27 Sep 2018

Birthday Cake For Breakfast review Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – King of Cowards

It says:

Following from last year’s blistering debut ‘Feed the Rats‘, this Newcastle mob return with another mammoth riff fest. The blues soaked, Sabbath worshipping riffs are back with a vengeance, backed up by doomy bass tones, stoner drum crashes and bellowing vocals to make one ferocious racket. There are some subtle changes that have been made however to make for an even harder hitting set.

The songs are half the length but twice the drama. From thick, murky breakdowns to galloping kraut punk work outs, the switch ups here could soundtrack an acrobatics for the insane video. ‘A66‘ is the perfect example of this chaos; one minute you’re doing jumping jacks, the next you’re throwing your head as low as it can go. There’s still loads of straight up grooves to get fully stuck into and the glam rock stomp of opening track ‘GNT‘ is destined to shake hips.

Another striking change comes from the vocals getting lifted in the mix, completely enhancing the power and ferocity of frontman’s Matt’s menacing growl. Get ready for some brilliantly bonkers one liners. As expected, this is another ridiculously fun, adrenaline-fuelled ride but with some of the indulgent bits reigned in, ‘King Of Cowards’ throws the ultimate sludge rock party!

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