3 Oct 2016

Soundblab gives Goat's Requiem a 9/10 review

It reads:

“We look everywhere and nowhere at the same time” Goat told Soundblab recently. The music is innate, and the music is learnt. The musical influences could be quantified but then again, with a lifetime’s experience of playing in this small town collective, much of the music is simply Goat’s lifeblood, a culmination of all their experiences of listening and playing together.

Goat’s previous work has been more primal, more lightheaded and delirious than Requiem. Befitting perhaps the image of the band as psychedelic shamans, warriors of the new world music order, and also representative of their secular upbringings in a part of Sweden rich in mythological history.

But now they grow as musicians, and Goat grows as an entity. Requiem is a much clearer representation of their talents. No concession to commercialism at all, just thematically more consistent...

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