1 Apr 2014

Lay Llamas - Ostro / Ltd colour vinyl LP – now available for Pre-order

Lay Llamas – Ostro

Ltd LP / CD / DL
Released 26 May 2014

As previous reported Ostro is the debut album by Italian band Lay Llamas and we are extremely delighted to see the amazing purple vinyl release for the 1st time.

Lay Llamas could well be the perfect archetypal Rocket band, as the combined sounds of fellow label mates Gnod, Goat, Teeth of the Sea and Hills can be heard within their spacious, repetitive grooves. Though what Lay Llamas do with these familiar Rocket sounds is something uniquely their own.

From the spacey afro groove of the opening track ‘Ancient People of the Stars’ to the post punk repetition of ‘Archaic Revival’. The motorik interlude that is ‘Overmind’ and the Spacemen 3’esque drone of ‘Voices Call’. The addictive, looping kraut pop of ‘We are you’ and the dubbed out expanses of 'Something Wrong' and 'In Search of Plants' which both recall the sounds of Peaking Lights, Massive Attack and Yeasayer. All this is what makes Ostro a truly unique album, an album that takes several immersed listens to fully digest all its colours and beauty.

We have a few copies of the limited edition purple vinyl & CD mini gatefold on pre-sale here but fear not once they sell out from our shop, all good record shops will have stock available.

Lay Llamas are going to be hitting European stages throughout 2014, starting with a performance on the 'Counterblast Experiment' stage at the Eindhoven Psych Lab in June as well as touring the UK and Europe in September where they will be playing the Liverpool Psych Festival alongside the rest of the Rocket Recordings roster on the ‘Transmissions Fom the Outer Realms’ stage.

Listen to an exclusive stream of the track 'We are You' over at The Quietus