26 Sep 2018

Read Trebuchet interview with Bonnacons of Doom

Ahead of Bonnacons of Doom's sold-out dates supporting Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs the band were interviewed by Trebuchet:

Simon Jeffes once described the music of Penguin Café Orchestra as an imagining of the sort of folk music that might arise out of a dystopian future. In such a place people might get together and find a sort of omni-ethnic mode of expression, fusing a variety of cultures, harmonies and melodies to create something collective and yet distinct to the participants.

Bonnacons of Doom are in some sense attempting to describe the same vision. Incorporating several bombastic contemporary genres, their aim is to transcend those confines and tap into something universal. In the same future landscape that Jeffes’ group might find themselves creating a post-factory barn dance on the banks of the Mekon, the Bonnacons and their acolytes might congregate in the burnt-out remains of worker housing on the outskirts of Birmingham. In both cases we see people taking the edges of given cultures and refilling them with meaning.

Bonnacons started as a performance art group, improvising music at happenings across the North of England. From their inception the Bonnacons were about creating site-specific experiences that connect audiences with their surroundings in deep ways: illuminated noise works overlaid with spy transmissions or stranger things, and each time unique. They are neither precious about fame (they wear masks) or even their line-up; various conglomerations of Bonnacons exist at any time though given a slightly different name for each outing. Bonnacons of Joy, Bonnacons of Light (electronic), of Dust (post-industrial) and in their full band psyche outing as the Bonnacons of Doom. Given that they weren’t really into capturing something for posterity from their onset the success of their recording has come as something of a happy surprise...

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The bands up-and-coming dates with Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are:

28 Sep / The Moth Club / London
26 Oct  / The Star and Garter / Manchester