30 Apr 2014

Rocket Probes April Playlist

'Rainbow Way' by George Gittoes w/ live soundtrack Holy Balm from OtherFilm on Vimeo.

Swans – A little God
(Great new track by Swans... Like Nick Cave meeting vintage Gnod and 'Angels of Light' era Gira... stunning!!!)

Can – Graublau
(Stunning noise n'groove track from one of Rocket's fave bands of all time!)

His Electro Blue Voice – Ruthless sperm
(Great band on Sub Pop that mix late 80's hardcore/industrial/noise with krautrock repetition and the sounds of Wire)
His Electro Blue Voice

Cave –  Threace
(Maybe their best album? very subtle but it gets under the skin, and the stunning track below is like Soft Machine meeting Funkadelic in a Cologne car park!)

Container – Boiler Room session
(Extremely great Kraut techno)

Various – Angel Dust Psychedelia
(All killer no filler comp of rare US rock from '68-'72...like a heavier, more groove driven 'Chocolate Soup for Diabetics')

Wedding Present – Bizarro
(Maybe not what you would expect on a Rocket playlist but contains some great Velvet Underground'esque noise pop as the track here shows)
Wedding Present

Bufalo Daughter – Psychic
(Mike Bourne from Teeth of the Sea turned us on to this forgotten early 2000's kraut infused classic)
Bufalo Daughter

Flying Saucer Attack – Flying Saucer Attack
(Was reminded with of by Mike from Teeth of the Sea recently and enjoyed dipping back into it, Dave from FSA got us into alot of the music we now consider classic Rocket favourites today, so we thank him for that, someone should re-issue this)

Catherine Ribeiro
 – Paix
(Spacey organ driven repetitive folk)
Catherine Ribeiro

Tar Babies – No Contest
(SST eighties funky psychedelic jazz rock)
Tar Babies

Augustus Pablo – Original Rockers
(Sweet sweet dub)
Augustus Pablo

Butter 08 – Mona Lisa
(Cibo Matto side project on Grand Royal)
Butter 08

Stone Roses – Fools Gold
(James Brown inspired Can grooved pop)
Stone Roses