16 Apr 2014

4/5 review of LAY LLAMAS forthcoming debut album OSTRO

Here is the review roughly translated into English:

Lay Llamas - Ostro
Rocket Recordings

Edited by White Mud

The beginning is equatorial ... ambient sounds, moisture and leaves everywhere, then we go. Mechanical laps one after another, sometimes losing shots on the road , moving with the elegance of an amphibious vehicle in the swamp. Penetrate slowly when the voice surprisingly, messianic. Archaic Revival from the title shows the cards on the table, pulls us away from the tracks and take the flight, finding our power animal among the plant. " I wanna get back there," chanting voice, but it's our ultimate desire , the journey has just begun. In something wrong take the pace , the guitar initially flickers in the background and the drums are from the carpet to the song , before taking possession. In search of pasture plants is shamanic at low pressure, with a flute and synth tones that color in the background to opaque crystalline voice. Beats digital call a tropical rain, slow and steady while the keypad vibrate humming a lullaby. Pastoral Amazon .

With the passage of the tracks and minute hands are immersed in what looks like an initiation ceremony , Ancient people of the stars is the circle of the tribe, the lamas and lay the bonfire. It's up to us to decide whether to be observers or participate in the rite. By opting for the second choice , of course, the head and the body flatter sound with small movements , before the union: We are unfortunately only lasts 7.20 minutes you .... lasted half an hour, we would have a worthy companion to "This dust That makes mud " Liars and the first disc of the" Each one Teach one " of Oneida . I'm hoping for a remix that quadruple the battery life. We are in limbo, with no need to exit . Then, when you thought you had it all comes The Lay Llamas , motorik that seems an anthill amplified to a nightclub in ruins. Desert of the lost Souls from the title says it all, bodies collapsing and baked by the sun, in disarray and frightened by the rattles that trilling behind the stones ... the tinkling tune that comes on the end is perhaps the harbinger of the end. Oh yes, the title track is decompression and makes us understand that we are not Tommy / Tomme, we are not in John Boorman's Emerald Forest but we are here in the land must be colder, with the only option to restart the needle on the record player.

What else to add ? Nicola Giunta, assisted by Joel Valenti and Eugene Luciano, has shown he can still go back to childhood, to be able to still want a machete to save a forest and rascinare the Polyphonic Spree in the mud to resurrect them ugly, dirty , sweaty and covered in insects .... there WOULD be god as a backing band to Iquitos , which organizes Fitzcarraldo , a guarantee of the promoter.

The album will be released May 26 , and my advice , granted, is not to deal with the summer without a copy. 

Score: 4/5

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