27 Nov 2017

Terrascope reviews Housewives and Shit & Shine

It reads:


Wasn’t there an Aussie band back in the 60s called the Queasybeats? Maybe not but that would be a pretty good name for Craig Clouse to trade under if it weren’t for the fact he already had the most striking soubriquet, $hit and $hine. 

Title track opens with a sound clip from the Fast Show (Whitehouse’s toff and his Mrs asking the way to the garden party and Mark Williams’ evidently troubled bystander giving his psychotic directions). Built on the ominous foundations of a squelching rumble that will tickle the curiosity of JK Flesh fans you’ll think the needle’s stuck which is ridiculous. Who’s ever heard of anyone blowing fluff off a download code? Then it starts fizzing and crackling like demonic cybernetic dystopia. Oh but its bleak…If Sex Swing were to ditch their instruments and go all knobs n’ wires this is what is should sound like. Now there’s an idea to conjure with…

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