15 Mar 2016

Goat tell the Guardian what their fantasy Festival is

The Guardian asked:

We asked some old festival hands what would be in their field of dreams. Their answers included VIP- and corporate-free events, earsplitting sound, cyberpunk roleplay… and Macca on the door

This is what Goat said:

Our fantasy festival would take place somewhere in the north, where the winds are grim and cold. Maybe on a plateau, or a frozen lake, or inside a mountain hall or huge cave. This would add a nice natural reverb and vibe to the whole thing. But it could also be nice with a warmer location somewhere in the southern hemisphere, where there would be less chance of freezing to death.

The entrance would be a massive oak gate, like the ones used on old castles. Two doormen would welcome the visitors. The doormen would be Geezer Butler and Sir Paul McCartney. Both with a full set of amps, AC/DC-size rigs, to which their basses would be connected. Everyone entering would be saluted with a thunderous cascade of full-on bass jamming. This is something that would continue throughout the festival and beyond.Everyone working on the festival would be a Rinpoche, in other words an enlightened realised being. This would add profundity to the already nice vibes. Everyone would be really nice and kind and take care of each other and those who had had a bit too much.

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