part to the work of auteurs like
Dario Argento, Mario Bava and Lucio Fulci. Their work became known as Giallo – a reference to a series of pulp novels produced by the Mondadori publishing house in Italy, Il Giallo Mondadori (Mondadori Yellow books), published with a trademark yellow cover. The books were initially reprints of established crime writers such as Agatha Christie, Raymond Chandler and Ellery Queen and very soon the word Giallo became synonymous with murder mysteries and unsolved crimes. From this fairly innocent publishing trend evolved a lurid, fantastic style of film making with a distinct Italian feel. Giallo films, more often than not built around the subjects of alienation, paranoia and madness, were vivid spectacles promising the viewer acres of female flesh and, sometimes literally, buckets of blood. Giallo became a major influence on the slasher films of the ’80s and unwitting precursors to the “video nasty”.


While hauntology in the UK is based around an idealised past, in Italian music it reflects a
turbulent one; one of bloodshed, terrorism and political upheaval. Allessio Gastaldello
from IOP group Mamuthones reflects, “I was a child but I remember very well when the
Italian Prime Minister was kidnapped and murdered by the terrorists... and I remember
that at school we prayed every day for him. It was ’78 and I was five years old. I think that
this fact reflects very well the mix of violence and religion which can be found in Mamuthones’ music.” Mamuthones, whose very name is based in folklore and myth
(mamuthones are masks worn in the Sardinian carnival of Mamoiada, meaning uncertain,
whose function is to drive away evil spirits, despite or because of their monstrous
appearance), is a band rightly lauded by the British music press and whose music is one
part arcane atmospherics and one part tribalistic esotericism. Gastaldello
acknowledges the role that shared history plays, stating that IOP bands all “identify a
common attitude, a common link with Italian tradition, historical and cultural obscure

Order your copy: shindig-magazine


9 Mar 2016

Shipley Hey Colossus / Not Waving / DRMCNT photos

Hey Colossus / Not Waving / DRMCNT / Sclist photos here

March 5th 2016
Taken at Kirkgate Centre Shipley

Photos by Maria Spadafora


GNOD to play with :zoviet*france:

The Seventh Wave presents:

With Very Special Guests Gnod
Attrition (live) and Colossloth (live)

Thursday 10th November 2016 
Doors 7.00 pm

For more Info & Tickets: here


Ransom Note Interview a Goat about Goat!!

Ransom Note website Interview a Goat about Goat!!

Read the Interview here


Baba Yaga's Hut Presents Hey Colossus + ILL this Thursday!!

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents: Hey Colossus + ILL 
Thursday 10th March 2016 
Show: 8:00 PM Doors: 8:00 PM
London Fields Brewery | 369-370 Helmsley Place, London, E8 3SB, 

Get your tickets from here: Baba Yaga Hut