13 May 2013

Frontier Psychiatrist interview Goat

Peter Lillis from Frontier Psychiatrist got to ask Goat a few questions:

"Korpilombolo, Sweden is a remote “locality” in northern Sweden. With approximately 530 residents, Korpilombolo recently gained notoriety for being home to the mysterious GOAT, a fast rising and fantastic psychedelic rock band with a penchant for tribal drums, blues-drone freakouts and voodoo-like masks. Wrapping up their first US tour, GOAT played sold-out shows at some of our top venues, including The Music Hall of Williamsburg, Austin Psych Fest and the Empty Bottle. We were fortunate enough to catch their Chicago date, which was also attended by Ty Segall, Doug McCombs and countless other scene juggernauts..."

Read the full interview here: FrontPsych.com