5 Oct 2016

The VPME makes Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Rushing Through My Mind their track of the day

They say:

It nearly didn’t happen, we could oh so easily have missed Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation during our recent jaunt to Liverpool’s International Festival Of Psychedelia had we succumbed to the cranium-cleaving headache that had plagued us that particular weekend. And of course when one has a banging headache a festival of psych and drone is exactly the place to be, right ?  But we are nothing if not stoic and fate decreed that we would fall under the spell of JO+TL (hmm not sure if that particular acronym works, reads like a dodgy MC and his ‘beat master’.)  We were swept up by their fabulous mix of driving beats, sonic thunder and unlike a few acts who’d assaulted our ears earlier in the day, their sense of melody.  At these sort of festivals, you do sometimes think ‘well, yes a twenty-minute guitar wig out is all well and good, but for fuck’s sake could you perhaps stop dropping acid and drop a tune once in a while.’  Thankfully Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation can do just that, mixing power, hypnotic beats with a seductive, uplifting and sometimes strident pop sensibility.

We’d not heard them before to be honest, but their debut EP was apparently nominated for a Swedish grammy no less. They take their name from the notion of ‘Liberation Upon Hearing In The Between’ from the ‘Tibetan Book Of The Dead.‘ And yes we’ve just re-read that last ...

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