11 Oct 2012

Normans Records say what they think about the Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions LP

Norman records has said the following about our forthcoming Gnod / Shit & Shine Collisions Vol.3 LP (please note Cargo made a mistake with the track titles saying both tracks have the same title, hence the confusion in the write up):

"Here we have a very limited and slightly confusing split LP from repeato-psych bastards Gnodand Shit & Shine, who each deliver their own side-long track, ‘Shitting through the eye of a needle in a haystack’. I’m not sure if one of them is a cover of the other or if they just have same name or what to be honest. 

Gnod are up first, and it’s a bit of a departure for them, with an insistent, muddy drum machine beat driving us through a swirling, clanking post-industrial bleakscape of dark techno-noise. It’s not the shit-kicking riffathon I was expecting but it’s a hard hypnotic groove and an interesting new direction for the Gnods.

On the other side, Shit & Shine are using live drums, rumbly bass and wibbly repetitive guitar leads for their take on the track, with weird gibbering, filtered, distorted vocals rippling around in the middle distance. There’s something strangely funky about the minimal murky groove, and in the middle it develops this spacious Sun Araw-esque feel before they kick back into a loose, lazy kraut groove, this time with added organ drones, reminding me of Geoff Barrow’s mighty BEAK>. It’s well tasty and my pick of the two tracks here. Their last album was totally ace too, incidentally. 5/5"

You can see the full write up here

The record will hit the shops on Monday, 15th October.