9 Nov 2021

Festival Novas Frequências announces 'ROAM' – featuring a special Deafbrick, Duma and Simon Grab collaboration

What they say:

Festival Novas Frequências
December 2021

Uniting artists Deafbrick (DEAF KIDS + Petbrick), Duma KE, Simon Grab and the organization Genesys –  Roam is a sort of meta-maze: a 3 D game-shaped maze in first person composed of approximately 50 references of mazes removed from cinema, visual arts, history, mythology. and literature. The work reflects on the decompression of situations experienced and not understood that confuse humans.

Roam was originally commissioned for the @inout_festival, a project with support of the Coincidence, a program of exchanges between Switzerland and South America created by the Swiss foundation Pro Helvetia, and is now presented in the virtual gallery of #NF2021.

The gallery will be available from 01/12 here:

Festival Novas Frequências

And more information about the project can be read here