16 Mar 2015

Rocket Recordings feature and playlist by Double Negative

The nice people at Double Negative have written a nice piece on Rocket and included a playlist:

Double Negative playlist: 
Rocket Recordings

Joshua Potts extols the virtues of a record label appealing to the outer limits of psychedelia…

Rocket Recordings, by its very nature, invigorates one of the most mutable angles to great music without succumbing to a definition. It has followed the thread of its trade, yet is secretly telling you to try something else, making a quiet fuss in its corner.

The Bristol/London-based label dodges stagnation by appealing to the outer limits of psychedelia. But see, even that phrase sounds hackneyed. ‘Psychedelic’, depending on your point of view, is a byword for progress or retrospection, an excuse to box up everything with an ounce of fuzz, the current saviour or demon in the pop-as-art debate. Opinions about psychedelia are as far ranging as the genre’s mercurial legacy, yet it’s hard to deny trends tripping at the fringe of popular music for the last 50 years, surfacing when the gods of commerce declare once more that aural autuership is dead in the water...

Read the full piece and listen to the playlist here: Double Negative