12 Oct 2012

Boomkat give praise to Gnod / Shit and Shine Collisions 03

Boomkat have said the following about our next Collisions instalment featuring Gnod and Shit and Shine:

**Yellow vinyl with photocopied acid tab insert that'll make you go bozz-eyed** 
Immense split slab of modern industrial psych rock from two of the heaviest, freakiest units around. Manchester's notorious rotating assembly of rogues, GNOD (counting Paddy Shine, Chris Haslam, Raikes Parade, Neil 'Der Fisch' Francis, and Marlene Ribeiro) dump 'Shitting Through The Eye Of A Needle In A Haystack' on the A-side, making the smart move to replace live drums with a machine, resulting in a fifteen minute ritual sounding like an demented Can jamming with Shackleton and Vatican Shadow - we sh*t you not! The dub heavy production is outstanding, and while it's given them a firm boot up the sphincter into 2012, its certainly not at the expense of their primordial force and intention. Bra-f**king-vo! Flipside, their Texan counterparts $hit & $hine churn up some crooked-ass motorik brainburn, revolving overdriven bass and swaggering drums around a mesmerising guitar hook, all jerked with digital dub FX, for thirteen minutes of roiling, psychotic badness. Recommended!

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