27 Jun 2013

Rocket Probes June Playlist

The Lay Llamas - Tape Crash (Split tape with Eugenoise)
(Our fave Italian band return with their second tape of grooved kosmiche gnodness, released on Old Bycycle Records...expect some Lay Llamas music out on Rocket later in the year)
Lay Llamas

Various – Thrash Metal Loser
(Mind blowing Thrash comp lovingly compiled by Invada boss and Goat Remixer Redg Weeks...you can get a FREE copy from here: 
Thrash Metal Loser

Hills – Live
(Cardinal Fuzz present two side long tracks from the mighty Hills on lovelly splattered vinyl...some exciting news about some forthcoming Hills releases on Rocket very soon!!)

Whirling Halls Of Knives – Devisions
(Essential new release from the great Trensmat...sound like a collaboration between Gnod and Moon Unit. Buy it today!!)
Whirling Halls of Knives

Run Dust – Decency Rally
(Talking of Gnod, here are some more great psyched out electronic sounds from their Tesla Tapes label)
Run Dust

The Asteroid No.4  – Dead Blues
(Nice Spacemen 3 meets Birds psych pop from a great little EP on the new Dock Ellis Records)
The Asteroid

Powell - Fizz
(Great 12 of 'Kraut not kraut' beats n' noise)

Crazy Elephant - Dark Part of My Mind
(A nice fuzzstepper)
Crazy Elephant

Medusa - First step beyond
(Contains some nice psyched out proto metal, in a similar vein to Dwarr...thanks to Goat for this find!! )

Satelliti - Transister
(Imagine 70's Miles and Gum takes Tooth locked in the same room together armed with uppers and downers)

Sand - Desert Navigation
(Keyboard driven desert kraut)

Portishead - Chase the Tear
(Electronic driving kraut pop)

Bokaj Retsiem - Psychedelic Underground
(Backwards guitars, need we say more)
Bokaj Retsiem


26 Jun 2013

Gnod present three new Tesla Tapes

Gnod's great Tesla Tapes label has three new tapes just released that we insist you buy right now!!

Nighthammer – Neu X  
For the uninitiated Nighthammer is the work of Tony Mountford from the label Noisestar, the band COVE and formally of Rocket band The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers. See the video for the first track here: Neu X
Listen and buy here (first track is amazing): Nighthammer

Black Tempest – Arcana
As you know we are big fans of Black Tempest and his kosmiche explorations, though for this release his new age space rock is replaced by some lovely lofi acidic rave
Listen and buy here: Black Tempest

Lightning Glove – Raving Peacocks Tail
Not someone we are familiar with but they are a band Gnod played with in the Czech Republic and left a big impression. And after a first listen we can see why!!
Listen and buy from here: Lightning Glove


Cherrystones to DJ at Goat / Teeth of the Sea show

Our favourite DJ and fellow 'Nothing is'er  Cherrystones is going to be playing some records tomorrow night at the sold out Goat / Teeth of the Sea show at Camden's Electric Ballroom.

Cherrystones Illustration by Peter Fowler


24 Jun 2013

Exclusive screenprinted poster for Goat's London show

This is a photo of an amazing screen print made by a Goat fan that will be available to buy at the sold out show at Camden Electric Ballroom on Thursday.

Only 100 of these have been made, so we expect them to go fast!!

For more info on the artist, you can visit his site here: Adam Pobiak

Also, the band will have made some Tshirts (ltd to 100) especially for the London show and Glastonbury. These feature the stunning Luke Insect artwork for the Stonegoat 7". The prints are black only and on grey, white and green tshirts... and they look great!!

The band will also have the last available white vinyl copies of the Stonegoat 7" for sale.


$hit & $hine play Bristol with Gnod, Big Naturals and Big Joan in support

That is right...what a line up!!!

$hit & $hine
Big Naturals
Big Joan

3 August
St John Baptist Crypt

Dont know any ticket details, but sure it will be easy to find.

Mission Control will be there down the front!!


Drowned in Sound get excited by Goat at Glastonbury

Drowned in Sound list their guide to 'must see' bands at this years Glastonbury:

(West Holts Stage, Friday, 14:30 - 15:30)

Described by some as Sweden's answer to The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Korpilombolo collective Goat are a law unto themselves, fusing twisted psychedelia with krautrock inspired grooves and the occasional Sabbath riff to boot. 2012's World Music was one of last year's finest long players, while their live shows often give a whole new meaning to the words "improvised" and "experimental".

Read the article in full here: Drowned in Sound

For those lucky of you going, Goat are also playing a show on the Hell Stage in Shangri La at 11pm the same day. Annoyingly this was going to be 1am, but now it has been brought forward by two hours (who's stupid idea was that!!!!) and they clash with Portishead, Horrors and Chic....but you know you would rather see!!! :)


21 Jun 2013

Debut Nighthammer release on Gnod's Tesla Tapes

We are huge fans of the Nighthammer here at Mission Control after his great mixes for both Gnod and Goat.

For the uninitiated Nighthammer is the work of Tony Mountford from the band COVE and formally of Rocket band The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers.

Gnod were so impressed of the Nighthammer mix of Genocider, they invited him to do a full release on their Tesla tapes, and this is the result.

For more information go here: Tesla Tapes

Diagonal Records presents $hit & $hine at the Lexington

This looks like a bit of a corker of a night...

From the Lexington website:

Diagonal Records presents a mid-week shindig at London’s Lexington to coincide with the release of a remarkable four-tracker from headliners Sh*t and Shine. Famed for creating rollicking barrages of noise, guitar and sinister drum menace from anywhere between two and 20 sticksmen, DIAG004 represents something of a departure for the project’s creative force, Craig Clouse. The disorientating psychedelic effect remains, but the means are very different: this is sample-based rhythm music for dark clubs written by clowns. For this one-off London show, expect ear-splitting volume and a stage full of bunnies. 

Clouse’s men will be joined by Blood Music, who return to The Lexington for the first time since their Quietus show with My Disco in 2011. Fresh from their much-acclaimed EP on Diagonal, BM wield drum machines, guitars, drum kits, contact mics, noise and synthesisers to create pummelling tunnels of propulsive torque. 

Label-owner Powell will deploy turntables and records to smooth proceedings over between acts.

Tickets from here: wegottickets


20 Jun 2013

The Wire Magazine hosting Boiler Room 'monoriff' special with GNOD and Kogumaza

Taken from the Wire's website:

The Wire hosts a night of live music at the club in the cloud next month. The Wire's edition of Boiler Room, Night Of The Monoriffs, will feature special sets by two of the UK’s heaviest minimal rock units, Gnod and Kogumaza, plus a DJ set of unholy riffage courtesy of Joseph Stannard of Brighton’s Outer Church. The whole night will be streamed live at boilerroom.tv on 16 July between 8-11pm GMT.

Wire Magazine


19 Jun 2013

Cherry Coloured Funk interviews Goat


Goat are a shadowy collective hailing from darkest Sweden, specializing in fuzzed-up, whacked-out psychedelic rock that takes influence from a plethora of international genres without sounding like any of them. Their 2012 album “World Music” captured their raw, steaming jams in analogue crust, garnering them rave reviews as they churned up venues in a handful of live gigs. Coming off the back of a recent US tour and release of their “Stonegoat/Dreambuilding” 7”, we at Cherry Coloured Funk were lucky enough to be granted an interview with a member of the group, speaking under the alias of Captain Goatheart. The response we received was, in keeping with their public image, oblique, funny, laconic and beguiling.
In other interviews you’ve commented that your day-to-day activity involves a great deal of nudity. Why is it then that you decide to cover up so much on stage?
- Goatheart – Well, I guess at home you walk around nude sometime but when you leave your flat you put on some clothes? The reason you do that is the same reason to why we wear clothes in public too.

Are there initiation rites for members of Goat?
- No.

Your music and live shows display a profound interest with occult lore and voodoo. Was your music borne out of such a fascination or did you decide to incorporate it into an already fleshed-out sound?- Our sound, our history and our beliefs are one. There is nothing more to say about that really.

Sweden has a rich tradition of fuzzy psychedelic bands, from 70’s masters like Baby Grandmothers and Parson Sound to Dungen. Do you identify yourselves with this tradition or take influence from it in any way? What is it about Swedish climes that produce bands such as yours and the ones mentioned above?

Read the answer to this and other great questions here: Cherry Coloured Funk


18 Jun 2013

'A midsummer psyche's dream' this Thursday





Thursday 20 June
Soup Kitchen / Manchester



6 months to the day since its festive predecessor Psychmare Before Christmas, we invite you to welcome in the eve before Solstice with...


16 Jun 2013

Nothing is gonna be the same

Nothing is... returns to Dalston this Friday:

Cage & Aviary (Internasjonal/DFA)
Cherrystones (Brutal)
Little Dirty (Hed Nod)
Rik Motor (Rocket Recordings)

The Alibi – Dalston/London
21 June
Free entry

Join us here: Nothing is...


Anthroprophh – Precession Live in the studio 25.10.12

Here is a great recording on Anthroprophh playing the track Precession live in their studio as they were practicing for a show in Manchester.

The live incarnation of Anthroprophh is Paul Allen (from The Heads) backed up with Gareth and Jess from The Big Naturals.

Anthroprophh want to play your town...so if you are a promoter based in UK or Europe or you know someone who may be interested in booking the band, please let us know.

We saw the band play a couple of weeks ago and they are on fire at the moment, with lots of great new material.


14 Jun 2013

Gnod – residency at the Islington Mill

Gnod have been confirmed for a a special residency at Islington Mill in Salford

This is what is said about it on the Mill's site:

GNOD – Got No Obvious Destination Residency

For our very first music residency we have invited Gnod to take over the club space every Sunday - Wednesday from 1st July until 17th July. A music collective based at the Mill since 2006, they have stayed true to their vision of creating something from nothing, playing shows around the loose idea of believing in the power of people coming together to create a picture of the truth. Having toured extensively throughout UK & Europe the band have over 20 releases, their own tape label Tesla Tapes and are the heads behind the total art work, Gesamtkunstwerk (see July 5th).  

This residency consists of members of the extended Gnetwerk of friends, coming to the Mill to stay, work, find like-minded people as well as creating artwork and performance along the way.

From the 1st to the 9th Gnod bring Ken Wiatrek to the Mill, a Hamburg based artist and musician they’ve been in regular conversation with since meeting at Kutna Hora Festival, Czech Republic in 2010. Ken is “interested in creating a better world. Be that through education or culture” Having helped out Gnod they will be returning the favour whilst he creates new work at the Mill. 

The 8th & 9th see an exhibition of photographic landscapes by Sanna Charles, sound installations by Mark Wagner and live performance from S&M and “Finnish Doomers” Horse Latitudes celebrate the launch of a volume of work from the artists performing and exhibiting. Expect industrial yet pagan overtones.

On the 12th, Gnod are hosting a supper club with Jentle Ben and Olmos, come see her perform and taste how the gnetwork eat. Then on Sunday 14th Gnod host an open session where you can come and see them rehearsing before their London shows. 

Monday 15th sees the band combine with sound artist Callum Higgins (Baptists & Bootleggers/Yes Blythe) building on the work he presented during the Working Title residency and Development 3 show earlier this year. Higgins will transform the club space into a fully immersive, light reactive environment, the very presence and behaviour of the audience in the room will manipulate and shape the unique experience they have.

Finally on Tuesday 16th Gnod perform for Boiler Room at the bequest of The Wire magazine alongside the brilliant Kogumaza. In true 21st century style the event will be streamed live to the clubspace at Islington Mill and will include support from Yes Blythe and more TBC.

Tickets and information on the residency can be found here: Islington Mill

For up-to-date information from Gnod, visit: ingnodwetrust


12 Jun 2013

Get the FACTs on Goat

FACT Magazine have published a feature an interview with Goat after their successful show at Primavera Sound:


As Blur’s ‘Girls & Boys’ sparks the first visible signs of excitement at Barcelona’s Primavera festival, whose concrete expanse feels not dissimilar to a chilly Clapham car park, it’s hard to peel away to see the experimental Swedish tribal-funk act starting on an adjacent stage.

Goat are already in full swing. Two female singers draped in colourful outfits – part Islamic head-dress, part Voodoo gown – are flying around the stage to Afrobeat drums and wailing psychedelic guitar riffs that don’t scrimp on the wah-wah. The two return from their running dances to chant and cackle down their microphones. “People get rea-dy! Under the rain-bow!” they sing in unison, “People keep danc-ing! Into the ear-ly dawn!” A masked band member launches into an unashamedly-long keyboard solo with all the richness and imperfections of some jam off a 1970s Ethiopiques record. Goat, it seems, are much more fun than 20-year-old Britpop.

The masked band hail from Korpilombolo, a sleepy village in Sweden’s sparsely-populated northern wilderness located between Lapland and the Baltic Sea. According to Goat, or more accurately their press release, Voodoo arrived to Korpilombolo centuries ago via a travelling witch doctor and her followers, who were searching for the village by means of a cipher hidden within some ancient scripture. Their customs and music took hold and remained undisturbed for centuries, before crusaders came and vanquished them. The Voodoo curse still hangs over the town and is now channelled through Goat’s music…"

Read the rest of the piece here: FACT Magazine


11 Jun 2013

Goat live at Roadburn 2013 – stream full show

pro 3voor12 has put up the audio stream of Goat's amazing set at this years Roadburn Festival...



10 Jun 2013

Goat to play Loop curated ATP

We are VERY excited to announce that Goat will be playing the Loop curated 'ATP – End of an Era' at Camber Sands on November 29th to December 1st.

The band fly over to join an amazing line up that includes:

Thought Forms
Comets on Fire
Pop Group
Ty Segal
23 Skidoo

and many more still to be announced!!

The event is going to be the LAST EVER ATP, and we at Rocket are proud to have one of our bands play as we have been punters at the festival for many years....so lets make it go out with a BANG!!

For more information and tickets , go here: ATP

Photos by Matt Schiels


6 Jun 2013

The Quietus review Goat at Primavera Sound

The Quietus reviewer for Primavera had some nice things to say about Goat's set:

"...While it's infuriating that Swans and Goat clash, I venture to see the Swedes, having seen Gira and co. four times in the last eight months. It being the ATP stage, trickles of Blur float over from the main stage at times. But by the time Goat plunge back into their Stooges meets Funkadelic whirlwind, Blur are rendered a long forgotten memory and blasted back to the 90s by a sonic fury that simultaneously pre and post dates them. The masked group tear through World Music with sizzling gusto and grace, with a performance that exudes so much unrelenting and groove-ridden vigour that the audience descend into flailing madness. It's anvil-heavy in its tone and execution, the guitars and bass scream mercilessly, but the hand drum that a gimp-masked man sits and plays at the front adds a percussive ferocity that makes this 2am party performance a gripping triumph..."

Read the full review of the festival here: The Quietus

(photo by Gaelle Beri - www.gaelleberi.com )

The Sleeping Shamen review Stonegoat

"If you’re unfamiliar so far with the Swedish musical phenomenon known simply as Goat, then I really do hope that life under that giant rock isn’t stinking too much of your stale weed and dusty old albums. Smashing into our global weird-beard consciousness in 2012 with the stunning and surprise-laden ‘World Music’, Goat returned every single listener to a world of ‘70s US cop dramas, voodoo-enchanted campfire dances and tribal, yet cheerfully Amazonian rhythms.

‘World Music’ crept up on most like a fox in a balaclava, but yet it’s reach was so very vast; being covered and appraised by everyone from The Sleeping Shaman to The Guardian is no mean feat for such unprecedented sounds so mysteriously forged in Korpolombolo, Sweden. The astounding thing about ‘World Music’ was that it didn’t fit into any cleanly-defined bucket – you could utter ‘retro rock’, ‘jazz’, ‘soul’, ‘funk’, afro-beat’ or ‘reggae’ amidst it’s fornicating glamour and you would neither be quite correct nor entirely wrong in your chosen description. In many ways, it was their overtly catchy weirdness that saw them embraced most warmly by the stoner-rock and doom communities, hungry for something lively and fun to soothe their blackened souls. Appearances at the likes of Supersonic and Roadburn festivals ensued and the hype around this most bizarre and obscure three-piece grew like vines on a summer’s day...."

Read the rest of the review here: The Sleeping Shamen

3 Jun 2013

The BBC say a few words about Goat's forthcoming Glastonbury performance

Ahead of the BBC's coverage of Glastonbury festival, the broadcaster have said a few words about Goat and their up-and-coming performance:



Goat became one of the most talked about bands in 2012 due to the success of their extraordinary debut album World Music, described as one of the year’s best albums by BBC Music. 

The band hail from the historical, but little known about Northern Swedish village of Korpolombolo and create a sound which fuses infectious tribal grooves, fuzz and dual vocals. 

Live shows by the band are rare but they will be making a few European festival appearances this year at Primavera, Roskilde, Way Out West and two sets at Glastonbury in what could be the perfect spiritual location for their tribal-psych sounds.


Hopefully the BBC will see fit to broadcast some of Goat's show or invite them along to perform a song especially for you in their back stage area? What you think? if you like this idea, then contact the BBC demanding they make it happen!!


Visit BBC's Glastonbury page here: BBC

Photo courtesy of the great PSquared Photography



We are pleased to announce that the new GOAT 7" STONEGOAT / DREAMBUILDING is released today and is available in all good record shops.

To celebrate this Goat have put together 2 videos, one each for the double A sides of the single so enjoy!

For further information visit: here