29 Nov 2021

Echoes and Dust reviews Teeth of the Sea and The Utopia Strong in Bristol

It says:

This was for me, and I suspect for many there, the first gig back after the great plague. Global pandemics notwithstanding, I and the rest of the Woke Left Tofu Bothering Alternative Set (West Country Division) headed for Strange Brew in Bristol to see The Utopia Strong and Teeth Of The Sea.

Strange Brew is a new venue in a town full of many very legendary venues. Occupying a former shop in the centre of Bristol, it’s a cracking place for a gig. Whilst retro-fitted as a bar and performance space it had the feel of an illegal party in a recently shut down branch of Rymans, a vibe which entirely fitted the two turns we were to witness that night (a hat tip here to Bristol DJ The Grey Area who filled the spaces between acts with his experimental playlist).

“Due to circumstances out of our control. . .” announced Kavus Torabi taking to the stage with Six-Time-World-Snooker-Champion: The Steve Davis, “. . .we will be playing tonight’s set as a duo!” Of Mike York, there was no sign. He gone. AWOL. In the nicest possible way, it made not a difference to the four improvised drone pieces the duo conjured from the ether as both Kavus and Six-Time-World-Snooker-Champion: The Steve Davis proved more than equal to the task. We did miss Mike’s woodwind section but I’m sure we’ll see them as a trio in the future....

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