31 May 2013

GOAT - STONEGOAT / DREAMBUILDING 7" available for Pre-order

We are pleased to announce that the new GOAT 7" STONEGOAT / DREAMBUILDING is released on Monday the 3rd of June and will be available in all good record shops.

The single is being launched by Rocket in UK/Europe/Japan/Australia etc. The record is also being released on June 4th in North America on the mighty Sub Pop, as well as a Ltd 12" by Stranded in Scandinavia on Record Store Day. Though these two releases differ from the Rocket one as they are leading on the track DREAMBUILDING as the A side.

The two tracks on the double A side 7" are called STONEGOAT and DREAMBUILDING. They carry on where World Music left off with some serious grooves and 'heavy as you like' fuzz.

All three releases feature Luke Insect's stunning artwork that he created for Goat's US tour tshirts, though each labels sleeves are in different colours, Rocket's is in Purple, Sub Pop's is in Blue and Stranded's is Green.

The record is limited to 200 white vinyl copies and ONLY available via the Rocket bandcamp or from the band at shows, the rest available in the shops are purple vinyl and ltd to 800 copies.

We have a limited amount of white vinyl copies available for pre-order here


Rocket Probes May Playlist

Shit & Shine - Denim Dos and Donts
(Our fave Texans go all 'Necks' for a WFMU session)
Shit & Shine

Esben and the Witch - Smashed (Teeth of the Sea remix)
(Teeth of the Sea turn the track into something that reminds us of the great Bark Psychosis...which is no bad thing!)
Holy Wave - Evil Hits
Really good album of 60's psych pop and late 80's shoegaze...great live too, so we hear)
Iron Knowledge - Showstopper
(Another 'Nothing is...' fave)
Iron Knowledge

In Zaire - White Sun Black Sun
(Nice cosmic noise rock)
Father Murphy - EP demos
(Interesting band from Italy...maybe what a This Heat and Mike Patton collaboration would sound like?)
Various - Lagos Disco Inferno
(Contains some nice n' dirty tracks of afro disco funk grooves)
Lagos Disco Inferno

Kikagaku Moyo - s/t
(Great Japanese trippy Psych)
Geometric Patterns

Máquina - Why?
(1970's Spanish Prog Psych, great use of Fuzz & Wah)
Modulo 1000 - Nao Fale Com Paredes
(1970's Brazilian Proto -Prog Psych madness)


30 May 2013

Teeth of the Sea to play Incubate

Incubate have just announced that Teeth of the Sea are playing this years Incubate festival in Holland on 16 - 22nd September..

After their amazing set at Roadburn this year, Teeth of the Sea return to Tilburg to play the city's other great festival.

The line-up is pretty amazing with the like of Wolf Eyes, Pete Swanson, Residual Echoes, Ben Nash, White Hills, Alex Tucker, Man Forever and many many more

Read more here: Incubate

Big thanks to William for helping to make this happen


Q magazine put's Goat in the 'Top 10 performances of Primavera Sound 2013'

This is what the magazine said:

Despite clashing with some of the festival's bigger bookings, the mysterious Swedes - all wearing expressionless gold masks like South American sun gods - created an awe-inspiring kaleidoscope from gnarly garage rifts and breathless afro beats, earning them a discerningly strong crowd. On this showing, the band ought to be added to a lot more festival bills this summer.
Stand out track: Run To Your Mama

See the full 10 bands here: Q magazine

Photo courtesy sebastien.dehesdin from Line of the Best Fit...who have a great Goat feature including loads more photo's of their Primavera performance coming soon.


Esben and the Witch – Smashed To Pieces In The Still of the Night – remixed by Teeth of the Sea

Online and free to share, Esben and the Witch release the 'Wash The Sins Not Only The Face' Remixes EP.  

Featuring remixes and reworkings from Teeth of the Sea and the likes of Mute’s Maps, Dave Sitek (TV on the Radio), Klad Hest (BEAK>) and more.

Wash The Sins Not Only The Face Remixes

1. When That Head Splits – remixed by Maps

2. Deathwaltz – reworking, produced by David Andrew Sitek
3. The Fall of Glorieta Mountain – remixed by Lumbers
4. When That Head Splits – remixed by Woodpecker Wooliams
5. Despair – The President Chews A Bind – Klad Hest remix
6. Smashed To Pieces In The Still of the Night – remixed by Teeth of the Sea

You can download the tracks here: matadorrecords.com


27 May 2013

'Goat's 12 Golden Hits'

Goat have launched a Spotify playlist called 'Goats 12 Golden Hits'.

It is going to be an irregular series of playlists of music that the band love and want to share. 

Volume 1 is available now:


Hills live footage

With lots of exciting Hills news coming this way soon, we thought it would be good to repost some old footage of the band playing live in their native Sweden.

We hope for some European and UK shows early 2014!!


26 May 2013

Introducing SAME SAC

We have just received this footage of a new avant doom three piece SAME SAC, that features members from two of our favourite bands, Shit and Shine and Butthole Surfers.

They will be playing some live shows around Austin soon apparently.



24 May 2013

GNOD - Club Tragicana

After the last few months of touring in Europe GNOD are currently out in Ibiza.  Performing in association with Salford's Islington Mill who are also represented out there, the band and their various collectives are playing some gigs, so go join in the Club Tragicana, and welcome you to wonderland!

For more details visit here


23 May 2013

Teeth of the Sea - Orphaned by the Ocean is now available on vinyl

While Mission Control has just had Teeth of the Sea's 3rd album 'MASTERdelivered for pre-mastering listening we are pleased to have a few copies of their first album 'Orphaned by the Ocean' now available on stunning burnt orange vinyl via our bandcamp shop here

The vinyl will be available in all good records shops as of Monday the 27th May.


22 May 2013

Advance tickets for 'Nothing is...' Bristol party featuring Anthroprophh, Teeth of the Sea and Thought Forms now available

'Nothing is...' is upping roots from it's Dalston home and having a one-off special at Bristol's Cube Cinema on June 8th.

The night is a celebratory gathering for Chris from Rocket's 40th (plus John from Rocket's recent 40th), and apart from 'Nothing is...' in the bar there are some very, very special live acts performing in the cinema itself. 

Nothing is...

Teeth of the Sea
Thought Forms

Cage & Aviary
Rik Motor
Little Dirty

Bristol Cube Cinema
Saturday June 8th
7.30 - 2am
£5 (to help towards bands/djs expenses)

You can now buy tickets here: Bristol Ticket Shop

Facebook event page: Nothing Is...


17 May 2013

Buy ultra limited 'Orange vinyl' versions of Goat's Run to your mama remix 12"s

We have some ultra limited orange vinyl versions of Goat's Run to your mama remixes 12"s up for sale on our band camp.

The orange vinyl versions were made exclusively to give to the remixers involved and for the band themselves to sell at Roadburn and on their US tour. Only 200 copies were made and we only have one box left, so once these are gone, they are gone.

If you buy a 12" you also get mp3's of the tracks off of both 12"s.

Just a reminder, the track list for the 12"s are as follows: 



You can buy a copy here: Rocket Bandcamp


16 May 2013

Swear blind the Alsatian is melting – live at Roadburn

Hear is footage of Teeth of the Sea Performing the track Swear blind the Alsatian is melting live at this years Roadburn festival.

Listen to the audio of the whole set here: Roadburn


Goat confirmed to play Lowlands Festival

After their successful show at Roadburn, Goat return to Holland this Summer to play the Lowlands Festival on August 16-18

You can buy tickets here: Lowlands

Photo courtesy of Tom Gilmore


15 May 2013

Glass magazine interviews Goat

The interviews with Goat are coming in thick and fast.

Here is a new one by the magazine Glass:

"After last year's universally worshipped World Music album, released on Rocket Recordings, voodoo magick collective GOAT are following up on June the 3rd with double A sided single, Stonegoat/Dreambuilding, another psyche-heavy bizarre-bazaar of bleeding cry baby guitars, mantra hurling and scattergun tribal grooves. Harking from the (indisputably real) village of Korpolombolo in North Sweden, a haunt fabled to have been jinxed by fleeing townspeople after they were invaded by Christian crusaders, identities in the band are vague but they are thought to be led by multi-instrumentalist Christian Johansson and two other possible Magi.

Live, they are assisted by a quartet of masked warriors and chiefs that exult in flurrisome union from the stage in a pleasingly unsettling rhythmic hallucinogen. You wouldn't be surprised if members of the audience, acolytes or converts, spontaneously fell to their knees and started joyously projecting in tongues.  This is a level of contrived mystique that Glass really enjoys.

Goat are so below the radar they're positively Stealth, but we managed an incredibly swift catch up with them between designated chanting sessions (and a tour of the U.S.) to quiz them about their new single and a visit to the pagan sites of England this Summer. These will include Camden's Electric Ballroom on the 27th of June with Teeth of the Sea and two shows at Glastonbury..."

Read the full interview here: Glass magazine

Photograph by PSquared 


'Smoking' fan made video for Goatman

Untitled from Mike Gualdoni on Vimeo.

We got sent this video by www.miketheeye.com


53 years of nuclear tests as electronic music

Found this online and thought we had to share it...

More info about it here: boing boing


14 May 2013

Shit & Shine Tuesday Jazz Chat 19


Head Medicine exclusive interview with Goat about their first US tour and future plans

Head Medicine managed to ask Goat some questions in person about their recent and first US tour:

"I still find it a bit unbelievable that Goat, one of the most enigmatic and electrifying bands currently on the planet, chose to make a stop in Saint Louis, Missouri on their all-too brief introductory US tour. The fact that Goat had come to the United States at all was extremely exciting, but the thought that they were bringing their gospel so far off the beaten path and virtually to my front steps, a mere three-and-a-half hours away from me square in the middle of nowhere, was almost ridiculously unexpected. Three days prior, i was fortunate enough to witness the group give their most important performance to an American audience at one of the finest mind-expanding music festivals in the world at the Austin Psych Fest in Austin, Texas. The performance was the crown jewel of their recent trek through the heart of the country and solidified their growing international reputation as one of the freshest and most formidable live acts out there. I was still exhausted from the life-altering three-day Austin experience and the long psychic and geographic road trip there and back, but there was no way in hell i was going to miss this performance. The band had granted me a rare face-to-face interview to top it all off. As i drove to Saint Louis, i reflected on Goat's unlikely journey from their far away homeland to that night's performance and how, until just recently, they dwelled in complete obscurity but now find themselves on the furthest edge of a new musical frontier..."

Read the revealing interview here: Head Medicine


13 May 2013

Gnod live in Manchester – The Sleeping Shamen review

The Sleeping Shamen was present at the recent Gnod show with Author & Punisher.

This is what they thought:

"Gnod, who have recently featured in a more prominent position in the music media (justifiably so, they are modern-day psychedelicists of eminent note), surprised me a little by playing an entirely electronic set using little console things with knobs on and with huge ravels of leads emanating from them (what the fuck do you call them?), like clunky Dr Who technology from the seventies. The various members of this ever-revolving collective huddled and leant over them, twiddling, fiddling , turning and sweating on said knobs, dials and switches with mind-altering affect. What a treasure it is to have Gnod on our North Western doorsteps too, holed up in their Islington Mill art commune like it’s Munich in 1971, making limitless music that defies genre but is uniformly interesting at its weakest to absolutely cortex-fuckingly brilliant at its greatest (check the ‘Science & Industry’ album for Gnod at their quasi-metal-talismanic-tribal best). At first I was conscious of the feeling that I wanted the Gnodsters to get ugly and heavy and use noisy six string guitars and real bass guitars and real solid drums like they did when I saw ‘em last year (twice – both blisteringly intense shows) but as the minutes passed by I saw the good sense in this kind-of retro-set (harking back to the 1990s for me and the proliferation of ecstasy and dance beats everywhere in England) that reminded me of what Hawkwind (I had to mention them didn’t I? soz) used to do post-eighties by flitting between heavy cosmic mantra-rock and electronic bass generated pseudo-rave for fuck-heads in fields in Somerset. Yep, it worked a beauty, particularly as Author & Punisher continued this weltering orgy of electronica. Continuity you see. Makes stuff neat and satisfying."

Read the full review of the show here: The Sleeping Shamen


Frontier Psychiatrist interview Goat

Peter Lillis from Frontier Psychiatrist got to ask Goat a few questions:

"Korpilombolo, Sweden is a remote “locality” in northern Sweden. With approximately 530 residents, Korpilombolo recently gained notoriety for being home to the mysterious GOAT, a fast rising and fantastic psychedelic rock band with a penchant for tribal drums, blues-drone freakouts and voodoo-like masks. Wrapping up their first US tour, GOAT played sold-out shows at some of our top venues, including The Music Hall of Williamsburg, Austin Psych Fest and the Empty Bottle. We were fortunate enough to catch their Chicago date, which was also attended by Ty Segall, Doug McCombs and countless other scene juggernauts..."

Read the full interview here: FrontPsych.com


11 May 2013

Goat needs your photo's

We at Rocket have teamed up with Cardinal Fuzz on a very special forthcoming Goat project. Though to bring this project alive we need your photos of Goat playing live. 

So, whether you are a professional photographer or just a fan with a camera, please send us your hi-res photo's of the band via wetransfer to rocketrecordings(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk

All images used in the final project wil be credited to your goodselves, so please make sure to include your name, contact and web address (if you have one).

Thanks in advance for your help, we really appreciate it and 'please' spread the word.

Photo above is courtesy of PSquared Photography


Anthroprophh – Live footage from Bristol album launch and review of show with The Cosmic Dead

Here is some great footage of Anthroprophh playing the track Entropy live at the Bristol album launch.

Plus here is a review of their recent Bristol show with Cosmic Dead via Rottenmeats:

"What an evening!… Psych massage of the highest order… First up, Edgar Froese look-a-like Paul Allen gave us a Anthroprophh set of dronic fruit and drums... Sitting in front of his vintage synths all regal….after a diverting slice of wah(ed) guitar indulgence his hands were glued to those keys in spikes of deliberation … rippling out the oscillatory pleasures in jagged shards of high end agitation … dark blooms leaning in to ‘heart of the sun’ dynamics of 'wool covered' percussion and cymbal flares… glorious slips of cylinder slide guitar and smeared exotica, as raggerty drone beggars siphoned the celestial... "

See the full review here: Rottenmeats


Nothing is what it seems

Nothing is...

Cage & Aviary
Little Dirty
Rik Motor

The Alibi – Dalston/London
17 May
Free entry

Show your love here: Nothing is...


Goat at the Empty Bottle in Chicago

Here are some great photo's by Ben Pegram for Impose of Goat's sold out show at Chicago's legendary Empty Bottle: Impose

And here is a review of the show via Windy City Rock:

"There's an astonishing amount of mystery that surrounds GOAT, a collective of psychedelic voodoo rockers from Korpilombolo, Sweden. The town is said to still bear the curse of the followers of a traveling witch doctor, most of whom were driven out upon being discovered by Christian crusaders. That dark magic, combined with the centuries-long influence of voodoo culture in Korpilombolo, has allegedly shaped the music GOAT plays now. It's trance-like, made up of relentless rhythms embellished with wild bouts of improvisation. Passed down from generation to generation, the music is said to have been performed by various "versions" of GOAT, with only this recent incarnation finally laying down some wax. World Music, the band's aptly-titled debut record, was released by Rocket Recordings to much critical acclaim. There are plenty of questions and ambiguity still surrounding the band and its origins- an impressive accomplishment on its own in a post-Google world. GOAT is currently in the midst of their first American tour, and were in town Thursday for a sold out show at The Empty Bottle..."

Read the full review here: Windy City Rock


The Heads live – archive footage from 1996

Here is some live footage from two 1996 performances by The Heads uncovered from the archives.


7 May 2013

Teeth of the Sea - live at Roadburn Festival 2013 Audio Stream

Listen to the audio stream for Teeth of the Sea - live at Roadburn Festival 2013, courtesy of Vpro here


Ech(((o)))es & Dust Review - Gnod Dropout with White Hills II re-issue

Ech(((o)))es & Dust's Brett Savage write some nice words about - Gnod Dropout with White Hills II re-issue.

'Being only 13 years into the new millenia, is it a little previous to offer up a contender for one of the albums of the century? Well, OK then, how about album of the decade? If you haven’t heard Gnod & White Hill's Drop Out II album by now, I think you may well end up being inclined to agree with me. In fact, I’m no spring chicken (I know, I know... I don't look it... you’re too kind etc), but it’s certainly one of the best I’ve heard  - ever........'

read the rest here

The record is availbe in all good records shop and we have a few pink vinyls at the Rocket bandcamp shop here


1 May 2013

Goat - Run to Your Mama / Red and Cyan Graphic Novel Trailer

Goat's 'Run to your Mama' track features on this up & coming graphic novel 'Red & Cyan' trailer, this is what they had to say about it:

'Since the dawn of time a tower has stood in the centre of what is now called London. In this tower an angel and demon make a wager. This wager changes everything for a ghost named Alice. The demon, Cyan, asks Alice to be her messenger. Alice agrees on the condition Cyan grants her wish. Alice must discover the secrets behind this message before it is too late. 

Coming soon in June 2013!'

For information on Red & Cyan:


Teeth of the Sea - play East End Live film festival

Teeth of the Sea join the likes of Toy, Wet Nuns, Perspex Flesh, Charles De Goal, Scott & Charlene's Wedding, Moon Zero and Skinny Girl Diet, The Monochrome Set, Charles Hayward, Joseph Coward to this years East End Live.

See what The Quietus have to say about it: here

Tickets are available seetickets


Shit and Shine Tuesday Jazz Chat 18