13 Jan 2021

Echoes and Dust interviews Pharaoh Overlord

It reads:

Pharaoh Overlord have just released their brilliant new album 6, a record which marries the bands synth led soundscapes with the vocals of guest singer Aaron Turner. Gavin Brown had a chat with the band to hear how this collaboration happened and their shared musical history with Aaron (featuring a contribution from the man himself) as well as musical highlights, touring with Sleep and what several of the band’s other group Circle are up to next.

E&D: Your new album 6 is out very soon. How did the recording and creation of the album go?

PO: Most music on the album was made in January 2020. We wanted to have the album released for our tour with OM in May, and we had only one weekend to record it. Jussi had made some demos and based on those we recorded and produced the material. We had the album almost ready when the pandemic started to hit and our tour got cancelled. After this we had no hurry and we decided to make some adjustments to it, made the instrumental part ready and then asked Aaron to make some vocals for some songs. Aaron got inspired by the material and ended up making all the songs, and that’s when the album found its final shape.

E&D: Where did the idea of working with Aaron Turner on this Pharaoh Overlord album come from in the first place?   

PO: We got Aaron to feature on the previous album 5, and wanted to collaborate with him again. 

E&D: You worked with Aaron, Faith Coloccia and Nate Newton in Split Cranium. How was it working on that?...

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8 Jan 2021

OUT TODAY: GOAT release new CD reissues of 'World Music' and 'Commune'

Following on from last years vinyl reissues of GOAT albums 'World Music' and 'Commune' – today sees the band  releasing two new CD reissues of both albums.

Both CDs come in replica gatefold LP sleeves and feature amended artwork. The CD reissue of Commune also follows the recent vinyl version and comes in a special ltd 'Silver Edition' sleeve which replaces the original gold sleeve.

These CD's can be purchased from your local record shop or direct from Bandcamp here:

World Music


GOAT's third album Requiem is also having the vinyl repress treatment – you can preorder the trimmed down, single LP version, which is ltd to 1000 copies world wide on Blue Flame vinyl here:



5 Jan 2021

Terrascope review Paisiel and Shit and Shine albums

They say:

Drumming sensation João Pais Filipe has already helped serve up one of your scribe’s favourite releases of this otherwise Annus Horriblis, namely Faca de Fogo with the (al)mighty Gnod (Terrascope Reviews for July 2020), and which currently occupies a place up in the nosebleeds on this year’s personal Best of the Worst of Years list. Well he’s in danger of pulling it off again on the strength of this latest corker, this time with saxophonist Julius Gabriel as Paisiel; elements of their respective names making up the band title and which also means something about a guardian angel – goodness knows we’re in need of one these days...

Listening to the prodigious and prolific Craig Clouse’s twisted brand of uneasy listening often feels like you’re sitting on the razor’s edge seat of a particularly uncomfortable racing bike with dodgy brakes and pointing down a sharp screed slope. His latest Rocket release (they and Riot Season appear to have shared custody of the Texan’s UK output) Malibu Liquor Store is akin to one of those American road trip documentaries voiced by the likes of Rich Hall, but one that’s available only on subscription (the price being your soul) via the murky recesses of the dark web. Speak fiend and enter...

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