31 Dec 2022

Rocket Probes – December 2022 Playlist

Nze Nze – Adzi Akal
(Really  been enjoying this (thanks Quietus AOTY) – like a more electronic/dance Deaf Kids)
Nze Nze

Anna Själv Tredje - Tussilago Fanfara
(Stellar kosmische sounds from Sweden)
Anna Själv Tredje

Miles Davis – Go Ahead John Part Two A
Miles Davis

The Body/Full of Hell – Didn't the Night End
(Great bit of noise!)
The Body/Full of Hell

Kali Malone – Living Torch
(Beautiful album)
Kali Malone

Warthog – Warthog
Great EP)

Dolphy Kick Bebop – Briefvisit
(Chinese psych for International Harvester fans)
Dolphy Kick Bebop

Garrett List – Your Own Self
Garrett List

Sault – Above the sky
(Fuzz n' groove)

UXMAL – Serpent Wisdom
(Machine repetitions)

Aerial Kalma – An Evolutionary Music (1972 - 1979)
(Cheers to Centrum for turning our ears onto this)
Aerial Kalma

Chris & Cosey – Dancing Ghosts (Carter Tutti Remixed)
(Basement rave)
Chris & Cosey 

The Hykers – I Want a Break Thru
(Afro Fuzz)
The Hykers

Dies Lexic – Running into The Dusk Having no Place to go
(Nice droning rhythms head on Anthony Chalmers NTS show)
Dies Lexic

Bill Callahan – Bowevil
(Taken from Mr Callahan's latest album)
Bill Callahan

Roger Bunn – Road to The Sun
(Space jazz)
Roger Bunn

Malokarpatan – Krupinské ohne
(One of Goat turned  us on to this Czech black metal album...bit of an Oranssi vibe in places)

Soft Pink Truth – Sunwash
(Kosmische melodies)
Soft Pink Truth

Zalvia-D – Weng Weng Zheng
(Lofi tribal repetitions)

Deuter – D
(HeaD music)

Tom Caruana – Inner Space
(Hip-Hop Can)
Tom Caruana

Finis Africa – Radio Tarifa
(Post punk from 80s Spain)
Finis Africa

Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses
(Black acid)

Mr Fingers – Washing Machine
(NYE Acid)
Mr Fingers

Manuel Göttsching – E2-E4
(Rest in Power)
Manuel Gottsching

Fun Boy Three – The Lunatics have taken over the asylum
(Another great one sadly gone too soon)
Fun Boy Three 

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16 Dec 2022

Rocket album appearances in '2022 End of The Year' lists

Here is a run down of some of Rocket album inclusions in various end of year lists that we have seen:

The Quietus – Albums of the Year
12 Moundabout – Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones
#32 The Utopia Strong – International Treasure
#37 Alison Cotton – The Portrait You Painted Of Me
#42 Gnod – Hexen Valley

The Quietus – Tracks of the Year
#1 Shit & Shine – Annoyed
#15 The Utopia Strong – Castalia
#43 Gnod – Spotlight

The Quietus – Compilations of the Year
4 Various –  Elsewhere XVIII 

The Quietus – Psych Rock Albums of the Year
Gnod – Hexen Valley

Louder Than War
#65 J. Zunz – Del Aire
#17 Goat – Oh Death

Get Into This
#10 Goat – Oh Death
#48 Gnod – Hexen Valley

#53 Rubber Oh – Strange Craft
#85 Holy Scum – Strange Desires
#98 The Utopia Strong – International Treasure

Raven Sings The Blues
Goat – Oh Death

#18 Petbrick – Liminal

Fuzzy Sun
#5 GNOD – Hexen Valley
#12 Shit & Shine – New Confusion

Normans Records
Holy Scum – Strange Desires
Goat – Oh Death
Moundabout – Flowers Rot, Bring Me Stones

Resident Records

Goat – Oh Death
GNOD – Hexen Valley

Piccadilly Records
#27 Goat – Oh Death
#34 GNOD – Hexen Valley

Sister Ray Records
Goat – Oh Death

Jumbo Records
#18 Alison Cotton – The Portrait You Painted Of Me

Smithfield Records
Rubber Oh – Strange Craft

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1 Dec 2022

Rocket Recordings – 'Best of 2022' Playlist

To celebrate the end of another year, we have put together a playlist of tracks taken from Rocket Recordings 2022 launches - one track per release. 

We are incredibly proud once again of the eclectic collection of sounds we have released this year. We are blessed by having some of the most talented artists around and are humbled that they trust us to release their art on Rocket.

Listen to this very special taster of Rocket's 2022 here:


Spotify  (Doesn't include The Utopia Strong)

We won't lie but 2022 has been a tough year, maybe the toughest in our 24 years of releasing music. Brexshit, Covid, War and all their knock on effects has meant running a DIY label has never been so hard. We are also extremely aware that is has been a tough year for many of you out there, so we really do appreciate all your continued support. 

We know it is a cliché thing to say, but it is 100% true, if it wasn't for you buying our records, CD's, tapes and shirts then we would not be here. So thank you!! 

And we have a special 40% Off 7 Day Sale that starts tomorrow at 8am which is the last Bandcamp Friday of the year, so the best time to fill those gaps in your collection, just use the promotional code 2022sale:


Thank you
Chris + John