31 Mar 2015

Rocket Probes March Playlist

Gnod – Infinity Machines
(Such a mammoth album that it is still revealing itself with every listen...stunning stuff)

Hirvikolari – H01
(Great first track revealed by this new Teeth of the Sea offshoot)

Stereolab - Back catalogue
(Been dusting off the old stereolab 7s/10s/lps...and once you start it is hard to stop)

The Fall - More back catalogue
(More Fall comps carefully compiled by Kev from Slow River Slow...and like Stereolab, once you start a Fall session it is very hard to stop)
The Fall

Urdog - Garden of bones / Eyelid of the moon
(Great 'shortlived' noughties band, lovely freaked out psych pop...the fuzz on this track is up there with the best)

Flowers Must Die – Möt Väggen
(Great track of fuzz wah from this great Swedish band)
Flowers Must Die

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Feed–Back
(This great vinyl reissue is still getting a lot of spins)
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza

(Sorry, a very short list this month...too much Gnod, Stereolab and The Fall have been consumed to listen to much else!!)


30 Mar 2015

Gods in the TV reviews Shit and Shine – 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

Shit and Shine - 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral 
(Rocket Recordings)

Shit and Shine don’t make pop music. On their latest album ‘54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral’ they’ve have crafted 50 minutes of drone-like repetitive beats with wonky vocals, that not only pushes the listener’s boundaries but asks the question ‘what is music? While this is quite a grandiose statement, and like all grandiose statements, there is an element of truth to it.

Since their inception in the mid-2000’s Shit and Shine ($&$) founder Craig Clouse has mixed garage rock with elements of drone, Krautrock and the Avant-Garde; at their heart they are a psychedelic band, though...

Read the rest of this great 4/5 review here: Gods in the TV


New Gnod and Teeth of the Sea tracks!!!

The Quietus's John Doran has written a book called 'Jolly Lad' and the hardback copies include a free CD that features exclusive new music by Gnod and Teeth of the Sea.

The book is ltd to 500 copies and you can get more information and buy a copy from the publisher: Strange Attractor


27 Mar 2015

Rocket DJ at Bad Vibrations all dayer

Chris Rocket is going to be playing some records at tomorrows Bad Vibrations all dayer in Hackney Wick

The line up and (rough times) for the festival is:

ULRICH SCHNAUSS - 1115pm - Close 
USELESS EATERS - 1020pm - 11pm
FAUST (Ft Thurston Moore) 830pm-10pm
MARTIN REV - 640-740pm
DEAD MEADOW - 525pm - 625pm
TRAAMS 415 - 455pm
THE VACANT LOTS - 315pm - 355pm
GRUMBLING FUR - 215pm-255pm
DOORS - 1230pm

There are a handful of tickets left apparently: Wegottickets


Hey Colossus support Circle in Birmingham

Hey Colossus
Opium Lord

Thursday 21 May
Hare and Hounds

Tickets and more info here: Capsule

Image by Penabranca

20 Mar 2015

Watch Gnod – 'Breaking the Hex' video

Here is the great new  video for Breaking the Hex, a track taken from the forthcoming Gnod album Infinity Machines that we revealed here

The triple album, double CD hits the shops on August 18th.

You can buy the album digitally here and get this track instantly: iTunes

Or you can just buy it from us direct: Rocket Bandcamp


Bristol Rocket show announced

The great people from Cacophonous Sarcophagus are putting on a very special Rocket party:

Shit & Shine
Zam Zam DJ's
Johnny O visuals

29th April 
The Old Malthouse / Old Market

All info and tickets for this must see show can be found here: Cacophonous Sarcophagus


Freq review Hey Colossus In Black and Gold

Hey Colossus – In Black And Gold
On In Black And Gold, various intersections between the hypnotic grooves of space rock, kosmische music and freewheeling ’70s hard rock — a template already successfully mapped out by the likes of Circle in their several incarnations over the years — are held up to be examined with curiosity by Hey Colossus and weighed carefully in the balance. The band set about their task with suitably hefty percussion and some occasional guitar fireworks, the title track in particular providing an excellent way to kick the jams out hard and with a monomaniacal purpose...

Read the rest of the review here: Freq


18 Mar 2015

FACT premieres new Gnod video

FACT Magazine premieres a stunning new video for the Gnod track Breaking the Hex, taken from their forthcoming album Infinity Machines.

Watch the video here: Fact Magazine

This is what they say about it:

Watch Gnod’s surreal horror video for ‘Breaking The Hex’
VHS brain surgery in a Salford basement.

Trippy stoner rock collective Gnod carry out a gruesome phrenology experiment on an unsuspecting lump of pink matter in this video for ‘Breaking The Hex’, and it gets ugly.

The delirious track appears on the Manchester band’s new album Infinity Machines, due out on Rocket Recordings on April 20.


Ltd Anthroprophh tour CD available

Anthroprophh have made an ultra ltd tour CD to sell at their forthcoming uk shows:

Newcastle Head of Steam 19th March
Glasgow Nice and Sleazy 20th March
Manchester Roadhouse 21st March

No information about the CD's have been made available, but you know they will be amazing, and sold out in a moment and up on discos for extortionate amounts by Monday!!

So only way to pay the proper price is at one of these shows, so if you haven';t got a ticket, better get your skates on.


17 Mar 2015

Listen to Bass Clef remix of Hey Colossus

The Ransom Note are premiering a great 14minute remix of Hey Colossus track Wired Brainless by Modular dance guru Bass Clef.

This is what they say:

As the general R$N go-to-guy when it comes to guitar music, I can indeed confirm that Hey Colossus are out there making some mighty fine music and their murky, psychedelic sound that even the most hardened of Ransom Note alumni wouldn't mind getting deep in their ears.

They've got the sort of sounds that would just as soon send you deaf as they would send your mind to a higher place, the sheer intensity of their music fills every last pocket of space within your body and sets you up for a journey that you'll never be able to repeat again. Or some shit like that.

We're bringing you the excellent Bass Clef remix of the ban's track 'Wired Brainless' which clocks in at just over the 14 minute mark - so strap yourself in and get this beauty down you, it's a quarter of an hour of top sounds;

Listen to it here: The Ransom Note


The Ransom Note reviews' Gnod's Infinity Machines

Formed in 2006, GNOD have emerged as an unencumbered, constantly revolving cast purveying longform delirium that veers into transcendent heights as much as it does utter meltdowns. With ‘Infinity Machines’ their trademark evasion of consistent structural foundations continues but whereas previous ventures like 2013’s ‘Chaudelande’ compilation showed a band versed in the hurtling, fiery purr of Neu!-like road journeys, this latest excursion treads heavily and drifts headily, into different kinds of outer territory. 

From the off the impact of this divergent lease of sound is startling. ‘Control Systems’ begins with huge jarring echoes seemingly wrenched out of a vacuum and proceeds with gargantuan tremors, as the signals of space detritus seem to glance off each other and communicate in garbled phrases. Voices mill around until an impasse is reached. Glass shatters and a slightly timid Northern Irish accent begins to ruminate intimately and frankly on the nature of modern privacy, whilst the plaintive twinkle of sporadically chiming Rhodes piano adds a disarmingly moving undertow to it all. A bed of frazzled drone forms the basis as expressive lilts and powerful sputters of sax begin to resound as if emanating from some mountainous pulpit, half resembling the blistering catharsis of free jazz and half redolent of the sweeping mysticism of spiritual jazz. From there a heavy-set carriage of percussion leadenly strikes up and it moves into a more sinister downturn of agonized, tense wails. Though these sequences are disparate they’re connected adeptly by space-travel rushes and inner-machine whirs. It makes for one of the finest hauls the collective have recorded to date, majestic and full of ambitious variation....

Read the rest of the review here: The Ransom Note


Anthroprophh play rare Manchester show this Saturday

Anthroprophh are playing out of their skins at the moment. so  this show is def one not to miss.

More info and tickets from here: The Beauty Witch


More reviews of Shit & Shine's 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

Muso's Guide

At last the search for the best album title ever is over.  A wonderful album named 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral is offered up from the equally wonderfully named band Shit And Shine.

The album title goes some way to describe the onslaught of sound which this band project. The band is the brainchild of Craig Clouse, a Texas-based musician who sounds like some old school mad German scientist. Clouse has assembled a collection of like-minded individuals to produce ear-splitting industrial sounds.

Make no mistake that this is a straight up dance album. What is different however, is the avalanche of twisted electronica. The first two tracks ‘Electric Pony 2’ and ‘C2-6’ at ten minutes in length find Clouse pumping out industrial basslines mixed with a weird and wonderful array of distortions. These opening tracks carve out hypnotic soundscapes with more than a hint of krautrock inspiration.

Read full review: Muso's Guide

The Vinyl Factory

Craig Clouse’s $hit And $hine project continues its decade long evolution from nosebleed inducing, double-drumming noise rock to distantly leftfield dancefloor insanity with this latest LP on Bristolian psyche imprint Rocket. The cough syrup slurping Texan feeds motorik rhythms, Warp-esque glitches and malfunctioning keyboards through the old distorto 2000 to create a driving six tracker of breathless, boundless intensity and sonic experimentation. If the mirror ball wrecking antics of ‘DIAG004′ and ‘Find Out What Happens…’ saw a glitter-tinted Clouse in Studio 54, this latest record plunges the musician into the underground dancefloors of East Germany 1984 for a taste of the dark, wired sound.

Read in Full: The Vinyl Factory

This Year in Music

Shit and Shine don’t make pop music. On their latest album 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral they’ve have crafted 50 minutes of droney repetitive beats with wonky vocals that not only pushes the listeners boundaries but questions what is music? While this is quite a grandiose statement, and like all grandiose statements, there is an element of truth to it.

Since their inception in the mid-2000’s Shit and Shine ($&$) founder Craig Clouse has been able to mix garage rock with elements of drone, Krautrock and the Avant-Garde. At their heart they are a psychedelic band though. Their music shares more in common with Loud Reed’s much maligned Metal Machine Music, than Kaleidoscope’s Tangerine Dream. It is heavy, unrelenting but with surprisingly catchy moments...

Read the full review: This Year in Music


Optical Sounds Issue 8 is ready for preorder

As you know we at Rocket are HUGE advocates of Optical Sounds magazine.
The magazine is a labour of absolute love by Dave from Cardinal Fuzz and Brett from Dead Sea Apes. Every issue is a must read, so we insist you buy yourselves a copy today!!

Preorder Issue 8 from here: Optical Sounds

This issue features an exclusive interview with Hey Colossus, plus a feature on Gnodorowsky and Rocket's own Chris interviews Thought Forms.

Also, all copies come with a free Black Tempest CD and the first 60 copies comes with a free Gas Solari 7"!!


16 Mar 2015

Louder than War reviews SHIT & SHINE's 54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral

SHIT & SHINE: 54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral – album review

Written by Philip Neeson16 March, 2015

Releasing music for over ten years now bunny rabbit mask-wearing Craig Clouse lbumnd chums’ Shit & Shine project return with latest LP effort entitled– wait for it– ’54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral’.

As you might have gathered by now– or if you’ve been following their releases these last eleven-or-so years– this act like things done just the right side of difficult-funny. Also see whimsical, skewered and repetition. Much repetition.

Working my way through around fifty-minutes and seven tracks here– albeit with the odd break thrown in in order to listen to the more palatable sounds that is the new Jessie Ware LP (probably) –  I found the whole thing a bit of a claustrophobic listen at worst, curiously joyous at best…

Read the rest of the review here: Louder than War

The album hit the shops today, so go and get yourself a copy!!


Rocket Recordings feature and playlist by Double Negative

The nice people at Double Negative have written a nice piece on Rocket and included a playlist:

Double Negative playlist: 
Rocket Recordings

Joshua Potts extols the virtues of a record label appealing to the outer limits of psychedelia…

Rocket Recordings, by its very nature, invigorates one of the most mutable angles to great music without succumbing to a definition. It has followed the thread of its trade, yet is secretly telling you to try something else, making a quiet fuss in its corner.

The Bristol/London-based label dodges stagnation by appealing to the outer limits of psychedelia. But see, even that phrase sounds hackneyed. ‘Psychedelic’, depending on your point of view, is a byword for progress or retrospection, an excuse to box up everything with an ounce of fuzz, the current saviour or demon in the pop-as-art debate. Opinions about psychedelia are as far ranging as the genre’s mercurial legacy, yet it’s hard to deny trends tripping at the fringe of popular music for the last 50 years, surfacing when the gods of commerce declare once more that aural autuership is dead in the water...

Read the full piece and listen to the playlist here: Double Negative


Shit & Shine – 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral out today

Excited to announce today's release of Shit & Shine's new album– 54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral.

Press release reads:

Shit and Shine, the mutant brainchild of seasoned transgressor Craig Clouse, have traversed to places that few ordinary bands would dare to venture, and moreover have transcended both genre and sanity in their pursuit of reckless audial endangerment. Taking the repetitive rhythmic drive of krautrock and marrying it to a percussive Butthole Surfers-style strain of acidic intensity. they’ve carved out a unique niche for themselves as one of the most unpredictable, ornery and - occasionally - outright unpleasant outfits in living memory.

Like a robot Can in a Phillip K. Dick future, reassembling disco, abstract electronica and noiserock into elegant new shapes, Shit and Shine furrow brows and fry synapses in equal measure. In spite of this new opus boasting a leaner, sleeker attack than that of yore – partly informed by the band’s recent releases on Powell’s Diagonal records - the same sense of gleeful perversity is abundant, and the same twisted humour ingrained in these grotesque and hypnotic grooves.

Where there is rock within ‘54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral’, its essence is morphed and feverishly formulated into extraterrestrial aural landscapes, as on the opening ‘Electric Pony 2’, which lurches forth like Chrome alchemically reassembling the disembodied spirit of Marc Bolan in a scrapyard trash compactor. Elsewhere, spectres of smooth jazz fusion lock horns with the against-the-grain approach of Aphex Twin, circular necro-Necks grooves are beset by demons. and the abstract funk of ‘Love Your Hair-Hope You Win’ locks a Larry Graham-style groove in a vortex of digital disorientation. Brandishing an intimidating psychic attack and equipped as ever with both nameless menace and savage wit, rarely has a band made sounding so wrong sound so right.

Read Drowned in Sound's review here: Drowned in Sound

Buy the album from us here: Rocket shop

And listen to a track off it below:


13 Mar 2015

Hills announce two live shows

The amazing Hills have two shows announced, each one they are playing with stellar bands!!

Rocket's 'Hills' & the great 'Flowers Must Die' are to play Gothenburg in Sweden



10th of April at 22:00 in UTC+02
Pustervik in Gothenburg

For more information go here

The Legendary TRÄD, GRÄS & STENAR and Rocket's HILLS will be playing with each other in Gothenburg (Sweden) on April 25th.



Lördag 25 April / Konsertstart kl 22! / Entré 200 kr

Förköp: Ticnet & Pustervik 031 130680
Kvarvarande biljetter säljs på Folk 25/4 från kl 17!
FOLK / Olof Palmes Plats / Göteborg

For more information go here

Follow Hills on Facebook: Hills


Watch Hey Colossus – Black and Gold video

Here is the new video for Black and Gold by Hey Colossus.

The track is taken from their latest album 'In Black and Gold' which you can buy from here: Rocket Bandcamp

The video, which depicts the abstract story of a planets journey into an exploding star was created by the great photographer Rebecca Cleal


12 Mar 2015

Drowned in Sound reviews Shit and Shine's '54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral'

Shit and Shine
54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral

By Tristan Bath

There’s no other band working today for whom the words ‘post-everything’ ring quite as true as they do for Shit & Shine. They’ve traversed uncharted plains between noise rock, outright digital abstraction, and pop-like tropes, shifting from non-sequitur to non-sequitur, donning blue face makeup and rabbit masks, and yelling rambled nonsense over drum rhythms repeated for half an hour at a time before breaking into haphazardly assembled concrete pop. They’re utterly unlike anything else, but only by being sort of like everything else all at once. I was lucky enough to be in the small crowd observing Shit & Shine’s gig in a subterranean cave at Elevate Festival in Graz, Austria last October. Craig Clouse - the sole consistent member in the ever-shifting lineup - was joined on stage by a drummer and vocalist to unleash seemingly random yelps and guitar noise into auto tuning pedals, all over the top of a four-to-the-floor beat for some 25 minutes. The crowd went from excited to confused to excited, to almost angry… But that’s just how this band works: always expect the unexpected from Shit & Shine. On that note, we move on to the latest full album from Clouse and co, put out by the always reliable Rocket Recordings (home to Goat amongst others). The catchily titled 54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral.

Locked groove rock ‘n roll has become the default setting for underground guitar bands of late. Ever since kids started Googling ‘Neu!’ and ‘krautrock’, metronomic repetitious rhythm has become almost omnipresent…

Read the full review here: Drowned in Sound


Have a feast of Acid Liner tracks

Acid Liner, the solo project by Rhys from Hey Colossus (and Notorious Hi Fi Killers for you long time Rocket fans) has uploaded loads of free music on to his Soundcloud page and we insist you go and immerse yourself in all it's acid goodness:

Listen here: Acid Liner


11 Mar 2015

Lay Llamas Something Wrong – Remixed by Cairo Liberation Front

The Lay Llamas track Something Wrong, taken from their debut album Ostro has been remixed by the great Dutch outfit Cairo Liberation Front.

You can listen to this remix exclusively over at Noisey right now: Noisey

And buy a copy of Ostro here: Rocket


Mamuthones Italian shows

Mamuthones have some shows coming up over the next few months:

21/3/2015 - Zerobranco (TV) - ALTROQUANDO 

28/3/2015 - Parma - Oltretorrente Sonico c/o Arci Zerbini

9/4/2015 - Perugia - Auditorium Santa Cecilia

7/5/2015 - Milano - Circolo Magnolia - *** with GOAT***

8/5/2015 - Ravenna - Bronson - *** with GOAT***

9/5/2015 - Brescia - Latteria Molloy - ***with GOAT***

More info here: Mamuthones


Goat to play Body&Soul Festival in Ireland

Goat are playing the Body&Soul Festival in Ireland on June 19-21 2015. 

They join the like of: Savages, Dan Deacon, James Holden, Clark etc
With more to be announced...

More information and tickets here: Body and Soul


10 Mar 2015

Preorder Gnod 'Infinity Machines' and get a bonus 40min exclusive track

As mentioned before on a previous post, we are releasing a new Gnod album called 'Infinity Machines' and you can order it from the Rocket shop as of now.

Rocket Bandcamp

The album comes as a 3 x LP and 2 x CD, and if you order it from us you get an exclusive 40 minute Gnod track called 'Live at Gorilla' that is only available from our shop!!

Checkout this teaser trailer for the album:


"Probably one of the best releases of the year.." – Soundblab reviews the new Shit and Shine album

54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral
Shit and Shine

The perversities of sound created on 54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral make for real analysis paralysis. Anyone attempting to describe the sounds would likely suffer a seizure before any moment of intellectual dawning. I suppose Shit & Shine create a type of music that is more a provocation of the senses, closing off tangential thought, thwarting catharsis and instilling a  maddening sense of unattainable or lost expectation.

In some respects, the transgressive style of dubstep noise-rock is food for the dark soul, nourishment that can deliver with great concentration, and a modicum of patience. Music with an unceasing beat which should hypnotically lull, but inters such self satisfaction with sortees of  industrial noise, sampled public service announcements and disembodied sound. Occasionally it appears that elements of the music are playing elsewhere, like through shared walls. Or down the street. Its all a kind of musical chimera, something that occasionally appears to be happening elsewhere, or not at all. 

Shit & Shine have been doing this delinquent experimental music for some time now, and one thing I'll say for it, it's assuredly different to anything else in the marketplace. Music though that somehow feels more at home in sunrise after parties than uber-cool late night bars. I guess in spite of itself, the music makes you want to dance, but probably by yourself.

Did I say it's thoroughly captivating, and probably one of the best releases of the year ? I’ve just read back my review, and it makes little sense. This music scrambles your senses.

You should probably buy it.


See the review here: Soundblab

And buy the album here: Rocket Bandcamp


9 Mar 2015

Stream Shit & Shines new album 54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral in full over at the Quietus

That is right, you can listen to '54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral' the storming new album by Shit and Shine over at the Quietus right now: The Quietus

Vice magazine, recently said this about the album:
"This is the album Shit & Shine always threatened to give us, smashing together Brain Ticket–style Krautrock, Basic Channel techno, Rembrant Pussyhorse–era Butthole Surfers malevolence, Godflesh-strong industrial metal, and Black Ark dub."

The album hits the shops next Monday on the 16 March, but you can preorder the ltd LP on splatter right now over at: Rocket Bandcamp

Shit and Shine are hitting Europe for some dates in April too:



The Quietus reviews In Black and Gold by Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus –  In Black and Gold  
By Julian Marszalek 

This writer's favourite memory of Hey Colossus has less to do with the band and more with the music. The scene is north London venue The Lexington and tQ editor John Doran is manning the decks between bands. Among the esoteric and various sounds that have come to be his calling card comes crashing through a humungous track that could easily be the sound of a squadron of tanks invading the dance floor of some infernal disco. It's at once jarring yet beguiling, a massive slab of stomping power that crushes all before it and the sight of the big man head banging away, his long locks flailing in all directions is simply the icing on what is proving to be a most delicious confection.

Grabbing his attention, I yell through the maelstrom, "What the hell is this?"...

Read the rest of the review here: The Quietus


7 Mar 2015

Gnod and Dead Sea Apes to play Terrascope Anniversary show

Terrascope are celebrating 10 years of their website and are putting on a show in Cardiff to celebrate:

Dead Sea Apes

The Globe

Saturday 25th July 2015
Doors at 19:30

Tickets can be bought here: The Globe

More om Terrascope here: Terrascope


5 Mar 2015

Vice sing the praises of the new Shit & Shine and Gnod albums

54 Synth-Brass, 38 Metal Guitar, 65 Cathedral
The disconnect between $hit & $hine live and on record used to be stark. On paper they were simply one of the best live bands out there, while their records often fell under "easy to admire." Things changed after a series of releases on Diagonal, and now that they're with the hub of Brit psych, Rocket Recordings, things have gotten even better. This is the album Craig Clouse always threatened to give us, smashing together Brain Ticket–style Krautrock, Basic Channel techno, Rembrant Pussyhorse–era Butthole Surfers malevolence, Godflesh-strong industrial metal, and Black Ark dub. Don't get me wrong, it's fucking horrible—but that's what you were holding out for, right?

Infinity Machines
After the heaviness of the Chaudelande anthology and a whole bunch of EPs, the world's finest psychedelic exploratory unit is back with a new studio album, and naturally it's a triple. The first third crawls past in a haze of Throbbing Gristle improv electronics, portentous spoken word, mid-90s post-acid ambience, and dubbed-out free skronk. The pulsating jewel in the crown that acts as a prism to be placed directly in front of your third eye as you stare directly at the sun is undoubtedly the colossal "White Privileged Wank," a juddering, overdriven acid dictator of a track that eventually collapses under the weight of its own awesomeness. 

See the reviews in the flesh here: Vice

Image by Mark Lovejoy


Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia reveal exclusive new Hey Colossus video and interview the band

The lovely people from Liverpool Psych Fest have an exclusive new Hey Colossus video for the track 'In Black and Gold' over on their site.

The video, which shows a planets journey into an exploding star was created by the great photographer Rebecca Cleal

LPF have also interviewed the band about their new album, the video and playing at this years Festival.

So watch and read here: Liverpool Psych Fest


4 Mar 2015

Panic & Carousels reviews Shit & Shine new LP

Another glowing review for Shit & Shine's forthcoming album '54-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral'.

Straddling the divide between electronics and the ugly noise in which P&C likes to wallow is the new album from Shit & Shine. 54 Synth​-​brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral (out through the ever-more essential Rocket Recordings on March 16th) is perhaps the best distillation yet of Craig Clouse’s valiant and long-running effort to be the Butthole Surfers you can dance to. (To be clear, I have danced to The Butthole Surfers many times but the comedowns were awful). Unlike the clumsy but loveable attempts at making house music that the Buttholes attempted with their Jack Officers project, Clouse is really good at this shit and knows his way round a beat. Even if he then pairs those beats with chaos, noise and glorious  ‘what does this button do?’ eruptions. I really can’t recommend this album enough.

Read the full piece here Panic and Carousels

Album hits the shops on March 16th, but you can preorder a blue/black splatter vinyl here: Rocket Bandcamp


3 Mar 2015

Gnod + Shit & Shine + Anthroprophh live in Bristol

WOW, what a show!!!!!

Cacophonous Sarcophagus presents a dream bill...
3 of the world's greatest outsider psychedelic/noise acts in a brilliant new venue, ya can't miss this...



Wed 29th April @ The Old Malt House, Bristol 

Find out more and buy tickets from here: CacoSarco


2 Mar 2015

Shit & Shine European tour

To promote the up-and-coming release of Shit & Shine's new album 5'4-Synth-Brass 38 Metal Guitar 65 Cathedral' the band are hitting Europe for some dates:


The album is released on 16th March, here the edit of a track here:


Poster for Goat's Ravenna show on their Italian tour

Here is a poster for one of Goat's up and coming shows on their Italian tour:

Full tour is:

6 May - Roma @ Orion Club 
7 May - Milano @ Magnolia Club ***with Mamuthones***
8 May - Ravenna @ Bronson Club ***with Mamuthones***

9 May - Brescia @ Latteria Molloy ***with Mamuthones***

And as you can see, the might Mamuthones are supporting on three of the shows.

What more do you want??

And like the up-and-coming Goat show in Bristol, these dates are likely to sell out!!