30 Jun 2015

Rocket Probes – June Playlist

Goat – It's time for fun
(Great new 7" by Goat, a nice taster for what's to come...watch it played live at Glastonbury below)

Mamuthones / Above the Tree – Untitled
(Nice grooved out drones by this interesting collaboration between Mamuthones and Above the Tree)

Beak / Keab
(Great new 4 track EP from Beak and their alter ego)

Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation – Anything so Bright
(Very addictive Shoegaze pop from Sweden)
Josefin Öhrn + The Liberation 

Black Tempest – Darkness Unfolding
(Great new album that came free with the great Optical Sounds magazine. His best yet and well worth listening too)
Black Tempest 

Oyama Edit – Niagra Pink

(AMAZING spacey, acidy, krauty, tribal grooves that sample Floyd...off their Ghost Guide 12"...Sounds like Bordeoms gone Acid!)
Oyama Edit

Terminal Cheesecake – Cheese Brain Fondue: Live In Marseille
(Great live set from the reformed Cheesecake!!)
Terminal Cheesecake

Massive Attack – Mezzanine
(An album that doesn't date...bit of a masterpiece if we don't say)
Massive Attack 

Watch Lay Llamas Live at Musiche di Sconfine - Cormons (full set)

Watch this great live footage of Lay Llamas playing live at Musiche di Sconfine - Cormons from 13 June.

You will notice that Nicola from Lay Llamas has put together a new live band around him so it is sounding very different to to what you may of seen before...so this is well worth a watch to hear some stunning 'new' kraut groove goodness and new takes on tracks from Ostro!!

And don't forget, Lay Llamas have Space Jungle Mantra album out soon on 4 Zero records, more info here: 4 Zero Records


29 Jun 2015

Watch Goats full performance from Glastonbury

Mission Control had the pleasure of hanging out with Goat over the weekend, first at Down the Rabbit Hole festival in Holland and then at Glastonbury.

Both sets were amazing and thanks to Auntie, you can watch the full Glastonbury performance now right here on BBC iPlayer:

Goat at Glastonbury 2015 

Set list is:
Talk to God
Gathering of ancient tribes
Let it bleed
Disco Fever
It's time for fun 
Run to your mama
Hide from the Sun

Sit back and enjoy


Get a free Rocket tote bag at Spillers Records

The great Cardiff record shop Spillers are doing a special Rocket campaign...buy two Rocket LP's and get a free Rocket tote bag

What are you waiting for?

Find out more here: Spillers


26 Jun 2015

Goat play Glastonbury this weekend

The Park Stage

Stuart Maconie will be broadcasting some of the set live during his Freak Zone show and BBC are filming it, so expect to see footage on TV, either live or via the red button/ iPlayer.

Also, be the first to hear the new single IT's TIME FOR FUN, that we announced here

We can't wait!!!!


Mamuthones and Lay Llamas play 'Indie Rock Festival' in Italy this weekend

Glastonbury isn't the only festival this weekend. In Italy there is a great festival called 'Indie Rock Festival' and Lay Llamas (on Friday) Mamuthones (on Sunday) and are going to be appearing.

Tickets and more info can be found here: Indie Rock Festival


25 Jun 2015

Pop Matters and Freq review Gnod's Infinity Machines

"The first time the word “mammoth” was used as an adjective, it described a 1,234-pound wheel of cheese, an amalgamation of every cow in the town of Chesire, Massachusetts’ milk. Gifted to then-President Thomas Jefferson, Federalists dubbed the gift “mammoth cheese” because of the ancient animals’ bones being recently uncovered in New York state. Obscure history, munchies, and a fumigating-esque repugnance; ah, yes, doesn’t this sound like college all over again? Luckily, for those looking to relive their college years, or for the experimental ambient fan seeking to soundtrack next semester’s fabled dorm-room philosophizing, Scottish outfit GNOD’s latest release Infinity Machines provides plenty of fodder and comes packed with starter topics, free of charge!"

Read more here: Pop Matters


"Sprawling its way across three sides of vinyl and two CDs, Infinity Machines is Gnod at their most epic. There’s a lot of it and can feel initially daunting to step into it as you realise the weight of expectation, and the fact that your brain has to disseminate so much music, creep up on you. So I’m going try my best at reviewing such a large body of work that has all the mystical trappings of being almost progressive, but steps away into a realm of its own..."

Read more here: Freq


23 Jun 2015

Goat announce new single "It's Time for Fun"

We are very pleased to announce that Goat will be releasing a brand new single this August. This is their first release since their critically acclaimed second album, Commune last September.  

During the winter months, the band returned to their Swedish village of Korpilombolo to write new material, and this two-track single is their first fruits.

"It's Time For Fun" will be released on a limited edition 7" and digital on 7 August 2015.

Goat have a busy summer ahead of them. As well as recording a new album for us they have several festival appearances confirmed including this weekend Down the Rabbit Hole in Holland plus a return to Glastonbury Festival.  

If you can't make it down to Glastonbury, then you can still watch the whole of Goat's performance live on the BBC or tune in to the Freakzone on BBC 6Music on Sunday from 9pm, where they will be airing some of their set live...also we have heard from the band, that they will performing their new single "It's Time For Fun"!

The full list of dates are:
27 June Beuningen, Netherlands – Down The Rabbit Hole Festival
28 June Pilton; UK – Glastonbury Festival
03 July Roskilde; Denmark – Roskilde Festival
01 August Näsåker; Sweden – Urkult Festival
21 August Hasselt; Belguim –  Pukkelpop Festival
22 August Wales; UK – Green Man Festival
28 – 29 August La Tour-de-Peilz/Switzerland – Nox Orae Festival
17 October Greece; Athens – Gagarin Festival


18 Jun 2015

Shit & Shine to play Corsica Studios

The great people at Baba Yaga's Hut have another great show by Shit & Shine lined up at Corsica Studios

Buy tickets here: Baba Yaga's hut


17 Jun 2015

Pitchfork praise Shit and Shine's 54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral album

Pitchfork have written a piece on albums worth hearing in their opinion:

Shit and Shine
54 Synth-brass, 38 Metal guitar, 65 Cathedral (Rocket)

Lots of bands talk about never repeating themselves, but Shit and Shine really live it. Very few of the many records they’ve made in the past decade sound like each other, or like anyone else. The group has delved into so many styles that it’s tempting to call them genre-hoppers, except that none of their music fits into any category—it’s more like each album is a genre unto itself.

One person disagrees with this assessment, though: Craig Clouse, the main man behind Shit and Shine. “I’m completely absolutely 100% setting out to make DANCE MUSIC,” he tells me via email. “Do I want to make music for mostly record-collecting shy dudes with black hoodies to scuttle home so they can carefully place my new record on their expensive turntables and then blog about it? FUCK NO! I want to make music for people to get stupid with....

Read the full piece here: Pitchfork


16 Jun 2015

Gnew Gnod Tee's available now...

From the Gnod site:

New Gnod tees available from HQ..


Sizes XL, L, M, Ladies S, L, M


email ingnodwetrust@hotmail.co.uk for orders…paypal buttons up soon. Not many of these in stock and they are already going fast.



Teeth of the Sea members ‘Hirvikolari’ to play with Chrononautz and Sly & The Family Drone at Cafe Oto

Hirvikolari, the great new project by Sam and Mike from Teeth of the Sea are playing Cafe Oto on Monday 3rd August supporting Sly and the Family Stone and Chrononautz.

Tickets can be bought here: Wegottickets

Listen to their recent show at Raw Power Festival above


Hey Colossus footage from Eindhoven Psych Lab

Watch Black and Gold live at Eindhoven Psych Lab


15 Jun 2015

Goat play Ireland’s Body & Soul Festival this Weekend

Body&Soul is an arts & music festival where people come together for three days on the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath to explore and discover new music, interact with visual and performance art outside a traditional setting, and celebrate life in all its shapes and colors. Body&Soul is an entire experience. 


Combine psychedelic hallucinations with a delicately delirious state of mind, add a drop of voodoo magic and you’ll conjure GOAT. They are a heart of darkness in the light, and quench the thirst for something to dance to. Their album World Music released in 2012, was hailed by The Guardian as one of the best albums of 2012 and we have to agree – these weirdos are wonderful.The Guardian called GOAT “an unidentified collective of freak musicians” who rip up stages with magic and dancing to excess during nights you’ll remember with more than just a smile. They have already conquered festivals like Primavera, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Way Out West, Glastonbury and will now take on Body&Soul, their first ever performance in Ireland. Commune, the Swedes’ second LP emits “Tortured, writhing sound-buzzes so crusty and mangled that they sound as if the distortion pedal has been buried underground for six months, making a solo sound like it’s trying to break free from the speakers.” – The QuietusWhen asked to describe the GOAT experience, unidentified band member Snoop Goaty Goat said it’s akin to, “A bus full of guitars crashing into a circus”.

More info: bodyandsoul
Facebook: BodyandSoulIreland

The Band were interviewed ahead of their show: thedigitalhuman


Incendiary Magazine review GNOD’s Infinity Machines

Incendiary Magazine review GNOD’s Infinity Machines:

'Where oh where to begin with Gnod's new LP? It's an utter monster. Eight mindbending tracks that look to crash through our middling daily concerns and create a headspace that throws us off kilter. I recently remarked that listening to this LP could get you "feeling" in a state of transit; like a balloon covered in static and stuck to a ceiling, there is very little point in offering any resistance until the process (here: playing the LP in its entirety) is complete.'

Read the full review: Incendiary mag


Teeth of the Sea members ‘Hirvikolari’ to play with Luminous Bodies & Taman Shud

Hirvikolari join Taman Shud and Luminous Bodies for a gig at the Montague Arms, London:

June 20th at The Montague Arms 

8 til Late
Taman Shud, Luminous Bodies & Hirvikolari LIVE 
Plus Baba Yaga's Hut DJ's
£5 adv. 
(Proceeds to DIY Space for London)

More Info facebook 

Tickets: babayaga


12 Jun 2015

GNOD & Hey Colossus Co-Headline Corsica Studios

Baba Yaga's Hut Presents:
July 24th at Corsica Studios
Gnod & Hey Colossus (Co-Headline)
Tickets: £9

Following both their incredible sold out album launches at Cafe Oto & The Lexington respectively Baba Yaga is to bring together two of Rocket Recordings finest Gnod & Hey Colossus for a co-headline show!

Both of their last shows sold out in advance and this one is heading that way too so don't wait to get your tickets!

Ticket: Baba Yaga
Further Details: Facebook


Mamuthones reveal a new track via Noisey Italy

Mamuthones have revealed a new recording with the Italian band 'Above the Tree' in association with Indie Rocket Festival

You can check it out here: Noisey Vice


Mamuthones play Siren Festival 2015 • Vasto (Italy) 23th // 26th July

Mamuthones has been announced to play Siren Festival 2015, Vasto (Italy) 23th // 26th July.

For more Info visit: Siren Fest


FREQ interview Paddy from GNOD

FREQ website have run this interview GNOD's Paddy Shine.

'Fresh from the release of their recent triple album Infinity Machines, psychedelic space cadets Gnod have stripped down to a guitar-heavy four piece on the road. Michael Rodham-Heaps questions Gnod Gnetwerker Paddy via email about this most freaked-out of bands…..

Read the full interview: freq


Happy Death - Shit & Shine Live Radio Session

NTS Radio have published this mix cloud link for Happy Death Radio show with a Shit & Shine live session.

The show was first aired on the 27th May 2015.

Listen to the show here: NTSRadio/happy-death


11 Jun 2015

Pre-Order the Hills - Frid

As mentioned previously here we are releasing the a new album by the Gothenburg-based band Hills.

Launch079 Hills - Frid is available for pre-order via our shop: Rocket Recordings

All 1st vinyl pressings come with an A2 poster & the CD is a mini gatefold replica.

(Please note that there will be only a handful of early bird copies available & when sold out it doesn’t mean the album isn’t available as the same version will be in all good shops from August 28th)

For those who are interested in digital, Hills - Frid is available to purchase:


Spotify streaming link:

Deezer streaming link:

Purchase the album & get the track ‘Milarepa’ as an instant download.


Hey Colossus play Holy Boredom Festival, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff

Hey Colossus play Holy Boredom, Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff on Satuday 13th.

Hey Colossus join Jenny Hval, THE NATURALS, Pipedream, Cowtown, Jemma Roper,
Carw, H O R S E S, Caramel and Effin for a full day of musical delights!!!

For more info

Facebook: Holy-Boredom
Web: Tumblr


Goat interviewed ahead of their 1st Irish Festival 'Body & Soul'

Ahead of their Irish debut at Body & Soul Festival, Robbie Byrne interviews Goat about voodoo roots, touring commitments and the dangers of an emerging Scandinavian National Socialist Black Metal movement.

'Who needs a Simon Cowell-spun sob story when you have a tale like Goat’s to tell? Supposedly hailing from the Swedish commune of Korpilombolo, Goat’s music, a melting pot of Afro-infused psychedelic rock, is said to be lifted from an occultist West-African witch doctor who settled in the Artic outpost several centuries ago – bringing with her not only a sense of connection with the spirit world, but also a curse……'

Read the full interview: The Digital Human


Lay Llamas Release 'Space Jungle Mantra'

Lay Llamas - Space Mantra

“Space Jungle Mantra” is a perfect description of the sonic experience that is the Lay Llamas. Originally, in the distant future, a mythical tribe of Nigerian time travellers... now an Italian afrofunk-space-psych outfit founded and led by Nicola Giunta with an evolving cast of musicians and collaborators. Last year they released their acclaimed debut album, “Ostro”, on Rocket Recordings and toured the UK in support of Swedish voodoo rockers, Goat, culminating in an unforgettable performance at London’s Roundhouse. Captured on digital multi-track the subsequent recording was just too good to only be shared with ‘friends and family’ and so we are making it available as a highly limited CD and a highly unlimited download. 

The album features songs from “Ostro”, previously unreleased songs and a unique prismatic remix by ‘Silent Panda | Deadly Panda’ (Luca Giovanardi, founding member of the italian psych-avant-rock band Julie’s Haircut). The remix takes every single instrument from every single channel, and merges rhythmic patterns, guitars and synths to create an alternative standalone track that (re)invokes the entire performance. 

“Space Jungle Mantra - Live at London Roundhouse”, will be released by 4 Zero Records on 21st June. The CD comes in a vinyl style gatefold sleeve with unique artwork by West Coast rock poster designer and artist, Stacie Willoughby.

Buy your copy here: 4zerorecords


Lay Llamas ‘Space Mantra’ Tour

Lay Llamas SPACE JUNGLE MANTRA tour 2015:

17-06-15 WIVOOD - SCHIO (VI)
27-06-15 MU.CO. FEST - TERLIZZI (BA)


The band also has some limted edition (100) silk screen posters by Mauro Chiarotto
(Dimensions: 43 cm x 54 cm).

For info and order: 


10 Jun 2015

Paddy Shine (GNOD) supports Eternal Tapestry TONIGHT!!!!!

The Beauty Witch & Dots & Loops present:

Eternal Tapestry
Paddy Shine (GNOD)

Tickets available from:

WeGotTickets: wegottickets
SeeTickets: seetickets

More Info: facebook


Hills - 'Frid' up for Digital Purchase

For those who are interested in digital, Hills - Frid is available to purchase:


Spotify streaming link:

Deezer streaming link:

Purchase the album & get the track Milarepa’ as an instant download.

Teeth of the Sea new track via Eindhoven Psych Lab 2015

Teeth of the Sea are currently working on their 4th album, this youtube footage shows some of what we might be in store for.

Watch this space for more news developing over the coming months.


Listen to Teeth of the Sea members ‘Hirvikolari’ Set from Raw Power

Check out this brilliant live set from 2 members of Teeth of the Sea's brass and modular outfit ‘Hirvikolari’ at Raw Power recently.

Read & listen to the whole set: the Quietus


GNOD & Hey Colossus Raw Power 2015 Reviews

After another successful Raw Power Festival, here are few glowing reviews, with GNOD & Hey Colossus cherry picked being as they they are Rocket bands:

Back Seat Mafia

'Gnod followed suit with a wall of motorik-driven auburn noise. Known best for changing-up, musically speaking, whenever they get bored, Raw Power was to be the Salford collective’s twenty-sixth show in twenty-five days. Listening to Gnod live is akin to drowning at a cult baptism – a genuinely frightful and immersive experience.'

Back Seat Mafia

The Monitors

'This is then turned into a deep, serious furrow as I try to keep my mind from imploding during Gnod’s excellent set of psychedelic noise madness. It seriously left me feeling inside-out, so to save a complete breakdown of the senses it was time to head home in preparation for Saturday'

'That Hey Colossus were immense should come as no surprise to anyone, and it wasn’t a surprise. They are immense as standard. I will never have too many nice things to say about Hey Colossus, so find me later and ask me about them and I’ll happily rant away at you for a good three quarters of an hour to a full hour, about my professed love for them. It’s very much professed. They booted in the nearby window and flung my spongy thought muscle out onto the nearby street like some sort of disgusting viscous rugby ball.'


Echoes & Dust

'Noise rock bands, never break up! Even if you live 100s of miles from each other, why not stay together and do something different with every album? Maybe then one day you’ll be half as good as Hey Colossus. We all lost our shit during ‘Hot Grave’, this band are the absolute tits.'

Echoes and Dust


& More

Funky Gibbins


GNOD drummer releases 'AHRHK' Tape on Zam Zam Records

* *


>>>>>>>> orderzz <<<<<<<<
v v v
))) ▲ H3R3 ▲ (((
* *


8 Jun 2015

Introducing 'Frid' – the new album by Hills

Hills announce their new album Frid' (Launch079) set for release on 28th August 2015 on Rocket Recordings.

Watch/share the album taster video above.

The press release reads:

As has often been noted, psychedelic music can involve causal links between getting out of it and getting into it. Conversely, expansion of consciousness can be found by heading deep into the roots that a band explores, and journeying to the centre of their inspiration. Thus, a curious paradox is attained, whereby the traditional elements of an outfit’s sound are superseded by them blasting their core vibrations into unchartered territory. Such is the case with the new opus from third-eye visionaries Hills, a dizzying journey that traverses through the band’s origins and beyond to new dimensions. 

The Gothenburg-based Hills are entering their ninth year of existence, in which they’ve released two full-length albums, the second of which, ‘Master Sleeps’ saw a vinyl outing on Rocket last year. Part of a rich scene in their homestead also including friends and Rocket Recordings label mates Goat, they form the new chapter in a tradition of Swedish psychedelia that found its origins in late-’60s and early ‘70s freakouts and mind-melts 
by the likes of Baby Grandmothers and Älgarnas Trädgård - not to mention the unholy trinity of Pärson Sound, International Harvester and Träd Gräs och Stenar - before being developed by the likes of The Spacious Mind and Dungen in the last two decades. These 
inspirations make their mark on ‘Frid’ by journeying inward, via mantric repetition and 
hip-shaking pulsations as on the ten-minute monolith, ‘Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd’, yet they can also lurch into the unknown via the fuzz/wah odysseys of the aptly monikered ‘National Drone’ and the ceremonial exhortations of the closing ‘Death Will Find A Way.’

As they also showed recently at a rare and spellbinding appearance at Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia, Hills have landed on a rich and intoxicating sound that sidesteps the cliches and humdrum stylistic foibles that often plague modern-day psych, in the process breathing new life into an approach that can sometimes seem in danger of appearing redundant through lack of imagination. ‘Frid’, their most out-of-mind and out-of-sight effort to date, crystallises everything that makes these Scandinavian satyrs stand out from the global herd; adventurous experimentation and fearless hallucinatory intensity, rendered with brass-knuckle fortitude. The end result is 38 minutes that translate into a feast for seasoned crate-diggers and fresh-faced converts alike. There is, indeed, gold in these here Hills. 


1) Kollektiv
2) National Drone
3) Anukthal Is Here
4) Milarepa
5) Och Solen Sänkte Sig Röd
6) Death Will Find A Way

The album is released in all good shops on LP / CD / DL on 28th August 2015. All vinyl come with an A2 poster.