30 Nov 2017

Rocket Probes – November playlist

Gnoomes – Tschak Remixed!
(The whole of Gnoomes mighty album remixed by loyts of great artists including some of your Rocket faves)

Oneida – Town Crier
(New single from the big 'O')

James Holden and the Spirit Animals – ST
(Great album of jazz fusion and electronica...a must see live if you get the chance)
James Holden and the Spirit Animals

(Great album of Polish repetitive Jazz – a must for fans of Joshua Abrams, The Necks and Bitchin Bajas)

Bitchin Bajas – Bajas Fresh
(Talking of Bitchin Bajas - one of our favourite synth driven bands are back with a new double album)
Bitchin Bajas

Part Chimp – IV
(Been giving this a few listens this month...great album, great band)
Part Chimp

Wacław Zimpel – Lines
(The Zimpel/Ziołek album is one of our albums of the year and here is an album from last year by one half of that masterpiece)
Wacław Zimpel

International Harvester – Sov Gott Rose-Marie
(Thanks to a successful trip to Utrecht Record Fair we finally get to hear this masterpiece on vinyl...and wow, what an album!)
International Harvester

Rhesus - People 
(One from Cherrystones extremely mighty collection – killer French psych 7")

(Creative album of noise and grooves featuring the great Valentina from Tomaga and members of Wire and Coil)

Melatony –  Samań
(More great krautrock explorations from the current extremely exciting Polish scene)

Faith No More – Faith No More
(Sad to hear about Chuck Mosely passing...this album still sounds amazing)
Faith No More 

Hawkwind – Sonic Attack
(Dik Mik RIP – such aan influence!!)

Dead Moon – Dad Moon Night
(Fred Cole RIP...the true spirit of DIY, will be sadly missed)
Dead Moon

AC/DC – Long way to the top
(Malcom Young RIP..."Its a long way to the shop if you wanna sausage roll")

Listen to our updates monthly Rocket Probes playlist on Spotify:


Faust / Gnod play Gorilla in Manchester tonight


27 Nov 2017

Resident Records puts Hey Colossus in their albums of the year

The great Resident Records has put Hey Colossus's latest album The Guillotine into their Albums of the Year!! Rightly so....

See the full rundown here: Resident


Treble puts Gnod in their Top 10 Most Overlooked Albums of 2017

They say:

Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
Well, it’s certainly difficult to see how one could overlook a record with a title like that. And indeed, Salford noise-rock collective Gnod make music that doesn’t easily fade into the background. This set of anti-fascist, anti-capitalist drones, shrieks and driving krautrock rhythms seems to echo a collective feeling of anger and frustration while turning it into an undeniable and devastating series of grooves. There are parallels to be found in bands like Lungfish, who use a similarly meditative repetition technique. But this is much more brutal, much more visceral. It’s a manic, frayed and screeching affront to oppressive bullshit that feels unexpectedly wonderful. – JT

See the full list here: Treble


Terrascope reviews Housewives and Shit & Shine

It reads:


Wasn’t there an Aussie band back in the 60s called the Queasybeats? Maybe not but that would be a pretty good name for Craig Clouse to trade under if it weren’t for the fact he already had the most striking soubriquet, $hit and $hine. 

Title track opens with a sound clip from the Fast Show (Whitehouse’s toff and his Mrs asking the way to the garden party and Mark Williams’ evidently troubled bystander giving his psychotic directions). Built on the ominous foundations of a squelching rumble that will tickle the curiosity of JK Flesh fans you’ll think the needle’s stuck which is ridiculous. Who’s ever heard of anyone blowing fluff off a download code? Then it starts fizzing and crackling like demonic cybernetic dystopia. Oh but its bleak…If Sex Swing were to ditch their instruments and go all knobs n’ wires this is what is should sound like. Now there’s an idea to conjure with…

Read the full piece here: Terrascope


21 Nov 2017

Sister Ray puts Gnod in their Albums of the Year

Another great record shop puts Gnod in their Album of the Year list.

Sister Ray have placed Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine at number 22

See the full rundown here: Sister Ray


Fuzzy Sun say some words on Shit & Shine

They say:

Some music is just made for listening to loud. You can try to pick a book or chill in the garden or listen to this while having small talk, but it just won’t work. the moment you put on the latest by Shit and Shine you just need to grap that volume button and turn it to eleven. try it.

See the full piece here: Fuzzy Sun


20 Nov 2017

Baba Yaga's Hut New Years Eve, Eve party

Baba Yaga's Hut has put together a great bill for the night before New Years Eve at the Corsica studios.

Half of Rocket will be attending, so come and join us.

Tickets: BYH


Soundblab reviews Shit & Shines's That's Enough EP

It reads:

The fact that Shit & Shine have put records out on Rocket, Riot Season and Editions Mego should be enough recommendation for anyone. The That’s Enough EP (actually the length of an album) comes to us courtesy of the ever-dependable Rocket Recordings and is limited to just 300 copies on vinyl.

The title track starts with a one minute clip from the Fast Show before a rolling rhythm comes to us out of a heavily distorted drum machine. Various other noise-making devices are also utilised but the continuous rhythm holds centre-stage. Sometimes the distortion swamps the drum pattern so it’s quite like one of William Basinski’s disintegrating tape loops. It’s also not far from the more punishing end of Industrial-Techno, like Regis. And this is how it continues for 20 minutes. Fans of Shit & Shine will already be used to these tests of endurance. The Worst is based around a clip from American Idol, backed by squelching noises and drum machine. The Butthole Surfers are the most obvious influence this time, along with Throbbing Gristle and Experimental Hip-Hop. The final track - I Like You, Betty - is harder but still has a pleasant skip to the rhythm, like a cross between Holy Fuck and Dalek. Explosions and splashes of Free Jazz rain down on us throughout.

The first and last tracks on That’s Enough are the most successful with the rhythms, distortion, sound effects and repetition combining to great effect. The Worst is enjoyable for putting Simon Cowell on a Shit & Shine track. But, all in all, a solid piece of work.

Read the full review here: Soundblab


Listen to Teeth of the Sea's Mike Bourne film Soundtrack

Earlier this year,Mike Bourne fro Teeth of the Sea composed the soundtrack to a short film – a psychological horror called ‘Wine Dark Sea’ directed by Ben Lister.   

The whole score was performed on the Eurorack Modular Synth and you can listen to a track above.

Mike will be playing a rare solo show at our Rocket Twenty event in March: Tickets


17 Nov 2017

Gnod and Gnoomes in Piccadilly Records albums of the year

ice to see both Gnoomes's 'Tschak!' and Gnod's 'Just say no...' albums making it into Piccadilly's Albums of the Year list.

Well deserved!

See the full rundown here: Piccadilly


Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP released today ***VINYL DELAYED***

We are celebrating today's release of the Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP – though unfortunately there has been a meltdown at the plant and the ltd vinyl is delayed. This is what we were sent:


Unfortuantely the factory have just informed us they have gone massively over capacity and into meltdown and all original schedules are now void until this is cleared / sorted out.

Your records will not ship until next year now, probably 10/01 but this may come forward as the back log is cleared.

Very sorry about this but not much we can do.

Apologies again


Though you can now at least listen to the EP in full now, via Spotify or buy download via iTunes

But we are still taking preorders on the Ltd 12", so if you want a copy better get on it quick as there aren't that many left: Bandcamp


16 Nov 2017

Gnoomes reveal 'Tschak Remixed!' album

We are excited to announce 'Tschak Remixed!' – the whole of Gnoomes most recent album 'Tschak!' reimagined by people they admire.

You can listen to the first remix to be revealed by Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation above or you can stream here: Spotify

The album is released on ltd edition cassette that can be bought from here: Bandcamp

Or digitally via iTunes and Apple Music


1. Super Libido Awake (Myka Remix)
2. Maria (Camedor Remix)
3. Cascais (Kalli Ma Remix)
4. Severokamsk (Julie's Haircut Remix)
5. Tschak! (Al Lover Remix)
6. City Monk (Lay Llamas Afro Cosmic Re-work))
7. In the Park (Landing Remix)
8. One Step (Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation Remix)
9. ASDR Eugraph (Lorelle Meets The Obsolete Remix)
10. B-Day (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

See what Quietus have to say about it here: The Quietus

The press release reads:

Gnoomes released Tschak!, one of the best, most inventive, and one of the most unsung ‘great’ albums of 2017.

The Russian three piece’s second album uniquely forged classic ‘Warp’ like electronica played on old soviet synths and blended  it with the sounds experimental pop, krautrock and shoegaze dreamscapes.
Once the album was released, several artists contacted the  band and asked if they could get their hands on the stems and play around with the songs intriguing ingredients.

So it was decided to open it out and invite friends of the band and label mates to remix the whole album.

Artists like Ulrich Schnauss, Lorelle Meets the Obsolete and Al Lover jumped to the challenge - as well as Rocket artists like Josefin Öhrn, Lay Llamas and Julie’s Haircut. All have succeeded to morph the originals into something completely new, without losing the addictive charm at the core of the original versions.

“I wanted to take many of the abstract elements and blend them  all together. Making it flow and build while giving the new version a solid groove”. Al Lover 

“We love Gnoomes and we intended to do an entirely different remix but we liked the original so much that we ended up using loads of it.” Fred Joelson (Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation)

Tschak Remixed! Is being released on ltd edition cassette as well as digitally on 1st December.


15 Nov 2017

Gnod team up with Faust again

After the successful collaboration between Gnod and Faust at Milhoes De Festa in the summer – he two collectives will join forces again.

26 November
Cafe Oto / London
Collaboration set

30 November
Gorilla / Manchester
Gnod support Faust

Don't miss...


Shit and Shine 'That's Enough' Vinyl Delayed

Shit and Shine 'That's Enough' Vinyl Delayed:

This Friday see's the new 3 song Shit & Shine EP called 'That's Enough' released via Rocket. Unfortunately the Rocket store exclusive vinyl is delayed at the pressing plant and we are still awaiting confirmation of its delivery.

However all those who bought it through us will receive their digital download code emails on Friday and we will update the vinyl news as and when we receive it.

To purchase a copy visit: Bandcamp

Or you can order DL here: itunes

Watch the 19 minute video for 'That's Enough': You Tube


Press release reads:

Hot on the heels of Shit & Shine’s ‘Total Shit’ album on Powell’s Diagonal label, the band return with a new three track EP, their third release for Rocket Recordings called ‘That’s Enough’.

For the uninitiated, the Austin based band Shit & Shine have been creating mutant, repetitive, technofied noise for labels such as Mego, Riot Season, Gang Signs, Load and the afore mentioned Diagonal since 2004.

It is always hard to describe exactly what each Shit & Shine release sounds like as they are a band who treats each record  as it’s own entity and so their sound changes dependant on  their mood at the time of making it, but whatever that mood is, it will always be something thrilling and uniquely original.

The three tracks on ‘That’s Enough’ EP (that clock in at just  under 40 minutes) ‘sort of’ sound like what would happen if  The Necks got trapped in a lift with the Butthole Surfers and Schwefelgeb for 12 hours. And after they manage to get out,  the Australian 3-piece return to their studio to discover their instruments have been stolen and replaced by some fuzzy  synths and a laptop - the resulting music they would make  could possibly sound something like this...or in fact, maybe nothing like this?

Shit & Shine are heading over to the UK for shows this October:

11 / Switzerland / Geneve / Cave 12
12  / Switzerland / Lausanne / Lebourg
13 / Switzerland / Schaffhausen / Tabtap
14 / Italy / Verona / Colorfico Kroen
15 / Slovenia / Ljbujana / Club Gromka
16 / Italy / Milan / Macao
17 / Germany / Koln / Sonicballroom
18 / Germany / Leipzig / Ut Connewitz
19 / Czech Republic / Prauge / Punctum
20 / Germany / Berlin / Urban Spree
22 / UK / London / Cafe Oto

Hey Colossus play WRONG festival April 2018

Hey Colossus play WRONG festival:


WRONG is one day of freaky musical wonderment. A new festival based in Liverpool's docklands on the 22nd of April 2017 that brings together the heavier and weirder corners of rock music, from punk to noise to psychedelia and everywhere inbetween.

So far confirmed to play are:

Future of the Left. Damo Suzuki (Can), Hark, Mugstar, Hey Colossus, Kagoule, Sex Swing, The St Pierre Snake Invasion, Alpha Male Tea Party, Milo's Planes, Grey Hairs And many more...

Tickets: seetickets

For more info:

Wrong Festival.com


14 Nov 2017

Dwellings reveal new cassette for Red for Colour Blind Records

Chris from Gnod has revealed the first track for a new Dwellings tape he is releasing via the Czech label Red for Colour Blind.

Listen to a track above and buy from here: RFCB


Flowers Must Die announces Swedish show

Flowers Must Die are back on a stage to share their bunkers Psych Mantras for the people, this time its for the audience in Stockholm at Lande, part of a great exhibition by Odd Åsberg. 

Rocket Recordings trivia, they shared the same stage with Josefin Öhrn on the same bill a long time before any of them where signed to Rocket.

FMD have said they will play some new tracks and some old jams.

6th of December

Restaurangen Landet, Stockholm, Sweden

80 sek 

DJ: Oxy Jenn

Exhibition: Odd Åsberg


Watch Kuro full set from The Crypt in Bristol


9 Nov 2017

Help Sasha from Housewives

Sasha from Housewives was in a serious road accident in 2015 when him and his bike went through a taxi's windscreen – he was lucky to come out alive.

Since the incident the Taxi firm have decided to sue Sasha for £5,000 and he needs help to raise money to pay his court fees for his defence.

Read all about the story of the horrific accident and its aftermath here in this weeks 
newspaper: Standard

And donate something here: Crowdfund

Thanks for your help


Do you want to join Gnod?

From The Quietus:

Do you want to join Gnod?

...kind of. Seasoned UK experimental psychedelic band strip back to a duo and undertake R&D tour looking for spontaneous live collaborations

The now decade old exploratory band GNOD are celebrating the start of the next phase of their existence with a research and development tour and are looking for musicians and artists to collaborate with.

GNOD (R&D) is a stripped back version of the band consisting of co-founders Paddy Shine and Chris Haslam and they are looking for new collaborators. (Former sonic allies have included Tony Surgeon, Charles Hayward and White Hills.)

They announced in a statement recently: "R&D will find Paddy and Chris improvising with new instruments, sounds and ideas with the option of collaborating with various musicians along the way. There will be an open stage at Gnod (R&D) shows and people are encouraged to get involved be it singing, shouting, dancing, bringing an instrument/device to the table or just simply tuning in and coming along for the ride.

"Folk are invited to come and make some weird noises with us. They can either show up on the night or preferably send us an email at ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk prior the gig."

The tour has already moved through Italy and Slovenia and the following UK dates are planned:

07/12/17 - Corsica Studios, London
08/12/17 - Broadcast, Glasgow
10/12/17 - Exchange, Bristol

See the full piece here: The Quietus


7 Nov 2017

Get into this get excited by our Anniversary show

They say:

Rocket Recordings prepare to celebrate their twentieth birthday with a weekend of musical treats and Getintothis’ Rick Leach has all the details.  

Rocket Recordings turn 20 next year and to celebrate they are putting on a special weekend event at The Garage in London.

The innovative Bristol/London label have consistently pushed musical barriers for nearly the last two decades, unafraid of taking on artists from the leftfield and rarely, if ever, putting a foot wrong.

There’s a top-notch line up of bands playing over their weekend event and it’s certainly something to get excited about.

Alongside the likes of Sweden’s Goat, Salford’s Gnod, Josefin Öhrn, Gothenburg’s Hills, Hey Colossus, the ever-intense Teeth of the Sea, Temple Ov BBV, Julie’s Haircut, Housewives.

Not forgetting the disco/doom merchants Flowers Must Die, the sheer chaos that is Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs as well as Gum Takes Tooth, there’s also the promise of Russian pysch groovers Gnoomes plus Kuro,  Mamuthones, Negra Branca,  Dwellings, AHRKH, Ayn Sof, Coldnose and Mike Bourne...

See the full piece here: GIT


2 Nov 2017

Rocket Recordings Twenty – Line-up announced

As previously announced, Rocket Recordings turn 20 next year and to celebrate we are putting on a special weekend event at The Garage in London.

And we are very excited to be able to reveal the line-up of bands playing:

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation
Hey Colossus
Teeth of the Sea
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
Temple Ov BBV
Julie's Haircut
Flowers Must Die
Gum Takes Tooth
Negra Branca
Ayn Sof
Mike Bourne

This isn't all...we still have a couple of bands and DJs to confirm.
So watch this space for further announcements.

9/10/11 March 2018
The Garage / London

Tickets for this event can be bought at: Alt Tickets

The poster illustrations was created exclusively for the event by by the extremely talented French artist 'Samplerman'. Info



1 Nov 2017

Flowers Must Die solo set and Rocket DJ at 'In Zaire' London show

Rickard from Flowers Must Die is playing a solo set under the guise of Chicxulub and Rocket's Chris Reedrer is DJing at the forthcoming In Zaire show at the London Fields Brew House show, promoted by the great Terrascope and Aceman Spaceman

Tickets available here: wegottickets

And show your appreciation here: FB


Drowned In Sound Review Josefin Öhrn Oxford Ritual Union Gig

Drowned In Sound review Josefin Öhrn Oxford Ritual Union Gig:

... Another band who've spent this year honing their live show while releasing great records in the process are Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation. With core members Öhrn and Fredrik Joelson now based in London, they've assembled a line-up of UK based musicians including former Test Icicle Rory Attwell on guitar and their woozy, pastoral set also ranks as one of the day's most memorable....

Reads the full review here: Drowned In Sound


Echoes and Dust have a retrospective look at GNOD - INGNODWETRUST Album

Echoes and Dust have a retrospective look at GNOD - INGNODWETRUST album.

Somebody does something unspeakable to the insides of a piano. This sound fades, leaving us unsure what happened, but feeling sorry for the person who’s got to tune that later. A bass starts pulsing. Maybe we’re headed into the steady, hypnotic soundworld of Can or Neu, and as lockstep drums pick up the pace we can be forgiven for continuing to make that mistake. Even if there is something a good deal more menacing about that rhythm. But then some bubbling, hissing, terrifying sounds push forward into the mix and we realise those are the vocals, for heaven’s sake. The rhythm drops out and leaves us alone with them. Please don’t leave us alone with them. We are grateful for the return of the drums, even though we can’t help feeling they might mean us harm, too....

Read the full feature : Echoes And Dust


Rocket Probes – October playlist

Shit and Shine – That's Enough
(Killer new S&S EP coming out on Rocket)
Shit and Shine

BNNT - Multiverse
(Amazing Heavy/Avant Polish Duo with excellent titles)

(Another album from Instant Classic, this is one of the best records of the year, ethereal repetitive jazz psych folk)

Tuuun - AA0001
(Repetitive Electronica Weirdness)

Menimals - In This Unforgiving Heat
(Great moody ethereal jazz from Riot Season)

A Middle Sex – A Soul Sways West
(So glad Normans have put this out on vinyl, it is something we considered as we love em!!!)
A Middle Sex

Drunk In Hell – Drunk in Hell
(Waited a long time for this album to drop...wow, just wow!! We wish it had a Rocket logo on the label!)
Drunk In Hell

Ju Ju - Our Mother Was a Plant
(Great second album by ex Lay Llama - featuring the djembe talents of Goat's Capra Informis)
Ju Ju

Necro Deathmort – Overland
(Great follow up to their Rocket album)
Necro Deathmort

Crème De Hassan – Technique & Rite
(Afrokraut goodness)
Creme De Hassan

Ronnie and Natalie + Stumpwater - 6 Times
(Lofi garage fuzzpunk from 1972)
Ronnie and Natalie

Merrell Fankhauser & H.M.S. Bounty - A Visit With Ashiya
(Great groove runs through this sitar infused psych from '68)
Merrell Frankhauser

Deafkids – Configuração do Lamento
(Jimmy from TOTS turned our heads to this 'Gnod gone Ministry' EP...check it out!)

Emmanuel - Chainreaction
(Banging techno...nothing less)

Richie Heinen - Beach Freak (1977)
(Quirky fuzz pop)
Richie Heinen

Brain Ticket – Watchin You
(Heavy hammond kraut rock from the bands first album)

Can - Safe
(Later CAN with Rosko Gee & Rebop Kwaku Baah on the groove duties)

The Move - What?
(Great track John Mark sent us, killer minor key 60’s weirdness from Roy Wood & co)
The Move

Simon Dupree & The Big Sound - She Gave Me The Sun
(Another great 60’s pop tune)
Simon Dupree

Listen to the updated monthly Spotify Rocket Probes playist here: