30 Sept 2010


Catch Gnod's unique brand of Kraut-out-dubstep at Manchester's KRAAK Gallery.

Sunday 3rd of October.


More reviews for Serpentina Satelite's Mecanica Celeste

Serpentina Satelite - Mecanica Celeste

Are you ready for a total head fuck of an LP be warned listening to this album on headphones could bring on forms of psychosis.

South America seems to be the place as there are plenty of top notch sike bands on the go (Follakzoid, Watch Out!, Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane…) but it would be fair to say these are the heaviest ive heard of the bunch.

Bringing to mind a tripped out Monster Magnet TAB vibe with some heavy late period Loop thrown in to the mix as well. Sounds swell and move from speaker to speaker as some serious wah wah action is played throughout.

Strange effects come in and out of the mix as the music builds in intensity and ferocity as a Bo Diddley riff via the Stooges kicks in dogs start barking everything panning from side to side.

Then some female ritualistic chanting soothes over us before sides are changed and theres more wah wah action and side 2 kicks in even heavier as Serpentina Satelite head for the heavens.

The last track kicks in on a pretty intense doomish vibe before finally kicking into overdrive and when you cannot take anymore the soothing female chanting brings you back down.

Rocket Recordings do the business with a beautiful sleeve. Also check out these guys last lp Nothing To Say on Trip in Time.

Dave Cambridge

Brain Crushing Sounds


Plus some other nice words from these great sites:


Cosmic Lava

Turn me on dead man

Hooked on Music


28 Sept 2010

The Heads - A Leeds Perspective

The Heads - A Leeds Perspective

The first time I heard The Heads I actually didn’t take them seriously. It was a version of Spliff Riff that appeared on a Terrascope benefit CD and I thought it was some project by a load of learned musicians trying to make the heaviest track they could possibly do. The band name seemed to back this idea up as it was too easy. I knew absolutely nothing about them and this ‘one off’ was so ridiculously intense I enjoyed it for the moment and then largely forgot about it. A few months later I came across a review of ‘Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere’ in, of all things, the NME. The review stated ‘From start to finish, The Heads' second album is a relentless, no-holds-barred psychedelic nightmare of a record’ and that immediately sparked my interest. Being the junior internet nerd I was back then I couldn’t find a copy of the album despite what I felt was a good search, so I sighed in resigned disappointment and went back to whatever it was I was listening to at the time.

Roughly 6 months later I accidentally came across a copy of the album via a small retail outlet in Birmingham – the now sadly demised Chunky Records – and a CD duly arrived. The cover alone was exciting enough but I can vividly recall the moment I first played ‘Everybody Knows’ as I drove through the Yorkshire dales on my way to work in Ilkley. That intro and the brutal way Legavaan Satellite barged itself into my live is a moment I will never forget, and in many ways it remains a pivotal experience in my musical appreciation. My obsession with Bristol’s finest guitar noise bods began then and shows no sign of letting up getting on for a decade later. A few weeks later I discovered that they were playing in London at Camden’s Monarch and I went down especially to see them. I optimistically emailed Heads guro Simon Keeler about the gig who replied with gusto, saying there were to be ‘new songs, light show, the works.. .’ At the merchandise stall stood the towering but thoroughly friendly figure of Rocket dude Simon Healey who I babbled away to for most of the support acts. At one point he asked me if I'd ever seen The Heads live before and when I said ‘no’ he smiled and said, as if he were describing a delicious ice cream to a hungry child, ‘oh, you’re in for SUCH a treat’ – and he was spot on. Their set that night was absolutely ridiculous and I stood, awestruck, paralysed, grinning with pleasure as the blistering wave of deafening music rolled over me and everyone else. As I left I wobbled past Mr. Keeler and we exchanged a look. In my brain-shattered state all I managed to say was ‘that really was...’ and he finished my sentence with what seemed to be a question accompanied by a knowing grin ‘...a pummelling wall of psychedelic noise...?’ Too right. My journey was well under way.

The Heads don’t play live that often so such moments are something to savour – they have never disappointed me and I’ve travelled hundreds of a miles to catch a 25 minute support slot on occasion. The band members grew to know me and my obsessional colleagues, and so the 3 of us ‘Leeds boys’ became a recognised and inevitable presence at various Heads events. So many memories over the years - live appearances/pre and post gig antics with fans, band members and their extended friends and families/seeing them blow whichever band they were supporting off the stage every single time/helping with their gear/being lucky enough to sit in on a few rehearsals/Johnny O’s perpetually mind-blowing light-show light show/trying to buy drumsticks in Tilburg (actually that city alone provides endless tales of fun and frolics)... Us Leeds Boys have had SO much fun following this band. The Heads are embedded in my own head as the ultimate masters of intense guitar psychedelic music and some of the nicest people I know. They occupy an area of their own. No band I know could even think of reaching the areas in which The Heads set up base camp a good 15 years ago. Despite their ‘largely unknown’ status they carry on regardless and pump out music which seems to be tailor-made for my tastes with every treasured release. God bless them!

Thanks to Mark Lascelles for the text & Dave Cambridge for the music.

The Heads - Hairy Chapter (Creating in the Eternal Now Is Always Heavy) taken from a live set recording - at 'The Circle In The Square' while the Leeds boys sat in with the band running through their set list.


The Heads - The Famous 0/10 Review (Vox-96)

The Heads - 0/10 Review (Vox-96)

Recently rediscovered this cutting from The Heads 0/10 review from Vox magazine (July 96) after we'd been reminded of it while reading Simon Keelers great 'Relaxing With' CD re-issue booklet text. We thought we'd post it up, especially as The Heads outlasted Vox.


23 Sept 2010

Teeth of the Sea play FREE show in London on Wednesday 29th October

Rocket Probes September 2010 Playlist

Gnod – Supernormal set

(Thanks to the guys from Bong for this...it was a mind blowing set, so nice to relive it, maybe the best ever version of ‘Tony’s first disco’ that has been captured too...)

Various – Light Sounds Dark Presents Sherm Sticks and Other Nasty Joints / Return of the Sherm

(Some great fuzzed out rock stompers on these two comps...love the sleazy sleeves too)

Ngozi Family – 45,000 Volts

(Chris Zebby’s backing band let rip...like Zebby’s great album, this contains some great fuzz and spaced out wah, but with even more grooved out bass lines!)

Various – Menagerie

(Interesting vinyl only comp that comes with an art book, worth checking out for the Moon Duo track)

Far East Family Band – Parellel World

(Great album of kosmiche psychedelia...like the best bits of Tangerine Dream)

Shit Magnet – In Session 62

(Ridiculously fuzzed out instrumental punk with bonkers squidgy electronica over the top, sadly unreleased (at the moment), but looking forward to hearing more from this mysterious group of freaks)

Mugstar - Lime

(More stellar sonic adventures from Liverpool's finest, including some recent live favourites & 'Serra' a great Kraut shift in gear)

Oneida / Pterodactyl - The Green Corridor Series 1

(Oneida drop down a level to reveal a more ambient soundtracked side. On the flip Pterodactyl cover 'I See You' off the best Byrds album & then shoegaze into some backwards guitar loops)

Fuzzy Lights - Twin Feathers

(Psyche Folk, Americana & Noise in the vein of Godspeed You Black Emperor & Dirty Three)

Fern Knight -

(Like the first Espers album, it also echoes the spirit of the 70's British Psyche Folk, check out the track 'From Zero to Infinity')

Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffalo - Uganda

(Psychedelic whirlwind of Afro-tribal percussive fuzz blowouts)


11 Sept 2010


Our friends at Invada records
have kindly posted copies of the SERPENTINA SATELITE LP for sale on their shop website, we only have a small run to hand so snap the coloured vinyls up while we've got them.

You can order the LP from:


Or view all their products on sale:

Please note these copies are direct from Rocket, but we are not handling the shipping or sale, this is though the Invada shop.


10 Sept 2010

Teeth of the Sea at Offset photos

Thanks to Tom Medwell for these amazing pictures


SERPENTINA SATELITE – Mecanica Celeste, first reviews

Here are some online reviews for Mecanica Celeste:

And an interview with the band on:

If you saw last Sundays copy of Sunday Times, you would of seen a good review by Rocket fan Stewart Lee.

Plus in the October issue of the magazine Rock Sound there will be an interview with the band, review of the album plus a track on the cover mount CD


9 Sept 2010

ONEIDA - Equinox/Last hit - ONE SIDED 12

XHOL RECORDINGS release Rocket favourites Oneida record.

Although its been out for some months now, get you hands on a copy as they won't be around for long.

ONEIDA - Equinox/Last hit - ONE SIDED 12"

Oneida doesn't need introduction... it's more than 10 years that they keep on putting out with undeniable constancy great albums of psychedelik dancing blasts. As big fans of their work we were understandably excited when meeting them we found them to be great people so was naturally consequential to ask them for a release. Not so much foregone was their positive reply and the commitment they put on it... they gave to us two complete blasting tracks, stepping forward from Rated O and empowering the psychedelik, noise and kraut side of their latest tracks. The blasting 9 minutes wild ride of pure psychedelic and kraut riffs of the first track “Equinox” sounds like Terry Riley playing with Neu! on a desert full of churming echoes, dirty guitars, synth solos and neverending drums. The synth drones melts with the guitars in a unstoppable crescendo that refuses to run out of tension for all the track! Then “Last hit” arrives and explodes in a kaleidoscope of dirt, noise and kollapses in a rattling and destroying ending that leaves you back from dreams thru harsh in reality, back from a one side long journey. This album is simply great and gives a unique glimpse to what Oneida call the "New O" and comes out in a silkscreened limited edition 12”one sided 45rpm, don't be the one who'll miss it!

PRESSING INFO: it comes on an edition of 200 copies on black vynil with two color silkscreened cover and a one color silkscreen print on the empty side of the LP. It's been followed by a preorder only edition of 30 tshirts of the album silkscreened in two colors.


1 Equinox
2 Last hit

Buy it here



1 Sept 2010

Serpentina Satelite – Mecanica Celeste out on Monday 6th September

We are very excited by the imminent release of Mecanica Celeste, the third (first for Rocket) releases by Peruvian space rockers Serpentina Satelite.

It is available on a ltd LP of 600 copies with 100 of those on blue vinyl. Unfortunately as they are all shrink wrapped we have no idea what is blue vinyl and what is black, so it is pot luck i am afraid. The sleeve is also very special printed using a metallic celeste foil!!!

You can pre-order copies direct from our UK distro company cargo at:

or buy from the best shop in the UK:

Rock Sound are doing an interview and featuring a track off the album on their next cover mount CD.

Also, good ol' Rocket fan Stewart Lee has reviewed the album for Sunday Times, review will be printed in the next issue on September 5th

Any questions about this release, email rocketrecordings@yahoo.co.uk