18 Jun 2021

Land Trance's First Séance LP is released today

“Spectacular debut album.”

The Quietus  (No. 14 Album Of 2020)

“A journey exploring every corner of the experimental music landscape.”
Get Into This

“Conjuring moments of unadulterated transcendence.”
Fruits and Grooves

"A record as dazzlingly cinematic as it is truly exploratory." 

Backseat Mafia


Last year the band Land Trance, a collaboration between Liverpool-based musicians Andrew P.M Hunt (Dialect) and Benjamin D. Duvall (Ex-Easter Island Head) released their debut album ‘First Séance’ on Forest Swords’ Dense Truth label. The album quickly became one of our albums of the year and was also featured in The Quietus prestigious Top 100 Albums of the Year list at #14.

We felt this was an album that needed to be heard on vinyl (only released digitally up to now) and we were the label who had to do it.

So we are proud to announce that you can pick up this incredible debut album by Land Trance on ltd edition vinyl from your local record shop as from today.


Working together as Land Trance, the duo utilise spontaneous electro-acoustic improvisation and studio-as-instrument post production to explore the inner and outer reaches of each other’s musical vocabularies. Tracks oscillate between vocal-led ecclesiastical yearning (Transcript, Chilean Miners) and ecstatic assemblages of sound (Beach Mystery, A Raft), always suggesting a palpable sense of geography with an allusive sense of place.

‘First Séance’ elevates deceptively simple materials and means with vivid imagination and bold compositional strategies, transcending the intimate scale of bedroom recording and DIY sound creation. It presents a wholly original set of musical environments, and a compelling document of intuition, friendship and artistic curiosity.


15 Jun 2021

Backseat Mafia gives Land Trance's First Séance 9/10 review

They say:

INITIALLY released last year through Forest Sword’s Dense Truth label and imminently to be released on the mercurial Rocket Recordings, First Séance is the debut album from Land Trance: a collaborative project borne from the dual, equally ingenious musical gifts of Andrew P.M. Hunt and Benjamin D. Duvall.

Although it is their debut album, the duo’s paths have long been intertwined. The two have long shared rehearsal spaces and band mates – whilst Duvall was delving into percussive ensemble composition as the founder of the acclaimed Ex-Easter Island Head, Hunt was exploring the possibilities of songwriting, synthesis and texture as Dialect and leader of art rock band Outfit.

The album combines electro-acoustic and studio as post-production, utilising zither, drum machine, music box, dictaphone, synthesiser, melodica and more. This vast artistic curiosity is satisfied through metamorphosing, hypnagogic soundscapes; inducing soporific states that never once deviate from their profoundly hypnotic stream. The singular allure of the album lies in the single, unwavering emotion focused through Land Trance’s captivating sonic collage; unlike other artists, whose efforts at doing so prove blander than a bowl of Shreddies, they imbue the record with a soul-stirring, distinctive melancholy. The well of this unquenchable melancholic elixir in fact remains constantly full, even after umpteen listens. This could be because of the duo’s ability to – through each track, in a different but similarly ingenious fashion – splice this emotion into many guises; using myriad instrumentation in myriad ways...

Read the rest here: Backseat Mafia


10 Jun 2021

Teeth of the Sea & The Utopia Strong joint UK November Tour

We are throughly delighted to share with you that Teeth of the Sea & The Utopia Strong will be heading out for a joint UK tour.


November 2021:

Sat 13th - The Carlton Club, Manchester

Sun 14th - The Crescent, York

Mon 15th - Barrow Underground Music Society, Barrow In Furness

Tue 16th - The Cluny, Newcastle

Wed 17th - Stereo, Glasgow

Thur 18th - Strange Brew, Bristol

Fri 19th - Mash, Cambridge

Sat 20th - Lexington, London

These shows are definitely not to be missed!!

Tickets: tbc


Keep an eye out for both The Utopia Strong debut & Teeth of Sea's Wraith vinyl re-issue's later in the year



4 Jun 2021

Julie's Haircut to play Off Tune Festival

Info about the festival can be found here: Off Tune

Tickets: Dice FM


Listen to exclusive Gnoomes mix for Frame

Gnoomes posted this:

"Check out a special mix we made for frame., a community of artists, deejays and creative people based in Florence, Italy!"

Listen here: Soundcloud


Trebuchet reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

Fan’s of band-on-endless-hiatus GOAT needing a world-psyche fix need look no further than DJINN. Whatever magical goose Rocket Recordings has tucked away just seems to produce golden egg after golden egg and along with Berlin’s Glitterbeat show us that there is a rich well of stunning music if you’re willing to dig away from the main road. Nestled between Jazz, 70s fusion, and a healthy dose of exotica DJINN hint at the smoky escapisms of philosophy, sex, and drugs. Taking the cyclical bass magic of GOAT (and the whole name-in-CAPs thing) they’ve let the drummer loose, rounded it out with stoned percussion and some Interzone based wind/brass instrumentation. It works. Lost in Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch (1991) all the tracks have a separate scenic quality and rather than adhering to a singular sound the album grooves from one distinct setting to the next. Despite these pronounced shifts there are subtle consistencies in the mix that bring all the arrangements together in a complimentary way.  While not as primal soul shaking as GOAT this record stands up and Transmission is well worth lighting up and inhaling.

Read the review here:  Trebuchet


31 May 2021

Rocket Probes – May 2021 playlist

The Holy Family – St Anthony's Fire

(Second single to be revealed from their debut album electronic fuzz-fueled kosmische folk...with accompanying video by John O'Carroll)
The Holy Family

Various – Zonned Records Vol.1
(Gnoomes's Zonned Records debut release – a great comp featuring J. Zunz, Midas Rex, Varvara, Kikok, Sasha Piankov, Of Mist, Landing etc etc)
Zonned Records

Smote + Forest Mourning – S/T
(Collab of drones)
Smote + Forest Mourning

Græns – Björkarnas Sus
(Kaleidoscopic jazz sounds from Sweden)

Heimat – Ita
(Noise-pop repetitions)

Yoko Ono – Woman Power
(Do you know that one day you lost your way, man?)
Yoko Ono

Acid Twilight – Acid Twilight
(Argentinian devotional psychedelia on Not Not Fun)
Acid Twilight 

Mustard – Good Time Coming
(Another Cherrystones recommended glam banger)

Tara Clerkin Trio – Retro Cranial Kit
(The great Tara Clerkin Trio album remixed)
Tara Clerkin Trio

Skeleton – Skeleton
(Texan Thrash...courtesy of Head Drop's Kev Wells)

Action 13 – More bread (to the people)
(Nigerian psych groove from '73)
Action 13

Domovoyd – Oh Sensibility
(Hazed-out doom) 

Francis Beby – Psychedelic Sanza (1982-1984)
(Eclectic collection of Beby grooves)
Francis Beby 

Seefeel – Rupt and Flex (1994 - 96)
(Lots of great stuff to immerse into)

Seefeel – Plainsong (Sind Bubble Embossed Dub)
(All the recent reissues made us dig this classic 12" back out...one of the all time faves!)

Lower Slaughter – Some things take work
(Reconnecting with this great album)
Lower Slaughter

The Byrds – C.T.A.102
(Signals tell us...)
The Byrds

Fire! – Defeat
(More greatness from Fire!)

Alice Coltrane – Eternity
(Harmonic convergence)
Alice Coltrane

The Jimmy Cake – Tough Love
(Cheers to Spud Murphy for turning us on to this great album of dark ambience)
The Jimmy Cake

Gary, Indiana – Alien 3
(Playing Raw Power in August...should be good!)
Gary, Indiana

Dr. John – Black Widow Spider
(Hits the groove)
Dr. John 

Robedoor – Entity undertow
(Sludged sounds)

Trees Speak – Posthuman
(Probably our fave album they have released so far)
Trees Speak

Various – Doing It In Lagos
(A couple of bangers on this comp of early 80s Nigerian disco on Soundway)
Doing It In Lagos

Mandingo – Black Rite
(Classic banger of fuzzed funk to welcome in some sun)

Follow our updated monthly Spotify playlist here:


27 May 2021

The Sleeping Shaman reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

The prolific monarchs of drone sit atop their throne. Nothing if not prolific (they’ve twenty substantial releases on Bandcamp) this addition to Gnod’s menagerie of psychedelic-space-drone-jazz-rock birthlings is surely welcome to old hands and neophytes alike. Rightly billed as ‘the sound of an uncompromising devotion to rapture through noise and repetition’ this collection of the rare, the odd and the unreleased is a worthy addition to Gnod’s impressive discography.

Occasionally, as I’m sure you good people already know, compilations of this type comprise pieces that are unknown, unreleased and unloved for a reason – they should’ve been consigned to the floor of the tape room shortly after birth such is their unloveableness. The chimeric albums that they comprise are disjointed, inconsistent and unsatisfying to all but the fanatical hysteric. What makes Easy To Build… all the more impressive is that, not only is the filling good but the pie is a tasty congruent, one whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We ease in with the raga infused, percussion driven Elka, a simmering piece of tinkling space drone that takes the listener on a journey through the hypnopompic state experienced as one wakes gently from a beautiful dream. With glockenspiel accompaniment...

Read the rest here:  The Sleeping Shaman


J. Zunz announce European tour

We are extremely happy to announce that J. Zunz will be heading over to Europe to finally play some shows:

24 / UK / Bristol / Rough Trade
25 / UK / London / Werkhaus
26 / UK / Birkenhead / Future Yard
27 / UK / Manchester / The Peer Hat
28 / UK / Newcastle / The Cluny
29 / UK / Todmorden / The Golden Lion
30 / BE / Antwerp / Het Bos

1 / DE / Bremen / MS Loretta
2 / DK / Copenaghen / Råhuset
3 / DK / Odense / Pataget
5 / DE / Dresden / Club Debil at Alte Feuerwache
8 / CZ / Prague / Underdogs
9 / HU / Budapest Aurora
10 / AT / Graz / Cafe' Wolf
11 / SLO / Ljubljana / Gromka
12 / IT / Padova / Nadir
13 / IT / Roma / Fanfulla
14 / IT / Bologna / Venue TBA
16 / IT / Busto Arsizio / Circolo Gagarin
17 / IT / Torino / Living Room
18 / FR / Lyon / Le Sonic
19 / DE / Mannheim / Der Mannheim Kult

Her latest album Hibiscus, can be bought on vinyl here: J. Zunz


26 May 2021

Les Oreilles Curieuses reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

In the spring of 2019, we got to know Djinn's cosmic and trippy jazz with a first record. The group from Gothenburg has succeeded in establishing their completely hallucinogenic universe which will also be heard with their second album called Transmission.

Here come new compositions where Djinn will therefore combine spiritual jazz, world music and kosmische musik to make an impressive and oh so hypnotic mixture. Transmission opens with a "Sun Ooze" brilliantly synthesizing hypnotic and haunting atmospheres where the quartet favors saxophones and frenzied percussions just like "Creator of Creation" much more energetic. There is no doubt that this musical trip will be completely memorable.

We will just as well dream with the celestial “Nights With Kurupi” as we will have our feet stamped with the frantic looks on “Jaguar” and the experimental “Urm The Mad” in psych-folk-jazz colors. Djinn will move away from the groove to draw much more mystical atmospheres with also the last psychedelic moments that are "Love Divine" and "Orpheus" showing that the Swedish cosmic jazz collective has been able to awaken its spiritual instinct on this relentless second disc. 

Les Oreilles Curieuses


25 May 2021

The Holy Family reveal shroom infused second video – plus announce launch party

The Holy Family have revealed their second single - a haunting, fog-draped voyage of kosmische polyrhythms and psych folk wonder called 'St Anthony's Fire'.

The track is taken from their self-titled debut album which is released on 2 July 2021. Watch the incredible John O'Carroll made video for the track above.

The band have also announced a very special album launch party that with take place on the day of release, 2nd July at The Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston, London. There will be a full album playback plus a special DJ set from Kavus Torabi and Steve Davis. Things kick off at 7pm and the event is free (poster below) – and rest assured, full COVID safety measures will be in place, following Government guidelines. 

The album is released on ltd edition 2xLP and CD. We have sold out of the frosted clear edition, but there is a grey vinyl version available to preorder from your local record shops now. You can also preorder the ltd edition CD from here: Bandcamp


The scope of The Holy Family - an auditory Rorschach test across thirteen tracks rich in adventure and intrigue - is boundless. It’s an intrepid voyage through sound-worlds that takes in all manner of incarnations, as spidery zeuhl, oceanic kosmische, blissful pastoral and celluloid-score tension are visited here in search of some greater universal truth. Yet all of these stylistic forays are married with relentless dream logic into one unifying kaleidoscopic vision.

Mercurial and mystical yet charged with primal energy, this is a classic double album as forum for chimerical experimentation - shifting in form and structure every time it travels from the record racks to the stereo, and revealing yet more psychic landscapes with each listen. 

Submit to its spell, and join The Holy Family.


20 May 2021

Gnoomes new label Zonned Records reveals first release

Gnoomes new label Zonned Records have announced their first release - a great compilation featuring lot’s of artists you all know and love...

Listen to the first track to be revealed by Kikok here: Zonned


19 May 2021

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Rough Trade in-stores have been rescheduled

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Rough Trade in-stores have been rescheduled for September...

20th – Rough Trade Bristol

21st –  Rough Trade East

22nd –  Rough Trade Nottingham

The band will be playing live and signing records. Contact each shop about details.

Tickets for the bands November/December tour are also on sale via: pigsx7.com


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs interviewed by Signature Brew

Ahead of their Big Foot Festival performance, the band were interviewed by stage sponsors Signature Brew about beer and music.

Read the interview here: Signature Brew


17 May 2021

The Quietus reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

They say:

Issued from the wrong mouth, “diving into the archives” is a term fit to strike fear into the most hardened heart. Take Gene Simmons, whose comically overblown box set, The Vault, was recently angled not so much as a retrospective cash-in as an “experience”. The experience in question? For $50,000, the cow-tongued eejit in question would hand-deliver ten CDs, a Gene Simmons action figure, a book and a medallion to your door. Tragic, really.

Of course, not all chancers are created equal, yet the point remains: archival releases are occasionally misplaced hustle masquerading as revelation. On Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy, Salford cult heroes Gnod couldn’t be less concerned with such half-assed subterfuge. A compilation of obscure and unreleased material from the band’s early years, pressed to vinyl for the first time, it’s a chronicle of dank, cosmic transubstantiation from one of the most outright believable bands around.

Calling a band “restless” can imply a certain aimlessness. In the case of Gnod, whose synapse-searing noise has consistently declined to predict the future, it’s been a deeply intuitive urge to eke out exultation from repetition. Much like Bardo Pond or Acid Mothers Temple at their most peaky, highlights from the band’s catalogue (take ‘Tony’s First Communion'’ or ‘Drop Out’ with White Hills) hauls Pete Kember’s edict of “three chords good, two chords better, one chord best” to the outer confines of autosuggestion. Across eight tripped-out tracks, totalling eighty minutes, Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy cracks light upon just how they’ve gone...

Read the Rest here: The Quietus


14 May 2021

Terrascope review's GNOD's Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy

It reads:

What, already? It seems like only yesterday that we all frothed excitedly about the new outcrop of experimental acts, crudely lumped together as “new psych”. Yet here we are, pouring over a staging- post retrospective befitting one such outfit that has truly weathered the test of time - can it really be fourteen years? Now that’s a double itch we think worth scratching, for Terrascope likes Gnod. Well enough, in fact, to have hosted them on the postage stamp stage at The Moon, Cardiff in 2017, an occasion hijacked by a General Election; almost sunk by a thunderstorm of biblical proportions and memorable for delicious home-made curries, prepped and served in conditions that would have been considered grim even by the standards of WW1 trenches. Still, nobody died and, with a favourable wind, I can still pick up that incendiary performance in my good ear, that’s how indelibly loud it was.

Typically, the now dispersed Islington Mill collective’s idea of a compilation eschews the more obvious cuts with which, let’s face it, fans will already be familiar, and instead homes in on a collection of  obscurities and never-before released material. Trading on repetition and metronomic, perpetual motion, Easy To Build... is neither overtly experimental nor is it possessed, for the most part, of the bludgeoning intensity with which Gnod have often been associated. If not exactly striking a happy medium between the two, it at least glowers warningly both right and left. As befits the band’s early DIY ethic, some of this sounds like it was recorded in someone’s sock drawer in the next street, with the vocals relayed via a cardboard tube attached to a piece of string. No matter, therein lies its period charm and intoxicating atmospheric appeal...

Read the rest here:  Terrascope


10 May 2021

GOAT and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs to play Palp Festival

GOAT and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are to play Rocklette – an 8 day event part of Palp Festival, high-up on a mountain in the Swiss Alps.

GOAT play on the 11th August and Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs on the 14th.

Obviously we do not know if this will 100% happen, we really do hope it does though!

More info here:

Palp Festival


7 May 2021

Sex Swing announce UK shows

Sex Swing have announced some December dates alongside their up-and-coming Raw Power performance:

Aug 27-29 / London: Raw Power Festival
Dec 01 / Leicester: The Soundhouse
Dec 02 / Manchester:Yes
Dec 03 / Bristol: Crofters Rights
Dec 04 / Cardiff: Clwb Ifor Bach (w/ Part Chimp)

The bands latest album Type II and remix album Passovers can be bought/streamed here:

Type II   



Sex Swing join Teeth of the Sea and Petbrick at Raw Power

Sex Swing have been announced to play Raw Power Festival on 27-29 August, joining label mates Teeth of the Sea and Petbrick, plus a host of other great bands.

Tickets and info here: Raw Power 


Buzz Magazine reviews GNOD's Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy

It reads:

In their various incarnations, iterations and configurations, Gnod [pictured, top] have been blowing minds and amps since 2006. Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy harks back to those early days, gathering together material from before they were the house band at the Islington Mill in their native Salford or had begun their occasional forays into electronic territory.

In the words of sometime member Alex Macarte, quoted in Harry Sword’s superlative history of drone Monolithic Undertow, Gnod’s specialism is “essentially trance music”. That much is amply exemplified here in the form of everything from mantric Eastern grooves (Elka and Frostbitten, which bookend the album) to impeccably relentless Stooges vs Can psych rock (Inner Z and They Live), lumbering, frazzled doom (5th Sun) and total, uncompromising, far-out headfuckery (both parts of Deadbeatdisco!!!).

Shrouded in joss-stick smoke and speaker steam, simultaneously minimalist and maximalist, Gnod’ll take your face to another dimension. Pay close attention – if you weren’t doing so already.

See the review here: Buzz Mag


GNOD and Hills LPs out today

After many manufacturing delays we are happy to say that GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy' and the reissue of Hills – Frid are released to day on vinyl and CD from your local record shops.

GNOD – Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy’

A 2LP/CD compilation of tricky-to-find, obscure and unreleased material from the heady early days of the band, all released on vinyl for the first time is finally out on sale today.

Watch the retina burning video above created by Rocket's John O'Carroll for the previously unreleased track 'They Live' – a just shy of 10 minute psych-out that marries the droned repetition of Spacemen 3 and the punk urgency of early Stooges.

'Easy To Build, Hard To Destroy' can be ordered from all good record shops as ltd edition 2LP versions on 'Blue' and 'Black' vinyl. All versions come in a gatefold sleeve.

"...the GNOD that are totally fucking up for it and just don’t want to let go… BY COMPLETELY FUCKING LETTING GO!"


HILLS - ‘Frid' (Re-Issue)

After the huge demand for the Hills 'Frid' repress (one of the finest psych bands to come out of Sweden) we're are finally releasing the new limited gatefold version.

The repress is out on sale available on 'Blue' vinyl (400 copies) via your local record shop & a new run of CDs which is also be available too.

Hills are part of a rich scene from Sweden which also including friends and Rocket Recordings label mates Goat, Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation, Flowers Must Die, Och etc . This collection form the new chapter in a tradition of Swedish psychedelia that found its origins in late-'60s and early 70's freakouts and mind-melts by the likes of Baby Grandmothers and Älgarnas Trädgōrd - not to mention the unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gräs och Stenar - before being developed by the likes of The Spacious Mind and Dungen in the last two decades. These inspirations make their mark on 'Frid' by journeying inward, via mantric repetition and hip-shaking pulsations as on the ten-minute monolith, ' Och Solen Sankte Sig Rod', yet they can also lurch into the unknown via the fuzz/wah odysseys of the aptly monikered 'National Drone' and the ceremonial exhortations of the closing 'Death Will Find A Way.'

Frid has been out of print for several years now, so this gives fans and the curious the chance to immerse themselves in this wonderful and classic album.


Again, we apologise these have taken so long to be released after the initial presale, we have found it as frustrating as I am sure you have.

But glad you can now enjoy them!


Bandcamp Friday – May 2021

Today is the last Bandcamp Friday – so thanks to everyone who has bought stuff from us this last year, it has helped us and all our bands tremendously, so thanks for your continued support, means a bloody lot!!

There are no new releases from us this month but we have raided the archives for a few rare releases we had buried in boxes:

GÅS – GÅS 7"
Yellow vinyl copies of this sought after 7"

Teeth of the Sea – Wraith LP
Fluro Green vinyl first edition of the bands last album

Deafkids/Petbrick – Deafkids LP
Red/black splatter of the bands incredible collab release

Hills – Alive at Roadburn 2LP
Long sold out vinyl edition of this amazing live album

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards LP
Gold vinyl version of the bands second LP

Autotelia – I
Out of print green vinyl edition

Anthroprophh – Toilet Circuit EP 7" (First press)
First press of our 200th release on pink vinyl

Urdog – Long Shadows: 2003-2006 LP
Ltd edition Ice Black splatter vinyl version of this incredible retrospective compilation, if you are a true lover of psychedelic music then you will love this, essential jams

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Off Cuts LP
We have a handful of copies of this album on Purple/Black splatter – this is the band sounding at their most ferocious best

VED – Ett visst fängelse 7"
Banging two track ltd edition 7" from these Swedish master of repetitive psych rhythms

J. Zunz – Hibiscus
Exotic Swirl edition of the amazing album by Lorena from Lorelle Meets The Obsolete

Sex Swing – Type II
Clear vinyl edition in heavy weight, high gloss sleeve

GOAT – World Music LP/CD
Our best ever selling album, now on ltd 'Sacrificial Blood' vinyl, plus on CD in mini LP gatefold packaging

GOAT – Requiem (Single LP edition)
Ltd Edition repress on 'Red Flame' vinyl

GOAT – T-shirts
Reprint of the classic GOAT  t-shirt

+ there are loads of other great albums, shirts and posters to pick up from the Rocket or individual bands Bandcamp stores:




5 May 2021

Fragmented Flaneur reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

When I stumbled into what became known as the ‘psych scene’ around a decade ago, GNOD were already a thing… a collective that was revered by many who I talked and sought inspiration from in terms of taking that next turn down the rabbit hole. At the time my touchstone was the Liverpool Psych Fest, which was my annual introduction to new ideas and new bands. So it was in 2014 that GNOD played the Rocket Recordings stage on that unforgettable evening.

I used to love seeing the list of bands who were playing the festival and really getting into them as a way of deciding who I wanted to see (and yes it did involve the use of spreadsheets). I remember quite clearly listening to GNOD, and especially the ‘Chaudelande’ albums, ‘Ingnodwetrust’ and ‘Gnod Drop Out With White Hills II’ (White Hills were also on the bill, and Dave W played with GNOD that night); and being totally blown away by them.

This was the GNOD that I got into and the GNOD that lives with me to this day – although I have seen many great performances from them since (in various guises) most notably at the Rocket 20th Anniversary weekend – and this is the GNOD that I find here on this compilation of early tracks never previously released on vinyl… a couple only on MySpace! Indeed, it is interesting that I referred to the ‘visceral’ nature of GNOD’s performance back in 2014, because that’s exactly the word that came up for me when listening to this album. There is an underpinning sense of excitement borne from discovery here… you really get the sense of a group of individuals who are pushing the envelope… who are taking it just that little bit further… who are pushing themselves into something altogether more dimensional and spatial...

Read the rest here: Fragmented Flaneur


The Psych Rock reviews GNOD's 'Easy to Build, Hard to Destroy'

It reads:

GNOD Easy To Build Hard To Destroy is a compilation of hard to find and unreleased materials that are heady droned out rock from the underground heavy weights GNOD. The music thrives in retention, drone, awesome tones and varied instrumentation. GNOD is eclectic and has continuously evolved making music that is always unique and extremely creative. This compilation is not just a piece of fanfare but presents great music that sound hi-fi and is every bit as great as their many albums and collaborations.

GNOD Easy To Build Hard To Destroy is a droning fuzz rock album that is experimental, stoney and relentlessly interesting. Their tones and approach to songwriting are as impressive as ever. It is amazing to think that this band has been making innovative music with such skill for such a long time.

GNOD is from Salford, UK and their first release was in 2007 and they have minted 49 releases including EPs, singles, collaborations and full-length albums. Every year this band graces the blogosphere’s best fo the year lists for psych, drone, stoner, and heavy psych. They are legendary as a live band and they play loud on the stages of the coolest music festivals in the UK and EU. This compilation has the raw energy and inspiration found on their albums and has a live room vibe on many songs giving the audience a taste of their prowess...

Read the rest here:  The Psych Rock


4 May 2021

Zam Zam to release new AHRKH album

Our friends at Zam Zam Records are releasing the a new AHRKH album on ltd vinyl –  AHRKH is Alex Macarte from GNOD. 

You can preorder the album here:

Zam Zam


30 Apr 2021

Rocket Probes – April 2021 playlist

Sex Swing – Passover (IDLES Remix)
(Great to have this and many other rare Rocket remixes coming out on vinyl for the first time, on our Record Store Day exclusive 'Aphelion Vol.1/2' LPs)
Record Store Day

De Witte Kunst – Op Zee (KIKOK Remix)
(Gnoomes drummer takes it nice and slow on this remix)

Dwellings – Three new tracks
(Three new tracks from Chris GNOD)

Yann Gourdon – Yann Gourdon
(Hurdy gurdy drones)
Yann Gourdon

Flowers Must Die – Ejefjallajökull
(Great track from one of Sweden's finest)
Flowers Must Die

Spires That In The Sunset Rise – Psychic Oscillations
(Centrum recommended immersions)
Spires That In The Sunset Rise

Machinefabriek – SF AL JW
(Good track from an interesting album)

Lebenden Toten – Static
(Thanks Jimmy from TOTS for turning our brains on to this)
Lebenden Toten

Pharaoh Sanders – Let us go Into the House of the Lord
(Spiritual awakenings)
Pharaoh Sanders

Godspeed You Black Emperor – Fie at Static Valley
(Droning repetitions)
Godspeed You Black Emperor

Mamma Sani – Unreleased Tapes 1981-1984
(Lofi synth/drum machines grooves n'drones)
Mamma Sani

Steve Reich & Musicians – Drumming
(Lost in the rhythms)
Steve Reich

Adam Janota Bzowski – Saint Maud Soundtrack
(Bit of an Under the Skin vibe to this in places)
Adam Janota Bzowski

Cobra Family Picnic – Moody Mountain
(Psyched sounds)
Cobra Family Picnic

Gore Elohim – Ritual Abuse
(Hail Satan!)
Lord Goat

Visitors – Joyo can you hear me Part 1
(Kosmische italo disco)

Satan's Children – Wonderful Cycle Of Life That Never Fails
Satan's Children

Witch – Home Town
(That guitar!)

Golden Palominos – Victim
("The last thing I hear is...")
Golden Palominos

Nico – Janitor of lunacy

Urthona Power Trio Quartet – NO​-​FI ALIVE!
(Lo-fi abuse)
Urthona Power Trio Quartet

Beyaz Kelebekler – Esmerim
(Turkish wah sounds)
Beyaz Kelebekler

John Dwyer and Co. – The War Clock
(From the man who never sleeps)
John Dwyer and Co.

Work Money Death – The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises
(Pharaoh worship)
Work Money Death

Kvartetten Som Sprängde – Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen
(Swedish psych from '73)
Kvartetten Som Sprängde

Pasteur Lappe – Na Real Sekele Fo'Ya
(Afro disco banger)
Pasteur Lappe

Rudimentary Peni – Great War
(New Peni)
Rudimentary Peni

Tuluum Shimmering – Waterfall Arcing in the Still of Night
(Another great immersive mantra...worth explore all
Tuluum Shimmering

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Gnoomes launch new label 'Zonned'

This is what the band say about it:

We’re really excited to announce that we’re launching a music label «Zonned». The idea of the label appeared during the first wave of the pandemic when we realised how it is actually easy to loose the ground. Thoughts were spinning in my head: what could possibly become an oasis of calm and peace at these tumultuous times? When clubs are shutting down, when you’re not able go touring anymore and visit your pals, is there still music going on? I believe it was still playing but its frequencies were not easily got caught.

The answer came to my mind when I was listening to something at the 5% volume. What if not ambient could bring you from the flight - fight state to a zone of comfort and warmth!

In the last few years we’ve heard so much cool stuff from our friends all over the globe. Sometimes they lack of understanding what they’re supposed to do with this? Sometimes they don’t quite find a belief in themselves. And we thought: Oh, my God! This is so beautiful, what if nobody will hear it ever?

We decided that it’s not fair in a way. It’s become our driving force alongside with the desire of creating healing content for people.

For me a label is not only a signature music style, but it’s always an aesthetic and design. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vitalic Ten who’s in charge of visual content at Zonned. I’m really proud that he’s in our team.

We’re gonna release a digital comp soon with the artists all over the world! Watch this space! Please sign to our social media, etc!”.


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Rocket bands announced to play next years Desert Fest in London

GNOD, Petbrick and Bonnacons of Doom are joining Hey Colossus, Part Chimp, Shuck, Slift and many, many others at next years Desert Fest in london.

Info here: Desert Fest 


27 Apr 2021

The Obelisk gives Master Sleeps by Hills some praise

It says:

Much like the elusive Theory of Everything in physics, with Hills‘ universal psychedelic premise is underlined by almost unaccountable gravity. Released in 2011 through Intergalactic Tactics and Transubstans Records following a 2009 self-titled debut, Master Sleeps basks these 10 years later in its breadth of influence and establishes its aesthetic on a per-track basis, presenting two vinyl sides of resonant, spaced-out intergalactic fare with an awakened nature that’s nothing if not contradictory to the title. It’s a record about which much was said at the time by the in-the-know-telligencia, and that’s cool, because it’s cool, and, hey man, cool, but any and all past hype aside — it’s amazing how the years turn these things into wisps of recollection; the fervent talking-up of records fading to echoes even as attention spans are criticized for their shortness; hypocrites to a hyperlink, everyone — it’s a cool record and to deny it is to deny oneself the pleasure of a 35-minute, mostly instrumental outward journey of jams and in-on-it-early-next-gen heavy psych. Suffice it to say, if this shit was due in June instead of a decade gone, you’d still see as much desperate preening of feathers in order to curry its vaunted favor. And fair enough.

I have the CD, which was the Transubstans version, that I apparently picked up later in 2011, but I’ll be damned if Master Sleeps doesn’t hold up. It was ahead of the game on vinyl structuring, presaging the larger-platter-as-format-of-record (pun absolutely intended) explosion by a year or two, and each of its two sides brought three tracks in a nearly even break of structure to what seems to be utterly fluid throughout the listening experience, opener “Rise Again” and closer “Death Shall Come” creating a loop from one to the other that feels all the more geared to encourage multiple listens in a kind of sonic reincarnation. Accordingly, the more you hear Master Sleeps, the more you hear in it. First? Swirl. “Rise Again” fuzzes and unfolds a careening spaciousness that calls out early space rock and psych drift with shoegaze vocals buried in the mix à la The Heads where you wonder if anything’s really being said or you’re just imagining it and does it really matter anyway. I don’t know...

Read the rest here The Obelisk


Gnoomes announce Russian dates

Gnoomes have announced a tour of the homeland...

The bands three albums Mu!, Tschak! and Ngan! are all avaialable to buy from here: Bandcamp


26 Apr 2021

Read Impatto Sonoro introduction to the world of GOAT

It reads:

The Goat is a Swedish group, who debuted in 2012 with the album " World Music ", reached number 8 in the charts of their country. Their second album, " Commune ", hit the Billboard 200 and placed number 47 in the UK. To date they have produced 3 studio albums, 2 live and several singles and EPs, all available on your trusted streaming platform.

Without disregarding the (essential) 60s-70s, with references to King Crimson, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Talking Heads among others, they nevertheless offer an extremely modern and ancient musical discourse. Theirs is precisely World Music in a broad sense which, starting from hard rock and progressive rock, draws from the East, Scandinavia, Africa, Latin America. Tribal, hypnotic and pulled rhythms. Distorted guitars, keyboards that play like a church (any one), instruments of various origins that suddenly appear in the sound fabric. Once, perhaps even today, it was called psychedelic music. But it would be an understatement...

Read the rest here: Impatto Sonoro


Julie's Haircut announce first show in New York (sort of)

Julie's Haircut have been announced as being a 'Showcase Artist 2021' by Mondo NY

The band say this about it:

"So we will be playing New York City for the first time. And yet we won’t. Just streaming. But it’ll be cool: we’ll probably premiere some new music, so save the date."

Info about the event can be found here: MONDO


Indie Rocks interviews J. Zunz

They say:

The force Lorena Quintanilla imbues Lorelle Meets The Obsolete is unique, her stage presence and how they connect with the audience, show us the commitment to the music, but he listen to his solo project J. Zunz us It allows us to get into it in an intimate way, to know their concerns and their desires, finding ourselves as you also listen to them.

Under the pseudonym J. Zunz , last year Lorena presented us with Hibiscus , the second production of this project born in 2017 with the album Silente . In this new album with electric melodies he shares a support for all his listeners, he presents us with eight songs that with deep atmospheres accompany anger, desire and the illusion of letting society make us feel less. I was able to chat a bit with her and this is what she told me about the short summary she wrote about her latest material...

Read the rest here: Indie Rocks


Paisiel announce show

Paisiel have announced a show on 4 July in Barcelos, Portugal.

Tickets can be bought here: Triciclobcl

The band latest album Unconscious Death Wishes is out now: Paisiel


MOWNO reviews DJINN's Transmission

They say:

Notice to fans of auditory cosmic trips and other hallucinogenic instrumental wanderings: the psychedelic jazz group Djinn is back with a second album with a high psychotropic content that should satisfy more than one. While their first opus saw them walk an often bitter and rough free jazz road, the perched Swedes, who would share members with the shamans of Goat and Hills, here resolutely left dry land to eagerly explore the cosmos.

Refusing to choose between spiritual jazz, world influences, freak folk and kosmische muzik, Djinn combines on Transmission all these ingredients in the present tense in contemplative jams with a saxophone and drums as main guides.

Time slows its course from the first minutes of the disc on Sun Ooze , which summons the spirit of Poppy Nogood and her Phantom Band to insidiously alter our consciousness with a lot of sax trills and throbbing percussions. And now we accidentally find ourselves floating on the edge of dreams to the rhythm of a long languid five-beat ballad dotted with distant lamentations and frenzied whistles, at the risk of losing their mind definitively ( Creator Of Creation ) . The journey continues through a cottony interlude made of celestial choirs in a blink of an eye more than supported to the Germans of Popol Vuh, to regain a foothold with reality on Nights with Kurupiand his mischievous flute accompanied by a numb bossa nova guitar...

Read the rest here:  MOWNO


23 Apr 2021

Listen to Steve and Kavus on Gideon Coe's 'Late Night Book Club'

Listen BBC 6 Music's Gideon Coe's 'Late Night Book Club' where he talks to Steve and Kavus about their new book and The Utopia Strong.

Listen here: Gideon Coe


22 Apr 2021

Ransom Note interviews Steve and Kavus about their new book

It reads:

It’s hard to say which plotline is more ridiculous: a gang of diseased bats and a fish market become responsible for the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II, or Steve Davis touring the festival circuit as part of a DJ duo and live act… and he’s actually good. From what started as a bit of laugh, the musical journey of Steve & Kavus has taken them to serious critical acclaim as part of The Utopia Strong: a tough-to-pigeonhole psychedelic mindfuck (with Steve on the modular synth) that Steve Hillage rated highly enough to invite onto his band's first tour for 40 years. It’s little wonder they wanted to write a book about it. Who wouldn’t?

Medical Grade Music is part-memoir and part-excuse-to-wax-lyrical about the (often obscure) musical acts and creative characters that have inspired the duo throughout their lives. If this sounds like the indulgence of a couple of ageing rockers then you’d be right, but rather like their musical performances, they carry it off with such authenticity and manic energy that you can’t help but join in the fun with them. In among the funny anecdotes and musical trainspotting, there are also some surprisingly poignant human stories.

Steve and Kavus first met in 2009 at a Magma gig in Paris. Although Steve was rather busy being a world champion and TV personality, he had actually been Magma’s UK promoter for a time in the late 80s. He lost a fortune, so it was a nice twist of fate that Magma became responsible for his next (and infinitely more successful) career in music...

Read the rest here:  Ransom Note