17 Nov 2017

Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP released today ***VINYL DELAYED***

We are celebrating today's release of the Shit and Shine – That's Enough EP – though unfortunately there has been a meltdown at the plant and the ltd vinyl is delayed. This is what we were sent:


Unfortuantely the factory have just informed us they have gone massively over capacity and into meltdown and all original schedules are now void until this is cleared / sorted out.

Your records will not ship until next year now, probably 10/01 but this may come forward as the back log is cleared.

Very sorry about this but not much we can do.

Apologies again


Though you can now at least listen to the EP in full now, via Spotify or buy download via iTunes

But we are still taking preorders on the Ltd 12", so if you want a copy better get on it quick as there aren't that many left: Bandcamp