31 Mar 2016

The Quietus review of the week is 'Gnod – Mirror'

It reads:

The Lead Review: 
Mick Middles On Gnod's Mirror 

Where to go? What to do next? And why? Mick Middles assesses the latest output from the Salford group, out tomorrow on Rocket Recordings

Formed in 2007, as more of an arts collective than a band, Gnod managed to add true innovative substance to the unlikely swell of pysche in the North West. As their membership fluctuated, so the course and vision of their musicality continued to sway. Today they seem settled as a four piece, albeit one whose musical stance has changed drastically even since their gargantuan 2015 outing, Infinity Machines. This 109 minute triple album was seen by some as the Yessongs of contemporary psyche, although that lazy genre seems incapable of encapsulation a band with such expansive musical movement. It was an album you could easily live within and for several months before the inevitable would occur, seeing you running, screaming from the enclosure. It was certainly captivating and, in places, blindingly brilliant. That sense of being enclosed in sound – and vision – offered both a sense of release and incarceration...

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