31 Oct 2012

Rocket Probes October Playlist

Anthroprophh - S/T
(The record is all mastered now and is currently being manufactured, The Heads guitarist has delivered a record that has barely left our playlist)

Lumerians - Transmissions from Telos Vol.4
(This is an amazing record...the A side is psyched out kraut funk, that has a real Can, Miles Davis, Sun Araw, Sunburned HOM sort of vibe. While side two sounds like what would happen if Teeth of the Sea and Gnod locked themselves in the studio after a night on bad party drugs... essential listening!! Check out the great 'Hands in the Dark' records) lumerians

The Lay Llamas - Vatican Zombie

(African Spacecraft, Can like World Music Vibes) the-lay-llamas

Dead Sea Apes / Black Tempest - TBC

(Great vinyl only collaboration by these masters of space stretching soundscapes...on the wonderful Cardinal Fuzz Records) dead-sea-apes-vs-black-tempest

The Heads - TBC
(Second release on Cardinal Fuzz in our playlist this month, and it finds The Heads thrashing out some great pure heavy fuzz!)

Oneida - List of the Burning Mountains
(A different sounding (and looking) record by one of our favourite ever bands, two 19 min tracks of droned out cosmic soundscapes underpinned by some great 'free' rhythms) oneida

Puffy Areolas - 1982 Disonorable Discharge
(Fuzzy Hawkwind influenced punk skronk, bit like Vincent Black Shadow) puffy-areolas

Rent Boys - Shoot Your Shot
(Amazing two track single from yet another great band from Leeds...saw them live once totally blew me away, total anarchic, spaced out, fuzz rock) rent-boys

Ty Segal - The Hill
(Nice bit of 60's grunge pop) ty-segal

Skin Men - Construction
(Nice droned out beats and bowed percussion by this new collaboration from members of Gnod and Drunk in Hell) skin-men

Lash Frenzy & KK Null - Live at Supersonic

(Not a record per say, but the experience was etched like a phosphorescent wall, Intense: smoke, strobes, repetition, noise with half naked women wondering around) lash-frenzy

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium

(Strings, industrial beats, soul and opera collides with incredible Thrash riffs and Tom G Warrior's death grunts... shouldn't of ever worked, but it did spectacularly!) celtic-frost

Miles Davis - In a Silent Way

(Needed 'Shhh/Peaceful' to get me through hours of very heavy traffic on my way to London for Lexington show, 4 hour journey….with the same track of course) miles-davis

Beau - Silence Returns

(If you don't freakout to the Fuzz guitar on this then give up!

Orbit - A Show In Seven Parts - GNOD

Sounds From The Other City: Orbit - A Show In Seven Parts

“The Pope is excited, Bez is excited, The Queen is super excited, Damon is excited, even Barack is getting excited”


Sunday November 4th, Chapel St, Salford. 4pm-late

Sounds From the Other City and The Volkov Commanders join forces to launch you into orbit! 

Join them for an experimental live gig that rotates between venues and non-venues, taking you on a continuous journey across changing aural and visual landscapes. 

Featuring performances from:

Ed Schrader's Music Beat
Yola Fatoush
N. Racker
Queer'd Science 

Taking place on an orbital route through Islington Mill, St Phillips Church and the Old Pint Pot along Salford's Chapel Street.

Give yourself over and be guided through time and space in a whirlwind of one-off performances, wild costumes, dancing, mysterious choirs, ancient rituals, hypnotising sounds, glittering trophies, automated drones....and more!

All tickets must be exchanged for a wristband prior to 4pm. Entry in to this event has to be monitored, if you arrive late you will have to wait for an appropriate break enter the performance. 

Wristband exchange located at Islington Mill, James St, Salford 



30 Oct 2012

Dusted Magazine Review The Goat Album

Washington DC online magazine 'Dusted' have written a few lines about Goats World Music album.

You can read it here


29 Oct 2012

Anthroprophh live at 'Unpeeled' in Manchester

Here is excerpt of another live review that is going to feature in the next issue of Optical Sounds. This time it is of the 'Unpeeled' alldayer in Manchester on the weekend that saw Anthroprophh play with Big Naturals as well as Mugstar:

Unpeeled: Anthroprophh w/ Big Naturals
Gulliver’s, Manchester 
27th October 2012

Although the Unpeeled event was an alldayer that took place across two venues on Manchester’s Oldham St., we just arrived in time as Anthroprophh and Big Naturals are setting up. As much as Id admired his spirit and approach, I was never much of a John Peel devotee, and a good deal of the bands that are on over this day-long jamboree don’t really fill me much in the way of excitement. I would have liked to have seen The Groundhogs, but to be honest I was only really interested in seeing Anthropropph & Big Naturals and Mugstar. The Paris Angels reforming didn’t hold much interest, if I’m being totally honest.  Sandwiched between Anthroprophh and Mugstar were The Telescopes, of whom I’m only vaguely familiar.

I saw Big Naturals at Supernormal festival (the year that Rocket Recordings curated it) and I’m not surprised to see Gareth Turner lugging a massive array of Green cabinets, Marshall heads and a sizeable board of FX pedals. Big Naturals are a two piece who manage to sound like ten men, no doubt due in part to this level of amplification firepower. Anyone who has heard the Big Naturals recent self titled album will know that they have absolutely no problem stirring up a mighty noise. I’d imagine most people are aware of Paul Allen through his pedigree with The Heads, but with his Anthropropph role, he cuts a more oblique and noisier figure, channeling all his Kraut and Prog fantasies into something more open ended. If the stuff he has posted on Soundcloud is any indication, then his soon to be released album on Rocket is going to be a droney, krauty treat.

The set starts as Paul fires up his wheezy old synth that sends out an insistent cosmic pulse. Jesse Webb answers this with a beat that grows and grows with startling intensity as Gareth Joins in on a floor tom. More and more people are moving closer towards the stage now, willed on by this barbaric beat. Gareth Turner joins turns around and creates analogue oscillations before introducing his monstrous distorted bass thrum to underpin it all. How much of this is specially prepared or improvised for the gig is hard to judge without hearing the album beforehand, but there is a lot of eye contact assisted changes that suggest an open ended arrangement. It is all enormously exciting and at times the warp and weft of the music seems like it is about to tear a hole in the space/time continuum. A couple of songs in, Paul Allen unplugs his guitar midway, and plugs a microphone into his messy array of rag-tag vintage pedals and starts testifying like some deranged preacher, warbling out some weird psychedelic glossololia  sermon. Guitar plugged back in, he spins out some equally weird angular guitar lines that would, I imagine, make Michael Karoli smile down on him proudly. After a criminally short half an hour, the crowd is left to unpeel themselves from the ceilings and walls as the chaps start to breakdown their mountains of amps. It really could have gone on all night...

Brett Savage

Dont forget Anthroprophh's debut album is out on Rocket on January 28th.
More details about this very special release will be announced soon


Optical Sounds reviews Rocket Party at the Lexington

Here is a lovely review that will feature in the next issue of the amazing Optical Sounds magazine:

Gnod, Goat and Teeth of the Sea
The Lexington, London – 19th October 2012

It’s fair to say that this gig really was the hottest ticket in town. Apparently, Lauren Laverne (taking time off from being an unconvincing radio presenter) is rumoured to be floating about. We have come en masse (well, four of us) from the North, taking advantage of cheap travel and lodgings that the big smoke tempts its willing prey with. 

Rocket Recordings are clearly showing off the jewels in their crowns here tonight. The room is already thronging by time Gnod head for the stage. I really can’t speak highly enough of Gnod. Running the risk of seeming slightly sycophantic, I am constantly amazed at what seems to be an inexhaustible supply of imagination in the minds of the Gnod squad. I honestly get the feeling that in years to come, bands will pretend they were always lifelong Gnod fans, making hapless, joyless recreations of their highlights, much in the same way people do nowadays with Throbbing Gristle. The last couple of times I’ve seen Gnod, they have unveiled a new strain of electronica into their already mutated form. It was absolutely as captivating as their full on band approach. Spacey and wild as always, reminding me of prime-time Meat Beat Manifesto. Imagine a DJ on the scout-ship Dark Star, whilst the cryogenically suspended Commander issues dreamlike incantations over the dubby stew. At a gig supporting Expo ’70 at Night & Day in Manchester, they riffed marvelously on a Visions Of Load sample from 30 minutes.

This time, Gnod return to their  ‘guitar band’ guise with new drummer Alex in tow. The band is garlanded by Jonny Rocket’s stunning visual accompaniment which adds a hallucinogenic backdrop to the whole evening’s proceedings. Neil Francis adds more of his enigmatic delay soaked stream of consciousness over the top of some star scraping psych rock. He really could be singing anything under these swathes of delay: his shopping list, how he is being followed by the same weirdoes at all his gigs… even London… anything. He is also sporting a new ecclesiastical styled haircut along with his trademark un-ironed frilly shirt. I’ve never heard this first track, but it’s absolutely swept me away with its powerful tow. Paddy later assures me it’s an ‘old one’, but it sounds incredible. Again, I’m humbled by the sheer propulsion issuing forth from this mere five piece. The band end on an incredible driving take on ‘Tony’s First Communion’ – which drives home a point that I’ve been thinking since they got onstage. They are the best band on the planet.

It’s fair to say that the majority of the audience has come down to see Goat. The mystique is really starting to swirl around this masked troupe of psych rockers (of which the bubble is nearly burst when the masked drummer soundchecks in a pair of Adidas tracky bottoms). These Swedish voodoo cults cum spaceheads have really caught the attention of the public recently. Maybe their high headed rituals have caught the favour of their Orisha and they now have us in their thrall. Or just maybe, their brand of danceable psych rock is just what the witchdoctor has ordered. Either way, the anticipation is palpable, especially as this their first gig… ever.

Goat absolutely nails it first time. The dance floor is starting to break away from its standard head nodding that is found at these types of affairs, as the groove starts to possess the dancing shoes of the audience. For all their empty rhetoric and deciding which band they want to be this week, Primal Scream would gladly give their souls to have this concentrated germ of rock n’ roll flowing through their veins, something which comes naturally to Goat. Different takes of Goat’s geometric folk art is projected over the band as they whizz through ‘Goatman’, ‘Let It Bleed’. It is over too soon, and the audience are visibly spent.

Unfortunately, this level of expectation and energy has a direct effect on Teeth of the Sea, as the crowd has visibly thinned. Lauren Laverne has clearly buzzed off to be out of her depth somewhere else whilst Rocket’s Chris is spinning some thundering psych and prog at ferocious volume. Teeth of the Sea have clearly turned some heads with ‘Your Mercury’ and the much underrated ‘Orphaned By The Sea’, it is interesting to see where they are heading next.  There is a heady cosmic disco feel to their new set. Ive got to admit, I’m not immediately struck by it but maybe a few spins of their upcoming record may well bring me around. We’re on familiar ground when a truly colossal take on A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. fizzes out of the amps. I’m immediately brought to mind of towering power stations and feats of gigantic engineering.  Marvelous stuff.

Brett Savage


28 Oct 2012

Goat live at Truckstop Alaska Gothenburg

Here is 22 minutes of great footage of Goat live, taken at last nights show at Truckstop Alaska in Gothenburg supporting Acid Mothers Temple.



26 Oct 2012

"An invitation for immersion" Pitchfork review Goat's World Music

Pitchfork have written a nice 8.1 / 10 review of Goat's World Music:

"As the series of interviews they've given in recent months suggests, the Swedish band Goat is hilarious: In September, before their performance at Britain's Supersonic, the Quietus published its second talk with the ever-vague group. When writer Joe Clay asked who might headline the festival of that unnamed member's dreams, they answered, "If Holger Czukay and Geezer Butler had a son, it would be him. Just him playing bass for a couple of days." The Goathead described the band's live performances as "the harvesting of souls," and its lifestyle as "invocations, prayers, and total rejoice!"

Beneath that jester veneer, though, there's a much more serious idealism at work here. As key member Christian Johansson told The Quietus in an earlier interview, Goat stems from a loose and long-running collective of townspeople in Korpilombolo, a village with a population of a few hundred in the northwest hook of Sweden. Though people in the town have been playing under that name in various incarnations for several decades, the nine-song, steady-burning World Music is the unit's first proper release. That alleged tradition, it seems, is mostly an excuse for being a true band or collective rather than a collection of personalities, vying for the attention of micro-celebrity at a time when that's easy enough to find. To wit, they wear masks on stage and discuss the details of membership-- who has been in the band, who will be in the band, who is currently in the band-- in incredibly ambiguous terms. "In northern Sweden-- it is hard to explain in English-- it is about not drawing attention to yourself. The important thing is what you do, not who does it," explained Johansson. "This is why we never have tried to make ourselves heard before now." The songs matter more than the sources…."

Read the full review here Pitchfork


24 Oct 2012

Goat Run to Your Mama in Newcastle

Goat play Run to Your Mama at their recent show in Newcastle

The sound is a bit shite but the footage is great!!!


"A nightmare vision" – Echoes and Dust reviews Gnod / Shit & Shines's Collisions

The great Echoes and Dust has this to say about our latest Collsions LP:

The latest instalment of the ‘Collisions’ series from the mighty Rocket Recordings doesn’t compromise on challenging its listeners and their preconceptions. The ‘Collision’ series has seen some great match ups who compliment each other in a Yin/Yang synergy, previously matching some of the great modern day psychonauts The Heads, White Hills, Mugstar and Oneida. The latest experimenters to grace the series are Gnod & $hit & $hine. Taking things into a post apocalyptic industrial revolution of the future.

Gnod kick off side one with ‘Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack’; those used to the recent output of Gnod will be shocked to hear some form of industrial/noise/drone dubstep. Integrating drum machines, loops and a more idm electronica vibe ‘Shitting through …’ creates a nightmare vision, imagine watching Max Headroom on DMT in an abattoir for mechanical cows and you get close to how this thing makes me feel. Inspiring and spiritual in a way a spleen jarring way, this track more than anything recently has affected my own thoughts and output of music.

$hit & $hine’s ‘Ladies Circles’ makes up the 2nd half of the record. Ex Pat Brits now living in Texas, and like Gnod an ever morphing group that seem to constantly challenge your expectations of what they offer. This stop start repetitive groove counterpoint to Gnod seems to hark back to an 80’s vibe with its shimmering chorus guitars, adjunct rhythms, vocoder vocals and distorted synths but sent into a spin cycle reminiscent of The Chameleons and The Butthole Surfers. ‘Ladies Circle’ is a driving track that mutates on the dark fringes of your mind taking you from early electronica and dubby horizons and feels like the world is collapsing in on you similar to how the dentist’s gas mask messes with your mind as the anaesthetic starts to take a grip.

‘Collisions 3’ is an apt title for something so shattering of my beliefs, it certainly messes with your mind in a giddy sickening way that will want you wanting more. It’s a fine addition to the series and something that should sort out anyone who doesn’t want to play it safe and expand their minds in a way they weren’t expecting.

By Chris Hughes.

See the review in full here


Review of Goat at Supersonic

Here is a nice Goat write up, part of a review from the website Domestic City:

"Swedish ensemble Goat also conformed to the spiritualist subject, as their ethnical, otherworldly sound firmly rooted the group into the visionary past of paganism. 

Dressed in tribal voodoo attire, the Swedes were visually bewitching onstage, entertaining their audience with carnival-attuned dances and animated movements. Goat's sound crossed between African drumming, traveller percussion and psych guitar lucidity to form one of the most enriching ceremonial bands that I've ever experienced. Held together by worldly vocal arrangements, Goat never failed once to capture fans both visually and aurally with their dazzling onstage activities."

See the full review here


Gnod go Death Disco in Liverpool

Peter Guy has written a great live review of Gnod's show supporting Expo 70.
A show where the band ditched the guitars and drums and replaced them with lots of synths and wires:

"There's little to prepare you for GNOD.

First impressions suggest three leftover specimen's from a Levellers convention; all knotted dreadlocks, beat up threads and weathered skin, they cower over a table festooned with all manner of electronic gismos.

We barely notice the pipe-cleaner thin figure with a pitch black bowl cut sat on Mello Mello's stage steps, hunched over with his face pressed into what looks like a book in an oversized cigarette case.

For several minutes there's just slow, dry electrical surges seeping down the curtains of wires and wires and wires. More wires than you've ever seen..."

Read the full review here


Gnod to play at Julian Cope book launch

"Julian Cope and Lee Brackstone, author and patron, discuss the worldview of his new book COPENDIUM, a feast of obscure and neglected masterworks which takes energy, originality and heaviness as its bearings. The Black Sheep’s Fido-X presents Tue’sday Night/Wodnesday Morning, further explorations in the style of the Black Sheep Radio Show. GNOD, the Manchester motherfuckers at full tilt, play a live set. Julian returns to present Copendium as revealed through YouTube. We conclude with a screening of Fido’s Blues – ‘awesome’, wrote Jon Savage, upon viewing this highly disorientating Black Sheep road movie."

Mono in Glasgow
Tuesday 6th November 2012, 7pm

For more information visit Julian Cope's site here

(Photo of Gnod at the recent Rocket Party taken by Tony Mountford)


23 Oct 2012

Velvet Owl Gig Collective reviews our Rocket Party featuring Gnod, Goat and Teeth of the Sea

Here is a nice little write up of last Fridays Rocket party at The Lexington featuring Gnod Goat and Teeth of the Sea:

"I’ve been looking forward to this one. Three of my favourite bands of the past few years courtesy of Rocket Recordings, the coolest label around with great ears for some of the loopiest psych, prog-post-rock electronics this side of 1998. Oh and their records look lovely too..."

Read the full review here Velvet Owl Gig Collective

The Goat photo is courtesy of Kimberly Powenski, if you have any photo's video or recordings of the night, please share them with us


18 Oct 2012

Vote for Goat!!!

Goat's 'Let it Bleed' has been nominated for 'Anthem of the Summer' by the UK Festival Awards 2012.

The shortlist will be announced on November the 5th, so to help us make this shortlist, we need your vote.

So, if you got a spare minute, please place your vote here:




17 Oct 2012

Spin! get into a spin about Goat

American magazine Spin are loving the Goat album and have written a nice little piece plus revealing Q/A with the band:

The mysterious crew from Sweden runs the voodoo down
Mysterious collective Goat dropped one of 2012's most coveted pieces of vinyl with World Music, a damn-near indescribable collision of searing psych-metal, trance-inducing Afrobeat congas, Krautrock infinity-gazing, and demonic disco. Recorded hot-as-hellfire to tape, this thing could be mistaken for a Now Again or Finders Keepers reissue from West-Africa (via Mars), but in fact the group hails from a small town in Sweden called Korpilombolo. The band claims this town runs deep with a history of practicing voodoo and ducking religious persecution, but this may just be another great backstory from a country filthy with genre-bending anonymous bands (holler at us, Ghost). Whatever the deal is, World Music is a delirious mix of brassy, hook-laden, royally thunderous heavy metal; fast-paced Nigerian disco; hypnotic African rhythms mutated through Cuba and Haiti; some accidental bhangra; and a full-on, rocked-out cover of Malian hit "Diarabi." Hear the whole thing below with our Q&A with the mysterious Goatman! ...

Read the feature in full here


Terrascope review Collisions Vol.3 LP

The mighty Terrascope say some very nice words about our Gnod/Shit & Shine Collisions LP:

"As the name clearly implies, this is the latest in a series of what it must be said are always-welcome collaborations featuring Rocket Recordings artists and affiliates. In this case the accolades go to Manchester experimental rockers, the ever-worthy Gnod, and the none-too delicately named but no less laudable Shit and Shine, with each given free reign over a side each of what in old language would be termed a “mini album” - under 30 minutes in total - to, as they say “do it to you”...."

Read the full review here

And just to clarify regarding the last (amusing) comment, Rocket is run by John O'Carroll as well as Chris Reeder.


14 Oct 2012

Adventures in the Soundscape reviews Collisions 03

'Adventures in the Soundscape' have written a great review of our next Collisions release:

"Big thanks to Chris at Rocket Recordings for sending me a preview of the latest release of Collisions series on the label, a pairing of the mighty Gnod and Shit & Shine – a new band to me; and that’s what I love about the Collisions split releases is that they introduce me to new artists. Collisions 01 introduced me to The Heads and their mind-melting psych, and both this release and Collisions 02 continued to add brilliant tracks from White Hills, Oneida and Mugstar to my record shelves – and as always from Rocket Recordings the vinyl releases are fantastic looking mini works of art… great music, imaginative pairings of bands, freedom for the bands to explore the music they love and push themselves, brilliant artwork.

Gnod are going from strength to strength and the recent Chaudelande volumes are some of my favourite recent releases. Their contribution to Collisions 03 is Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack.

The hazy, late night mist of Chaudelande has lifted to reveal a throbbing brute of a band, metallic shards rattling through the soundscape and reverberating through your brain. The track pulses and throbs, brutal and heavy.. this is late-night headphone music, the kind you put on loud, your walking pace quickens and makes you feel fucking invincible – you, the music and the empty streets of a city at 5am.

Gnod haven’t lost their groove though; yes this track is more industrial sounding, definitely harsher and reminds me of some of the Foetus 12″ releases where the tracks are presented as industrial movements. Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack explore a new area; the loose jam-style explorations of drone and the layed-down groove of the riff are replaced with the industrial grooves and rhythms of the drum machine, the soundscape is cruel, bleak and lonely but as intriguing to explore and get lost in as their other work – great work from Gnod, chalk up another success to their exploration of sound, grooves and mood.

The flip side to Collisions 03 is Ladies Circles by Shit & Shine.. a new one to me. The track is built around a repeating lead guitar motif, drums driving the track but always the metallic funk of the lead guitar… sometimes hidden away under the organs, the vocals and then it hits you again the groove and the lead guitar takes centre-stage.

Very groovey track, Ladies Circles makes a great partner to the Gnod track and for another brilliant Rocket Recordings release, a mean slab of industrial psychedelic rock that your record player is screaming for you to drop the needle onto.

Installment number 3 of the Collisions series from Rocket Recordings is available from the 15th October so go hunt it down… Norman Records have it available and you may get some Maoam to go with your vinyl!!"

See the review in full here.


12 Oct 2012

Boomkat give praise to Gnod / Shit and Shine Collisions 03

Boomkat have said the following about our next Collisions instalment featuring Gnod and Shit and Shine:

**Yellow vinyl with photocopied acid tab insert that'll make you go bozz-eyed** 
Immense split slab of modern industrial psych rock from two of the heaviest, freakiest units around. Manchester's notorious rotating assembly of rogues, GNOD (counting Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Raikes Parade, Neil 'Der Fisch' Francis, and Marlene Ribeiro) dump 'Shitting Through The Eye Of A Needle In A Haystack' on the A-side, making the smart move to replace live drums with a machine, resulting in a fifteen minute ritual sounding like an demented Can jamming with Shackleton and Vatican Shadow - we sh*t you not! The dub heavy production is outstanding, and while it's given them a firm boot up the sphincter into 2012, its certainly not at the expense of their primordial force and intention. Bra-f**king-vo! Flipside, their Texan counterparts $hit & $hine churn up some crooked-ass motorik brainburn, revolving overdriven bass and swaggering drums around a mesmerising guitar hook, all jerked with digital dub FX, for thirteen minutes of roiling, psychotic badness. Recommended!

See the review in full here


Pitchfork review Goathead

Pitchfork have finally woken up to Goat and have written these words about the track Goathead:

"If, as Tom Krell opined, anonymity among bands is now passé, then surely boundless invention with backstory is the next logical step away from predictability. Goat, a collective of sorts from the northern Swedish hamlet of Korpilombolo, claim that their elders have performed under that name for many generations; this lot are just the latest kids of a tribe that were apparently deeply influenced by the arrival of a voodoo-practising witch doctor to the town many moons ago. Their tremendous first public release, World Music, makes their yarn the kind of myth you want to indulge irrespective of the facts: It weaves through disco, Afrobeat, yowling psych, and metal traditions, among others. "Goathead" blazes a psychedelic trail around a chanting, cackling female voice for a just plain gnarly song that owes as much to Fela Kuti and Funkadelic as it does Comets on Fire."

See what they say in full here


Luke Turner gets Disco Fever for Fred Perry

Head scribe of The Quietus has done a Spotify mix for Fred Perry that includes Goat's Disco Fever. This is what he says about the track:

Goat - Disco Fever: 
Goat's psychedelic odyssey World Music has been something of an underground smash this autumn, and this is one of the highlight tracks, sounding as it does like a group of fans of innumerable genres of far-out music capering around the fire in the nuddie after a particularly hectic peyote session.

You can here the full mix here


Optical Sounds reviews Collisions Vol.3 LP by Gnod and Shit & Shine

The ever amazing Optical Sounds magazine (issue 4 coming soon apparently) have forwarded their review of our next release, the next instalment of our Collisions series, this time by Gnod and Shit & Shine:

Gnod & $hit & $hine - Collisions V.3 (Rocket Recordings)
We’ve certainly been treated well by those Rocket boys when it comes
to these Collisions series The Heads, White Hills, Mugstar, Oneida and
now fellow space brethren – Gnod & $hit & $hine. Once again, Gnod
refuse to be tied down to expectations with their charmingly titled
‘Shitting Through The Eye Of A Needle In A Haystack’, (which reminds
me of the toilet facilities at last year’s Supernormal festival). If
you’ve seen them live recently, you may have noticed an electronica
vibe, reminiscent of the ace Meat Beat Manifesto in places, starting
to percolate through the Gnod Machine. Neurons are decimated by the
fidgety stop-start beat and grinding drones, whilst Neil Francis
continues his stream of consciousness lullaby. Always mutating and
always brilliant, if you get the chance to see Gnod live, for fuck’s
sake, go and do it. NOW!

$hit & $hine are expatriate Brits now stirring up dust devils in
Texas. Every bit as disturbed as their spiritual forebears, Butthole
Surfers (they are regularly joined live onstage by veteran Butthole -
King Coffey) , S&S  take coal back to Newcastle with the heat-warped
Beefheart-ian groove of ‘Ladies Circle’. Great stuff. This is an
inspired pairing and if you’re a fan of repetitive grooves that go
nowhere in particular but can take you anywhere you want, then this
transcendental piece of plastic is just for you. It makes you wonder
with delight what interstellar mix the next Collision’s pairing will
be. (Brett Savage)

Buy issues of the great Optical Sounds here

And don't forget, Optical Sounds new label Cardinal Fuzz are putting out some amazing releases, so get them before they vanish!!


11 Oct 2012

Normans Records say what they think about the Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions LP

Norman records has said the following about our forthcoming Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions Vol.3 LP (please note Cargo made a mistake with the track titles saying both tracks have the same title, hence the confusion in the write up):

"Here we have a very limited and slightly confusing split LP from repeato-psych bastards Gnodand Shit & Shine, who each deliver their own side-long track, ‘Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack’. I’m not sure if one of them is a cover of the other or if they just have same name or what to be honest. 

Gnod are up first, and it’s a bit of a departure for them, with an insistent, muddy drum machine beat driving us through a swirling, clanking post-industrial bleakscape of dark techno-noise. It’s not the shit-kicking riffathon I was expecting but it’s a hard hypnotic groove and an interesting new direction for the Gnods.

On the other side, Shit & Shine are using live drums, rumbly bass and wibbly repetitive guitar leads for their take on the track, with weird gibbering, filtered, distorted vocals rippling around in the middle distance. There’s something strangely funky about the minimal murky groove, and in the middle it develops this spacious Sun Araw-esque feel before they kick back into a loose, lazy kraut groove, this time with added organ drones, reminding me of Geoff Barrow’s mighty BEAK>. It’s well tasty and my pick of the two tracks here. Their last album was totally ace too, incidentally. 5/5"

You can see the full write up here

The record will hit the shops on Monday, 15th October.


10 Oct 2012


 GNOD have a host of new shows to announce for the increasingly chiller nights ahead. First off we will be supporting the legendary Hawklords at Band On The Wall, Manchester on Friday 12th October. Gnod tip: Get down to see Ancient Methods’ first Manchester show at The Roadhouse afterwards. It’s gonna be a belter!

A week after we play at The Lexington in London with our label mates Teeth Of The Sea & Goat on the Friday and then were off to Birmingham to play a set at Supersonic on the Sunday. At the end of the month we’re off to Ireland to play Hunters Moon Festival in Carrick-On-Shannon. Looking forward to seeing all those heads again.

On 4th November we are playing as part of ORBIT, a festival with a difference hosted by Volkov Commanders & Sounds From The Other City. We’ve heard a few of the plans for this, it’s gonna be special! At the end of November we have just been confirmed to play Les Urbaines in Switzerland! There you go, some amazing shows ahead of us. We can’t wait to get going!

12th October - Band On The Wall, Manchester
19th October - with Teeth Of The Sea & Goat - The Lexington, London
21st October - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
26-28th October - Hunters Moon Festival, Carrick-On-Shannon, Ireland
4th November - ORBIT @ Islington Mill, Salford
30th Nov - Les Urbaines Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland


9 Oct 2012

Rocket London show after party at 'Nothing is...' featuring a special DJ set from GNOD

Friday October 19th see's the mighty Teeth of the Sea, Gnod and Goat take the stage at the London Lexington for the sold out Rocket party.

And now there is no reason to go home after the show as we are having an after party at the monthly 'Nothing is...' at the Alibi in Dalston.

Regular DJ's Cage and Aviary, Cherrystones and Little Dirty will be joined by Gnod on the decks, and if you have ever heard Gnod DJ before you know what a night you will be in for!!.

'Nothing is...' is free entry and we have gained a late licence until 5am to celebrate.

More info can be found here:


5 Oct 2012

Goat add Swedish dates to their October shows

Goat have added three Swedish dates and a launch party for the Scandinavian release of their album on Stranded records.

These will be the only shows this year, so make sure you get your tickets and not be left disappointed.


4 Oct 2012

Win tickets to see Goat in Newcastle

Beard Rock have set up a competition to win tickets to see Goat at their Newcastle show in October.

Goat are only playing three shows in the UK this year, so this is a gonna be a rare chance to see the band in full action.

You can enter the competition on the Beard Rock Website


2 Oct 2012

Vintage Shit & Shine footage

Just found this great footage of Shit & Shine live at the Corsica in 2008.

If you look closely at the beginning you will see a nice close up of a smiling 'Little Dirty' from 'Nothing is...' fame.

Dont forget, Shit and Shine's split Collisions LP on Rocket is out on October 15th.


Gnod to support Hawklords

Gnod have been announced as support for the mighty Hawklords at Band on the Wall in Manchester on October 12th. There will be a full light show too by Big Dave's lighthouse

You can buy tickets from the Band on the Wall site


1 Oct 2012

Rough Trade sings it's praises for our Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions LP

Rough Trade shops says this about our next release that is due out on October 15th:

"Next up in rocket's collision series sees a much talked about split between manchester's gnod and the simply wonderful shit and shine. gnod deliver 'shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack' - built on heavy rhythm drum machines and heavy dub echoes. a rolled and smoked groove built for late nights. a nice little starter before the main course if you like because next up is 'the magic moment' - 'the main course' - 'ladies circles' by shit and shine. over the past year the now austin based band have delivered two jaw dropping albums - 'jream baby jream' and 'le grand larance prix' - taken europe by storm on a rare summer tour and are getting ready to play a very special one off show at the wire's 'adventures in modern music' in chicago. 'ladies circles' could be seen as a progression from the 'larance prix' set - a hot n' heavy slice of machine funk, dipped in krautrock and spun out for around 13 minutes. lynch-like vocals creep in and out while the groove carries the synths, church organs appear and disappear, the track starts repeating on itself and then - the drop - a jerked out guitar and drum section splashed with synth bass and jazz keys. this is shit and shine for the dancefloor. the voices come back and it all kicks off again. and again. and again. absolute magic. another stunning 2012 release from 'the shine."


Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions Vol.3 artwork fully revealed

We are pleased to show you these photos of the next Rocket release; Volume 3 of our ongoing Collisions series which features sude long tracks by Gnod and Shit & Shine.

The album is released on October 15th and is ltd to 500 copies, 150 on yellow vinyl and 350 on black.

Like all Gnod and Shit & Shine releases these aren't expected to hang around for long...

You can preorder a copy from Normans records


See our previous post for more information.


Teeth of the Sea to DJ at Supersonic

After blowing minds live at last years Supersonic Festival, the band are returning this year with a record bag full of gems!!!

Fresh from their sold out show with Gnod and Goat at London Lexington, the band will be jumping on the train up to Birmingham to blow minds again with DJ sets on the Saturday and Sunday.

They will be joining Rocket's very own Rik Motör who will also be spinning records on the Sunday...and of course this Sunday worship is being led by live sets by the mighty Gnod and Goat.