25 Jun 2015

Pop Matters and Freq review Gnod's Infinity Machines

"The first time the word “mammoth” was used as an adjective, it described a 1,234-pound wheel of cheese, an amalgamation of every cow in the town of Chesire, Massachusetts’ milk. Gifted to then-President Thomas Jefferson, Federalists dubbed the gift “mammoth cheese” because of the ancient animals’ bones being recently uncovered in New York state. Obscure history, munchies, and a fumigating-esque repugnance; ah, yes, doesn’t this sound like college all over again? Luckily, for those looking to relive their college years, or for the experimental ambient fan seeking to soundtrack next semester’s fabled dorm-room philosophizing, Scottish outfit GNOD’s latest release Infinity Machines provides plenty of fodder and comes packed with starter topics, free of charge!"

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"Sprawling its way across three sides of vinyl and two CDs, Infinity Machines is Gnod at their most epic. There’s a lot of it and can feel initially daunting to step into it as you realise the weight of expectation, and the fact that your brain has to disseminate so much music, creep up on you. So I’m going try my best at reviewing such a large body of work that has all the mystical trappings of being almost progressive, but steps away into a realm of its own..."

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