31 Mar 2015

Rocket Probes March Playlist

Gnod – Infinity Machines
(Such a mammoth album that it is still revealing itself with every listen...stunning stuff)

Hirvikolari – H01
(Great first track revealed by this new Teeth of the Sea offshoot)

Stereolab - Back catalogue
(Been dusting off the old stereolab 7s/10s/lps...and once you start it is hard to stop)

The Fall - More back catalogue
(More Fall comps carefully compiled by Kev from Slow River Slow...and like Stereolab, once you start a Fall session it is very hard to stop)
The Fall

Urdog - Garden of bones / Eyelid of the moon
(Great 'shortlived' noughties band, lovely freaked out psych pop...the fuzz on this track is up there with the best)

Flowers Must Die – Möt Väggen
(Great track of fuzz wah from this great Swedish band)
Flowers Must Die

Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza – The Feed–Back
(This great vinyl reissue is still getting a lot of spins)
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza

(Sorry, a very short list this month...too much Gnod, Stereolab and The Fall have been consumed to listen to much else!!)