30 Apr 2014

Rocket Probes April Playlist

'Rainbow Way' by George Gittoes w/ live soundtrack Holy Balm from OtherFilm on Vimeo.

Swans – A little God
(Great new track by Swans... Like Nick Cave meeting vintage Gnod and 'Angels of Light' era Gira... stunning!!!)

Can – Graublau
(Stunning noise n'groove track from one of Rocket's fave bands of all time!)

His Electro Blue Voice – Ruthless sperm
(Great band on Sub Pop that mix late 80's hardcore/industrial/noise with krautrock repetition and the sounds of Wire)
His Electro Blue Voice

Cave –  Threace
(Maybe their best album? very subtle but it gets under the skin, and the stunning track below is like Soft Machine meeting Funkadelic in a Cologne car park!)

Container – Boiler Room session
(Extremely great Kraut techno)

Various – Angel Dust Psychedelia
(All killer no filler comp of rare US rock from '68-'72...like a heavier, more groove driven 'Chocolate Soup for Diabetics')

Wedding Present – Bizarro
(Maybe not what you would expect on a Rocket playlist but contains some great Velvet Underground'esque noise pop as the track here shows)
Wedding Present

Bufalo Daughter – Psychic
(Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea turned us on to this forgotten early 2000's kraut infused classic)
Bufalo Daughter

Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack
(Was reminded with of by Mike from Teeth of the Sea recently and enjoyed dipping back into it, Dave from FSA got us into alot of the music we now consider classic Rocket favourites today, so we thank him for that, someone should re-issue this)

Catherine Ribeiro
 – Paix
(Spacey organ driven repetitive folk)
Catherine Ribeiro

Tar Babies – No Contest
(SST eighties funky psychedelic jazz rock)
Tar Babies

Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers
(Sweet sweet dub)
Augustus Pablo

Butter 08 – Mona Lisa
(Cibo Matto side project on Grand Royal)
Butter 08

Stone Roses – Fools Gold
(James Brown inspired Can grooved pop)
Stone Roses


27 Apr 2014

Echoes and Dust Review 'Teeth of the Sea - A Field in England: Re-Imagined'

The good people at Echoes and Dust review Teeth of the Sea - A Field in England: Re-Imagined

'When Teeth Of The Sea announced they were re-scoring A Field in England live I felt it was a great combination. Ben Wheatley's hallucinogenic, sprawling epic was finely scored on film by long term collaborator Jim Williams, but the great thing about music and film is they both can inspire interpretation and TOTS have a seemingly natural ability to create music inspired by film. Their recent astounding albumMaster itself sounds like a mushroom fuelled disco for the apocalypse. It very much ‘feels’ like a soundtrack and conjures imagery every time I listen to it.......'

Read the full article here


26 Apr 2014

Anthroprophh – Precession LP on Cardinal Fuzz

The great Cardinal Fuzz have a new Anthroprophh ltd vinyl LP which is ready to preorder.

The two track album features a new version of 'Precession' which was one of the stand-out tracks from Anthroprophh's eponymous debut album released on Rocket in 2013. Plus a brand new 17 minute + Jam called EBBE

You can listen to the tracks here: Anthroprophh

And purchase here: Cardinal Fuzz

And read a review here: Sunrise Ocean Bender

On other Anthroprophh news, the bands 2nd album proper has just been mastered and it is an utter monster, sounding like Chrome jamming with Hendrix and the Butthole Surfers!! 

More info on this stunning new album soon


20 Apr 2014

Rocket Showcase in Brussels

We are really excited by this Rocket Showcase that is happening in Brussels the day after Eindhoven Psych Lab:


Teeth of The Sea
Lay Llamas

Magasin 4 

Saturday 7 June 
10 Euro's

Go to magasin4.be for tickets and more info


Optical Sounds #6 – available for pre-order

Our favourite magazine Optical Sounds has a new issue ready for pre-order.

If you are unfamiliar with Optical Sounds, then it is a great magazine that specialises in the 'psych underground' from past, present and future. It was founded by legend that is Dave Cambridge who also runs the great Cardinal Fuzz Records. Now the magazine is now also run with the help from Brett Savage from the mighty Dead Sea Apes.

This issue contains:

Interviews with Anthroprophh and The Heads collaborators Big Naturals (now full time members in Anthroprophh) as well as Lantern, White Manna, Fuzz,  Cave, The Oscillation, Shooting Guns, Freak Flag Recordings, Crossroads Of Sabbath. Plus features on Funkadelic, BJM, Fuzz pedals plus all the usual reviews etc. 

This issue will be a lush risoprinted affair, 48 A4 pages.

You can buy this and back issues (essential reads) here: Optical Sounds


19 Apr 2014

Lay Llamas give a High Five

'Is your clam in a jam' asked Lay Llamas what their top 5's were:


Repetition, Astronomy, Jungle, Magic, Remote Future.


Edgar Varèse – The Complete Works

Terry Riley – A Rainbow in Curved Air

Pink Floyd – Meddle

Panda Bear – Person Pitch

Peaking Lights – 936


Chris Reeder & John O’Carroll @ Rocket Recordings
The Beatles
The Soul Of The Holy Llama
Mike Scott
Stephen Lawrie


’75 Fender Jazz Bass
Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
TC Helicon Voice Tone
Gibson Super Jumbo
Buddha Machine


Reflect and pray, if you need to, before attending Black Mass in The Interstellar Jungle.

See the full piece here: Is your clam in a jam


Goat West Coast tour photo's, reviews and videos

Here's a collection of photo's, reviews and previews from Goat's recent Wandering Westward tour:
(these post will be constantly updated as more reviews/images and videos appear)

Brooklyn Vegan
Daily Bulletin
Aesthetic magazine
Consequence of Sound
Head Medicine
LA Record
Las Vegas Weekly
Lyynks Music
Music of my Mind
The Owl Mag

Pioneer Town
CV Independent
I heart Goat Meat

San Francisco
The Owl Mag

Seattle Times
The Stranger


National Rock Review

Photo is by Jeff Spier for the Owl Mag


17 Apr 2014

Fan filmed footage of NEW Goat track at Coachella

As far as we know this is the only footage of a new and at present 'untitled' Goat track.

The track was first premiered live at Goat's shows at ATP Festival and London's Koko in October last year. But this live recording from last weekend's Coachella is as far as we know it the first time it has been captured. 

Obviously being an amateur recurring from a festival the sound isn't the best!!


"Goat makes the entire Rickshaw horny"

Here is a great review of Goat's recent show at Vancouver's Rickshaw Theatre:

Goat makes the entire Rickshaw horny

What’s the capacity of the Rickshaw Theatre? Six-hundred-and-fifty, or so? That’s roughly how many horny people walked out after Goat’s performance in Vancouver last night (April 15). I hope the orgies commenced in all corners of the city.

Goat, if you don’t know, is a “collective” hailing from that noted centre of voodoo magic, northern Sweden. The music is a kind of afro-psyche hybrid if it was distilled through the roughest parts of Detroit in 1975 (ie. not northern Sweden). But more importantly, Goat is all goofy costumes and masks with the heaviest sex-cult vibe this side of Yahowha 13 and the Source Family. Only the music’s better, even if the set-opener “Goatman” (was it? I was drunk) came off more technically impressive than heat-inducing.

But you can’t just turn this shit on and off, see. By the time Goat had soared its way to “Run to Your Mama”, the band’s two screeching frontwomen—let’s call them Greenie and Bluey, based on their respective tribal outfits—had whipped, stroked, and generally dervished the club into a condition of total supplication (plus they added some percussion).

Let’s note that Goat actually sounded better live than on its amazing 2012 debut album, World Music. Does that count as enough objective music criticism? Cause the point of the whole night came—and I do mean came—when the exotically limber Greenie was leaping up and down on the spot trance-flashing her undies and clawing at her crotch during hypnagogic encore “Det som aldrig forandras”. The men of Goat, meanwhile, remained rooted where they stood, channeling all that heavy orgone into their instruments, which is why it came out so drenched in super-electric feel. The tension was insane. The climax was Swedish.

See the review and picture here: Straight.com


16 Apr 2014

Gnod + Lightning Glove + Mark Wagner show

We are really excited to announce that Gnod are returning to London for a Bad Vibrations promoted show at the Macbeth in Hoxton.

Support comes from Tesla Tapes artist 'Lightning Glove' and friend of Rocket 'Mark Wagner', who's tape Mental Transmutation Music for the great Zam Zam Records has not left the Mission Control stereo since we heard it:

Lightning Glove
Mark Wagner
The Macbeth
30 April


Buy your tickets from: Wegottickets 


4/5 review of LAY LLAMAS forthcoming debut album OSTRO

Here is the review roughly translated into English:

Lay Llamas - Ostro
Rocket Recordings

Edited by White Mud

The beginning is equatorial ... ambient sounds, moisture and leaves everywhere, then we go. Mechanical laps one after another, sometimes losing shots on the road , moving with the elegance of an amphibious vehicle in the swamp. Penetrate slowly when the voice surprisingly, messianic. Archaic Revival from the title shows the cards on the table, pulls us away from the tracks and take the flight, finding our power animal among the plant. " I wanna get back there," chanting voice, but it's our ultimate desire , the journey has just begun. In something wrong take the pace , the guitar initially flickers in the background and the drums are from the carpet to the song , before taking possession. In search of pasture plants is shamanic at low pressure, with a flute and synth tones that color in the background to opaque crystalline voice. Beats digital call a tropical rain, slow and steady while the keypad vibrate humming a lullaby. Pastoral Amazon .

With the passage of the tracks and minute hands are immersed in what looks like an initiation ceremony , Ancient people of the stars is the circle of the tribe, the lamas and lay the bonfire. It's up to us to decide whether to be observers or participate in the rite. By opting for the second choice , of course, the head and the body flatter sound with small movements , before the union: We are unfortunately only lasts 7.20 minutes you .... lasted half an hour, we would have a worthy companion to "This dust That makes mud " Liars and the first disc of the" Each one Teach one " of Oneida . I'm hoping for a remix that quadruple the battery life. We are in limbo, with no need to exit . Then, when you thought you had it all comes The Lay Llamas , motorik that seems an anthill amplified to a nightclub in ruins. Desert of the lost Souls from the title says it all, bodies collapsing and baked by the sun, in disarray and frightened by the rattles that trilling behind the stones ... the tinkling tune that comes on the end is perhaps the harbinger of the end. Oh yes, the title track is decompression and makes us understand that we are not Tommy / Tomme, we are not in John Boorman's Emerald Forest but we are here in the land must be colder, with the only option to restart the needle on the record player.

What else to add ? Nicola Giunta, assisted by Joel Valenti and Eugene Luciano, has shown he can still go back to childhood, to be able to still want a machete to save a forest and rascinare the Polyphonic Spree in the mud to resurrect them ugly, dirty , sweaty and covered in insects .... there WOULD be god as a backing band to Iquitos , which organizes Fitzcarraldo , a guarantee of the promoter.

The album will be released May 26 , and my advice , granted, is not to deal with the summer without a copy. 

Score: 4/5

See the actual review here: Radio Gwendelin


Footage of Goat live at Slims in San Francisco

Here is footage of Goat's sold out show at Slims in San Francisco .

The clip (which is clip 6 of a series) show the end of Dreambuilding, Run to your Mama and Goathead...According to the band, it is one of the best public shows they have done!!


15 Apr 2014

Brooklyn Vegan photo's of Goat at Coachella

Check out some photos of Goat in full swing at last weekends Coachella. The band return there next weekend for the second of their two shows.

See a lll the photos (Taken by Dana Yavin) here: Brooklyn Vegan


APRIL 19th – RECORD STORE DAY: Teeth of the Sea - A Field In England Re-Imagined

For those who missed our original post, Rocket Recordings are proud to present a limited Record Store Day LP release of Teeth of the Sea’s re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s metaphysical midnight movie A Field In England, available worldwide on the 19th April.

This work sees London’s most adventurous and intrepid psychedelic adventurers allying motifs and psychic spectres from Jim Williams and Blanck Mass music and reinterpreting them to their own ends, arriving at a bold and richly atmospheric transmission that takes the rites and revelations of the original work into pastures new.

Originally spurred into action by a commission for Cork Film Festival in November 2013, w
ho are incredibly proud to have commissioned the event from the off especially as it will never be performed again, read what Cork Film Festival have to say about the RSD release here.

Teeth of the Sea’s goal was to take the mind-games, the malevolence and the magick of the film as fuel for a work that exists on a parallel dimension to the earthen realm on which the protagonists carry out their actions. 

Housed in a sleeve featuring all-new artwork by Rocket Recordings seer Johnnyo, and available in a limited edition on thick red wax, A Field In England: Re-imagined represents that psychic quest made gloriously manifest.

Open Up, And Let The Devil In.


14 Apr 2014

Seattle Times interviews Goat

Ahead of tonights show in Seattle, here is an interview by the Seattle times with Goat:


"Among music nerds, it’s a fun exercise: play some friends an ahead-of-its-time record — like Can’s 1971 Krautrock landmark “Tago Mago” or Big Star’s 1972 power-pop blueprint “#1 Record” — and ask what year they think it’s from.

Goat’s “World Music” inverts this game.

Made in 2013 — but sounding pre-digital era — it’s a dizzying amalgam of hypnotic rhythms, childlike vocals, bongos, organ and wah, drawing upon everything from progressive rock to Indian raga and West African guitar music.

The Swedish group inked a Stateside distribution deal with Seattle’s Sub Pop label last month; they’re in town Monday, headlining Neumos.

Enigmatic types to say the least, Goat doesn’t divulge involved parties’ names — but an anonymous member, speaking on the band’s behalf, answered a handful of questions via email.

“World Music” has such a unique blend of influences. When did you start developing this style? What came first, the name or the band?

The way we see it, mankind is one and all human cultures and musical expressions are for every human to enjoy. The music we make belongs just as much to someone in Samoa as in Sweden — that makes the evolution go forward — so we choose to view all music as world music. This way of looking at human cultures, music, spirituality, evolution, etc. came before the band for sure. Still, Goat is a very old tradition, and we have always made music with an openness to be influenced from whatever we like. Music [is] just tones and rhythms floating around. Dig it...."

Read the full interview here: Seattle Times

And those of you lucky enough to be going to the show, make sure you check out Holy Wave and Midday Veil, two great bands in support!!!


'Is your clam in a jam?' say some words about the new Lay Llamas track 'We are you'

This is what they say:

Lay Llamas are from Sicily, perhaps one of the least likely places you’d expect to birth a mind-bending mix of (pagan) post-punk, psychedelia, afro beats and electro. The island’s rich cultural past, and the melting pot of all the different cultures that have inhabited its land throughout the centuries is perfectly reflected in their music, with their synesthesia inducing soundscapes.

We Are You is a seven minute journey that begins at the bottom of the sea with mythical creatures swimming the abyss. Suddenly a flash of light distracts the silence, and a submerged vessel starts floating towards the surface. You find yourself where the sky and the sea meet and spot land ahead, the wind picks you up and carries you to the beach while clouds drift the opposite way. You look up at the pink sky where white birds fly in formation towards a  tree on a hill.  You start climbing the rocky cliffs to get there, when you hear a distant drumming becoming closer. You finally reach the top of the hill where there’s a bonfire with tens of people around it smiling, dancing and saluting the birth of the night’s stars. They see you and stop to embrace you and your soul. We Are You.

Check out We Are You below and pre-order their debut album, Ostro out May 26th on the excellent Rocket Recordings, here.

See the full article here: Is your clam in a jam?

And listen to WE ARE YOU here:


Anthroprophh / Electric Moon poster

Electric Moon Anthroprophh
Radiant Sounds of Dust

The Exchange
18 June

Tickets and more info


10 Apr 2014

Anthroprophh release ultra ltd cdr – 'SRR2'

Anthroprophh are producing an ultra ltd (first press only 33 copies, followed by a larger second press at a later date) tCD of unique music called 'SRR2' to to help fund their forthcoming European shows:

June 6th
Eindhoven Psyche Lab
Eindhoven – Netherlands
(w/ Teeth of the Sea/Gnod/Lay Llamas/Terminal Cheesecake)
More info and tickets

June 7th
Rocket Showcase
Brussels – Belguim
(w/ Teeth of the Sea/Gnod/Lay Llamas)
More info and tickets

June 8th

June 9th

June 18th
(w /Electric Moon)

To preorder a copy visit the bands Facebook page: Anthroprophh

Also, news on Anthroprophh's follow up to their 2012 debut album will be announced soon. We at Mission Control have heard the final mixes and it is fair to say the band have produced a fierce monster!!


Lay Llamas live at Thalassa Festival

Here's footage of Lay Llamas performing the track Archaic Revival at the Thalassa Festival in Italy last weekend.


Goat's' Wandering Westward Tour' starts today

Just a reminder that Goat are heading West for a short tour of West Coast America that will take in two performances at Coachella Festival.

The tour kicks off tonight in Pioneer town.

The full dates are:

Thu Apr 10
Pioneertown CA 
Pappy & Harriets

Fri Apr 11
Indio, CA
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Sat Apr 12
San Francisco, CA

Mon Apr 14
Seattle, WA

Tue Apr 15
Vancouver, BC
Rickshaw Theatre

Wed Apr 16
Portland, OR
Wonder Ballroom

Fri Apr 18
Indio, CA
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

The above poster design is available  for sale as ltd screen prints in several colours on Adam's site here: Pobiak


9 Apr 2014

What makes Goat tick?

To coincide with Goat's up-and-coming performance at Coachella Festival, Red Bull music have put together an interactive info graphic that tries to get under skin of 'What makes Goat tick?'

Have a look for yourself here: Red Bull music


Teeth of the Sea to play Third Rail Festival

Teeth of the Sea are playing Third Rail Festival on Saturday 5 July in Reading.

The festival is a one day event organised by the people behind Green Man Festival.

For more information about this festival, visit: Third rail


8 Apr 2014

Goat to play Incubate Festival

Goat have been announced to play the 'always amazing' Incubate Festival in Tilburg in Holland on 20th September. 

They follow in the footsteps of other Rocket bands Teeth of the Sea who played last year and Gnod who played the year before that

Se what The Quietus have to say about the festival here: The Quietus

Find out more here: Incubate 

Tickets are already on sale from here: Tickets  


7 Apr 2014

Record Shop Day: Teeth of the Sea - A Field In England Re-Imagined Vinyl

Rocket are thrilled to catch our first glimpse of the limited Record Store Day LP release, Teeth of the Sea’s A Field in England: Re-imagined score to Ben Wheatley’s movie A Field In England

Once out of print this will not be repressed so snap them up will stocks last.

For further informationTeeth of the Sea - A Field In England Re-Imagined 


4 Apr 2014

Multiple Exposure Vol: 5 – Kid Millions (Oneida / Man Forever)

Welcome to Volume 5 of our ongoing 'Multiple Exposure' series where we ask musicians that we admire to tell us about their favourite pieces of repetitive music.

This volume we are honoured to have our favourite drummer, the mighty 'Kid Millions' from the legendary Oneida and solo project Man Forever to share his favourite repetitive pieces of music:

Bruce McClure - Vouchsafe Me More Soundpicture (Fain Make Glories)
I picked up this record at the April 16, 2009 Brooklyn Throbbing Gristle show. I know that because it says it on the record! It was only available during those shows. There were no announcements about an opener, so when these incredibly minimal synth blorps popped along to an accompanying crossed bar light projection I wondered if THIS was the Throbbing Gristle show. I was really excited that it was. I thought, yes , this is so fucked up and anti-music, and none of them are on stage and it's just this really annoying endless synth hit which sounded like pieces of metal banging together I felt like TG was still relevant and amazing. But it wasn't TG, which is fine really, and I picked up this LP.
Bruce McClure

Steve Reich - So Percussion
Steve Reich's Drumming, there are so many versions of classical compositions out there. You might not know which one to pick, and then whichever one you buy, maybe you fall in love with those quirks and you dismiss all the other recordings. Anyway, I think this is the best version of Drumming on record. The reason is because So approached it like a pop record. They overdubbed each section and used the studio as another instrument. You get a sublimely well-recorded and energised version of this killer piece.
So Percussion

Frankie Knuckles featuring Jamie Principal - Your LoveI was reminded of this jam b/c of Knuckles' recent passing. When I was first introduced to early Chicago House I was definitely unprepared for the actual music. It doesn't have the insistent bumping rhythm that became emblematic of House music (see Move Your Body by Marshall Jefferson), it's really a kind of minimal collision of Kraftwerk and African American dance culture. The music is warm, alienating and trance-inducing at the same time and just. There are also endless versions of this song out there. I have a compilation called "Move Your Body: The Evolution of Chicago House", and the version on that is the best one I've heard. It's the perfect tempo...I have other versions that are a bit too fast or have shitty vocals, bad mixes.
Frankie Knuckles 

Lisa M - Rock to the Beat (Short Circuit Mix) Along the same lines as the above is the incredible track Rock to the Beat, produced by Juan Atkins. It's a bit harder edged...this is not a chill track.
Lisa M

Connie - Rock MeAnd while we're at it...'Rock Me' the version that's on Street Jams, Electric Funk Vol 4... these are all the 12" mixes of these classic tracks. This is more of a "freestyle" track. . . but on headphones there are so many deep and trippy delay effects. I realise that these songs perhaps have had their original day, and their revivals...and now their current passe status. No matter, these tracks are heavily repetitive and trance inducing. 

Sleep - DopesmokerI played this track at work once...I used to work in IT and we used to trade off playing music. For about 3 years the music I played actually saved my sanity. That passed...I didn't have to play music anymore and I just pushed through somehow. I quit that job about two years ago, but Dopesmoker is still there!

Free - Fire and Water (album) When I bought this cassette at Caldor (a defunct chain of department stores) back in the 80s or early 90s I was kind of initially disappointed...because every song was played at the same sluggish tempo (except their one hit "All Right Now")...what was the deal with this band? They never mixed it up. But I quickly grew to love the perversity and single-mindedness of that. What seemed like a glaring flaw became a virtue. Then I read "Rip It Up and Start Again" by Simon Reynolds and realised that a large number of Post-Punk bands talked about Free, and that golden mean tempo, Gang of Four among them. The album works as a whole, much in the same way of Dopesmoker, but it's blues rock and Paul Rodgers is a genius.

Rhys Chatham - Two Gongs (1971)That's what it is. Two gongs being played for over an hour.
Rhys Chatham

La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela - Dream HouseThis isn't an album thank God...can we seriously just FUCK album lists? So sick of doing these (love you Rocket!)...anyway...Dreamhouse is a place in Tribeca NYC. It's a "sound and light environment", there are tons of specific sound waves generated by a synthesizer and everything is in a fuchsia tone. Just go there before it disappears with everything else weird in NYC.
La Monte Young

Metal Machine MusicAs played by Fireworks Ensemble from an orchestration by Ulrich Krieger (of course originally written by Lou Reed RIP), this shit changed my life. This is a video of part IV from a Miller Theatre performance that I attended. So SIIIIICK.
Metal Machine Music 

Kid Millions has a new Man Forever album out on the 8th April and hopefully there will be a new Oneida album soon!!


2 Apr 2014

Extremely ltd edition screen print poster for GOAT's Wonder Ballroom show in Portland

Here is the design for a ltd edition poster for Goat's show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland on April 16th, part of their first East Coat tour, full dates here

The poster is designed by Weird Beard 72 and comes in two colours but is ltd to only 66 copies. There will only be 24 copies available at the show, with a following 36 for sale from WB72's Big Cartel site the day after the show. 

Also WB72's has just found a handful of copies of the poster he did for Goat's sold out Chicago show last year. But be quick as there are only a handful!

WB72 Big Cartel site can be found here: WB72

You can also follow him on Twitter (@weirdbeard_72) or on Facebook.


1 Apr 2014

Goat announce East Coast tour of America in June

Goat have announced an East Coast US tour in June:

Thu Jun 12
Detroit MI
Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit

Fri Jun 13
Chicago IL
Thalia Hall

Sun Jun 15 
Manchester TN
Bonnaroo Music Festival

Tue Jun 17
Philadelphia PA
Union Transfer

Wed Jun 18
New York NY
Webster Hall

Fri Jun 20
Toronto ON

And don't forget, Goat are also heading over to the West Coast for their 'Wandering West' tour which starts in Pioneer Town on 10th of April. Full dates and tour poster can be found here: Wandering Westward Tour

Photo by P-Squared


Lay Llamas - Ostro / Ltd colour vinyl LP – now available for Pre-order

Lay Llamas – Ostro

Ltd LP / CD / DL
Released 26 May 2014

As previous reported Ostro is the debut album by Italian band Lay Llamas and we are extremely delighted to see the amazing purple vinyl release for the 1st time.

Lay Llamas could well be the perfect archetypal Rocket band, as the combined sounds of fellow label mates Gnod, Goat, Teeth of the Sea and Hills can be heard within their spacious, repetitive grooves. Though what Lay Llamas do with these familiar Rocket sounds is something uniquely their own.

From the spacey afro groove of the opening track ‘Ancient People of the Stars’ to the post punk repetition of ‘Archaic Revival’. The motorik interlude that is ‘Overmind’ and the Spacemen 3’esque drone of ‘Voices Call’. The addictive, looping kraut pop of ‘We are you’ and the dubbed out expanses of 'Something Wrong' and 'In Search of Plants' which both recall the sounds of Peaking Lights, Massive Attack and Yeasayer. All this is what makes Ostro a truly unique album, an album that takes several immersed listens to fully digest all its colours and beauty.

We have a few copies of the limited edition purple vinyl & CD mini gatefold on pre-sale here but fear not once they sell out from our shop, all good record shops will have stock available.

Lay Llamas are going to be hitting European stages throughout 2014, starting with a performance on the 'Counterblast Experiment' stage at the Eindhoven Psych Lab in June as well as touring the UK and Europe in September where they will be playing the Liverpool Psych Festival alongside the rest of the Rocket Recordings roster on the ‘Transmissions Fom the Outer Realms’ stage.

Listen to an exclusive stream of the track 'We are You' over at The Quietus