31 Oct 2016

Rocket Probes – October playlist

LORN - ANVIL [Official Music Video] from Geriko on Vimeo.

(video is not for the music, but for the visuals)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats
(The album has the repetition of Gnod, the riffs of early Magnet and the noise of Part Chimp...a classic Rocket album)
Pigs x7

SPR! – Mental Health
(Haga Nord are releasing lot's of great stuff at the moment...this has some great murky kraut/psych/industrial grooves)

Horseback – Heathen Earth
(Massive fan of their new album, and here is a great track from their older singles/rarities compilation)

New Fast Automatic Daffodils – Live at the Hacienda
(Watch this amazing live footage from the Hacienda...you can hear traces of Gnod and Goat in their repetitious grooves)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils

Discharge – Why
(One of the guitarist from Goat's favourite records)

Jenny Hval – Blood Bitch
(Repetitive, experimental, electronic pop)
Jenny Hval

The Troggs – Feels like a women
(You got to love that fuzz)
The Troggs 

Bruxa Maria – Human Condition
(Good n' noisy experimental hardcore from London...amazing live so check them out!)
Bruxa Maria

Ved – Ved
(Rickard from Flowers Must Die turned us on to this compilation of tracks by the band Ved who are a great Swedish global psych/groove/kraut band...not all great but when when they hit it it's amazing!!)

Housewives – New Dance
(Repetitive and experimental greatness on this Blank Editions 7")

Edip Akbayram - Dağlar Dağladı Beni
(Killer Turkish Fuzz!...again, thanks to Rickard from Flowers Must Die for bringing this to our attention)
Edip Akbayram

Pentagram – 20 Buck Spin
(Cherrystones dropped this during his Liverpool Psych Fest set and the place erupted...killer groove)

Rodion G.A. – Cosmic Game
(Killer rock rhythms, fuzz guitars and spacey synths, all with his usual Eastern (Romanian) vibe...from his 'The Lost Album')
Rodion G.A.

Curved Air – Backstreet Luv
(Great grooved pop with some nice subtle but dirty fuzz)
Curved Air 

Uncle Acid – Remember Tomorrow
(Uncle Acid covering one of our favourite Maiden tracks)
Uncle Acid

Broadcast – Tender buttons
(Been getting lot's of plays this month., their sorley missed..their best album?)

Joakim Skogsberg – Jola Fran Ingbo
(Goat started each show with this amazing piece of music...from the essential album Jola Rota)
Joakim Skogsberg

Chicago – If you leave me now
(And we finished each Goat show with this track...very poignant)


Plenirockium reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Mirage

It reads:

The great liberation through hearing in the Bardo, a promise from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. A tribute, an inspiration. A form of asceticism chasing streets full of narcotic jelly.
Josefin Öhrn and Fredrik Joelson have repercussions among the tentacles of Tago Mago (Can) and the luxury of a motorik punctuated by a tambourine. Sons of a cosmic josefinrivoluzione glide between the instruments devoted to electronics, companions of other children who explore the heavens in apocalyptic Teutonic essence. The hypnotic reverberations punctuate light sides, inevitably suspended between dream pop and shoegaze malleable choices. Josefin's voice whispers imaginary mischief with subdued melodies that cross Margaret Fiedler at the time of Laika and Alex Gehring when trilling in Ringo Deathstarr. Perhaps to take up the challenge of "looking shoes" with guitars Spacemen 3 or the vanguard of caustic-occult themes...

Read the rest here: Plenirockium


Fast n' Bulbous reviews Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's Mirage

It reads:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation - Mirage (Rocket, 2016)Last year’s debut from Swedish kosmische psych group Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Horse Dance, was a pleasant surprise, despite the fact that there’s already more than a handful of artists exploring this sound, including labelmates Les Big Byrd, Moon Duo, Minami Deutsch, Föllakzoid, Sundays & Cybele, Flavor Crystals, Eat Lights Become Lights, Camera, Papir, Electric Orange, Sungod, Fujiya & Miyagi, Peaking Lights and Cave among others. Anyone who thinks the psych scene is staid has their head far up their ass. Listen to all these bands on random in a playlist, and they sparkle and glow like neon sugary treats, representing a scintillating array of flavors and textures. Those lucky enough to be at fests like Roskilde Festival and Eindhoven Psych Lab got a sneak preview of the band, but word caught fairly quickly, as the album snuck onto a few year-end lists…

Read the rest here: Fast n' Bulbous


Listen to Hey Colossus live in the studio

Ahead of their November European shows (see previous post), Hey Colossus have recorded two old faves live in their studio 'Dropout'.

Listen/download here: Hey Colossus

The band said this about the recordings:
"a free, pre-tour D/L - couple of old tunes given a fresh bit of OOMPH in a recent 10 mins of downtime in the studio..."


27 Oct 2016

Hey Colossus November tour

As announced previously, Hey Colossus are taking a break from making their new album and heading out on a tour around Europe in November

Dates are:

02/11 OCCII / Amsterdam / Netherlands Info

03/11 MS Stubnitz / Hamburg / Germany Info

04/11 Urban Spree / Berlin / Germany Info  Tickets

05/11 Garage / Liege / Belgium  Info

24/11 Espace B* / Paris / France Info Tickets

25/11 La Malterie* / Lille / France Info

26/11 Magasin 4* / Bruxelles / Belgium Info  Tickets

* = w/Part Chimp


Cone magazine reviews Goat / Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation Bristol show

It reads:

Bristol’s SWX was the unanticipated host of a mid-week feast of infectious tribal-inspired jams, led by Swedish cult ensemble Goat and their ambient associates.

The everyday music-goer in Bristol may agree that stepping into the building formally known as Syndicate for a night of Swedish psych-rock may seem a tad askew. The venue, re-branded as SWX, is now hosting a diverse array of touring acts, drawing in perhaps a more comprehensive crowd than its predecessor. What was formally a riotous student haven and grime nights has now become Bristol’s big-city venue, boasting a high quality audio and visual experience to almost 2,000 punters. The change comes amidst an already growing number of re-brands and closures facing Bristol’s iconic music scene...

Read the rest here: Cone magazine


26 Oct 2016

Listen to Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation session for BBC 6Music

Yesterday Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation recorded a live session for Lauren Laverne's BBC 6Music show – hosted by Tom Ravenscroft.

Listen to it here: BBC 6 Music

The band recorded three tracks, Rushing, Sister Green Eyes which were aired live and a third track which was a very special cover which will be aired on BBC 6Music in December


Watch short film 'Fist' – features music from Rocket back catalogue

Fist from Benjamin Barfoot on Vimeo.

Watch this short film Fist by Benjamin Barfoot which features music by Mamuthones, Goat, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and Teeth of the Sea.

Bejamin is the genius behind the Teeth of the Sea video for Reaper and the currently being made film called Double Date which features Goat playing live in an East London Warehouse


Raven sings the Blues reviews Mirage by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It reads:

Upping the motorik attack from their first record with Rocket Recorings, Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation plummet into a vortex of swirling drums and swarms of buzzing keys on Mirage. From the opening strains of “The State (I’m In),” the record breathes heavy and damp like a vaporizer filling the mind with gauzy strains of psychedelic fog. Everything is dark and creeping in The Liberation’s world, a thundering bass reverberation pounds through the mind, darting between guitar lines like so many trees in a spectral forest. Those guitars burn, when they emerge, with an intense and alarming temperature that makes their presence felt. Ohrn pushes her psych journey almost to the edge of the dance floor though, finding that fine line between trance and drone, especially on lead single “In Madrid.” Here, she works repeated phrases and circular playing into a kind of semi-conscious drug haze that folds colors over on themselves in prismatic, shimmering sheets...

Read in full here: Raven sings the blues


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation choose 5 Tracks for Sonic Magazine

Roughly translated it reads:

On Friday, the new album with Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, one of the country's flagship regarding all things Spaceway and psychedelic rock. Towards the end of last year, specifically in Sonic # 85 , sat down with Pierre Hellqvist Josefin to talk favorite records (photo: Lina Haskel). A text that feels especially appropriate to reprise now that Sonic just released an entire issue where a lot of artists talk precisely favorite records. 

Play loud. 

Such request should sit glued to "Horse Dance ', the debut album with Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. The potential of the disc repetitive psych rock increases for each additional upward adjustment påvolymskalan. There are attacks feels, that's attacks burned...

Read the rest here: Sonic Magazine


Get into this makes Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief one of it's tracks of the week

It reads:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief
A fierce, cathartic endeavour from Rocket Records for you here; Pigs (x7) explore their raw, organic emotion and transform it into something brutal, something destructive, but something truly real.

Sweet Relief is a gurgling blast of sludgy rock that has taken a hit from the same bong as stoner doom legends Sleep, while worshipping Ozzy Osbourne and co. along with a possible Faustian pact just in case.

Let your hair down, prepare to sweat and delve into the tremendously evil licks of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

See the piece in full here: Get into this


More reviews for Goat's Requiem

The reviews for Goat's Requiem are still flooding in, here are a few more:





Loud and Quiet reviews Goat and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation live in Manchester

It reads:

Goat led a deeply hypnotic happening on Saturday night with their friends in Manchester

The mysterious Swedes were joined by Hookworms, Jane Weaver, Mugstar and Josefin Öhrn and the Liberation for this celebration of psychedelia.
Fellow Swedes and label mates to Goat, Josefin Öhrn and the Liberation open a line-up that is a deep-set exploration of contemporary psychedelic music. The textural atmospherics and undercurrent of electronics from their recent album ‘Mirage’ are overwritten somewhat in favour of volume-pushing guitars that create a dense fog for Öhrn’s vocals to float around in a hazy but absorbing vacuum, setting a tone for an evening that leans heavily towards the hypnotic.

Read the full review here: Loud and Quiet


Digital Fix gives Requiem a 9/10 review

It reads:

The story of GOAT is a convoluted and reclusive one. With press releases stating they originally hail from the remote Arctic community of Korpilombolo (claimed to be steeped in a history of voodoo worship), they have been playing as GOAT in one form or another for over 30 years performing the music of their culture passed from generation to generation, not to mention their penchant for playing live in full masks and robes to obscure themselves, picking out fact from fiction is an act of endurance. The facts: the Gothenburg based psych rockers have released their third album proper, Requiem, claimed to be their “folk” album, and while it's true the fuzz guitar has been toned down since 2014’s 'Commune', thankfully it hasn’t disappeared completely...

Read the rest here: Digital Fix


Reviews of Goat live in Manchester

This is what happens when a band you love gets really popular”, my friend says to me as we enter The Coronet Theatre, which seems to be already bursting at the seams with people. The Coronet is an awkward venue anyway, with what seem like labyrinths of corridors in the building leading you to nowhere in particular, so trying to get to where you want to be can be a tad difficult...

Read the rest here: Freq


Manchester Evening News
Should proof be needed that psychedelic music is as alive and tripped out a delay pedal, this ensemble of current masters in its field is reliable testimony indeed.

The Swedish headliners at the Albert Hall, Goat, are pretty conclusive evidence alone, but chuck in this six-course banquet of bands and DJs - much of it drawn from an hour's radius of here, including tonight's between bands DJ, Andy Votel - and well, your honour, the prosecution rests.

Jane Weaver - a native Liverpool girl but a Mancunian for decades - is a shining example of psych's extensive reach...

Read the rest here: Manchester Evening News


Farout Magazines
Goat describe themselves as a revolving door of like-minded “brothers and sisters”, performing in the kinds of disguises that mean it’s pretty hard to distinguish who (if any) the fixed members of the band are.

And the enthralling smorgasbord of influences that they weave together is just as disorientating, but none of this ever comes even close to treading pretension, or indeed daftness…

Read the rest here: Farout


Classic Rock makes 'Sweet Relief' by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs their track of the week

It reads:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief
“It’s a pretty perfect balance of obnoxiousness, ridiculousness, intensity and theatrics, and somewhere within that spectrum is where our music sits too,” says vocalist Matt Baty, who sounds a bit like a young, stoner Lemmy. It’s not a bad summary either – mental, porcine band name aside, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs make a surprisingly commanding racket on Sweet Relief. Mmmm fuzzy...

You can vote for it here: Classic Rock


Flowers Must Die – Sista Valsen reviews in Terrascope and Dayz of Purple

Terrascope say:

The bad news is that by the time you’ve read this the limited run of 300 copies of this almost LP length EP will almost certainly have sold out. There’s a very good reason for that of course and not just that your reviewer has been typically tardy in pulling his finger out. No it’s because Flowers Must Die are as hot as mustard right now as anyone fortunate enough to have witnessed them at Liverpool Psych Fest or any of their recent tie-in dates will surely attest. It’s also testimony to Rocket Recordings that they have this unerring knack of snapping up bands at just the right time, so while Flowers have cut their teeth with an already enviable body of work including three acclaimed albums and numerous satellite releases back home in Sweden, they are just about hitting their peak as Sista Valens so clearly demonstrates...

Read the rest here: Terrascope


Dazyz of Purple say:

To my shame I've arrived a bit late at the Flowers Must Die party - but better late than never eh? Whilst I'm au fait with the Swedish group's earlier recordings, I missed out on the initial hullabaloo that met this release (on Rocket Recordings) but on playing catch up it became glaringly obvious that this is one Swedish group that just goes from strength to strength (unlike some others!). Sweden has a long history of top notch psych, stretching back to Baby Grandmothers, Trad Gras och Stenar and International Harvester, and 'Sista Valsen' sits well amongst those legendary names. 'Sista Valsen' sees the welcome addition of vocalist/violinist Lisa Ekelund who adds a different dimension to this recording. It has a real jam vibe to it that sees the band travel on a different trajectory to their previous outings...

Read the rest here: Dayz of Purple


Soundblab reviews Mirage by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation

It reads:

With a compact schedule of both touring and recording, the Stockholm psych experience troupe - Josefin Ohrn and The Liberation have returned. Since last year's full-length debut album Horse Dance, the group with all the same hands on deck as on their previous encounters, unveil to us the 10-track odyssey - Mirage.

A reverbed repetitive overdriven organ motif with a constant tambourine, 'The State (I'm in)' is the album's pilot light. The flame builds with the familiar motorik pulse from the drums, a steady pulsating bassline throughout, added later is an encircling tampura synth. Whilst seething guitar lines reach out around the other instruments, driving forward Josefin's enchanted mantra. An Air-like intro blends into an emerald jaded eastern drone wall on Sister Green Eyes', velvety grooves alongside a hypnotic rendering of percussive beat tones, distant phantasmic choral echoes, sitar simulated guitar, are all ecstatically underpinned by the contagious drum loop - ending with what could be an electric Shahnaz...

Read in full here: Soundblab


21 Oct 2016

CLASH & Music OMH Review Goat's Requiem



When Goat first emerged caterwauling from the depths of Scandinavia half a decade ago, they were a shock to the system. Their debut album, ‘World Music’, was a resplendent globe-trotting trip of a listen, their live shows a manic ritual worship at the feet of their twin voodoo priestesses, and nowhere else was there anything quite like it.

In the years that followed, psychedelic music experienced its latest revival, and in Goat’s wake came reams of artists with a similar mix of heady riffs and fusion grooves, their previously unfamiliar aesthetic, if not outright copied, clearly bearing its influence on those that followed. By the time the band’s sophomore LP ‘Commune’ was released two years ago, though still armed with the same hectic brilliance as on their debut the mysterious Swedes’ power to shock and awe was clearly fading.

Goat’s second album succeeded on the strength of its songs alone, but now, on its follow-up, there’s a sense they can’t get away with the same tricks three times in a row. How refreshing, then, that in response to what was a creeping sense of predictability, that on ‘Requiem’ the band have taken a total left turn. Where once they were detached and unreachably alien in tone, now Goat have reached out their arms on a warm, bright, even uplifting new record, laced in flutes and mantras of goodwill.

Read the full review here: Clash



On paper, Goat sound like a comically terrible idea for a band. They perform in masks and flowing robes, and claim to hail from the remote northern Swedish village of Korpilombolo, where they emerged less as a band than as a collective which has supposedly handed its identity down to new members over the decades.

Their line-up is a mystery, and Goat give the impression that different members drift in and out of recording sessions: anyone who happens to be there when the band is making music is part of the band. This might sound like a bad parody of a bunch of amateurish hippies making unfocussed music, but the origin story is almost certainly not true, and the music is too good to have been played and recorded by so loose a collective.

Full Review Here: Music OMH


The Times reviews Goat gig at Coronet, London

Here’s an intriguing proposition: masked Swedes, led by two female singers dancing wildly in ceremonial gowns and headdresses, brewing up a hypnotic mix of African highlife, chanted incantations, heavy rock and rustic folk.

There’s a pantomime element to Goat’s voodoo stew — not least because they claim to have been schooled as children by a witchdoctor who moved into their village — but there’s something liberating about it too. With no personalities to focus on and with the music trancelike the audience can lose themselves to the ritual, whatever the meaning of that might be.

An ominous drone introduced…

Read the rest here: The Times


Bristol B24/7 & Bristol Live Mag Review Goat & Josefin gig at SWX

When we heard Swedish psychedelicists Goat were returning to Bristol, we were more than eager to attend. Ask anyone who has ever seen them live and you can almost guarantee they will say it was one of the best live performances that they have ever witnessed. The experimental collective have created a completely original fusion of styles embracing many historical curiosities from across the globe. The mysterious band could be described ‘electrified tribalism’ and, while their aptly named debut World Music was hailed one of the best albums of 2012, unless you have seen them live, you can't comprehend quite how unique they really are.....

Read the rest here: Bristol247


SWX is Bristol’s newest venue, and is absolutely bursting at the seams tonight. A homemade GOAT figurine is held aloft in the crowd, and the atmosphere is like little else seen in the city this year. It’s for good reason too – a consistent highlight of the festival season for the last four years, the Swedish seven-piece have now produced three albums of their tribal-tinged psychedelica, each more impressive than the last.

Despite the triumph of latest album Requiem, it’s the band’s live show which gets them the most plaudits, and tonight unequivocally shows why. From the off, GOAT make every song feel like a fists-up rock show and a head-bowed techno rave simultaneously, and once the crowd figure out exactly what’s going on up on stage, their reaction is wild.

Read more here: Bristol Live Magazine.


Brighton's Finest & The Argus Review Goat/Josefin Corn Exchange Brighton Gig

Brighton's Finest:

'There is a lot of hogwash surrounding this band. A lot of hokum, misinformation, propaganda, legend and myth. Who the hell are they, and where do they come from? Yeah, some of them probably play in other bands, known only to a very few. But, somehow (apart from early on when Christian Johansson, the only publicly known member of Goat, gave some interviews under that name) they have managed to keep that cloak of secrecy around them, the antithesis of reality TV and commercial pop and rock. They are underground, in more ways than one but everyone is welcome to the communal celebratory spirit of the band and it’s this underlying ethos which is part of the attraction. It feels and looks honest, and right for many.

Before Goat get started tonight though we have Josefin and The Liberation, also from the same stable, who proved to be an excellent support (making a rare appearance in the UK). They provided a more psychedelic and heavier rock show, with the ephemeral Josefin weaving her seductive vocal throughout the set. Very often support bands can fall well short of the main attraction but Josefin and the Liberation definitely wowed the audience, receiving enthusiastic responses for their often brilliant musicianship and strong material. It almost gave the impression that The Liberation could have included members of Goat, unrecognisable without their masks.'

Read the rest: Brightons Finest


The Argus:

Anonymous Swedish band Goat have denied that their gigs are intended as rituals, but it would have taken a heart of stone not to have felt spiritually invigorated by their Brighton show. Judging by the amount of people stamping their feet on the ground in demand of an encore, I wasn't the only one.

The costumed troupe are an absolute tour de force, a freewheeling but tight unit who merge various world music styles into a borderline transcendental product.

Whether it was the kraut trance of The Sun The Moon, afrobeat euphoria of new song Trouble in the Streets or the classic rock wig-out of closer Det Som Aldrig Förändras, the band were never less than enthralling.

Read the rest: The Argus


See some photos from the night here: After Dark


17 Oct 2016

Introducing 'Feed the Rats' – new album by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

We are extremely excited to announce that we are releasing the great new album 'Feed the Rats' by the amazing Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

You can listen to the track 'Sweet Relief' above and preorder a ltd to 300 copies Blood Red vinyl and CD from here: Rocket Bandcamp

And preorder digital from here: iTunes

The album is released on 20 January and the band are celebrating the release of their new LP with two launch shows:

Jan 20th - Venue TBC / Newcastle
Jan 21st - The Lexington / London

Now booking EU tour early Feb. Contact - johnny@highnoiseageny.co.uk 


The press release reads:

“He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”, as a sage wiser and more debauched than most of us once remarked. Such is the headspace of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, whose animalistic headspace is set out by their very moniker, yet who have wasted little time in creating an almighty psychic charge that has blown minds and summoned bedlam in sweat-drenched venues across the UK’s underground and beyond.

“It’s a pretty perfect balance of obnoxiousness, ridiculousness, intensity and theatrics, and somewhere within that spectrum is where our music sits too.” reckons Matthew Baty, whose vein-popping onstage performances and cathartic bellow form a primary ingredient of the Newcastle five-piece’s devastating live shows. “We truly love the emotionally dark bands that we are in (Ommadon, Blown Out, Khunnt). Pigs however provided an opportunity to do something different, something that is fun with a different kind of intensity.”

Playing their first gig supporting Goat at what was only the latter’s second ever show, the band have gigged relentlessly with kindred spirits including The Cosmic Dead and Luminous Bodies, not to mention gracing festivals like Supernormal and Portugal’s Reverence with their feral attack. Yet the time has come for this band to transcend the realm of word-of-mouth phenomenon and be judged on their feverish and demented collision of psych-drone dementia and riff-driven salvation alone. 

The inarguable proof is Feed The Rats, the overwhelming first album the band have created for Rocket Recordings - equal parts righteous repetition, bludgeoning brute force and Sabbathian squalor, its alchemical charge has the power to transform bleary-eyed abandon into small-hours revelation. This three-track, forty-minute monument of chaotic catharsis captures the everything-on-eleven spirit of the band’s live manifestation whilst adding a level of finesse and texture often less easily accessible in a dangerous haze of flying hair, discarded clothes and spilt premium lager. Channeling the grimy trip hazards 
of Monster Magnet’s ‘Spine Of God’ through a prism of kraut-derived repetition and Part Chimp style bloodymindedness, the resulting hallucinatory vortex appears constantly on the realm of breaking point. 

Yet for Baty, the porcine realm is less about a nihilistic quest for fiery oblivion than one might imagine. “You know, I think we’ve experienced it, many times. It’s those gigs where we can almost sense that everyone in the room is engaged. The energy created is so thick you can almost bite down on it and it feels like there’s no longer any barrier between band and audience. Those are the special shows, where there’s a solidarity and a very visceral bond. That, and being able to smell our amps melting”.

Amps and brains alike, as these psychic omnivores bring seven times the joy, seven times the pain, seven times the dementia and deliverance. 


14 Oct 2016

Listen to Goat's exclusive mix for Solid Steel on NTS

Listen to the mix here: Solid Steel

This is what Solid Steel say about the mix:

Solid Steel (14th October) In Hour 1 we welcome Goat to Solid Steel celebrating the release of their new album 'Requiem', which is out on Rocket Recordings. The Swedish collective go back a long way, but it was their debut album 'World Music' from 4 years ago that got everyones attention. Their influences are varied, as you can tell from their mix which takes in music from Archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Clap!Clap!, Oumou Sangare, Paul McCartney, Chicago, Tom Ze and Albert Ayler. If you caught them at Glastonbury last year, you'll know that their live sets are not to be missed and you can see them on tour in the UK next week, including the Coronet in London on the 18th October.


Amazing photos of Goat live in Munich by Neolyd

See the full portfolio of amazing pictures here: Neolyd


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation announce new London show

Fresh from their tour with Goat, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation have announced an extra London show:

25/10 London Kamio
Supporting Lola Colt

The show will follow their visit to BBC 6Music for a live session on Lauren Laverne's show, so make sure you tune in and then come see the band live


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and Goat reveal '5 albums that changed their lives'

Music player Tidal asked Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and Goat to list '5 albums that changed their lives, and you can read what they said here:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation


Both bands also put together playlists for Tidal which you can listen to here:

Goat playlist

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation playlist

The bands are currently on tour together and hit the UK next week


Great reviews of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation 'Mirage' coming in

It reads:

Sonic Magazine 8/10
If you want to hear exquisite Swedish space kraut psych, point your wallet towards Bristol, because there, on 37 Phillip Street is the record label Rocket Recordings. And Rocket Recordings is the home of bands like Goat, Hills, Flowers Must Die and Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. Their instincts are something else.

"From the first second to the last it is a hyper focused, personal and relentless space kraut psych colossus, and it glows ecstatically red. ‘»The State (I’m In)« sounds like a meeting between Faust's ‘Krautrock' and Mark and The Mysterians. The sister tracks 'In Madrid’ and 'Rainbow Lollipop’ bring Suicide out in to the deep space of Hawkwind. »Rushing Through My Mind« is the best lullaby that Neu never wrote. »Sister Green Eyes« is Air’s »Sexy Boy« filtered through the most romantic radio show of the Middle East.

‘In other words I can not get enough of Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation and I love it. If they keep this up they will soon be labeled a drug....

Read more here


Hymn 9/10
It feels like Josephine Öhrn + The Liberation has been around a long time, but it's actually not even a year since his debut Horse Dance came.

The sequel shows up even now is actually a minor sensation. Other plate is traditionally much more time to cobble together, after you have emptied the store of song ideas before the debut. Horse Dance was also acclaimed, which may have increased the pressure further.

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation seems to have turned any pressure to their advantage. Greatly.

Everything - and I mean all - the Mirage's seven voyages better. The Flood-scented production is magnificent. The songs feels incredibly elaborate and more as a unit than on the debut. Josefin Öhrn also has fully found his voice and feels extremely stable...

Read more here


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new album 'Mirage' released today

We are excited to announce that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation new album 'Mirage' is released today!!

Buy from here: Rocket Bandcamp

The band are currently out on the road supporting Goat and are playing at these following cities:

14 Oct / Cabaret Sauvage / Paris / France 
16 Oct / Desertfest / Antwerp / Belgium 
17 Oct / Corn Exchange / Brighton / UK
18 Oct / Coronet / London / UK
19 Oct / SWX / Bristol / UK
20 Oct / Riverside / Newcastle / UK
21 Oct / 02 ABC / Glasgow / UK 
22 Oct / Albert Hall / Manchester / UK (also w/ Hookworms, Jane Weaver, Mugstar)


13 Oct 2016

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation to play a Lauren Laverne BBC6Music live session

We are very excited to announce that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation will be performing live on BBC 6 Music on Lauren Laverne's show on 25 October.

Lauren as well as other 6 Music DJ's have been raving about the album over the last few weeks, and now to be invited in to do a live session is amazing.

More information will be available here soon: Lauren Laverne


Rocket DJ's announced on UK Goat shows

Chris from Rocket has been announced as DJ at some of next weeks Goat / Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation shows.

They will be:

18 Oct / Coronet / London
19 Oct / SWX / Bristol
20 Oct / Riverside / Newcastle
21 Oct / O2 ABC / Glasgow

Tickets are running very low, so if you intend to go then you ned to buy tickets now!


Josefin Öhrn to guest on special Whyte Horses show

Josefin Öhrn has been invited to join Manchester band Whyte Horses and a host of other great names for a special one off show.

Unfortunately we have not been given much information bar the poster above but you should be able to get more information here: Whyte Horses


Goat mix on NTS Solid Steel show tonight

The legends that are Coldcut have been doing Solid Steel mixes since late 80's and their current show on NTS is still showcasing the cutting edge of music.

And tonight at 2am (Friday morning) they have an exclusive mix put together by GOAT!

Tune in here: NTS


11 Oct 2016

Hey Colossus announce Reading show

Hey Colossus have announced a new show:

Double Dot Dash Presents:

+ Guests

Friday February 3
8 PM - 11 PM
South Street Arts Centre
(21 South Street, RG1 4QU Reading, England)

Show your interest and ticket info here: Double dot dash


Goat tour with Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation selling out

As expected the shows are starting to sell out.

We have been informed that all teh UK shows are running low and will sell out soon.

So, don't miss this...it isn't going to happen again!


10 Oct 2016

Pitchfork reviews Goat's Requiem

It reads:

The ritualistically anonymous GOAT return with a double album of psychedelia rendered primarily with acoustic elements. Though still veiled, they reveal more of their heart and personality than ever.

Whether they’re parlaying their carefully cultivated mystique into pop stardom, or just outed by the press, camera-shy buzz acts generally don’t stay anonymous for long. But the masked members of GOAT have now made it to their third album without breaking character or being doxxed, which is no small achievement for a self-mythologizing entity in the age of oversharing. And even if they’re the only ones still recounting their incredulous origin story with a straight face (or a mask depicting a straight face), GOAT are still clinging the conceit, and to this day, interviews with the band put journalists in the awkward position of picking up the phone and asking to speak with somebody named Fuzzmaster…

Read the full review here: Pitchfork