26 Sep 2018

Outlaws of the Sun reviews Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

They say:

Noise rock is a rather large and ubiquitous genre of music and a sort of de facto category for a band whose sound doesn’t easily fall into one of the more common categories of rock and metal. So here we have (from Outlaws head honcho Steve’s hometown of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne) Pigs x7, who bring a truly unique brand of noise rock that carries elements of doom, metal, hardcore, jazz, and everything in between in every song. 

King of Cowards is the band’s second album following hot on the heels of last years stellar Feed the Rats. King of Cowards carries some of the same elements as Rats but doubles the songs (3 to 6) and somehow manages to be even more bombastic than its predecessor.
The vocals are angry and distorted, the tracks are loaded with feedback, dissonance and a shitload of riffs. 

All those are trademarks of any noise rock record worth its salt. However, what sets Pigs x7 apart is the surprising nuances of the record. Each new listen revealed another aspect of the songs that wasn’t as apparent the time before. That is what makes a record stunning and sets it apart from all the others...

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