31 May 2012

Rocket Probes May 2012 Playlist

Hills - Live
(Two track cassette from this great psych band...two long improv jams that recalls fellow swedish sonic travellers International Harvester, Parsons Sound etc)

Gnod - The Choice of a Nubian Generation
(laid back summer future daze vibes)

The Heads - Radio Sessions
("its a pisser and it tastes like wine.")

Various - Head Music
(A compilation of cover versions of Kraut classics, there is some very good stuff on here (not all mind you) but well worth tracking down...thanks to Black Tempest (who covered Shulze) for the copy)

Hype Williams - untitled selection of songs
(33 sketches of music from this duo, dont know much about it, downloaded it from The Quietus and some interesting things on there, not all work but most pretty great and out there)

Horse - Horse
(70s proto metal album that has some nice moments)

Trash - Gritts and Butts
(Fuzzy lo-fi artrock from early 90's New Zealand, has a nice early Sonic Youth feel in places)

Francis Bebey - African Electronic Music 1975-1982
(The title of this album says it all, contains some amazing afro electro funk)

Donna Summer - I Feel Love
(An absolutely amazing track, still sounds like it could of been made tomorrow)

Love Cry Want - S/T
(Electric Miles era Psyche Jazz freakout)

Carter Tutti Void - Traverse
(Pulsating Electronics)


30 May 2012

Optical Sounds gets louder

Mission Control's favourite magazine Optical Sounds has just announced some exciting news.

First, they are setting up a label to release some great underground psych, first release will be announced shortly.

Plus they have set up a message board for 'heads' alike to talk and discuss about the latest goings on in the underground psych (and further) scene.

You can join here


24 May 2012

Gnod are confirmed to play this year's Incubate festival in Tilburg

We are pleased to announce that Gnod are playing this years Incubate festival in Tilburg in the Netherlands.

They are playing on Friday 14th September

Other bands playing this amazing week long festival are:

Expo 70
Chris and Cosey
Damno Suzuki
King Midas Sound
MV and EE
Silver Apples
The Telescopes
and many more

For more information and tickets see here


22 May 2012

Another review of Teeth of the Sea's Reaper performance at SOTOC Festival

And then to the main event: Teeth Of The Sea performing ‘Reaper’, their re-imagining of Neil Marshall’s Doomsday. This was never going to be missed given our love for TOTS here and we weren’t disappointed. The sheer viscerality of the music – comprising stabbing trumpets, military beats, e-bow scythed guitars, rumbling and soaring synths, four-to-the floor technoid rhythms and screaming – in combination with the cut-up and effected visuals – taking in burning corpses, future-medieval gladiator battles, Mad Max-esque car chases, screens soaked in splats and spurts of blood and fluid – was mind-blowing (possibly actually as well as metaphorically). I would recommend ‘enjoying’ this at your earliest convenience, but it’s probably the last time they’re going to do it. I say probably as I have it on good authority that an invite to perform it in Berlin or Hawaii would coach TOTS’ ‘Reaper’ from its gruesome pit.

And to our very much more inviting and perfumed pits we returned in the knowledge that nothing else would surpass this finale.

Read the full review here


18 May 2012

'Turntable Currents' digging Serpentina Satelite's Mecanica Celeste


More bands announced for Supernormal 2012

The great Supernormal festival has announced more bands to the line up, highlights for us are:

Sylvester Angfang II
One Unique Signal

and they will be joining the already mentioned:

Hey Colossus
Cosmic dead
Black Tempest

You're smiling now...

And many many more

Tickets can be bought from here


17 May 2012

Interview with Chris from Gnod

Website M3 Event has interviewed Chris from Gnod, well worth a read.

Check it out here


9 May 2012

$&$ and Gnod show

We have just heard the news that Shit and Shine and Gnod are playing a show together in Preston on 26th May at the Chandler building.

This wil be an amazing show and the first time these two great bands have shared the same bill.

Find out more here

The Shit and Shine / Gnod – Collisions 03 LP is to be released in the autumn, so watch this space for more information!!


8 May 2012

Review of Teeth of the Sea's Reaper at Sounds of the Other City festival

Here is a great review from Music -Dash of Teeth of the Sea's recent (and last ever) performance of REAPER at the Sound of the Other City festival in Salford:

"As Teeth Of The Sea set up their equipment the screens promise "REAPER: A RE-IMAGINING OF NEIL MARSHALL'S 'DOOMSDAY'". This film - in which Scotland has been quarantined due to a deadly virus and when a case is discovered in London the government sends a team up to the now effectively post-apocalyptic country - was described in The Northern Echo thus: "As a writer, Marshall leaves gaping holes in the plot while as a director he knows how to extract maximum punch from car chases, beatings and fights without stinting on the gore as body parts are lopped off with alarming frequency and bodies squashed to a bloody pulp." Teeth Of The Sea avoid the issue of the former and play to the strengths of the latter by having remixed the film in the way you would a musical track. Scenes jump and repeat; suddenly the screens are full of barbed wire guns and explosions, to which the band respond with a trumpet frenzy like a post-rock mariachi in hell. Musically we're in similar territory to their regular sets: like 65daysofstatic they always sounded like they should be soundtracking sci-fi, so there are epic tracts of densely layered modern prog, crunching post-hardcore riffs and lulls into ambient (but still rather loud) space. And then there's the finale. The screens flash up the words "GIVE THEM HELL" and the sound explodes into high-octane death techno, two of the band battering on the drum rims. A man's face burns and melts in flames onscreen, then another man in standard-issue apocalypse survivor uniform of white mohican and black eyeliner raises his arms and stares then falls into a baying crowd. On repeat. Fifteen times. Twenty. The music swirls threateningly. Again. Again. The drums crash, the guitars scream. Fall. Burn. It gets more intense, synths explode in a mass of oscillations. Fall. Melt. Like they're testing how much you can take. Fall. Flames. Fall. Then after - how long? Ten minutes? I have absolutely no idea - the sounds fade to echoes of drones.What the fuck just happened?

The band have played this show a few times now across the country, but this was apparently the last time, and we feel privileged to have seen it, even if it has scrambled our brains. Outside, Chapel Street is aglow with blue striplights set into the shiny new pavements like some Blade Runner future."

Read the full review here


3 May 2012

'The Watcher' returns

David C from Optical Sounds returns with his 'The Watcher' feature with some of his fine choices:


Dead Sea Apes - Lupus (CD) 

This Manchester based band have been getting rave reviews from those that have fallen under their spell (and I have) Phil McMullen described them as "without a doubt THE moststunning, visceral and downright thrilling “new” discovery for me at least since 'Teeth of the Sea'.  Ennio Morricone like twangs take the listener on a far out trip that recalls Labradford and Papa M (before he began singing).  Beautiful desert like vibe (though the band claimforest!).  Loved it so much I want to release it as a double LP....Anyone lend us a fiver?

Available from Deep Water Acres Dwacres


Trans Upper Egypt - North African Berserk (LP)

From the east end of Rome comes this freak collectives Debut LP in an edition of 120. Primitive bone rattling drums mix it up with Martin Rev like keys and Silver Apples rhythms. Oneida fans may like this?

Available from Monofonuspress


WatchOut! - Vivorritmo (7)" 

Been obsessed with the Santiago scene (and esp WatchOut!) since hearing that Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane LP.  While Follakzoid and Holydrug Couple havereleaed records on Sacred Bones (Follakzoid have a new LP on sacredBones coming Autumn highly recomended...)  WatchOut! remain relativelyunknown outside of Santiago.  This 7" takes us on a journey throughthe Amazionian river more funky than previous efforts but still waysike'd out to these ears - dance to the rhythems of the snakes.Couldnt tell you wwhere to get this but listen to their last LP.

Available from Flashbacker


Vision Fortune - Heavy Saddles (Cassette)

5 tracks of insanely good Kraut/Drone/Psych/Loop weirdness - Nice and Heavy.
Definitely a band I would love to see doing their thing live. ltd to 100.

Available from Italian Beach Babes Italianbeachbabes


Hills - Live Tape

Totally essential Live Hills tape. Dont expect any of their past hits, here you get 2 tracks that bring to life Bo Anders as Hills build up a primitive Parson Sound like drone-raga-dirge that will rattle your inner core.



1 May 2012

Goat to play Supersonic festival 2012

We are excited to announce that Goat are playing this years Supersonic festival in Birmingham on the October 21st.

Following Teeth of the Sea's great performance last year and Gnod's the year before that, we are sure Goat will be another highlight of this great Festival

Early bird tickets can be bought from here