29 Sept 2018

Rocket Probes – September playlist

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – GNT
(The second single to come from the bands killer second album 'King of Cowards' which is out now!)

Goatman – Carry the load
(Gospel Garage Jazz anyone? Another stunning track from the man from Goat. Great video by Rockets very own Johnny O too...)

MIEN – Odessey (Django Django's Last Train North Remix)
(Django Django dismantle MIEN's Odessey and then groove it out)

Beak – >>>
(Great to have a new Beak album on the record deck!)

Low – Double Negative
(Stonking new album)

Khalab - Shouts (feat. Prince Buju)
(Great slice of Afro repetition)

John Entwistle – My Size
(Proper good groove)
John Entwistle

Oren Ambarchi, Konrad Sprenger, Phillip Sollmann – Panama/Suez
(If you loved Oren's classic Hubris then you will also love this)
Oren Ambarchi

Les Rallizes Denudes – The Night Collector
(Wall of fuzz)
Les Rallizes Denudes

Terence Fixmer - Body Pressure
(Banging repetition)
Terence Fixmer

ORB – The Space Between
(New album from our fave Oz fuzzers)

DWART – Taipei Disco
(Krauty electronic lushness from Portugal)

HHY & The Macumbas – Beheaded Totem
(Really great this...crazy repetitive rhythms and brass and synth drones, also from Portugal)
HHY & The Macumbas

One Gang Logic ‎– Alienate (Kafka Laughs)
(Heard Cherrystones play this out...what the Velvets sound like if they came from Lincolnshire)
One Gang Logic

Igor Wakhevitch – Materia Prima
(Psyched groove meet avant classical noise from France '71)
Igor Wakhevitch

Michael – Mario
(Great new track from a bunch of Bad Guys)

Stoney & The Jagged Edge - Rainbows
(Fuzz wah 60s Detroit psyched pop...reminds of Group 1850)
Stoney & The Jagged Edge

Niagara - Apologia
(Their track 'Amarelo' from 2016 is a massive Rocket fave...now Niagara have released an album of their wonky, weird, repetitive electronica)

Lovely Wife - Deafening Soup 
(Bit of a Terminal Cheesecake / early GNOD sound to this noised repetition)
Lovely Wife

Zugspitze - Not the Bakerloo Line
(Jam-band psych from Sweden...rich with Eastern, Jazz and avant influences)

George Freeman – Free Man
(Another jazz gem from Cherrystones...stunning rhythm)
George Freeman

Alman Mulo Band - Choko Drives In (Toad On The Road)
(Great spaced out, repetitious pop from ex Hawkwind member)
Alman Mulo Band

Listen to our Rocket Probes Spotify playlist here:


28 Sept 2018

The Guardian reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

Pigsx7’s is a world of downtuned doom in which no riff is too monolithic, no chord progression too bludgeoning. They sound as if they should be caught between the conflicting urges to hit a massive bong or go out on choppers. In fact, they’re a perfectly unbikery-looking quintet from Newcastle upon Tyne, longtime participants in that city’s music scene (two of them play live with the brilliant Richard Dawson) who have suddenly and unexpectedly broken the surface with this project, in which 70s heavy metal is played both straight and as some kind of art project.

Their second album is rather more accessible than last year’s debut, Feed the Rats, in relative terms at least. Where that had only three tracks, two of them more than a quarter of an hour long, this one offers six, and none break the nine-minute mark. It’s more sonically expansive: on Feed the Rats, all the instruments sounded as if they were recorded on top of each other, in the world’s loudest broom cupboard, but there’s rather more space to breathe this time round. That doesn’t reduce the effect of the riffs: they’re still pulverising, but now they sound like an advancing storm front rather than as if you’ve been trapped in a sudden downpour. I’d love to tell you about the lyrics – sin is apparently a big theme – but they’re largely obscured by the guttural bellow of singer Matt Baty. Still. It’s hard not to hail the magnificence of a group who name the album’s centrepiece track A66, though they’re probably thinking of the Middlesbrough end rather than having afternoon tea in Cockermouth. 4/5

See the review here: The Guardian


Two new Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs shows added

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pig have just announced two new show for March next year:

March 28 / UK / Bristol / The Exchange  info/tickets
March 29 / UK / Birmingham / Hare and Hounds  info/tickets


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards out today!

Today see's the release of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs second album King of Cowards.

Buy it now on Ltd Pink and Black vinyl, CD from your local record shop or from Bandcamp

Or stream from here:  Spotify  or  Apple Music


"Possibly the best British rock album of 2018." 8/10 Line of the Best Fit

"Sounds like an advancing storm" 4/5 The Guardian

"A force to be reckoned with." 9/10 Louder than War

"Sustained Sabbath inspired menace." 8/10 Uncut

"Gives your eardrums a good kicking." 8/10 Drowned in Sound

"A band to be genuinely excited about." The Quietus

"Thundering riffs and filthy psychedelia." Classic Rock


And the band are hitting the road to blow peoples heads off at the following towns:

28 / UK / London / Moth Club (Album Launch) *SOLD OUT*
29 / UK / London / Rough Trade East (Instore)

19 / LV / Durbe / Zemlika Festival
25 / UK / Stockton On Tees / Georgian Theatre 
26 / UK / Manchester / Star and Garter *SOLD OUT*
27 / UK / Reading / South Street
30 / UK / Margate / Tom Thumb Theatre *SOLD OUT*
31 / FR / Le Havre / Mc Daid’s

01 / FR / Paris / Olympic Café
02 / FR / Nantes / Soy Festival
03 / BE / Liege / La Zone
04 / DE / Tubingen / Hausbar Münzgasse
06 / NL / Den Haag / Paard
07 / DE / Hamburg / MS Stubnitz
08 / DE / Koln / Museum
09 / NL / Leeuwarden / Asteriks
10 / NL / Eindhoven / Effenaar
22 / UK / Sheffield / Picture House 
23 / UK / Brighton / Hope and Ruin *SOLD OUT*
24 / UK / Leeds / Temple of Boom 
29 / UK / York / Fulford Arms 
30 / UK / Liverpool / Shipping Forecast

01 / UK / Glasgow / Nice ‘n  Sleazy 

March 2019 
28 / UK / Bristol / The Exchange
29 / UK / Birmingham / Hare and Hounds

April 2019 
03 / UK / Manchester / Rebellion
04 / UK / London / The Scala
19 / UK / Gateshead / The Sage


27 Sept 2018

Echoes and Dust reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs: It’s a pain in the arse isn’t it, that name? Even Pigsx7 has so many hard consonants it is tiresome. Up until now, liking Pigsx7 has been a tough job all over, only for the committed noise freak. Enjoying their debut Feed the Rats in one sitting could be worn as a badge of honour. The majority of that album, consisting of just three tracks, was like tipping yourself into a never ending vortex of anguish. An almost shapeless aural horror, you have to submit yourself to it’s punishments and ride the riffs with no idea of when you’ll come up for air. The one moment of near clarity was the single (hah!) ‘Sweet Relief’, which distilled the Sabbathian misery and Motorhead stomp into a bite-sized portion and managed to get some daytime radio play. Essentially, up to this point the Pigsx7 have been a jam band who put some sounds down for Rocket Recordings and with ‘Sweet Relief’ maybe saw a new way forward.

And so to King of Cowards and six whole new tracks, all of them under nine minutes long, all displaying a new focus, a broadening of their sound and a few revelations about just what makes them tick...

Read the full review here: E&D


Birthday Cake For Breakfast review Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

It says:

Following from last year’s blistering debut ‘Feed the Rats‘, this Newcastle mob return with another mammoth riff fest. The blues soaked, Sabbath worshipping riffs are back with a vengeance, backed up by doomy bass tones, stoner drum crashes and bellowing vocals to make one ferocious racket. There are some subtle changes that have been made however to make for an even harder hitting set.

The songs are half the length but twice the drama. From thick, murky breakdowns to galloping kraut punk work outs, the switch ups here could soundtrack an acrobatics for the insane video. ‘A66‘ is the perfect example of this chaos; one minute you’re doing jumping jacks, the next you’re throwing your head as low as it can go. There’s still loads of straight up grooves to get fully stuck into and the glam rock stomp of opening track ‘GNT‘ is destined to shake hips.

Another striking change comes from the vocals getting lifted in the mix, completely enhancing the power and ferocity of frontman’s Matt’s menacing growl. Get ready for some brilliantly bonkers one liners. As expected, this is another ridiculously fun, adrenaline-fuelled ride but with some of the indulgent bits reigned in, ‘King Of Cowards’ throws the ultimate sludge rock party!

Read the full piece here: Birthday Cake For Breakfast


Shiver and Razzputin Crew review Mamuthones' Fear on the Corner

We missed these when they came out:

Alessio Gastaldello is the founder since 2017 of the Mamuthones , a combo of Padova that publishes for Rocket Recordings, Boring Machines, A Silent Place, the new album entitled Fear On The Corner.

Starting as a solo project, Alessio makes use of the collaboration of Francesco Lovison at the synth, Matteo Polato on guitars and Andrea Davì on drums and percussions that will then be part of the project on a permanent basis. The sounds of this work are particular and pleasantly unconventional, a sound that combines sonority prog, krautrock and disco, with the nice idea of ​​camouflaging a vocal line that scratches the atmosphere. Seven tracks with a rough flavor, whose beginning is entrusted by a particular light, almost jazz ( "Car" ) track, with the band's ability to easily switch to more gritty sounds enhanced by a pounding rhythm section ( "Show Me") )...

See review in full here: Shiver


"Fear On The Corner" is a beautiful alien album.

How could the Martians play it after having injected into the vein the best of contemporary oblique music: from Talking Heads (Fear Of Music) to Miles Davis (On The Corner), from Joy Division with Martin Hannett to Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor, finally skidding on the globalist, suffered, and perfectible rhythms of cult labels such as ZE Records and ON-U Sound.

Just the tactical addition of a lot of motorik, sucked by the sancta sanctorum Kraut Rock (the sacred triad Can / Ash Ra Tempel / Neu! To understand each other better), to detonate in an apocalyptic crescendo that named "Here We Are "and that, coincidentally, is also the precise closure of a square work from the first second to the last.

This is how the band of Alessio Gastaldello, principal sculptor of the Italian Occult Psychedelia with the Jennifer Gentle, chisels with class and charisma the prestigious debut for Rocket Recordings. Initially showing intolerance towards certain orthodox boundaries of the concept "Music" that are slowly subjugated by the perfect orchestration of all the available sonic heritage. "Fear On The Corner" is obviously this and much, much more...

See full review here: Razzputin Crew

26 Sept 2018

Read Trebuchet interview with Bonnacons of Doom

Ahead of Bonnacons of Doom's sold-out dates supporting Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs the band were interviewed by Trebuchet:

Simon Jeffes once described the music of Penguin Café Orchestra as an imagining of the sort of folk music that might arise out of a dystopian future. In such a place people might get together and find a sort of omni-ethnic mode of expression, fusing a variety of cultures, harmonies and melodies to create something collective and yet distinct to the participants.

Bonnacons of Doom are in some sense attempting to describe the same vision. Incorporating several bombastic contemporary genres, their aim is to transcend those confines and tap into something universal. In the same future landscape that Jeffes’ group might find themselves creating a post-factory barn dance on the banks of the Mekon, the Bonnacons and their acolytes might congregate in the burnt-out remains of worker housing on the outskirts of Birmingham. In both cases we see people taking the edges of given cultures and refilling them with meaning.

Bonnacons started as a performance art group, improvising music at happenings across the North of England. From their inception the Bonnacons were about creating site-specific experiences that connect audiences with their surroundings in deep ways: illuminated noise works overlaid with spy transmissions or stranger things, and each time unique. They are neither precious about fame (they wear masks) or even their line-up; various conglomerations of Bonnacons exist at any time though given a slightly different name for each outing. Bonnacons of Joy, Bonnacons of Light (electronic), of Dust (post-industrial) and in their full band psyche outing as the Bonnacons of Doom. Given that they weren’t really into capturing something for posterity from their onset the success of their recording has come as something of a happy surprise...

Read the rest here: Trebuchet

The bands up-and-coming dates with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are:

28 Sep / The Moth Club / London
26 Oct  / The Star and Garter / Manchester 


Drowned in Sound reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

Well, aren’t we being spoiled? Only last year we were gifted the treat that was Feed the Rats from Newcastle’s porcine purveyors of quality heavy psych rock Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, and already another delectable feast is served. Whereas the gestation period for their first record was relatively lengthy, the making of King of Cowards was a speedier process. The band wrote the songs while touring in Italy, returning to the UK to record the album, and the new concentrated approach is certainly evident in the resulting material. 

Although King of Cowards has double the amount of tracks of its predecessor, many are half the length of the two that bookend Feed the Rats. Anyone who's wary that this more streamlined approach could sacrifice the deep psych jams of yore can rest assured the band haven’t abandoned those leanings, they just come in undiluted form this time around. Although lead single ‘Cake of Light’ is certainly the most concise track, it mainlines everything that is thrilling about hard rock with “No remorse!” as vocalist Matt Baty sings. Their already explosive live shows will no doubt be further enriched by such pithy nuggets, not to mention the rest of the record’s more expansive offerings...

Read the rest here: DIS


Photo's of MIEN live in Paris

MIEN played Elderado Music Festival in Paris on Monday and here are some great photo's from the night:

Soul Kitchen


Outlaws of the Sun reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

Noise rock is a rather large and ubiquitous genre of music and a sort of de facto category for a band whose sound doesn’t easily fall into one of the more common categories of rock and metal. So here we have (from Outlaws head honcho Steve’s hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Pigs x7, who bring a truly unique brand of noise rock that carries elements of doom, metal, hardcore, jazz, and everything in between in every song. 

King of Cowards is the band’s second album following hot on the heels of last years stellar Feed the Rats. King of Cowards carries some of the same elements as Rats but doubles the songs (3 to 6) and somehow manages to be even more bombastic than its predecessor.
The vocals are angry and distorted, the tracks are loaded with feedback, dissonance and a shitload of riffs. 

All those are trademarks of any noise rock record worth its salt. However, what sets Pigs x7 apart is the surprising nuances of the record. Each new listen revealed another aspect of the songs that wasn’t as apparent the time before. That is what makes a record stunning and sets it apart from all the others...

Read the rest here: Outlaws of the Sun


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs on Freak Zone this weekend

Tune into Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone on BBC 6Music at Midnight on Saturday night to hear a very special playlist curated by the mighty Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

Tune in here: BBC 6Music


GOAT's World Music Picture Disc – now available in all shops!

We made some Goat 'World Music' Picture Discs as part of our 20th Anniversary and Rough Trade exclusivity sold them during our 'Label of the Month' campaign. That campaign is over, so you can now buy a copy from your all record shops, or direct from here: Bandcamp


25 Sept 2018

Line of the Best Fit reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

King of Cowards
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs

Have Pigs x 7 released the UK rock album of the year?

Before you first step into the latest effort by heretical Newcastle sludgers Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, you’re struck by its relative brevity.

Now, with four of six tunes stacking up to over 6 minutes each, time doesn’t exactly pass by in a pinch on King of Cowards, but 2017’s Feed The Rats, with its lumbering bookend tracks clocking in at around 20 minutes apiece, was in desperate need of the scalpel. Spread across fewer, gnarlier parts, King of Cowards adds up to a stronger statement from a good-time band, simply because there’s more of what counts: riffs.

But this good-time band has a guilty conscience. On opener "GNT", the titular king of cowards slumps on his couch before the news, a menagerie of grisly death and cosmic misery: “I feel fine in my house” he concludes. It’s all too easy to visualise ourselves as the cursed monarch, slumped on a self-made trash throne like a Dark Souls II arch foe, eyes closed to the putrified world seeping in through shut curtains. “Demons are easy to love”, bellows Matt Baty on the next track "Shockmaster", finding commonality between listener and speaker in blissful inaction...

See the full review here: LotBF



GNOD have the following shows lined up in October:

06 / Golden Cabinet Takeover / Shipley / UK  Info/Tix
11-13 / Cul de Sac 2018 / Palma / Spain  Info/Tix
20 / Ritual Union Fest / Oxford / UK  Info/Tix
26-28 / Primavera Club 2018 / Barcelona & Madrid / Spain  Info/Tix


24 Sept 2018

Poster for Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs show in Eindhoven

Designed by Glenn from Radar Men from the Moon!

Info etc: Facebook


Give GNOD's Chapel Perilous your vote in Drowned in Sound's Neptune awards

Drowned in Sound say:

It’s time again for our annual alternative to the Mercury Prize, The Neptune Music Prize! We want to highlight some really special records that we love and have a public vote to see which one you love the most.

There were so many great albums to choose from that once again, we decided to extend the list to break with Mercury tradition and feature 20 albums. As per previous years, we’ve used the same eligibility criteria (albums by British and Irish artists with a UK digital release date between 22 July 2017 and 20 July 2018) and haven’t included anyone who was nominated for the Mercury.

The whole idea of this is to shine a light on some of the albums which missed out on this year's Mercury Prize list, perhaps due to the fact they couldn't afford to enter, or possibly because they don't quite have the profile or infrastructure behind them. Or whatever.

Each of these albums is special to members of our team and offers a unique spin on the modern world. The discovery of something you might have missed is the whole point of this 'list', so we hope that you take the time to explore or revisit as many of the nominees as possible before casting your vote.

Vote here: DIS


Synthtopia say some words about Gum Takes Tooth's Moog Sound Lab performance at Supersonic

They say:

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via SupersonicFestival, captures an improvisation by London band Gum Takes Tooth in the Moog Sound Lab.

Here’s what they told us about it:

My band, Gum Takes Tooth (London, UK), usually performs with live drums, triggering custom built synths in NI Reaktor. However, thanks to Supersonic Festival (Birmingham UK), we were given a 2 day residency in the Moog Sound Lab.

Joined by Wayne Adams (of Big Lad and Petbrick), we got a chance to play around with a Moog System 55.

Our residency was documented with this improvised performance: Synthtopia


Listen back to MIEN interview on SOHO Radio

Rishi and Alex from MIEN popped into SOHO Radio while in London and had a chat with Simone Marie.

You can now listen back to the whole interview here: SOHO Radio


Hey Colossus tour poster

Hey Colossus are heading out for some shows in October!

Tickets on sale now.


The Quietus reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

A second and even richer dose of heaviosity from our favourite band of unwieldy name and hammering riffs

It’s been heartening to see Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs become as successful as they have since they released their debut Feed The Rats at the start of last year. When their name first started appearing on line-ups, for most they were notable merely for their moniker – “a joke that’s gone a bit too far”, as frontman Matt Baty told us in 2017. The power of their live performances, however, coupled with their debut’s joyously relentless pummelling means that they soon transcended the novelty status that their name might imply. As we approach the record’s follow up, King Of Cowards, there’s a recognition among devotees of a good old stoner/sludge/psych/doom/metal bludgeoning that PigsX7 are a band to be genuinely excited about.

If there was a criticism to be made of Feed The Rats it’s that the Pigs sound recalls Black Sabbath and Motörhead slightly too easily, and the same argument could be made of King Of Cowards. Most importantly, though, they have such a killer instinct for what makes a brilliant rock record that it’s hard to begrudge them the odd Lemmy growl or Geezer Butler bassline. And they know that they’re referencing their forebears: take ‘Sweet Relief’ on their last record, surely a reference to Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’, or Matt Baty’s ‘Iron Man’-aping roar of “Has he lost his mind?” on their new record’s ‘A66’...

Read the full review here: The Quietus


22 Sept 2018

Mariskal Rock reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Get Mad Festival

Loosely translated they say:

...That the tonic had changed completely from the previous day was certified by the guiris Pigs x 7, some chalaos with the look of beach players commanded by a mystic vocalist who had to be seen moving halfway between the sumo wrestlers and the aerobic exercises for smokes. Because his stoner rock in the path of Kyuss certainly had a lot of hang and seemed the product of an excessive intake of peyote, but at the same time possessed an overwhelming personality capable of invoking even thousand-year-old gods. I want your shit....

See the full review here: Mariskal Rock


21 Sept 2018

Into Creative reviews GNOD's Chapel Perilous

They say:

Chapel Perilous || GNOD

The Salford collective returns with an album inspired by Robert Anton Wilson’s book “Cosmic Trigger” that describes a state where failure to know whether a situation is created by the supernatural or reality and the psychological distress that brings.

If there was ever a theme that sums up what we are facing at the moment then it is this. The opener Donavan’s Daughter is a fifteen minute epic that has more aural changes than most bands back catalogues.

Just when you think you have past peak storm they hit you with a change that has the force of sleeping in a jet engine.

A force that sees your insides shake so violently that the next three tracks with their bleak dystopian scaffolding pole percussion, taped or whispered spoken word and the sound of industrial machinery being slowly tortured to death in a dark hidden disused warehouse are an abstract comfort.

As the klaxon from hell towards the end of ‘A Body’ signals the start of the riff heavy partisan bass of ‘Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down’ I can’t help believe that this is the soundtrack of post- Brexit Scotland and that we all should hail Gnod.

See the full review here: Into Creative


20 Sept 2018

Win tickets to see MIEN in Amsterdam

Two dutch online publications have set up competitions to win tickets to see MIEN in Amsterdam on 25 September:

The Daily Indie
Enter HERE

Written in Music
Enter HERE

So you have two chances of winning!

MIEN's run of up-and-coming shows starts this Friday:

Fri 21 Sept  / London, UK / Moth Club
Sat 22 Sept  / Angers, France / Levitation Festival
Mon 24 Sept / Paris, France / Le Cafe de la Danse
Tue 25 Sept / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg

27-30 Sept  / Toronto, Canada / Night Owl Festival 


19 Sept 2018

John-Michael Hedley from Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs speaks to Velvet Sheep

They say:


“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs have very much captured the consciousness of the alternative cognoscenti since they last appeared on these pages for an extremely popular Lucky 7. Their tune “Cake of Light” has been inescapable in my house, as when I’ve not been playing it, it’s been on heavy rotation on 6Music and recently when I was watching Oh Sees at the Forum, the Pigs were all me and my buds and many around me were talking about. The name helps obvs, but the music too is a force of nature. And although I already knew singer Matt was a good fella from day job dealings when the band did a sesh recently on Marc Riley’s show, it’s clear they are all not only good sticks but they also know one end of a tune from another, as a band with truly multi faceted heaviness. Plus recently from their tour van they tweeted a competition to win a band tee based on what brand and type of crisp are you and why, and what’s not to love about that?

With their debut album “King of Cowards” (Rocket Recordings) out next week on 28th September, these are exciting times. I’ve been lucky enough to hear it several times, and it’s seismic. Like the best of Hawkwind meets Sleep “Dopesmoker” with vocals somewhere between Lemmy, David Yow and Pissed Jeans’ Matt Korvette, and a Tad of Black Sabbath, for a debut album it’s a real tour (van) de force with the emphasis on the force.  Today on Velvet Sheep i’m pleased to welcome back the bassist of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, John-Michael Hedley!

But first, check out the occulty delights of new vid “GNT”…buckle up...

See what he chooses here: Velvet Sheep


Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation show at St Pancras Old Church has sold out – more shows to be announced

We have just been informed that Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation's forthcoming show at London's St Pancras Old Church has now sold out. However the band do have some more shows to be announced soon...watch this space!

And don't forget we recently did a ltd edition repress of the bands second album Mirage on a special 'pink/green' swirl vinyl which you can buy from here or your local record shop: Bandcamp


Listen to new Django Django remix of MIEN track 'Odessey'

On Friday MIEN release the digital single '(I'm tired of) Western Shouting' and we can now announce that the bside is a great remix of MIEN's last single 'Odessey' by the mighty Django Django.

You can see what Clash magazine say about the track here: Clash

Also on Friday the band start the first of 4 shows in Europe and a Festival in Toronto. 

Fri 21 Sept  / London, UK / Moth Club
Sat 22 Sept  / Angers, France / Levitation Festival
Mon 24 Sept / Paris, France / Le Cafe de la Danse
Tue 25 Sept / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg
27-30 Sept  / Toronto, Canada / Night Owl Festival 

The line-up of players for the Euro dates is a bit special and should not be missed:

Alex Mass (The Black Angels)
Tom Furse (The Horrors)
Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone)
John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies)
Thor Harris (Swans)
Rob Kidd (Golden Dawn Arkestra)

Artwork for the single was once again created by the very talented Rosey Trickett and Marc Spicer


18 Sept 2018

Watch new Flowers Must Die Video for Ejefjallajökull

Ahead of their headline peformance at this weekends Helsinki Psych Fest Flowers Must Die have just revealed this great video for track Ejefjallajökull from their recently self released album "Där Blommor Dör".

See what Astral Zone say about the track here: Astral Zone

Tickets for Helsinki Psych Fest can be bought from here: Helsinki Psych Fest


The band say this about the track:

“Ejefjallajökull” a name hard to spell, pronounce and to remember but for many people the actual Eyafjallajökull which is a volcano on Iceland is hard to forget. It erupted in 2010 and caused a lot of problem especially air travel all over the globe. 

And it was around this period we started playing this song, so even if it´s on our latest album ‘Där Blommor Dör’ it was recorded many years ago. And a track we have included in our live set many times. 

But still only a early version was included on a tape in 2012 and then later in a live version on “The Greatest Hits (Live)” tape from 2014.

This recording is probably between those releases and the structure was kept for years, and then we decided to add some instruments as the original take was a bit from our safe zone when Jonas played Xylophone, Rickard Saxophone and Lars only on Djembe through the track. So Sven added more drums, flute, Martin and Jonas some guitars. Rickard took care of the  mixing from home and added some Synth and Percussion and finally a violin on top from Lisa to complete the track. 

A fun note, Lisa´s previous band was named after another Icelandic volcano - Katla and we named this track several years before even meeting her.


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tell Birthdaycake for Breakfast what 5 releases influenced King of Cowards

They say:

Here at Birthday Cake For Breakfast, we like to get to the heart of what an artist is all about. We feel the music they listen to is just as important as the music they make. With that in mind, we’re delighted to have mind-melting riff lords Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs in the hot seat, talking us through five releases that have had them inspired around their latest release....

Read which 5 releases they choose here: Birthday Cake For Breakfast


17 Sept 2018

Hey Colossus announce New River Studios show

Late notice warm up show for Hey Colossus before they head off on European tour dates:

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents:
Hey Colossus + Support
October 25th - New River Studios
£9 / 8:00

Info/Tickets: Baba Yaga's Hut


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs live at Roskilde footage

Watch Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs tear up Roskilde Festival with Sweet Relief.

It is now under two weeks now until King of Cowards hits the shops...have you preordered your ltd LP or CD yet?


14 Sept 2018

MIEN DJ set at Paris aftershow party

As you know, MIEN are hitting Europe next week for a series of shows, and they have just announced they will be DJing at a special aftershow party in Paris at Supersonic on 24 September.

All info can be found here: Supersonic

The line-up of players for the euro dates is a bit special:

Alex Mass (The Black Angels)
Tom Furse (The Horrors)
Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone)
John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies)
Thor Harris (Swans)
Rob Kidd (Golden Dawn Arkestra)

And the dates are:

Fri 21 Sept  / London, UK / Moth Club  Tickets
Sat 22 Sept  / Angers, France / Levitation Festival  Tickets
Mon 24 Sept / Paris, France / Le Cafe de la Danse  Tickets
Tue 25 Sept / Amsterdam, Netherlands / Melkweg  Tickets
27-30 Sept  / Toronto, Canada / Night Owl Festival Tickets