23 Mar 2016

Freq reviews Teeth of the Sea live at the Lexington

It reads:

White Hills / Teeth Of The Sea (live at The Lexington)
London – 13 March 2016

Sunday night on Pentonville Road, and The Lexington is rammed. At first it’s hard to tell who’s here for the bands and who’s just here for a pint, but then the first act take the stage upstairs and people flood upwards. And it’s not hard to tell WHY they’re here for the bands — as Teeth Of The Sea fiddle around with their eclectic and quite frankly bizarre selection of instruments and boxes, including a bass guitar with a Throbbing Gristle sticker affixed.

This proves to be key as their opening drone builds, punctuated by chimes of synth, and the trumpet comes into play. And that’s where the TG comparisons end (for now) as instead of the mournful dying beast sound of Cosey‘s cornet, TOTS have opted to go in an entirely different direction with what could almost be described as Morricone fan(fare)service (sorry). And from this point on all bets are off as they drag us back and forth through the last few decades of the Secret Histories Of Music, like a time-travelling John Peel with ADD…

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